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tv   Charlotte Pence and Karen Pence Marlon Bundos Day in the Life of the...  CSPAN  April 1, 2018 10:00pm-10:46pm EDT

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button i believe they can hire and pay them fairly. ..
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[applause] thank you very much. we are pursuing a different format and we will tell a story tonight thank you so
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much for being here and it means so much when you have a book and people actually come and buy the book it means a lot. this is our first go around so thank you for being here tonight we have had so much fun this afternoon tour the library it is absolutely beautiful so it is a privilege we hear thank you that introduction was sweet. you are probably wondering how this all started writing a funny book about the life of a vice president so charlotte will take it from there. >> thank you for coming this is been a dream of mine to
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have a book out especially a children's book with animals and my dad. i wanted to talk about marlon bundo in general because a lot of people asked how long we have had him so i just want to introduce you to him although he is not here tonight. he is resting he had a lot of press interviews this week. [laughter] so we thought we would let him rest up but i got him when we were -- i was studying college in chicago studying digital cinema and english so i wrote a short film. and it needed a bunny. a lot of people told me to change it to a turtle. saying it would be easier to find that a wire turtle would
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be easier to find. [laughter] but i said no. it really needs to be a bunny. so i looked online and i found him on craigslist. [laughter] no price was listed so i asked how much for the bunny? he said make an offer. so became a godfather joke with my friends and they said we should name him marlon brando and i said no marlon bundo have to get the bunny part in. so that is how marlon bundo came into our family he was with me in college and he lived with me for a week and then the cfo and then my
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college and is now one of our pets. >> low hold we got dressed to this new role after the election and we were moving to washington d.c. qi don't know if some of you saw that picture of him in his cage and seemed to go viral that all of a sudden the bunny was famous. and we didn't understand why. that started the whole thing going. i think it was an occupation
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day removed into the naval observatory. >> so did my parents. [laughter] so i said we should get it instagram handle just to get his name. because i think it was taken on twitter when he was all over the news. i member the first post he put up and he hopped out of his cage so the post said he takes his first steps in the naval observatory my sisters boyfriend dan gets credit to say he is the botus and just came up with that right away he is bunny of the united states.
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[laughter] that is his official role and that is where it started and he got really popular. >> so with the naval observatory so we talked about that in the book just know they naval observatory that a lot of people don't really know what we talk about anything. in 1974 the first vice president to ms. in the naval observatory was mondale rockefeller was actually the first but every vice president's family since the mondale's have lived out the naval observatory it actually is a naval base, there really is a working observatory right across the street from us the
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full property is 72 acres but 17 acres that are gated off where the actual house is where we live it is like a victorian home is on the cover of the book with a big wraparound porch very private right in the middle of washington d.c. because there are no tour at the white house people come all the time but the naval observatory is a little more private. the way the story got started years and years ago when charlotte first learn to talk, because from the moment she learned how to talk she became a storyteller.
