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tv   U.S. Senate Sens. Bill Nelson on Gun Policy  CSPAN  March 19, 2018 7:51pm-8:02pm EDT

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i would argue that is insufficient but iet get it time is running out t and not a lot of interest from the republican side to enter into this debate. so we are very willing to have a short time-limited debate to see what we can get consensus on and not and then whatever moves out of this building whatever amendments arets passed then we live with it and live to fight another day. five years since the tragedy in my state and now 32 days since parkland i don't think we should wait one day more or one day longer before we have an open debate on the senate floor about how we, as those entrusted with the safety of our children do something about the epidemic of gun violence in this country. llpe floor.
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i yield the floor mr. president this saturday students from parkland florida are going to lead hundreds of thousands of americans all around the country calling for common sense gun control measures for the march for our lives. since this terrible shooting in florida in parkland on valentine's day, we have seen students all across the country say enough. this is a movement that cannot be stopped and frankly, we all went to the students, the next generation to get this right in the policies and a the laws that we adopt.
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just a few weeks ago, i went to one of the students homes from parkland and a group of them and we talked and just last week member of the students came to the office appear in washington. it is amazing 15 and 16 and 17 years old, the students are looking to us, us here in this congress to at a minimum, consider legislation that could have prevented the slaughter that happened in parkland just a month ago. in florida, we have witnessed the students march on the state capital and demand action. the legislature listened in
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part part, they did some changes like age 212 by the assault rifle that is the same age in florida law that you cannot buy a handgun until age 21. it was a small step but a step in the right direction to address the problem we are confronting. but we need to do more. and i am so grateful to the resilience of the students and the power of their voice and their activism moving lawmakers in washington and the state capitals all across this country the students, parents, teachers, all of them we ask, what do you want? they say obviously we want common sense starting with
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universal background checks purchasing a weapon that would be allowed universally you could not go to a gun show where there isn't a federally licensed dealer to acquire a weapon without a background check. why is having a background check a commonsense thing to do? because not only do you pick up someone with a criminal record, but someone that could have a restraining order for whatever reason it could be mental, domestic abuse, you pick up somebody on the terrorist watchlist or someone that had been on the terrorist watchlist and that was the case with the killer of the orlando pulse nightclub
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shooting. so that is commonsense to approach this problem. there is another common sense thing and that is get the military assault rifles with the banana clips that are shaped like a banana that hold 30 rounds. there are state laws in the country if you go to hunt there are certain restrictions on the number of shells or bullets you can put in your gun. so my goodness why wouldn't you want to say there was a limitation on the number of bullets in a cliff instead of these long clips?
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even in the shooting in arizona that our colleague congresswoman giffords was one of the victims. and when the gun man was reloading another clip that he was tackled to the ground otherwise there would have been more people harmed that day. and so it is another commonsense thing that people are asking for and that the students are bringing to light as they argue the case that they don't want to be in the school where they have this kind of violence or this threat the students and teachers and parents just want our schools and communities to
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be safe and as we have seen across the country, we have had too much violence with these military style weapons. nightclubs. churches. movie theaters, outdoor concert concerts, it goes on and on and the students want to feel safe and some of the students what they have witnessed is unimaginable because the velocity of a bullet fired in the assault weapon compared to the velocity of a handgun is three times the velocity or speed of the handgun bullet. >> mr. president i asked consent of one additional minute. >> without objection. >> when the bullet hits its
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target, it is nine times the energy of what a handgun bullet does. so now what has inspired student walks across the country and in just five days they are inspiring marches across the country in the future is bright because of the students and it is up to us to make sure what happened in parkland never happens again. mr. president i yield the floor.
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