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tv   Washington Journal Rep. Tom Suozzi  CSPAN  November 29, 2018 10:50pm-11:01pm EST

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their districts in the good of the country to address this issue that affects the people and the economy of climate change with that health care infrastructure in our leadership and the new class of members. >> thank you so much for your time today. >> host: members of congress joining us throughout the morning to talk about climate change t one is a member of the climate solutions caucus. . om>> good morning. >> host: with the release of the report what do we take away what is the most impressiveor quick. >> it is so comprehensive all over the nation and all over the world from the flooding on the east coast, the hurricane
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harvey and those out west in california and the floods in iowa and the snowpack in the northwest. and then to be impacted by dramatic changes. >> so this is a real thing. >> host: so what is the answer quick. >> a new green deal in america overall and then to address climate change and then to
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create the jobs that our necessary to do this work. and number three the reliance on foreign oil or foreign energy. a lot have been driven historically to have the strategic and economic need it isn't energy independence depending on the right policy. . >> so with the idea of green jobs. >> i don't want to talk about yesterday but how can we accomplish all three of these hejectives in the environment reduce dependence on foreign oil to put them together for everybody in the united states and america.
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>>. >> how to call energy efficiency to use new technology to make solar more efficient andd affordable to use energy that is cleaner. like how dramatically different the national gas industry is in america right now than it was ten years ago because of the technology constantly using new technology as a way to address thetost future in the way that makes our lives better to recognize as a way to advance environment and the economy and foreign relations. >> host: you belong to a
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caucus the climate solutions caucus had combination of democrats andns republicans quick. >> yes i'm afraid some of the republicans lostna their election. last year the united states congress in the armed services committee. to say you have to take into account climate change as part of the national defense strategy and then with the full congress that they voted to keep that as part of the national defense authorization act that more people are recognizing this is a reality from the coastal communities that are dramatically affected the storm events so across the us economy
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$400 billion and then to invest in the future to improve our o o climate quick. >> you said they would shift things how many members will go away because of elections quick. >> i don't know the exact number but one of the leaders we need to find more leaders in the republican party. >> host: why do you think there is a resistance to do that quick. >> it could be from the omtional inclination for the distrust of government it is affecting us all because to try to regulate behavior that's why we talk about those jobs that could be created in the improvement of the economy.
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and then to take advantage of these new technologies and with that bottom line for businesses. we need to marry the environmen environment. >> we see more investment in new technology with a greener economy y'all - - need to do more how many jobs could be created with the transition to solar power you cannot export those somewhere else look at building transmission lines were solar panels may be in those that need that energy. and for those who don't have access to that type of technology.
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and businesses related to those industries. >> if you made some effort how do you deal with that republican senate and the white house quick. >> this is a conversation more and more people democrats and republicans recognize we need to do something everybody watches television or reads the internet about the fires in california. we had hurricane sandy on long island and hurricane harvey in texasdi and the flooding in the fires and the storms you would be blind not to recognize something is happening in our .ives right now >> host: a member of the climate solutions caucus from new york so what we are thoughts yesterday on the aleadership election?
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. >> i was part of a group called the problem solvers caucus trying to find common ground in the country. we had a proposal we would not vote for any speaker candidate unless they changed some of the rules in congress to be more open and transparent and encourage members to work together across party lines. we had negotiations right up to the last moment and we did get a lot of the things we are looking for, not everything. so we are voting for nancy pelosi. >> host: what did and didn't you get? mimic different provisionsdi 290 cosponsors the bill will go to the floor. we could've had a lot of things done in the last congress but the largeth majority a lot more people agree with each other we need to get it on the floor for a vote or like health care or
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daca or infrastructure. so we have a provision or 20 democrats are 20 republicans to 2 agree they can get that added to a bill. we are making it more difficult to kick the speaker out and a lot of people over the last ten years have held the speaker hostage if they do not get f their way a small group call for the ouster so we are saying a majority of the caucus. the ratios on the committee be reflective of the actual ratios of democratic and republicans in the overall congress to be more closely related in the committees in a notice before the bill goes on the floor for a vote so we can actually read it. >> host: so than the transition of leadership as far as putting up a younger leadership into place quick.
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>> we have a new chair of the democratic caucus from new york and is a good personal friend of mine. incredibly talented young man and the future of the party. other races are going on today. a lot of young people arere involved. . . . .


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