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tv   Campaign 2018 Pennsylvania 5th District U.S. House Debate  CSPAN  November 1, 2018 12:44am-1:40am EDT

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good evening and thank you for coming everyone. in terms of format each candidate will have two minutes to make an opening statement. the candidates have met before
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hand and agreed that ms. kim will begin and follow. questions will be answered in the same rotation in terms of questions put to them by you, the audience that we are painstakingly going through to make sure we get everyro topic covered and since the league members are straining the questions and they are being screened t for relevance to the office that these two women seek and that is the congressional district there will be a card to indicate 30 seconds so candidates, make sure that you book and when you see the card that means stop but you don't need to stop in the middle of a sentence you can finish your
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sentence we are not that strict. each candidate will have the opportunity to answer a question and five wild cards for 30 seconds a piece. if you want to use your wild-card pick your attention back sure i see it and i thank you for that. please turn off your cell phones and going to give you one chance to applaud because after i introduced thehe candidates thee will be no more applause we want to make sure we get every question answered. i've been known to stop the debate so we need to hear from
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the candidates please everyone if you could hold your comments and applause on to the end. i would be romance if i didn't say as most of you know we have no female representatives in congress. okay that was your applause. ifon it is okay with everyone enabled it to opening statemen statements. i'm in the seventh congressional district and the current set depending on where you live you can actually vote twice.
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ii am a former special victims prosecutor and spent a decade at the delaware m county district attorneys office and special victims violence division i prosecuteddo sexual abuse intert crimesch against children and te chief of the human trafficking unit i then went on to work with legislators to expand protections for victims and then i was able to secure the first human trafficking conviction under the new legislation and i ended up getting sick and battling cancer that made me realize life is really short
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there was a recognition that a lot of the changes i wanted to make more federal. i'm now running not just one but two congressional districts and naloto of it also stems from my own personal journey i was inspired by the movement and frustrated in the current climate of washington the rhetoric when i was in college i was the victim of a campus sexual assault i went through the criminal justice system and i was displeased as a prosecutor and the criminal justice system i didn't get the justice i was seeking. i hope to have that opportunity
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in washington. thank you. >> there was a huge construction project other elementary school. it was supposed to be completed by labor day but as the summer days blamed, parents are concerned that it wouldn't be finishefinished andwould befinit start on time so we were told don't e worry about if everythig is fine and they didn't want to listen to our concerns. no one went with me and i think it was probably trespassing but they wouldn't return for another six months and that is what i ran for the school board. we had another three renovation
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projects that we created on time and on budget and we instituted cost controls while dealing with the pension crisis that had been hoisted upon the local districts by the state legislature. for the last 15 years i lead a program at a national law firm where it's been my privilege to supervise the donation of a quarter billion dollars to people and organizations that would otherwiswouldn't otherwiso afforder it. we helped hundreds of thousands of refugees that make our prcommunities better.
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congress isn't listening so that's why i decided to crawl over theag fence again. i need to call to get over it so that's why i've asked for your vote on november 6. thank you. [applause] just a point of clarification after i said what i said i had realized you all knew what i was talking about. the questions are one minute. what is the primary reason that you want to be a congresswoman and what's above all else do you want to do in washington and please be as specific as possible regarding policies you advocate or actions you would
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undertake. you can speak as quickly as you want. my frustration they couldn't work across the aisle. i was appointed by the governor wolf to serve on the governor's advisory commission. it was a huge concern for me in this area and for the nation at
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large and last but not least i would like to make sure we have a robust development and bring jobs and comprehensive immigration reform. thank you. i the issues i've been working on is a public-interest lawyers are the issues i want to go to washington for. we are seeing the impact on the ground every day on issues involvingss immigration and involving public education and public health care to make the
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order of business to work on electoral and government report to work on three different areas campaign finance reform, electoral reform making sure everyone is eligible too do so and government ethics. the philadelphia health department hadepartment has beeo outlaw tobacco flavored with fruit. they said philadelphia can't do that and congress can trump the
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legislature. >> what do you think of the administration's approach to immigration segregating families, please be specific and tell us how you would promote or legislate and immigration policy in congress. >> some of you have heard me talking about the travel ban when that hit. to file petitions to help the people who followed all of the rules but while they were in the air the rules changed. we worked on that and then we developed a manual how to protect your families and assets in case you were deported.
