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tv   U.S. Senate Special Counsel Protection Bill  CSPAN  November 28, 2018 9:10pm-9:26pm EST

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open it up, the juice comes out like little bubbles and you can see the seeds as well, but they look like caviar. in may about three or four months after the mission opened, teddy roosevelt was here in southern california and frank miller the man who built the mission invited him to come here and he spent the night here in that room in that time that it gave the epithet of the presidential suite and that is how it was known for many years
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and republican jeff flake had able to protect the special counsel's investigation into the russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. they discussed why it is needed and debated senator leahy who proposed the bill. >> i'm proud to join the senator from arizona on the word today in calling for action on a bipartisan bill that has been crafted to protect the institution and safeguard the rule of law in the country and not just right now but for future congress and administration. today we will be asking our colleagueshe to give the special counsel the consideration here
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on the floor of the senate but it deserves. it will do something simple powerful to preventul the removl of a special counsel without good cause that might seem like a small detail but it's important. to do his or her job and find the facts and the bipartisan bill would put the restriction in statute and give the council a legal remedy. without cause the special counsel would have a ten day. covered to take the case to the panel for the expedited consideration if the council doesn't wish to contest his removal that would precede without interference and to both republicans andre democrats recognize removal without a valid basis would be a significant or catastrophic event. it would be a constitutional crisis that would threaten the presidency and the rule of law. we can work together to prevent a crisis. president trump should be the first person to support the
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bill. he's raised concerns about the special counsel and accused prosecutors of making motivated decisions but this act would ensure the regulations providing for supervisiont and oversight are not just codified to that strengthen and ensure congress get p the picture in the orinvestigation. my colleagues were instrumental in crafting this balanced legislation and passed the judiciary committee by a strong margin of 14-7, seven months ago. that time today is now in some questioned the need of the legislation and said the aesident would never fire the special counsel and i hope and pray they are right, but i don't think it will be in president trumps interest but the president has publicly attacked the special counsel on this investigation. just yesterday calling the investigation a phony witchhunt
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doing tremendous harm to the system. the president already fired the director and forced the resignation of the attorney general for the grievances related to the investigation of bookcases and we have an acting attorney general with no nominee insights to conduct oversight of the investigation which is unprecedented and unacceptable and addresses threats of ask my colleagues holding back to consider whether they wish it were the wall in the administration as well as we should appreciate the way in which this protects the ruleci f law. let me close by quoting my chair man who said during the markup on the bill when he expressed it should be considered by the full senate they had the following works and in some ways we say a lot about how we use the responsibility and we took an oath to protect the constitution and we are not judges we are
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stewards of the legislative branch and the founders anticipated we would wield the powers of the constitution with great ambition. i recognize my colleague the senator from new jersey. i joined them and asking for special counsel and integrity act by unanimous consent and the council of independence and integrity act a bipartisan bill they are asserting a common sense check and balance on
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presidential overreach. it's not dividing along the party lines. it's about ideals that we are allh: aligned with the ability f the special counsel. it's aimed at ensuring that we have appropriate checks and balances in place to protect the constitutional crisis. the bill is becoming more virt virtue. we know that there are agents attempting to manipulate and undermine our democratic institutions and we need to ndunderstand what happened.
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it is indeed a matter of national security. but we know that the special counsel is in danger. we know it's in danger even just yesterday with a president that is again aligning and mischaracterizing the special counsel investigation. we know there is danger because a few weeks ago the president fired attorney general sessions and named matthew whitaker has the acting attorney general to oversee the investigation and we know that the acting genera gens a history of criticizing and he basing the investigation he's now responsible for overseeing. they are calling the into our national security calling it a witch hunt. our democracy we are all stewards had been sustained by this ideal that no one not even
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the president ofta the united states is above the law. we must act quickly for this ideal. this is a sober measure the bipartisan bill that will achieve those ends and i would like to now's yield to my colleague from arizona. >> i rise today to speak in defense of the special counsel robert mueller and to speak of the report of the investigation he's leading into the attacks on the electoral system during the lead up to the 2016 election one wouldn't expect such an investigation would be controversial but somehow from the president earlier this week one of several called in the special counsel a., quote,
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conflicted prosecutor gone rogue and claiming that 30 million-dollar witchhunt is doing nothing but ruining lives and to be clear it is the investigation that brought sndictments for more than a dozen russian nationalist for attending the influence of the 2016 election. why shouldn't we be up in arms about that and why was that reported a sweet from the president of trying to go after by completing this thorough investigation as to the findings to be made public. there's one purpose tthere is ot
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the special counsel in this patient and to prevent the executive branch for inappropriatelye interfering in the independent investigation in ie future. this legislation passed in the judiciary committee in a bipartisan b manner. it passed on may 2016 since that time the committeesy, were busy and we've been busy here on the senate floor. we've processed more than 50 judges and passed them here on the senate floor. that's a good thing, but the priority needs to be now to protect the special counsel. colleagues have said this legislation isn't necessary and there haven't been any indication that he will be removed fromer office but the special counsel is conflicted
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that he's leaving 12 so-called angry democrats and demeaning and ridiculing him to be so sanguine about the chances of him being fired. we've already seen the forced resignation of the attorney general a day after and it's clear therefore something has to be done to protect the investigation. it was taken from him and given to somebody that was in an acting capacity. somebody that has not been confirmed by the senate. should we hea here in the senato be okay with that? i would argue no, we can't be. that's why a few weeks ago my colleague from new jersey and delaware came to ask unanimous consent to bring this bill to
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the floor after our efforts were blocked by the objection they promised to come to the fore again and again and that is why we are here today and we will continue to do so until this investigation is completed. and so madam president i ask unanimous consent the senate proceed to the consideration of calendar number 393, 2644 and i asked to report substitute amendments the committee report substitute pete agreed to end the bill as amended be considered and third, read a good time anathird time in the e motions to reconsider be considered me and laid upon the table. >> without objection.
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for the reasons articulated the prosecutorial authority belongs in the department of justice and answers to the president of the united states and the officers consist of people appointed by the president this is a fundamental component of our liberty. we cannot convert an office and like that previously existing counsel without creating a de facto branch of government. and i would object to a i would
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like for my friend from delaware. at the time it was written it was somewhat new and has become a widely adopted view i challenge every one of you to read their rights. >> will the senator yield for another question? let me conclude by saying they considered this just this year and in the decision said that it remains valid and binding and i know they have other business to
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move to but i will simply say i'm grateful for the work. thank you madam president. >> members considered a resolution calling for the end to the u.s. military support for saudi arabia's war in yemen and the virus moved the resolution closer to passage by the full senate and a final vote as possible next week. we also hear from the democratic and republican leaders on the foreign relations committee. this is half an hour. i stood before this body in march of this year to protest the unconstitutional intervention in saudi arabia's bloody war in yemen. i was proud to sta


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