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tv   Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn Addresses Party Conference  CSPAN  September 27, 2018 6:52am-7:56am EDT

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harmony comes from hundreds of thousands of people across our country and for what we all stand for. [applause]. the labor trade and hope for the many. not favors for the few. that membership and our millions of affiliated members are the voice of the workplace in community.
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and we will anchor everything we do in day-to-day experiences. that is our strength. and together were going to change britain. those of you with eagle eyes may have noticed this. it turns out. those who open the bulk of the press. they don't like us one bit. it could be because we are we're going to clampdown or maybe work could even be because the campaign for the second part to be set up
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[applause]. something the last prime minister promised asked. we must in we will protect the freedom of the press to challenge unaccountable power. and to london are being imprisoned, harassed and sometimes killed authoritarian governments. just for doing their job. in trying to find out the truth of the oppression. but here, the free press is far too often the lies and half-truths. this mirror power. [applause].
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you challenge their propaganda of privilege by using the mass media of the 21st century. social media. in we will do in traditional ways also. on the doorsteps in the town centers. in the community centers. so that people know there is a labour party that will stand up for them. and is ready to rebuild and transform britain. [applause]. next year marks the 200 anniversary of the massacre. one the peaceful demonstrators were killed and hundreds injured by troops sent in to suppress the struggles of democratic rates. they wrote a poem about the
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massacre. among those killed was a man named john ashworth. and a woman named sarah jones. they're caring for the struggles hopefully. , hopefully they won't become martyrs in the process. we will honor those heroes. and if we are to get the chance of what these values are in practice in government were get a need unity to do it.
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it has achieved nothing when divided. the only winners are the rich and the party of the rich the conservatives real unity is based on the freedom to disagree and debate and then come together around the democratic decision as we have done this week. so we need to foster that greater and. we must learn they must learn to listen a little bit more. by maintaining the right for the debate again. we are on a journey together and we can only complete that
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journey together. [applause]. our party must speak for the overwhelming majority of our country. it can be brought here. i want to lead in that spirit. they offer that. and there is the community around the shattered covenant. they have defined the new common sense. the summer, it was tough. ours is a polyp --dash like the party of the policy for all. to root out racism from our
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society. [applause]. but, being antiracist means we must listen to those communities suffering discrimination. i believe we are all stronger from this and learning from each other. they have suffered a long and terrible history with persecution. two years ago when i visited the former nazi camp. it was caused the anxiety in that jewish committee. -- community. but by hope and believe we can work together to draw a line under it. i say this to all in the
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jewish committee community. this party in this movement will always be implacable campaigners against anti-semitism and racism in all of its forms. we are your allies. "whatever support necessary with the jewish communities. as we well for any other community experiencing hateful behavior and physical attacks.
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we will work with the jewish communities to eradicate anti-semitism both within our party and with your help. i will fight for that with every breath that i possess. it is incurable to our very being. as part of who you all are. as part of who we are. so they won't accept anything like that when we are attacked. and then they enforce those -- enforce enforced those victories. [applause].
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for when they accuse others of racism while they work to create a hostile environment to all migrant communities. we can never be complacent about this. it's a growing threat. not just here in britain but across europe and the united states doing what we always do. for the failure of a broken economic system. it includes the wind rush generation. they helped rebuild britain after the war. there were votes to be head. the hostile environment policy.
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but the present prime minister. lead for a scoundrel that it is. a british citizens be deported detained and left destitute. this is a nasty cynical politics. it demeans the whole country. and they still have that. this week they received a letter from the hungarian government. thanking them for their solidarity. just at the same time. we united in the top appalled at what the government is doing. our party well never stay silent in the face of a growing islamist phobia. from the far right on the streets or the former
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secretary. [applause]. labor will work to bring communities together is only through the unity of all of our people and that we can deliver a social justice for anyone. the conference change in our country is long overdue. every month they remain in august. what is but a scam is now a crisis. just look at the last few months. i have to be brought back into public ownership.
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the worst hit ever visited. the service on the brink of meltdown it will end this scandal. on the railways. they collapsed for the third time. they build out to guests again. you never know who will be running the trade by the time you get to there. i transport secretary will end this. and that giant privateer has gone bankrupt. the workers dumped it there.
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they continued to stuff continue to stuff their pockets in bonuses. and it took heavy losses. they are now extending into their own backyard. they had combined to push it over the edge. vital services to those at risk. eight years of destructive his charity. they had left councils teaching. and this government much be held to account. for their social vandalism.