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it's clear that the policy is broken. we need to reform the immigration policy and what we need is for the chump administration to stop turning it into a weapon but turned it intturn itinto an issue to divie populace. there's nothing to say we can't have a humane policy. the immigrants i've worked with over the last 15 years have been assets to the community, not threats. t >> i've had this amazing opportunity to pursue a and i'm
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very pro- illegal immigration and i think we need to have more legal avenues not less and i believe in enforcement that there is a compassionate way of doing so. >> ms. kim we will skip over to the environment. >> with the affect of global warming becoming increasingly obvious what is your position on the continued use of fossil fuel in the united states and what policies would you work for pertaining to fossil fuel? i think it's important everybody recognized i do believe in climate change and i do not agree we should have withdrawn from the paris accord. we have a responsibility to this
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generation and future generations to make sure we keep the environment safe and clean and i recognize this area of philadelphia in particular as the potential to be a hub but we have to diversify the portfolio to make sure we integrate and bring in clean energy and move towards clean energy in general. >> as someone who grew up in the late 60s and 70s i've certainly seen the impact of having a strong environmental protection policy. obviously global warminggo is rl and scrubbing the data from the website doesn't negate that and the federal government can play a large role whether developing the energy sources or helping to promote and shunned.
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when i was on the school board waited several renovations who would have loved to put in the solar energy or other types of renewable energy that it was expensive. our neighbors in new jersey were able to do that because they get state funding so there's a lot we can do to the federal government and i would look forward to being a part of that. ...
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>> and then move forward with genuine negotiations but by having medicare negotiate those prices with the public w option. >> as a cancer survivor i strongly believe we need to have universal healt care no parent should lose their home that their children get sick. that being said, i also don't
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agree with repealing the affordable care act until we have something in place. i disagree with my opponent i don't believe the single-payer system would work in practice i do believe we need a hybrid of the public and private a partnership i would have concerns with the government running our health care if we look at the veterans administration's we can see the inefficiencies of the government runningie that. scanlon: i would just clarify i did not indicate i was promoting a single-payer health care system at this time. i'm hearing for the first time but my opponent's provisions are on these issues she seems to be running against the republican party's position on this issue which i understand because i am as well. [laughter] [applause]l. . >> next question it is a long
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one that i will repeat regarding the military the us has troops on the ground for almost 18 years the military is currently involved with hundred 2070 nations. and in part of the budget and to spend three times more than those highest spending nations combined if elected would you continue to support a presence or do you seees another role with the military?
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. >> but to maintain that relationship. and those that they work on thend humanitarian. and then to make sure every dollar that we spend goes to supporting the troops. and then in essence directed to those libertarians. . >> and taking out for domestic spending it has really made
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people with those social security but at that same level as the military budget with that tax bracket at the end of the year they had to have a waiver we need to take a closer look at military spending and then to go into harm's way but we do need to take a closer look at of out-of-control spending from the military industrial complex. . >> next question. gun violence. what is your position on prioritizing common sense gun control laws?
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so this has been on the record for 20 years on the newspaper article i took some of the people here down to the million mom march i am all for your common sense gun control measures my father and sister i'm not saying take away everyone's guns i'm saying common sense. i have an unusual ally eva justice scalia to be recognized with the heller decision there is room for common sense there something to do with mass shootings like part of gilliland and san bernardino.
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to authorize the assault weapon being in pain and high-capacity magazines but we also need to address a study on - - violence like philly and have common sense public health type of solutions with research with the federal government we need research to show us how we can do that better. kim: i protect the second amendment but i do support the legislation that has been proposed across the state that is red flag to petition the court if law enforcement or immediate family believe a person could be an immediate threat to themselves are others that is an defective piece of legislation with no due process concerns as a result it has been deemed effective for suicide we don't know how to predict an active shooter situation but these
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situations that we do have there were some red flags with that piece of legislation to be affected but that is important the city of chester has the highest murder per capita in the state also the second murder capital in i agree we do need to do have some research why do they have more access than computers? scanlon: i just want to mention i did get an f for the nra of which i am really, really proud my opponent god of ?-question-mark so i'm learning about her position on this for the first time tonight. >> this will mix things up a little about.
