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tv   After Words George Papadopoulos Deep State Target  CSPAN  April 25, 2019 9:52pm-10:56pm EDT

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you are watching the tv on c-span2. for a complete television scheduled visit you can also follow behind the scenes on social media and booktv on twitter, facebook. next one book tv "after words," george details his role in the trump presidential campaign and the russia investigation. he is interviewed by justice department reporter for "the wall street journal." "after words" is a weekly interview program of public and guest hosts interviewing top nonfiction authors about their latest works. thanks for being here.
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let's jump right into it. your name became known to the world of october 2017 when the special counsel robert mueller announced that it had agreed to plead guilty to lying to the fbi. now a year and a half later he you have a book out where you say some thing a little different maybe i will just read a quick passage. you say 99% of my statement is true. the 1% at us and unfortunately the most damaging part where i admit lying and damaging the investigation. i've used those words and own them because the charges but prosecutors insisted on hitting me with. how did you get from point a in october of 2017 to point b. in this book? >> guest: sure. that is a great question. so, i guess let's look at my situation with the special counsel and fbi from the beginning sweet and kind of
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understand that. when i was interviewed by the fbi the first time, we've are looking at a very chaotic moment. i had been as i explain in my book there was a ruse that was used to get me to volunteer the interview and that was my interactions with sir j. i didn't understand his role in the entire investigation. >> host: when the fbi came to talk with you you thought it was for something but it turned out not to be? >> guest: absolutely and the fbi itself stated the exact same thing. i get to the fbi interview and it devolves into something i did not expect. i had no lawyer with me, i get in the car, drive down to their office and there's two h. and. they tell me we want to talk to you about your friend in new york and i had no issue going
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down and talking about this individual because as we now know nothing nefarious was going on between that person and i. i've beei then the conversations into various disparate issues including my relationship with the israeli government. i'm being asked if i'm being cultivated by israel to work as some sort of spy or if i'm close to their intelligence services. >> host: you have previously done some work. >> guest: i worked at a think tank in washington named for an institute one of the premier conservative think tanks in town where i was doing wha but every analyst researcher does and that is look into events and try to articulate and fashion u.s. foreign policy in a way that promotes u.s. interest. i never understood that my work at the hudson institute and building various relationships and writing reports and essentially the obama administration didn't agree with
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with past a strange light over my head in terms of government surveillance. >> host: you mention in the book they did threaten you with foreign agent registration charges and that's what you were referring to the work you did at the hudson institute? >> guest: i'm referring to my professional career that has to do with israel. i've never been involved as an agent for spying or affiliated with the services or their government. i just happened to be a relatively younger person that had high-level connections not only in israel but that the political and military level in various other countries. i never understood quite frankly why the fbi decided that that was a threat, why they decided they had to interview me during my initial interview about this particular issue and subsequent anchor used. so then we discussed that issue
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and all of a sudden i have no calendar in front of me, i don't have my phone in front of me and we are discussing another issue about russia and election interference, potential hacking, what the campaign knew and didn't know, who was involved and who wasn't involved. it's at that moment when i told the fbi i never met a russian official in my life, but this man named joseph now is that the epicenter of his entire collusion narrative, the old collusion narrative i should say told me in april in london, or i didn't see the date, i will get to that point later -- i told the fbi voluntarily that this man named joseph told the over lunch in london that the russians printed thousands of clinton e-mails and i said i don't know much about this person you should look into it.
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i was dumbfounded by the lack of response from the fbi agents in the chicago field office once i dropped this bombshell on them. >> host: they didn't ask you about and? >> guest: they didn't. they simply wanted to ask about other contacts i might or might not have had and i told them he interviewed the two putin's niece, or a woman alleging to be and i even gave him the name and i told them i don't know her last name but i will give that information to you. so apparently, because i've never seen the fbi transcript or exculpatory evidence at all leading up to why i pled guilty and this is what my book is all about about the government malfeasance in my case, apparently without a calendar in front of me or my phone where i could look back at e-mails or my records in real-time when they asked me when did you interact with this person apparently i mixed up my dates from when i
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met in 11 months before the fbi came to my house. >> host: you couldn't remember if he told you that before or after. >> guest: it was moving very fast. >> host: you mean the time when you mac and? >> guest: when i met him and the fbi was at my house. i left the inoculation a couple days before, attending parties with grand prix this into talking abouand talkingabout myt the national security council. the last thing i'm thinking about this a strange meeting i had in london almost a year order. i did my best to tell the fbi everything i knew about him. what i was effectively charged with after tremendous pressure, and i'm going to answer why i pled guilty, mixing updates of when i met this individual, that is exactly what the status of the states from the fbi itself. >> host: there was also the second piece of downplaying
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contact you had with putin's niece, this woman. >> guest: this is the center of the issue in my case. i went into a plea deal with the government with my eyes closed. i was under the false assumption because i was never provided exculpatory evidence of my innocence by its government what i had pled guilty. i was rushed into it, i was on a holiday in europe with my then girlfriend in the summer of 27 in common now my wife. i was flying back to the united states from greece going to new york or dc i'm sorry, and essentially i'm violently arrested at an airport by seven fbi agents without understanding what i had done wrong. it was savage and that is how i describe in the book.