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it is only labor councils that are taking every step to protect people and services. and we must think them for it. thank them for the work they do day in and day out. it's now a national disaster. in later they are ready to call time on this racket. we will rebuild the public and create a genuine mixed economy for the 21st century. the next labor government. the proudest creation. for those fighting for the universal healthcare.
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its founder. inspired by the collective health provision. in the hometown. they describe to free health services. and so it is. whenever we need it. they pushed her into crisis with more people. waiting longer and accidental emergencies in over 4 million people on hospital waiting list. and, as we discussed earlier. there is a mental health crisis also causing real pain and anguish. a woman named angela wrote to me recently and she said.
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my daughter would was told it should should have to wait 12 months. to get help with an appropriate therapist. i'm trying to help her. i would hate her to become another suicide statistic. this has to stop. and under labor at well. we will deliver real esteem for mental health services to protect people like angela's daughter. then there is a scandal. with the social care. leaving 400,000 fewer older people receiving care to many of our older people condemned to live alone they are unable to leave the hospital.
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they are putting them on the nhs also. one in five homes are unfit. hundred 20,000 children are living in temporary accommodations. so as they had pledged we will put a levy on those was second homes. think of it as a solidarity. those with two homes to help those without any home and all. in the labor with the biggest homebuilding product in half a century. meanwhile social security has
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become a system of institutionalized bullying the stories have created a hostile environment for disabled people hundreds of people from all over the country's right to me about every week. people like richard who said this. my wife was diagnosed with progressive multiple sclerosis 20 years ago. a few months ago we were told we were told she need to reapply and she have an assessment by someone who is not medically trained we have now been told that all of her benefit will be stopped. i've tried to be her rock but the stress in suffering i can see my wife going through is so very cruel and i've had to put myself on antidepressants. these are human consequences
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that puts tax cuts for the wealthy ahead of care. [applause]. but labor is ready to put fairness in humanity back in the heart of our public services. and as i told us yesterday. you can't keep people safe on the cheap. we have an increase in our council tax to pay for more police but we haven't i worry
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about their safety in their own home. they are not unfounded. they are rising while police numbers had fallen to their lowest level in 30 years. we do not have the resources to keep residents safe and no one seems to be listening. we will put another 10,000 police officers back on our streets playing a vital role in crime and making people safer. but if we want to reduce crime more police are only part of the solution. every study tells us investing in young people and communities is key with the economic failure. so there will be no more left
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behind areas. no more forgotten communities. we know. [applause]. we know the earliest years are crucial time to open up children life chances. and i visited the greenhouse nursery here and liverpool. but across the country, nurseries can't make ends meet. they are closing. decent earlier education is now at risk of becoming a privilege. families most in need are not even entitled to it. and many of who struggle to claimant because of the systems friend fragmented and underfunded nature. it limited childcare pledge it turns out to be free in name only. so for today i can advance that labor will make 30 hours a week of free childcare
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available for all to three and four -year-olds. [applause]. and, we will provide additional childcare on top of the 30 hour allowance free for those on the lowest incomes and capped at 4 pounds an hour for the rest. labor well also invest in the people that care for and educate our children. we will raise at the standards of child care across the board with a tenure plan to shift to a graduate led workforce.
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a new national pay scale for all early years. they are starting at 10 pounds an hour. [applause]. this is an investment in the pay rise for workforce 98 percent of whom our women. an 85 percent of whom earn around a minimum wage. catchy support for child care is holding back too many parents and families and the chances of to me children. this universal free high-quality childcare will benefit those all across our country. driving up standards for child care will make the vital difference from for millions of our children. labor is offering a long-overdue change that will transform people's lives and meet the need of of the 21st 21t
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century britain for all. we are talking about rebuilding britain this week but i also want to make an appeal to the older generation who built modern britain. it was you. who rebuilt our country after the war kick started our economy built our nhs and created our social security system. it was your generation that built the housing one the rights at work. and made our country a better place for all. it was your work in taxes that paid for a better retirement for those who went before you so we owe it to you the older generation to rebuild britain so your peace of mind piece of mine has dignity. [applause]. and we will fulfill that obligation with a triple lock on pensions protected along with the winter fuel allowance.
