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tv   Washington Journal Jason Dick  CSPAN  April 9, 2018 2:43pm-3:01pm EDT

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will answer questions during a joint committee hearing. on wednesday at 10:00 a.m. eastern on c-span3 will be here for the health and energy committee. spirit congress returns from a two-week recess today. the senate convening in about 20 minutes to debate a judicial nomination. they will also swear in their newest member, cindy hyde smith, who takes a seat left open by mississippi pat cochran who retire. live coverage of the senate when they travel in at 3:00 p.m. eastern on c-span2. they plan to consider a balanced-budget constitutional amendment with a vote on thursday.
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two thirds vote required in each chamber of congress for a constitutional amendment before they can move on to the states for ratification. lighthouse coverage on c-span. we learn more about the week ahead on washington journal. >> on monday when congress is in look at the week ahead and washington jason dick is here and the rollcall story out this morning with the main focus will be on the house and senate floor themselves but it will be more committee hearing rooms to take us through the highlights of the week. >> the biggest highlight of the week will be mark soderbergh's appearance before the committee's. tuesday he will appear before the joint senate committee judiciary in the commerce committee will meet in a gigantic room in the heart office building to accommodate
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the people who want to see mark zuckerberg testify. this will be his first testimony in front of congress ever. he's a young man relatively but this is a big deal and on wednesday he will appear before the house energy and commerce committee. this is in real direction to the revelations that people's data on facebook and the company he headsca was shared with cambride analytical up to t 80 million people may have had their personal data shared with basically a political research firm with ties to the president ties to some of his backers like the mercer family. this will be a pretty high wire testimony kind of thing today. >> c-span will be covering that testimony and viewers can watch it live on c-span this week. check art networks for the coverage times for that. who are you most interested in same? zuckerberg? >> guest: i think that one of the interesting things in particular in the senate is how
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the democrats approach some of these privacy issues. democrats have always been a very in sync and they like to portray that they are in sync with high tech in silicon valley and obviously zuckerberg is heading one of the world's largest firms in everyone is on the stick or at least they were up until our colleagues have decided they will leave the output but this is a company that touches billions of people so people like dianne feinstein is from the same cisco area she is the judiciary committee's top democratic policy approach some of these questions and everyone will want to get their pound of flesh from mark zuckerberg. we'll haveth a story later on ts morning from our lobby talking about how zuckerberg has been preparing and his approach to hearing some of what might be some uncomfortable questions. >> i want to ask you about that as well. a great story on the week ahead
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in congress that rollcall .com. congress returns with eyes off the floor. take us to the preparation by zuckerberg and how he is trying to frame this ahead of the stuff question. >> the report is that he came into townrt last night to huddle with facebook has a big in-house lobbying team and a team of consultants and medication people but they've retained some outside counsel to and one of the big lobbying firms in town and they want to make sure that their client had this multibillion-dollar company and touches the lives of a lot of people in a very casual way in very business-oriented way does not come across as ways that he has been characters in the past and we've got and movie about the social network where that is
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the image that a lot of people have of him which is that he is callous and it wasn't that long ago that there seem to be image rehab and they were talking about him as a contender and that may be a little bit out of reach at this point but who knows. this will be an interesting time to watch how he responds and there are jokes will he show up inyo a hoodie and a gray t-shir. probably not. he'll look a lot like you and i look like this morning. if he shows up in a study that would be the image of the day one outside of those committee hearings this week and hearings going on in those processes are continuing who are you watching this week will be before congress? >> guest: in many ways monday is illustrative of the rest of the year in the house is in a pro forma session and treading water and will be conducting an official business and the beginning and this afternoon and considering a district court
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judge. senate majority leader's state of key. that will be to keep the floors going but it will mark the confirmation matchup between those in congress and mike failed was w the director of the cia will get his confirmation hearing from the senate foreign relations committee to be the next secretary of state, rex tillerson, has resigned and pao is president donald trump. >> to succeed him. there could be a couple questions about his own view on war and torture and old wounds and knew that have come up in palmdale's tenure in the tenure of those before him. >> host: what about those picked to replace it? >> guest: gina is a career intelligence officer. she has had by all means a decorated career and has been the cia for decades however
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regardlessss of the qualificatis she has been associated with some of the cia's less flattering parts of its history particularly her possible involvement in the cia black siteit where she was involved wh his hands interrogation and when she gets the confirmation hearing that we don't know when that willl lyrically be stored were talking with jason dick and the discussing the republicans cande join the conversation. folks are calling in, jason dick, take us to the balance budget which will see some action in congress this week. >> guest: the house will consider about the budget and require three fifths vote in order to go beyond and go into deficit spending to spend more than congress takes in.