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she would lineup her stuffed animals outside and tell them stories with all kinds of adventures and at night she would tell her little sister stories they shared a room really to the high school years audrey would say tell me a story charlotte and she would start a story then the next night she would continue so we were surprised when she majored in digital cinema and english because we knew someday this book was going to happen so when people ask us we say it all started with marlin -- marlon bundo with the instagram page we didn't even know if anybody would follow it he has like 27000
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followers which is way more than me. [laughter] he is very popular but it makes sense to us he is fun to take pictures of with a very real personality he will follow us around the house to get that exercise he will pose for pictures people ask us all the time how do you get him to do that? or open the book? he does that he just starts doing that so he does have a little personality. that we should do a children's book obviously my mom was
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going to do the watercolors so we decided to do it together and then to pick a theme for the book it made a lot of sense to be educational but then it would teach about the role of the vice president whoever he or she is. i did not even know until my dad was vice president into teach about the vice presidency. >> so if he is following the vice president around howard the day start? in one of the first things that we learn
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even before moving into the naval observatory that since it is owned by the navy they are the a's and they run the house in their job is food security for the vice president if we go for pizza they go with us they are in the kitchen to make sure the food is safe for us to eat. so they take care of the house we call them the nda for short everybody has said you meet the nea's they don't live at the residence but they start at six and stay until we say we are done for the night so right away you see the nea's
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hand holding out a to go cup of coffee for the vice president. then for the next part marlon bundo goes on the dave with the vice president but is also specific to my dad but the next part is the motorcade which is pretty fun for us because a lot of the pictures were staged for my mom to paint them one of the secret service agents is on our team so it is fun we have tidbits in their. >> but then there are places
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that he goes and i will tell you what marlon bundo calls the wonderful eeo he eisenhower executive office building if you know people who say they work at the white house, chances are they probably work at the eeoc --dash eeob it is part of the complex they said i work at the white house they may not actually have an office inside the white house building but if they work at the eeob that is part of the white house. that is where my office is but also there is a ceremonial office there where he sits and does all of his work that is where you have meetings and
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receptions and so here are some inside things since you were so kind in person there is a little tidbit where marlon bundo is in the office you will see four sets of feet and one of those is my other daughter so she is in the black sandals and helped me so we have to get these paintings done in another picture is on the balcony where marlon bundo is looking out the vice president ceremonial office has a balcony you can look out to see the washington monument and a true story marlon bundo has been to the eeob.
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[laughter] and the next part of the book is that the vice president is the president of the senate so he can preside over the senate and can also be a tiebreaker vote which is kind of cool because he has nine the record is 13 and a third and then to hang out with him a little bit. >> and then when they go to washington d.c. you will see a
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big digital clock with the big red numbers that is the naval observatory master clock letters the gates where you enter into the observatory property so marlon bundo sees that at the end of the day it says 810 so he thinks he can go play but instead but the actual observatory on the property is a working observatory and as a little aside the vice president wasn't home on this day but he actually invited some students to come to the observatory to watch.
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so marlon bundo has not been to the observatory yet but he would like to go. the mechanism part that i touched on earlier at the end of the day but marlon bundo is almost done with the day but he hears the ringing of a phone but then realizes he will nudge his nose on your feet especially if you are wearing socks so in this part of the book my dad answers the phone it is president trump so just to show another side to our life and my dad's role
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they have a very close working relationship and talk all day all the time but also talk on the phone frequently that is his book because marlin -- marlon bundo's with him then they debrief than the very last part is very specific where my dad has a little prayer before bed and reads the bible and that is probably my favorite painting in the whole book it is beautiful and sweet. and the bible is actually open to averse that is specific to our family and we have it over our mantle i feel like we've had it our whole life but that is a little tidbit. that isn't mentioned but it is
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their. >> when we end the book charlotte did a lot of research and put things in the back as resources because she was something teachers or parents or kids might use to go through actual facts of the vice presidency so we wanted the bidens and their and the quails put in for that we were very thankful for that. [laughter] it's hard to go to a public pool but also the bidens it tells about the resources and what they did to the property which was very sweet so we did add a beehive. we had were not the governor's residence and lung -- in indiana and there is one at the white house that is where
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the the first things i asked is do we have beehives so now we do at the vice president's residence so charlotte wrote it cute to say the observatory is now home to over 30,000 bees as well. so now i know you have some questions. >> or any of your other pets jealous? >> yes. we do have a story about that. hazel is my mom's kitten and we think she is jealous we do think she isn't dealing with it well. [laughter] we had a film crew at the house yesterday doing an interview we were holding marlon bundo getting pictures
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and hazel literally jumped up behind us and walked behind the shot to get in it. [laughter] like i'm here to and i am adorable and she is. >> you talked about marlon bundo relationship with the vice president so you can confirm he gets along well with the vice president. >> they are friends. for sure. >> as co-authors did the two of you have any creative differences? >> i don't know. we worked on it really closely together which is funny because normally with children's books the illustrator is brought in after so it was fun to be able to work with the illustrator at the same time i think there were some things we traded
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ideas or i would tweak something my mom was and could paint this but not that so we work together but for the most part we were on the same page. >> there was one difference that we wanted to bring up that we both chose charities to give a portion of the proceeds to semi charities to the therapy programs at children's hospitals right have been on the board for years and years and one of them is a program for children with cancer another at riley hospital in indianapolis for any child at the hospital and i'm donating a portion of the proceeds to a 21 which dance dance for abolishing human slavery in the 21st century
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so check them out on social media they are all about ending human trafficking and they really work to fight human trafficking to rescue survivors but then also help them get back on their feet afterwards. it is a cool and important thing is there outreach so they do a lot with education helping people recognize the signs to report it and they always report when they have survivors that have been rescued it is a great organization. check them out. >> has marlon bundo met president trump? >> yes. [laughter] yes he has.