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lightning round. kim: what committee would you like to be on? kim: the judiciary is of interest to me but also potential on transportation and infrastructure when you look at the fifth congressional district we have the entire philadelphia international airport in the district we are positioned in the ideal place to make sure the infrastructure and transportation are effective to boost our economy. what most people don't realize is my former specialty of combating human trafficking with transportation hubs they can also make a difference in that. scanlon: interestingly i'm also interested in judiciary. [laughter] that is where many of the voting rights issues come
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better than anybody knows and to be subjected to gerrymandering and also of an interest and there are other investigatory to the judiciary. . >> public education is a state responsibility what is the role of the central government and what specific measure do you make a priority during the election? . >> that is a local and state responsibilityty we have a very
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low controlled funding system it is interesting we also have the biggest challenges when i worked with the education law center and every one of those districts that make up those congressional districts i am really aware of the issue. but for specific things that the federal government can do the law that it passed with the disparities between school districts in the state of they can do a better job with title i funding but there are things that we could do with secondary education to take more opportunities not just college available the technical education with a whole range of prospects.
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kim: no one education should be determined by the zip code so i'm happy to see there is a new formula to properly fund the schools. i am in favor of pro-choice i recognize there are some excellent charter schools but there are also some bad charter schools there needs to be a level of transparency and accountability. the biggest concern we will see is college debt so what the attorney general's office has been doing going after predatory lending to make sure students are not drowning in debt. we have to educate high school students with the recognition that maybe college is not for everyone to make sure we find the right pathway for every student.
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>> with respect to student debt yes the attorney general here is going after predatory lenders i work with josh and that's why am pleased to have hish endorsement. but the federal government is not going after predatory lenders in fact, they have rolled back protections for predatory student loans and for students who attend for-profit universities that do not confer any benefit that allowed them to pay off the loan. >> i also have concerns with the. rollout also for students on campus sexual assault it is very important to me with my own personal story that students are safe on college campuses not only do they have support the title ix
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process but they should also promote the criminal justicece reform. >> 90 percent of americans with special interest money what would you do for the influence of money and politics with politicians? kim: it is frustrating how much money goes into politicalal elections and even this campaign donor tonight is me myself and i. weenie comprehensive reform and another statistic is for women of color it's more difficult for them to raise money and we need a reform so qualified individuals have the ability to run for political office. i am funded by myself and my friends and family and immigrants.
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scanlon: we do agree we do need significant campaign finance reform i did not know senator toomey was a friend or family or immigrant. [laughter] women have a much harder time and it's not just because we have a wage gap but also a wealth gap women on average have 30 percent of the wealth of men. that makes it much more money for a raisema political campaign. for the last three or four years i have been working to raise money in pennsylvania it is a necessary thing to do buts also why is the system broken? yes. absolutely that's why i have signed on to the pledge and i have been endorsed by citizens united.