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there would be some exemptions but you couldn't count the amount of interest and this is something that isab probably a long shot to get passage even in the house and a lot of people on both sides of the aisle will say we have spent and we passed a trillion dollar tax cut and we passed a spending bill and so we had our opportunity to bring in deficit spending right recently and this is looked upon by most people as the showboat to tell people no, we are serious but ie is an open question over whether this is serious we are. >> host: what's the history of the balanced-budget amendment and what happens prospectus is not the first time mostly about on the. >> guest: right. they pop up periodically particularly when congress wants to demonstrate and that they are serious about raining it in and
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it's been on the republican side of the ledger couple of decades and they fall short and even if they pass one chamber the house would be the most likely chamber that it would pass in the senate would be long odds because of the 5149 margin and it would have o to be ratified by the states so this is a lengthy process and doesn't seem to have a ton of momentum and already people want to get serious and do their job in washington they are saying this is the week that we are to be considering the budget resolution and why don't we consider that first. they're supposed to turn in by april 15 which is sunday. >> host: will they had that question marksud but you know, they will not. they're not even come close to getting it on the floor.
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>> host: congress is back after a two-week break and what you want to talk about with phone lines open with jason dick as we study the week ahead. chris is in montana, republican, first. go ahead. >> caller: the name is curtis.nk >> host: curtis, go b ahead. >> caller: i just had to comment on i think he is an excellent choice. he's a very intelligent man and very transparent and i think that is absolutely what the trump administration needs right now with what he is faced with china as well as with north korea. have a comment on the audience that you are reaching s d i have been watching you since you have been started and your audience has changed and become very vicious and i think that is what has pushed c-span to the bias that it has been showing lately. even the programming on the weekend is really leans to the left. i'm not saying you are but i'm
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saying that is what i interpret what c-span has become. >> host: we do our best not to ever bias here but we want to create a forum and express our opinions and no matter what i'll you might. jason dick, john bolton's first day on the job, president third national security advisor take you through what you see is for stay looking like. >> guest: he will know his way around the white house and certainly knows his way around the federal bureaucracy and the un ambassador during the george w. bush's years and no one is disputing his qualifications at all. he's an incredibly knowledgeable man and the approach is somewhat concerning to the statements you made about iran and about north korea but he's probably just gone to the white house today so
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we should probably give him a chance to move into his desk. >> host: we showed them our first segment that he faces middle east baptism by fire and is one of the stories once for stay on the job and ethel is waiting in new mexico, democrat line. >> caller: you said talk about things coming up this week and. >> host: what is on your mind? >> caller: i want to talk about the border wall. i don't understand why we are focusing on mexico when we have a border of canada that is really insecure and we have more people coming in from foreign countries into vancouver, toronto and montréal and then you do down in mexico. what are we building walls four. what are we afraid of? are we afraid of the people from south america or is it terrorists? >> host: jason, what is congress
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saying about that mark. >> caller: i think in the coming weeks g this will be talked abot a lot. lindsey graham was on the program yesterday talking about the immigration proposals that they think they can get another crack at in any discussion on immigration overhaul whether protecting the daca kids and young adults and kids or other enforcement the wall will come up and there are questions whether the president will be e able to reprogram the departmt of defense money to go toward construction of the mall along the mexican wall and there's possible he could take money from the infrastructure building program and who knows how he would feel about that but we do know that what we likely have sometime in the next coming weeks are national guardsmen
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will be deploying down to something that president obama did an president busted and ther the border but they can provide logistical support and the wall probably will not be breaking ground anytime soon but this thing that the president wants and it will be part of the session. >> host: to come back to the national guard on the border. tom was on abc's this week yesterday talking about the national guard on the border in here is what he had to take. >> the customs and border protection provided three things and that is where we get our statistics. over two 100% increase in coupled with a pending seasonal uptick coupled with the indolence all trended in their own direction so the problem here and the point to remember is that while there was improvement it's a comparative improvement and that has nothing
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to do with the alarming trend of border crossings we are seeing. at this point we don't have the capacity to address that problem and that the more troubling point that the president needed to address. >> we know they can't legally apprehend anyone trying to get across the border so what do they actually do? >> there's a lot of question of what they can do. the president said something separately that was not necessarily well reported in is that if you put out a memorandum addressing his camp to not catch and release but to catch and detained and that's a big difference. the guard can do whatever the federal government is authorizing them to do and what they've chosen to do is augment the customs and border who are so well trained to interdict the order process.on >> host: jason, can congress do anything here and democrats who disagree during the legislative move to block the executive branch? >> guest: that seems to be relatively unclear and if the military troops although the president has authority and in
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case of emergency to deploy active-duty military and in this case with white house is doing in what president obama did an president busted is they are asking to into an agreement with the governor's about the states affected and deploy national guardsmen of which they would be the commander city. jerry brown is not exactly golfing buddies the president these days and doug to see who is a republican in arizona and greg abbott was the president in texas and these guardsmen come from other parts of the country but once they are in the states along the borders the governors are in charge so this is becoming more of a state kind of thing and it would be and i don't know the exact mechanism for which congress could insert .tself
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>> you can find the rest of this discussion online at c-span .org. check out our washington journal page. we leave this now taking life to the floor of the senate about to start debate on the judicial nomination and there will be swearing in their new a senator today. she takes the seat left open by mississippi's pat cochran who retired. drop a week more work on nominations. the president pro tempore: the senate will come to order. the chaplain, dr. barry black, will lead the senate in prayer. the chaplain: let us pray. our father, god, as we bow our heads in your presence, may we also lift our hearts to the guidance of your divine providence.


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