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we had the president and first lady over for dinner very early and we invited them up if you live in the apartment above the shops is what it is like we live upstairs so when we had them over we invited them upstairs to meet the pets and they got to meet marlon bundo. >> you spoke about the second family adding something as a personal touch have you added anything besides the beehive? >> everybody has done such a great job before me there really isn't a lot that needs to be done and just to give you an idea when you live in a home like this the same as the governor's residence there is a private foundation we raise money privately for any improvements we make on the house. we have so many generous people say we want to give
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money for the residence foundation we almost have to say we don't need it everything is great but there is one thing we are getting ready to do. i think in the fall there is a little pool house we will change that a little bit to make it a guesthouse because there is no elevator at the vice president's residence so for example when my mother-in-law comes to stay, it is difficult to climb three flights of stairs to the guest room so we thought for the families that come after us to be handicapped accessible. >> it sounds like that is worthy. charlotte how did you feel when your dad was selected and elected as vice president?
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>> i was lucky because i was home at the time and it was cool i was a senior so after i graduated from college so i got to just the home i had no idea that what happened so to give you an idea it is a pretty quick turnaround when you are told you are considered or asked you want to be considered it is a couple weeks so i was there for all of it. that really helped me because i could see their thought process through the whole thing. i really felt good about it i was kind of excited and i went on the campaign trail and i got to meet so many people that was a blessing.
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>> who are some women that you look up to other than this i can't lady? >> there are a lot of women. i've been lucky a lot of women in my life as professors that i go to immediately. i studied abroad and there were some people in england i still keep in touch with and i will reach out to for advice or my teachers who will send me a note of encouragement even today. i would say that other than my mom who was also a teacher in my life. >> pat nixon also served as second lady what do you thank you can learn from this is nixon? >> got to see the video at dinner that you have she had a
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lot of first. i think what i learned from that video tonight is she took the office of second lady and then first lady and made it her own and that is something i have learned in the short time i have been second lady that you are just there for a little amount of time and so many times when we are traveling around the country or visiting military families or children's hospital hospitals, and we have art therapy programs we are involved in with the veteran, just to have the lady to take the time to spend time with the means so much that isn't so much nixon or pencil or cheney or biden it is that role while you were in that
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position to take time with people there are some any great clips of pat nixon doing that and it was for the right reasons she had a heart for people and she cared about people that is definitely something i want to emulate. that is a great question. >> is there a marlon bundo sequel in the works? >> we hope so. i think marlon bundo has a lot more adventures and we would love to do something for sure. >> you recently represented the united states at the winter olympics what was that experience like? >> it was amazing it was very fun to go visit the usa house and we surprised yes please
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because a lot of time with the security we cannot say where we are going and we have to show up so it was fun to walk in and there they were we wanted pictures with them. [laughter] more than they wanted pictures with us but through the holistic experience we only got to see one event and that was speedskating but it was sobering as well right before the opening ceremonies we met with people who had defected from north korea and to hear their stories was very troubling. so the whole thing was quite an experience. >> now you are a best telling author what are your career aspirations? >> i've always wanted to be a
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writer that is what i've wanted to be identical people that but i really did. storytelling i am passionate about documentary filmmaking which i did in college so i think i will always be creating in some way. >> we are live streaming tonight on facebook we have a question from facebook live what kinds of books does the vice president tend to read? >> honestly next to his side of the bed he has 12 books there right now he loves to read biographies current books about politics written by both sides he always has a bible next to his bed he likes to read the bible before bed and also likes fiction he likes