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and a national health and care service that can look after you and your family with the respect that you deserve this is a solidarity between all generations. conference to rebuild our public services and our communities we are and a half to rebuild and transform our economy for the 21st century. we can no longer tolerate a set up where the real economy in which millions work is a sort of sideshow for the city of london and for banks fixated around the world. the change we need requires new ideas and thinking as well as learning from those that had worked in the past and in other countries. we need to explore new forms of ownership and public
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ownership. and let's take up the cause from what they had upgraded. as an opportunity rather than a threat a chance to raise standards and give people more control over their own lives. [applause]. inequality is not just a matter of incomes is about having a real say also that sway or not only determined to rebuild our economy and communities in public services but also to democratize them and change the way our economic system is run an interest in the majority. the proposals for inclusive ownership funds will mean workers sharing more fairly
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and the in the rewards of successful businesses. i listen carefully to the arch ship of he was involved in. which rightly argued economic justice needs to be hardwired into the way the economy works. the 19th century leader and poets ernest jones wrote this. and what we get what we give we know and we know our share were not too low the cloth we weave but too low the cloth to wear. he was making the point that workers know the reality and the injustice of their position labor believes a worker's position is on the board [applause].
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that's why were proposing to give the workforce of all the due papers and witnesses. giving employees a genuine voice and a stake in shifting the balance of work in favor of the wealth creators improving both decision-making and productivity in the process. [applause]. decisions taken in board rooms affect their pay job in pension. it's actually nothing for businesses to be afraid of they should welcome the expertise in the understanding that workers will be bring to the company board.
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we will rebalance power in the workplace but i say to businesses large and small labor well also deliver what you need to succeed and to expand and modernize our economy. more investment in education and skills so workers can be more productive. and action to deal with ripoff bills that hit us all. and determined opposition to one that does not. [applause]. ten years ago this month the
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whole edifice deregulated financial capitalism and lauded for a generation. it came crashing down to earth with devastating consequences but instead of making essential changes to a broken economic system the corporate establishment strained it. it led to the crash in the first place. the price of that has not been stagnation. and wages falling for the long long's. in almost a decade of deeply damaging cuts to public service heads also the growth of racism and jenna phobia both at home here and abroad. people in this country now that the old way of running things is not working anymore. [applause].
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others will fill the gap with the politics of pulling in division. that's why labor speaks for the new majority. with the biggest increase in the labor vote since 1945. they have indeed caught the move of the times. it is it me saying that. it's a former conservative treasury administer. i've never thought to capture the mood. let me say you're welcome. i'm enjoying the new political mainstream if you wish. that is field free-for-all which led to the crash of a decade ago it is also fueled the global environmental crisis and international
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efforts to tackle it. there is no bigger threat facing humanity and climate change. [applause]. 31 years ago john prescott played a prominent role in helping to secure that approach. thank you for being here today. in supporting us. that united the major economies behind the agreement to cut carbon emissions. enter and to the axis of low
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carbon technologies. recognizing that the air we breathe does not respect national boundaries. we all have an interest in every nation of reducing admissions and given us all cleaner and less polluted air. the contrast with the america first posturing of donald trump and his decision to pull out of the climate change. will he had one planet so we must reengage with countries seeking to walk away from paris. we must also lead by example. [applause].
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that will mean working with unions to ensure jobs and skills are protected as we move towards a low carbon economy and working with industry to change the way we build to change the workforce i work in the new industries also. so i can announce today our program of investment and transformation to achieve a 60% reduction in admissions will create over 400,000 skilled jobs to ensure that comes about.
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bringing skills in security to communities all over the country that have been held back for far too long. and we will go further with plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero. i'm determined that we achieve that. i know that sounds ambitious and it is. and it will be delivered with the more far-reaching program of investment and transformation in decades labor will kickstart a green stop revolution. in crete skilled jobs in every nation and region of this country. [applause].
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but it's not just the economic system that is unsustainable the relationship with the rest of the world are foreign policy is no longer sustainable either. we are entering a new fast-changing and dangerous world including the attacks in salisbury which the evidence assembled by the police now points clearly to the russian state. when they tried to scrap the nuclear deal and pursue the aggressive war he is turning the back on international cooperation and on international law. [applause]. we need a government that not only keeps the country safe but can also speak out for democratic values and human rights. today's conservative government continues to collude with the disasters and
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war in him turning a blind eye to evidence of war crimes. that's why i was honored to attend a visual this week. it's what's taking place [applause]. this means no more reckless or of intervention like iraq or
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libya. [applause]. it means putting negotiations before competition [applause]. and it means champion human rights and democracy everywhere not just where it is commercially convenient. [applause]. and working and working to with draw the worlds injustices. and fueling them in the first place sometimes her hopes can be betrayed and many of the campaign for the release and
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imprisonment. today the government which he leads stands accused of grave atrocities against the people. nearly 1 million have fled to neighboring bangladesh. ten women and girls in particular face violence. we demand that the myanmar government ends the ethnic cleansing. and with the build -- rebuild their lives with safety and security. [applause]. and let me say a few words about the ongoing justice of rights to the palestinian people. our party is united in
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condemning the shootings of unarmed demonstrators. and the passing of the nation state law. the continuing occupation in the sanction of illegal settlements in the imprisonment of palestinian children are an outrage. [applause]. we support, a two state solution to the conflict and a viable and secure state but a quarter of a century on we are no closer to justice or peace in the palestinian tragedy continues on the outside world stands by as my great friend sedley day a short while ago put it to me what is the
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alternative to peace a catastrophe for both peoples. in order to help make that two state settlement a reality we will recognize that palestinians as soon as we take office. [applause]. [applause]. we will also make it far more determined effort to help bring an end to the terrible war in syria for war that has led to millions of refugees.