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>> host: when they detained yoatthe airport, you get into hr stand at all they thought you lied to them. >> guest: when i was arrested initially and they had handcuffs on my hands and feet thrown into the backseat of a tinted suv going to an undisclosed location in my handcuffs to the wall and i was offered snacks and the fbi didn't provide me with a telephone immediately to call my lawyers even though i was represented at the time, i knew nothing. i was listening to fbi agents as i describe in the book sneer at me and tell me this is what happens when you work for trump and don't tell us everything about russia. we have two backpacks full of information about you let's get the party going we don't need anything else. >> host: and agent says to you exclusively this is what happens when you work for trump? >> guest: s. and trying to invent you could initiate an interrogation without my lawyers
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present until i snapped out of the days that i was in, jetlagged and not sleeping in about 25 hours just getting off of a plane i mustered up the strength to tell them know i want my lawyers involved right now. up until that point there was no understanding of why i was even being arrested as i understand in my book and i was placed in another detention center i go into details with people throwing up and be scared for my life. >> host: describing chicken wings to taste pretty good. >> guest: i have inmates talking about how good chicken wings are on wednesday and how we should get used to them, spicy but other people like them my old government of prison chefs are great. >> host: did you ever tried him? >> guest: i didn't but i had a couple of experiences later on i will tell you about that this further in the story. and i have other people talking about the bible and you should subscribe to the bible to get through this tiny and others would talk about their past work
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in the state department. there was a hacker in the snow with us it was like a united nations of apparent criminals in this small detention center. and without me understanding what i'm there for this entire time. finally i brought in front of a magistrate where i noticed to the right side of the inode does to individuals i didn't recognize until later they were andrew goldstein, and to prosecutors for the bob mueller teamed. at the time i had no idea. they told the magistrate is looking at 25 years in prison for lying to the fbi and obstruction of justice. i didn't understand what i like about. obstruction of justice i have no clue. my head was spinning. i'm in dc. i go to chicago. fbi agents were kind enough to take me to the airport and drive me and put me on a plane back to
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chicago and i'm told i'm not allowed to talk to individuals, so i -- wearing a wire against the campaign or trump. >> host: you said at some point they did ask you to wear one. >> guest: they asked me with my second encounter into this is where the story gets incredibly suspicious and very interesting. and i testified about this particular issue among many others in front of the house oversight committee and i'm very happy because that was all under oath. during my second encounter with the fbi, they asked me to wear a wire against a mystery man who for days before i told them had information that the russians possessed hillary clinton e-mails and you should look in them. i haven't seen this individual in 11 months or maybe a year at that point and an fbi agent at
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chicago's north side was asking me to wear a wire to go to london, have a sneak peak behind an fbi operation and they will get paid for it. now, i felt mixed emotions as i explained in the book why would the government lie to me of course the government probably needs my help. >> host: that seems to suggest that they were actively investigating him. >> guest: assuming it wasn't corrupted from the beginning which is the case i lay out in my book, and i explained that i believe that hindsight is 2020, but at that moment i could have made a mistake of actually wearing the wire given what i know now about this individual and given what the world knows, many reporters have been digging into his past and his own lawyer
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has made an ambiguous statements about who he is and that is that he was no russian agent was working on behalf of western intelligence and was active late probably under the guidance of the fbi is self when he was interacting. the point is that many make is the investigation apparently started on july 31 because of some comments. devin has come out recently and stated we have evidence to date suggests the fbi had an open investigation into the trump campaign by late 2015, early 2016. i joined in march of 2016. i didn't need alexander until later. >> host: i think former fbi agents have testified that it was open, former fbi director james comey testified the investigation was open at that
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point. >> guest: that is why it's a testimonthetestimony or the rems recently were very problematic because either dead and is lying or these individuals are. i do explain and it goes with the theory that if joseph was a western intelligence asset as the overwhelming public evidence suggests that allow the private testimony of his own lawyer why was i a meeting with this person, why was this person interacting with me in march, april and may of 2016 and why did a woman as i explained my book because therin mybook becaa misunderstanding how i even met joseph. where did they meet him, was i part of a secret plan by the trump campaign to introduce me to him to get russia involved? >> guest: >> host: it seems much simpler than that. >> guest: and different than what was reported previously.