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thrillers there are books that he can escape into what he always has four or five book series that one time and on air force two he has three or four books they keep their that he reads. i read one book from the beginning to the end i'm not that way. i'm not like him. >> we have time for two more questions will marlon bundo participate in the easter egg roll this year? [laughter] i will answer that you don't know this but actually mrs. trump asked us to come and read at the easter egg roll but we can't because we will have a little tiny family vacation having everyone together and marlon bundo is coming with us. >> you have to have the bunny on easter. >> the final question is what
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is your favorite thing about being second lady and charlotte what is your favorite about being the second daughter? >> i kind of answered before when i said it is meeting so many people making a difference in their lives but the most extraordinary thing i've gotten to do so far as second lady is to lead a delegation to the special olympics and i have to tell you that was unbelievable our whole team we were a small delegation when we got to walk out with those athletes in austria it was pouring down freezing cold rain in the opening stadium all of those kids had their arms up and were singing and they didn't
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care and it was so moving. i don't think anything can top that. it was such an experience espn was interviewing us as we walked out i start falling the guy starts bawling and we were all crying because it was so beautiful. it was so beautiful. >> yes it is getting to travel to meet so many people all over the world and all over the country i got to go on the campaign trail that was cool and i got to go to so many states and every venue, every rally evil were so excited was special to get to talk with people even being here is so exciting for us to meet people for the book so it is really
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cool to get to meet so many people. >> we are so glad you're here tonight the second lady of the united states and charlotte pence. [applause]
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>> lbj thought mlk betrayed him over the vietnam war and he wanted to expand the mission to economic justice not just black blacks. everyone. poor whites. appellations. hispanics. the great irony from the impoverished life is like of education james earl ray was exactly the person martin luther king would have wanted to help and then in 1968 he wanted to organize for the poor people of all races to
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converge in washington and have a tent city on the mall and protest economic justice one thing people should remember he was conflicted over come by doubt even 66 would say is this too much for one man to do sometimes he say you take it over i'm out and left the room then he would come back. it was the pressure he was under >> i will take you on a brief 30,000 year history very, very brief. when we were hunter gatherers,
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primarily our gods were gods of the sky because what is important is geography and landscape so the way we understood our connection with the deities was those aspects of nature that helped in the hunt. most of those deities were male with him exception the moon is seen often female but the sun is most definitely male. this guy is male, thunder, lightning. those are male deities. when we transition to agriculture the focus went from the sky to the other and the earth is associated with female deities. obviously, it gives life, we
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plant seeds we live off of it, the fertility of women was honored in that way but then something interesting happened is with agriculture came the rise of civilization and with civilization came the creation of organized religion it was not stable or static but inconstant movement but when we stopped moving and we settled down and planted fields with villages we also built temples, a place to house the guards and here is the thing about temples that the second you build something like that you need someone to administer it someone who was
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in charge of it now. so the idea of the intermediary with humanity and god almost always felt to men there were exceptions especially in mesopotamia with very, very powerful goddesses as we know her as ishtar those types of goddesses would have women in charge of them but even that was patriarchal because the idea was the goddess is a woman so it requires women to take care of her but the other gods are male-dominated. so that is the process whereby we start to see the creation of organized religion almost immediately becomes patriarchal.
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and that just extends for the next ten or 12000 years. it is an unbroken chain that goes back to the first civilization and the first temple. >> please welcome the award-winning mist ali parton mom --dash dolly parton. [applause] thank you so much. it is nice to be here in this wonderful place here at the library of congress what a beautiful


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