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tv   Miriam Pawel The Browns of California  CSPAN  December 31, 2018 6:03am-7:13am EST

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that is a big magnitude. it doesn't sound like it's can happen. it can happen. what do we have to do. we are solar technology efficiency in different forms of metal with the capacity to live with nature. but for example if you live to wilson he will tell you half of the land should be reserved for other species.
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what are the chances that they are going to buy into that program. but we do expand our parks the task is daunting. is not to say that can be done. we've to acknowledge it. but we are doing is not of the order of magnitude that the solution requires. most people cannot even formulate a question like that. we've to step it up another order of magnitude. then you know were on the right track. your optimism of the well philosophy. that something i picked up from somebody. >> that was a report.
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he has no notebooks. prison notebooks. he spent most of it. he died in jail. he deftly have pessimism of the intellect. optimism of the well. so the energy. the animal spirits. the sense of doing and being called to great deeds. i would rather put it this way. you can feel that you could do something. i'll think the optimism or pep -- pessimism. then you have to try to bring them about. see micah so another question
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from the audience. i was hoping to get through the evening without speaking in the name of our president the question is a used to be known as tax. there it is. they want to know. trump appeals to those who feel passed over in aggrieved. how do you suggest winning this large group of voters over? >> they appeal to many of the same people that are being appealed to in sweden. the prime minister was just removed after losing a number of seats to the populace. we see the same movement in spain.
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nationalism is on the move because globalism is about space. and they still feel the need to be routed. >> the fear of immigrants taking their space. fear of the unknown. eva certainly you've a certain way of life. and then all the sudden and a decade or two and looks totally different. that is threatening. no matter who you are. if you are very we'll off and cosmopolitan. your life is pretty secure. you can entertain a lot of diversity. but if you are more stressed it's the outcome of things that's very unclear. >> your writing biographies.
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that's different. now is making a fracture of the job. there is a lot of disruption and human beings we want to hold on and that's natural. it is all just random. so in the nationalism. and chauvinism. those are very natural things. what you have to do is be able to appeal to that and that's not easy. if you're to be in west virginia and we don't want call anymore. that's a hard sell. and may not work for a while. but you have to develop other things. with the wpa. and other countries build
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high-speed rails. there is a lot to be done but it takes massive public investment and they're so there is so much skepticism. people aren't ready to do that. i think it is a normal hillary said stronger together. they are a more generic term. there's always good and bad in different aspects. it is something that the nazis played on. the sense of patriotism or belonging is not vital to the
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human society. but it has its dark sides in its abuse. we know what that looks like. but we can totally ignore it. we can't just think that everybody is taking those planes and raising the time. more people live there than live anywhere else. people think of california as a very blue estate if you look at the map of california in terms of the county as you will know lots of california actually voted red. what motivated at the that trump supporters in california. i think they saw obama and it didn't look the way that they used to.
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they made it sound like some horrible thing because they just kept saying it. it's really a big lie technique. that became a bogeyman. and the republicans exploited that. it doesn't mean there are still 40% of the people that no matter what he jut -- does or say. they are willing to embrace that or at least tolerate it because they don't like the opposite which is a change, a diversity that is empathetic all to their sense of identity. if to find a way to appeal to that. >> that's what politicians do. and leaders do. right now, with the disruption we have seen. they are not limited to the united states. brexit in england. the movement in spain. the five start movement.
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the populist movement in germany. and i want to try to summarize it like i can explain it. the rapid acceleration is a leaving people leaving people in the state of anxiety. and that anxiety is producing a more simplistic view that some people can appeal to very effectively. i think it explains a lot of these very populist movements that are occurring. it's getting more and more stratification. more and more arms sales. if you look at it you can paint a pretty dark picture from a left point of view or even from parochial populist right point of view. it will be hard to hold the middle.
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that's where wisdom normally resides. >> it sounds to me like your intent after you leave office to return to your roots in your mountain house a final question from the audience written down here they want to know if you were to run for president [applause]. what theme i don't need a theme. i'm not running for president. >> i think it's roots. the roots are not enough. you need innovation also. it is not a one valued story we've a right hand in the left hand. we had one side of the hand and the other side.
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if the conjoint the opposites in fact there is a great phrase which i have always been drawn to the coincidence of opposites and you have to blend different together in some harmonious greater integration and that always is what human life turns out to be. we know what the path needs to be if we are going to be sustainable and successful. >> on that note i think we had run out of time. i think you thank you very much. [applause]. miriam is going to be in the lobby signing books. there are plenty of books for
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sale. thank you governor for coming in for participating. [applause]. [inaudible conversations] every weekend we bring you the author talks and interviews from around the country. for complete schedule. visit book [inaudible conversations] fantastic. hello and welcome to u.s. president. i am the ceo of base aside.


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