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[applause]. some of whom i met in jordan this summer. wonderful, brave people desperate to see peace. wondering how their families are getting on home a short distance away. thank you for that. the syrian conflict has been fueled by the military intervention of multiple powers and it will need the same powers to deliver a negotiated peace settlement to end the killing and allow those wonderful refugees to return home to their own country. [applause].
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what labor plans to rebuild and transform our country and the relationship with the rest of the world having been made through the back drop of huge uncertainty about brexit. labor respects the decision of the british people in the referendum but no one can respect the conduct of the british government since the vote took place. [applause]. we all hope that the decision would be followed by effective and responsible negotiations that would work for tech living standards and jobs and said the main negotiations are actually between different fractions of the party. the only job they're fighting to protect is the job of the prime prime minister.
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[applause]. thersea may used to say that no deal is better than a bad deal. after two years about negotiations she's threatening the country with just that choice a bad deal or no deal. that is a threat to our whole economy especially our manufacturing economy here in britain now time is running out in the absence of any clarity from the government. they're they are planning to relocate jobs abroad and take investment with them some fully started they are very
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we'll aware of this. but some, see brexit as their opportunity to impose a free market on britain. the prime minister is in new york today. promising that they will offer the lowest corporation texas of all g20 nations. and the few paid for by the many and already tried and spilled strategy for boosting investment. they set out the plan for more tax giveaways and ripping up peoples pension rights. it's itching to secure and scrap workers rights and privatize the nhs with a side order of chlorinated chicken. and then there they had
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expressed the perfect personal space. it express it so nicely that he decided to base his new investment fund and the euro zone. the brexit tears unite the politics of the 1950s with the economics of the 19th century. daydreaming that rules of the way and waits the rules. [applause].
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the labor's job is now to win support for a deal that meets the needs of the country. combined with our plan to rebuild and transform with investment in our people in our economy our priority is clear we aim to get the best deal for jobs to underpin our plans and upgrade our economy and invest in every community and region that will bring people together and make concerns we will vote against any reduction in rates standards, protections and opposed the race to the bottom let me state say to the country let me say to the country as it stands labor will vote against the plan or whatever is left of it. and opposed leaving the eu with no deal. and it's inconceivable that we should do that with no deal.
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that is why if parliament votes the deal where they fail to reach any deal at all. we would press for general election. [applause]. [applause]. all options are on the table. the man who would lead our brexit negotiations. having that a grievance yesterday and getting one in brussels should be a piece of cake.
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so let me also reach out to the prime minister c maxey i reach out to everybody. is currently during the negotiations. brexit is about the future of our country and our vital interests. it's not about leadership squabbles i say this and also 30 and helpfulness if you deliver a deal that includes a customs union and you protect jobs and the environmental consumer standards then we will support that sensible deal. a deal that would be backed. if you can't negotiate the deal then you need to make way for a party that can and well [applause].
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[applause]. the comforts labor a radical plan to rebuild and transform our country an alternative to the politics of astarte of social division and of international conflict whether
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tories had divided ten rules we will unite and govern. we represent the new common sense of the type and we are ready to deliver on it we must speak for the people to whom thersea may promised so much but has delivered so little. and we must take our message to every town city and village united and ready to win as we were in 1945, 1964 in 1987. so when we made this time next year let it be has a labor government [applause]. [applause].
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a labor government investing in britain after years of charity and neglect. let every community now their ideas. clear of our plans. we don't want to live by the stem of our fellow citizens a strong society is one that gives all young people a chance to realize their potential. and they will know that when the parents need care they will get it filled in britain
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together for that security together and we can. think you conference. [applause]. [applause]. [applause].
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today christine blasey-ford testifies about her allegation that he sexually assaulted her and they were high school students. live coverage starting at 10:00 a.m. eastern on c-span three and a special guest on c-span two until the senate gavels and at noon. i think every president would confirm that experience.


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