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kim: i do appreciate senator toomey support along with the local republicans that have supported my campaign. the let's be real. [laughter] . >> moving on to the next question. tell us your thoughts on criminal justice reform. scanlon: another area i have been working on the last 15 years. with president obama a rare partisan moment where the cokee brothers agreed with the obama justice department of mandatory spending and what they have done to explode the prison population so my colleagues and i will help
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individuals who are nonviolent who spent significant time and to obtain clemency one of them is the subject and it gives you the upfront look on the massn incarceration so in that arena trying to get jobs to get expunged it is an area of great interest to me that i look forward to working on in congress. kim: working on criminal justicee reform i had the first human trafficking conviction in the state of pennsylvania
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and that i could get the first trafficking under the new legislation and not is that has to do with mobilizing federal law enforcement and also have those resources behind the issue no one was looking at and getting something done. and then using interpreters if you do not understand what's happening in the courtroom how do you get people justice? so several stakeholders across the state work together we propose something to the supreme court of pennsylvania that was adopted and with
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those underserved communities to highlight those issues. >> communication with american constituents. what methods would you use to communicate with your constituents? meet with them? town hall styleh meetings? tell us how you want to communicate with your constituents. kim: this is very important to engage with your constituents because i recognize fully that when the government isn't working for you. when i was a victim in my particular case i did not feel like the prosecutor truly heard me or dealt with me but
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it was more of a job to her so i feel very strongly to be sure that all the individuals in constituents have access to me aside from the attorney general's office i have been campaigning full-time. and whether social media through the press i would be open to meeting with everyone unfortunately my opponent has canceled the bates so i could not engage with you and thoseit various forms. scanlon: i find it interesting that over the course o this campaign i have had over 20 forums and debates some of which my opponent was invited to but did not attend i was even at her alamo matter with her a couple weeks ago. i have not canceled any
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debates. so with communication with the electorate we find that fascinating through the campaign to see the different ways people engageo so we had a texting program with millennial's who prefer to receive information that way and we sent out hard copies to may be more mature members who would like to receive information that way. [laughter] we have social media and video i expect all of that to continue i have also committed to doing quarterly town halls. [applause] . >> you are testing me. do you plan to protect the rightsou of children or adults
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with disabilities with existing or futurems legislatio? scanlon: this is an arena i have beenla working in over 20 years. the educational loss center to represent the rights of children and families and much of that centered around children withat disabilities could haveab appropriate public education so that they could get what they needed. in addition that agency that included class-action individual representation and two statewide commissions to implement disability legislation throughout thero state whether access to housing or services to make sure there's community-based
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housing. kim: i also have spent my career protecting trail - - to - - protecting children i worked with a lott of children with the intellectual disabilities if you can only imagine those that are the most vulnerable unfortunately they are subjected so i devoted my career to working with these children and the schools locally whether the city of chester or other schools to make sure that these children are getting the proper education and not being disadvantaged i hope this formula the state is working on will enhance the schools appropriately. >> tell us your position on the affordable care act
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regarding pre-existing conditions and reproductive rights ands a access to quality health care for all and would you repeal or reform? kim: i answer this previously. i'm not interested in repealing the affordable care act until we have appropriate system in place but that being said i am here to protect pre-existingng conditions and again, ultimately to have a system of a public-privatete partnership and i certainly think we need to make sure we have the appropriate changes. scanlon: could you repeat the question? . >> what is your position on the affordable care act regarding pre-existing conditions? reproductive rights access to
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quality health care word you repeal or reform or keep as is? scanlon: i did say earlier i am very interested in reforming or repairing the affordable care act and then extending it to achieve universal health coverage. one of the great benefits is pre-existing conditions but with respect to reproductive rights absolutely we need to make sure that women have access to the whole range of rights access to abortion we need the federal government to refund the teen pregnancy program cut by the trumpet administration and address
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maternal b mortality it is higher than the rest of the developed world and getting worse. >> next question. the us deficit is higher than ever some have suggested cutting social security and medicare to address this do you agree with thisge approach? if so, why. >> the federal deficit is higher? how did that happen? oh my goodness. [laughter] with the tax bill last year was one.5 trillion-dollar giveaway to corporations and high income individuals we thought may be trickled on - - trickle-down economics would
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work? this is a scenario to have a huge benefit to seiko social security and medicare paul ryan's favorite entitlement. i would have a different approach when it comes time to grow the economy we should have a tax policy to reduce income equality instead of exasperated. [applause] . >> we discuss this. [laughter] kim: i certainly agree with protecting that when i was at the attorney general's i recognize to have the third highest percentage of elders in pennsylvania so in terms of the deficit that is something we need to take a look at but sometimes they are on