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i explain in my book that the facts are a woman that was representing the fbi in the uk and anybody can google it right now have a personal relationship with robert mueller after 9/11 it was the intermediary between myself and a suspected russian agent apparently that was the story. it doesn't make sense. i don't understand why the fbi told the fbi this was a russian agent when the truth is i was introduced to him by an fbi intermediary and i met him at a western intelligence and that this man's entire career and network involves himself meeting with high-level british and american intelligence officials including come after i told the fbi that he was a potential russian agent. so, my story as many people will
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understand is mirrored in the gray zone. joseph is hiding. he hasn't been seen in years. hasn't spoken publicly in two years. it adds to the mystery of why is he hiding and how is he allowed to remain hidden for so long. my current understanding is that the senate is interested in learning more about him and when i testify next in front of the committee, we will be looking and have more questions about him pos post-mueller reportedlyd interesting. >> host: you talk about the conversation when he told you russia seem to have dirt on hillary clinton and in the buck i think you talk about being horrified at the time. take us back to that what was going through your head. >> guest: it's important for me to leave out the sequence of
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events because i had around for meetings or so within so there were not that many. i had a meeting with him in rome at the kansas university. it is a spy school in which david ignatius himself has written about in the "washington post" that handles the cia, fbi symposiums and train these types of individuals. he then introduces me falsely to a young lady and one of them, approximately a week after my initial meeting with him who he describes as a niece of vladimir putin. to this day i never understood why he would introduce this young lady as the niece of vladimir putin when he himself has no sibling. and why, i make the case clear with the company i was working in one than the london center for international practice which also the link between was going
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along with it. they were telling me george, go ahead, go to the hotel and meet with putin's the. they are waiting for you. >> host: and that the only try to introduce you after you join the campaign. >> guest: they try to do this after i entered the campaign and that is part of my charge i didn't tell the fbi that this was happening when i was part of the campaign. >> host: because you forgot? >> guest: i didn't have my phone, my schedule in front of me. i should have done two things, one, brought a lawyer and to come is that i don't remember what they get back with you. if i said that, the world probably never would have heard my name outside of some very small snobby energy circles i was dealing with for all of my career. so, that is paid for you. so, i was actively, and i want to make it clear i was actively
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trying to leverage what i thought were the connections to russia because i believed it was in the interest of the campaign for kennedy and trump to meet with vladimir putin. >> host: you believe there was a foreign policy. >> guest: by the time i joined, donald trump had been espousing for months the need to work with russia at a geopolitical and economic level to combat isis. remember isis at that time was the headline and any other reason. so, of course when i joined i said to myself okay i am 28-years-old. i'm in the room now with senators, con men, men in their 60s with about 40 years of experience on me. yes i have an interesting background but maybe other people have connections to the middle east. how am i going to separate myself? and -- i was based in london at
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the time. it would have made it a little easier to meet. that was my reasoning and logic behind this foolish attempt to try to arrange this meeting and the events and circumstances around about are what make my book unfold like a spy thriller. after that, meeting with putin seeks nice, i thought i was at the top of the world. i just joined the hottest campaign in town. i meeting italian diplomats in rome, introduced to this interesting director, joseph. he's telling me he's going to introduce me to the world, the state department out of print in the strip is a good friend of his, i was at the campus meeting be foreign minister. everything seemed seemed less.
