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tv   Maggie Haberman Interview on Covering President Trump  CSPAN  April 26, 2018 11:51pm-12:02am EDT

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there are two donald trump one is the one you see on tv who makes this outrageous comment and then to create negative publicity both in conversation and for the media but then there is the donald trump who was just the opposite who was thoughtful, he listens, very careful about making decisions. >> the annual white house correspondents dinner underway this weekend previous president have attended the president trump has opted not to attend for the second year in a row it celebrates generalized first amendment rights to freedom of the press honors reporters and news organizations for their work,
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the award winners is from the new york times she won the award for her coverage of president trump joining us from new york congratulations. >> thank you let's talk about your experience covering donald trump if you can before he was president when did you begin reporting on him? >> i spent 14 years for newspapers for very long time and working with a tabloid you invariably cover donald trump in same way one -- in some way he is omnipresent be showed up after 11 when he wanted to pitch a medium for the twin towers he was always there i didn't get to know him quite as well that when he made a huge splash with the political action committee and was
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roasted pretty memorably by obama at the white house correspondents association dinner in april 2011 shirley after he announced he was not running that but watching him and covering him learning how driven he is to be taken seriously that is what you saw going into his desire to win in 2016. >> did did you take him seriously when he said he would run? >> i took him seriously in 2011 when he was talking about running and then announced during sweeps week when the apprentice was still on the air he would not be running for president then 2151 of the advisers at the time wanted me to write a story to say he would declare junie -- june 16 he was running at that i would not write it until the actual
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red owing to that experience before and i did not believe he would stay in the race but he did really well and does not like to be perceived as a quitter by the time he got to october i took it quite seriously. his crowds were real. he didn't put a dent in his floor he stayed around 25% in the republican primary that is all he needed. >>host: you have seen the evolution from businessman to candidate to president so what is the same between the president and businessman? >> that is wonderful question getting ready to move to washington there was a question if he would fully make the move during the campaign and that he would
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find ways to get back to new york city on the weekend he hasn't done that because the protest would be so bad around trump tower but he does go to the florida property in summer he goes to new jersey but with the same concept he is a homebody he believes in his own instinct that is the best and does not like to be educated by anyone that is a huge challenge for his aides in the white house but that is a constant with him. >> to say you often convey the feeling to be a fly on the wall of the white house how do you use those 14 years? is it strategic for you? and then to go back to what
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you learned covering him as a businessman? >> there is a basic precept of what i try to go to widest i need for people that there is a grand plan like this morning when he called to fox and friends to give an interview by phone but he really enjoys doing and then to get attention off the epa administrator pruitt to create a new storyline i think people overthink the strategy but that is a lot of what informs my thinking and how i try to think about how he views the because it helps to interpret what he does give account to view the world?
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>> a lot of us versus that makes broad assumptions people are out to get him. he also rarely closes the door on anyone. everything is an ongoing dealer negotiation which is why you can see him fire people but he never does it himself tweeting is not the same thing that that striking of these relationships may never look as appealing as when they are walking away so you make he has publicly criticized you in the new york times that impact your reporting that is a time honored tradition governors have done it he might do it with his own fingers on the twitter keyboard but at the end of the day it doesn't change anything that for most of his career as a developer
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so he felt rejected someone from those outer boroughs that he was not taken seriously. >> a new yorker headline last year that chomps favored foul. this he treat you privately differently? >> i want to discuss private conversations one way or the other times i have spoken with him. >>host: desi dislike the media? >> no. he loves the media he doesn't understand what a government devoted media is about he was very transactional whether it was the business press or the gossip pages.
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he is not used to a press corps that is not devoted to the calls of personalities. >> what are your thoughts on winning this award? what does it mean? >> it is a huge honor. i was overwhelmed and stunned but when i saw they were calling i wanted via messed up the pool but it was very gratifying and thrilling and overwhelming to be honored by my peers. >> the other journalist? >> they have twitter. [laughter] >> thank you and congratulations. >> thank you. >> by the way the other winners for the saturday night dinner includes broadcast from
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cnn honorable mention to nbc news and honorable mention to political and also to reuters honorable mention and cbs news. we will cover the dinner saturday live.
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as the secretary of state in a 57-42 vote. the spokesperson said this photograph of the swearing in that took place after the vote. here's some of the


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