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autopilot and then to determine those outcomes. . >> after you work for diversity and inclusion in congress and in your district? kim: first of all, there has never been a woman of color elected into congress in the history of pennsylvania so by me putting my reading in the - - my hat in the ring and marty changing the narrative and that ist important of course, my entire legal career to have inclusion as i mentioned before on the advisors one - - governor's advisory commission. also the bar association that we work with affiliate bar
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associations working on inclusion and also if it was the district attorney or the attorney general general's office i was the liaison to serve our communities. >> i would look at the work i have done over my career with the education law center working on inclusion with people with disabilities and for the last 15 years i lead a programm in philadelphia is a magnet school where the idea is to help kids throughout the city who are interested in becoming lawyers to explore the profession i have been trying to get more women in the state legislature on our
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campaign we had an intern bringing in kids throughout the district to work on the political campaign so this has been part of what i have been doing my whole career and i woul continue and by register for public spending it has been shown that the funding for political campaigns helps to create diversity. >> next question. how do you address the opioid crisis in the country. scanlon: probably no one here has been affected by it att some point it is overwhelming it is everywhere i have a
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young nephew who is a addicted to heroin and if not for the medicine he wouldn'ts be here now so with medical professionals we need to look at those injection sites to make sure it's available we really need to make sure this medical coverage so they can get into treatment when they aree ready and can stay as long as they need to. kim: i don't believe injections are the way to go or that it's legal but a better way to approach this is to fund prevention there is trauma informed care that i hope to see in pennsylvania schools where you get to the source ofhe a problem so perhaps they will not turn to alcohol or drugs.
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certainly believe that addiction is a disease we need to have treatment for better treatment to make sure there is better access to treatment. scanlon: t i also agree with law enforcement l. kim: also with big pharma taking a look at them. >> tell us something we don't know about you we have not heard on the campaignow trail. [laughter] kim:. >> this could be fun. . >> in college i was a victim of a campus sexual assault but i was a fine arts major
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graduating from vermont college completely random but in fact, i have an art studio in my condo. [laughter] scanlon: i would tell you about the chickens but they were in the video. [laughter] i wanna disco dance contest when we were 20 but that's been in the video also. [laughter] and went to drive an outboard boat when i was six years old. [laughter] . >> you two are lawyers right? [laughter] thank you both for humoring us. beer at that point of the statements closing two minutes each we will begin
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with you. >> with the league of women voters and the naacp if you have any questions please go to scanlon for congress also look up your voter registration but the deadline is october 30th looking at campaign funds the other night i cannot show it literally but it was a picture of my husband and i going to the polling place and that was important to me because first i am a mom i don't have very many pictures of me with the whole family that second it is instilling the values you want to see in your children i have
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taken to them to that same polling place the last 24 years for every election when they were in strollers and diapers and they help me push the buttons and we talk about the issues and then he had his wisdom teeth out at an ice pack on his face that was the first time he could vote that i want them to know there are certain things that are not negotiable you have to brush your teeth be nice to your neighbors and you have to vote. if you are here tonight you understand how important voting is and the stakes in this election are so high. congress is not doing his job oror legislating for the people ins the district or acting on it check of the chump administration that has shown to roll back decades to expand medical care environmental protection international relations and everything.
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that's why november 6 is time to climb over the fence and this time i hope we go together. [applause] kim: also things to the league of women voters and all of you taking the time to learn about our candidacy that i want to leave you with a couple of things i was an agent of change in pennsylvania i was supposed to implement justice here and i hope to have that opportunity in washington number two with a very unique perspective but for the
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commonwealth and for this nation as a daughter of immigrants to ever be a woman of color ever elected into the history of congress in pennsylvania sont this climate the fact was a sexual assault survivor and special crimes prosecutor to have that perspective in our government so we can change our institution. and to my own personal story which i told you before when i was a victim the prosecutor on mymy case treated me nothing more than a job. she forgot what it was to be a true public servant. the government is here to work for us. i strongly believe that is my life story. i'm running to change the narrative i'm running to shake up the establishment for republicans and democrats that the government is supposed to work for us.os to be a fierce advocate for the victims in the courtroom and for you in washington please go out and vote for
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kim. thank ve. you. [cheers and applause] [applause] thank you to our candidates t13 pearl kim and also mary gay scanlon another roundnd of applause. [applause] don't forget to vote november 6 thank you for coming
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news in wichita. this is just over 15 minutes. >> in seven . >>


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