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in politics although never does anything so perfect, so, but in my world, i felt things were just perfect and this is my chance. so i met his fate peace and of course i didn't know at the time and that is part of the charging document against me i was under the crush and this was all real which is also concerning that i will get to that later. so, after he introduced me, i asked him when are you going to interest me to the russian ambassador. i want to get a diplomat for dinner or coffee so that i can see if he is telling the truth and to establish more official communications for this pie-in-the-sky idea that i have about connecting vladimir putin to trump. now, he never did.
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he never introduced me to any russians although -- >> host: the introduce you to somebody connected to -- >> guest: he introduced me to a young analyst over e-mail who is a think tank analyst, not the hardest to connect to especially if apparently you know putin's needs. so, things didn't connect to me, things started not to make sense. >> host: but he seemed to have information that was close in the kremlin in terms of russia having e-mails. >> guest: that's the next point i was going to make. i want to give a context of the events surrounding and leading up to that momentous day outside of the hotel in london. people always ask me, so you have to understand the mindset
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that i was under. he failed to introduce me to anyone of substance and in russia introduces me to put him speak nice, who i even questioned her over e-mail if she was the same person i was communicating with anyone in because her english, and i explained in my book it was rudimentary at best in person, yet over e-mail was apparently whoever i was talking to was describing herself as an intermediary between the kremlin and washington. she knows the russian ambassador, she will be the plaintiff woman for english and i kept waiting. okay you are so well-connected wawhy are you not actually introducing me. so you could see how i wasn't feeling very confident in the situation. as i'm distancing myself from joseph because of all of these failed meetings and attempts to
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connect me with anyone of substance, we meet from one bite liverpool station. he is happy and e-mailing me the week before, i will be in moscow attending a meeting at the equivalent of the u.s. congress. i said that's fine okay you are going to meetings. at that time there was speculation around the world that hillary clinton's e-mails might have been hacked. he gets to me and tells me i've learned information the russians possess thousands of hillary clinton's e-mails. he tells me this information, and i'm thinking two things at the same time. one, is he confirming a rumor, or number two, is he somebody that really knows something and
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should i distance myself from him. it is an awkward situation to be because you are thinking two things at the same time. real or fake. you don't know what's happening. why would he be telling me this, i was thinking the same thing in front of a public place like a five-star in london instead of the secret room somewhere especially if you are a very welcome that person. so i absorbed it. i was taking this in my mind. >> host: and you've talked about it or move on to another topic? >> guest: i asked them who told you and he pointed up insulting the russians, never giving me details even though he was telling me he was in moscow but he never provided a name. i wish he did, but he never did. and then i say to myself that's
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very interesting. what happens after this meeting on april 26 around three days later, i'm invited to give an interview to the times of lond london. he called the center for the international law practice and say what you like to come and discuss the worldview and we would like to just get the game to know you a little better and what's happening right now. we have a wonderful one and for two hours and the last question in some along the lines of david cameron apologized to donald trump regarding his comments about him being stupid, divisive and racist or something like that. basically the end result of that interview is the advisor states that david cameron should apologize.
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it was sensationalized but it was funny. piers morgan was calling me for an interview, chaos ensued. >> host: and this was a few days after you heard about the e-mail. >> host: the reason i'm characterizing these events there's a reason so we understand what led up to my meeting with alexander and i kind of explain it in the book but i want people to listen from my own voice as well. the day after that interview, two intelligence officers from the u.s. and sees contacts me through e-mail, how they received my e-mail i don't know, but they wanted to meet with me. they were probing me. we know your background, we know who you are. what is trump thinking about russia. they were making some sort of remarks that they would be the perfect man for intelligence and
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they have men they want to introduce. i guess i was the target of so many different situations and can present government. >> host: you referenced an interview given where they told the daily caller that they were, quote, more fascinated from the standpoint of trying to figure out what his name was and who was funding here in one tim. >> guest: have a different story that substantiates my content chins about these two. >> host: you think they were not just kind of curious, they had an ulterior motive. >> guest: they were not only wining and dining me as if i were her one munro with some model to the tune of thousands of dollars.
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even my wife rarely gets in chief of the group, but you know, they wanted to find out with my background was, how i involved and how they can use me to get into the campaign. these are two active intelligence officers of the embassy and one in. >> host: so it's not just that they are interested in a job trying to get information. >> guest: the idea that they would be seeking a job on a campaign while they were actively looking. at that point, let's assume that is true, it is unethical and it is even potentially illegal for intelligence officials to be communicating with civilians and discussing internal campaign issues and asking to join the campaign and the transition team while they were working for the
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previous or current administration at the time. not only that, they end up introducing me to cia and shows and other officials of the united states in athens and a state that could stay very close to me over e-mail, link and lint their intention to join the transition team and campaign throughout the inauguration. so i completely disagree with their version of events states and i have evidence that suggests i'm telling the truth and they are not. so, after they come into my life, and then e-mailed by a young woman that i met in april named erica thompson. i had met her through an israeli diplomat who described her as his girlfriend and i found out two intelligence officers from different countries were dating one-to-one meeting me at the
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same time. >> host: so you don't think they were dating. >> guest: absolutely not. and i think evidence is going to come out soon that will explain later on why i believe it was a little more nefarious than a simple let's meet my girlfriend situation. the same lady, erica thompson after the intelligence officers meet me and i have been meeting her in april messages me around may 4 or 5th answers would like to meet with alexander. >> host: she was australia's representative in one n.. >> guest: the representative in 19, around 68-years-old. used to be the foreign minister for writing 17 years and ran the services in australia for decades and is obviously the most senior diplomat. so, i found it odd that he would want to meet with the.
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>> host: but you were sort of the only representative of the republican presidential nominee. >> guest: i was, the bible explained later on why even countries in which i had established connections to such as israel or cyprus or egypt it was hard even to meet their ambassadors. >> host: so why is this on contacting you. >> guest: even the japanese for example come and i will get to that how i brokered a meeting between donald trump and the japanese minister until steve shouted down. they never let me need to be ambassador delay was discussing introducing their prime minister to the candidate. so, for the people watching i wanwanted to understand how hart is to meet and ambassador to get anyone's attention. it doesn't matter if you are a foreign policy adviser there's always someone higher in the food chain and you don't need alexander to meet me, you have
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the ambassador who could easily meet a trump official in dc. so for people to understand. and i say of course this is australia, diplomat ally i would be happy to meet with him. at the time, i didn't know he had close ties with hillary clinton. i didn't realize his intelligence background, but i get to the meeting as i describe in the book, "the state target," and it's anything but a friendly meeting with ambassador. the narrative because then i don't want to use the extreme verbiage of propagated, but the narrative that was written about for the last two years is that we were drunk in a bar. the reality is i'm sitting down in front of alexander downer and erica thompson, the young lady his assistant or whatever she was. within 30 seconds of shaking his hand, he's demanding that i told
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donald trump to meet his good friend david cameron alone and that by, george papadopoulos, should stop bothering david cameron. >> host: it sounds like something -- >> guest: it's true, but this is an australian diplomat. i don't understand what involvement he has in the internal affairs or the u.s. relationship. so, i am sitting there down sounded initially. he orders some gin and tonic to calm the situation. let's get drinks and i hope things will calm down. things became more bizarre. he began to take his phone out and hold it up to me like this and just question me. as he is holding his phone up to me. >> host: you think that he's recording you. >> guest: later on i explained how i reported him to the fbi.
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it's something people don't understand becaus that because i haven't been able to talk about the actual event so i guess we both found each other on and we both reported on one another. but before i get into the park, we are talking about everything except the u.s. australia relation ship. we are talking about my background in the energy business. i background with the israelis and what i am advising donald trump on in the middle east and why my ideas or so horrifying and wrong. while he's pulling his phone out inducting bizarre and belligerent and not enjoying i gin and tonic. i leave the meeting thinking not only did he spy on, but that's
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meeting was taken under false pretexts. he had no reason to talk to me about the relationship. he wanted something else but i didn't understand that at the time, this was may, 2016 before we now know what we know. i eventually decided to deport him to the fbi at robert mueller -- >> guest: after your initial -- >> guest: after my interactions. he was recording me. i pulled my phone out of my digest it here and i told them this is what he did and he looked at me meaning the prosecutors and fbi. how did you know this confirming to me that this person was doing something bizarre. now it gets into the question of
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what president trump has recently been discussing and that is fisa -- >> guest: you say you have no memory telling him of out the dirt russia possessed. >> guest: zero memory. he himself has contradicted himself at least three times in subsequent giving. he's actually said he talked about e-mails coming and in another e-maiin anothere-mail ie never talked about e-mails. ..
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. >>. >> that he was spying and up to something no good when he was meeting with me. but my interaction with the democrats and house oversight committee i tell them. they were basically relaying the message to me. you are right it isn't a diplomat passing along sensitive info but he was up to something no good. that ties into what i believe is the reason the government is so adamant president trump does not declassify the fisa warrants to make you do think
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there was quick. >> yes. and i was told about that. >>host: you talk about a couple of reporters that has been publicly reported. >> know it hasn't. in my congressional testimony i say the same thing that this is classified information. the fisa warrant is never supposed to be revealed but the president himself stated he will declassify the fisa documents plural. >>host: did he ask the prosecutors. >> my understanding is they told him no. as i explained in my book however by the time the fbi interviewed me the first time
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i had friends frantically calling me telling me the fbi was showing them surveillance photos of me in meetings interviewing my friends. so i was under surveillance. i give those details in my book of what i was being told at the time. business associates, friend associates, friends, i'm surprised them even married at this point. i was viewed as borderline leprosy. i was under surveillance. unquestionable there were photos shown. i was never told this. my lawyers were never told anything the fbi just came to my house january 2017 and got a warrant after that but nothing before that. so i believe that if there was something nefarious regarding
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russia collusion or even discussing what is alleged by a congressman meadows what the last thing the president would be doing is tweeting about my file in which is why he should declassify which he has they have been tweeting over the last three months and now we have the australian and british government call president trump and ask him to please make it classified for quite don't know the reason behind his decision yesterday that he will declassify them is it a coincidence my testimony was released with my book release then two days later trump says this? i don't know. >> for me it is great timing
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but not only that, i think it now demands further examination. if this book had come out before the mueller report and said there is no collusion some might have questioned my conclusions. that's interesting but the report is not out. it is out and there was no collusion. therefore what is the basis having members of for the campaign under surveillance using the most invasive form of the fisa warrants? why are people going to jail? nyu explaining to the world they were connected to russians with no evidence. so the point i am making is because of those conclusions my book should be very well analyzed and read and to
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coincide exactly what i testified to congress about. i truly believe this book deep state target will act as a pamphlet moving forward for a potential new investigation with president trump and his allies are demanding in congress. >>host: over the past few days what we have seen the advisor has not been charged with conspiracy that having contacts with russia or russian officials or intermediaries what does that say about the campaign? that they lied about these contacts? . >> it goes to the root of what i believe was government corruption in my case.
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if my lie was material meaning i was actually lying about a russian agent than why have they said the exact opposite quick. >> i think they were said he got information or to have close ties to russia. >> but that aside, his lawyer who knows him better anyone in the world saying he was a western intelligence asset working under the guidance of the fbi why would george papadopoulos be charged as a western intelligence asset? that is the key question of my case? why was i sent to prison over something i detail in my book is manufactured, orca treatment - - orchestrated and preplanned even the fbi
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meeting with them in december with this account of the only meeting i had with them at the offices and i asked in a naïve way why are you arresting others? i told you one year ago this man told me about russian e-mails but now i see pictures of him online with uk foreign minister. haven't you notified mi-6? the fbi agents are laughing at me telling me this is what happens when you don't where the wire when we tell you. then i knew i was set up but unfortunately i pled guilty to months before. >> you said they wanted to question further than given the opportunity quick. >> that sentence that you just referenced resulted in dozens of calls from many outlets
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mocking the special counsel from any journalist in the country because i don't understand what else i could have possibly done except tell the fbi two weeks before this man is in washington d.c. at a state department conference that they have hillary clinton's e-mails. is at the fbi's assertion they let our russian asset two weeks he was speaking with panels with congressman at the state department? is that their assertion they were allowing a russian asset to speak in saudi arabia at conferences with ash carter us secretary of defense? this is all public record. it is damning. it is horrifying. i think it really gets to the core if we can now trust our institutions in this country
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to preserve both americans liberty and the rule of law and if the government will seek to entrap an american citizen in a false story with those free-market targets may be that president was the eventual target, that i believe my case, i don't know where it would lead will do more damage to the fbi's reputation and the special counsel's reputation and the leadership of the fbi than any benefits of putting me in prison in wisconsin eating chicken wings for 11 days. [laughter] that is my assertion i make my case very clear of why i believe that. at this point i am talking to
10:41 pm
the readers and the american public to decide for themselves what happened and who they believe and who they don't and let them do their own due diligence to examine my case over the last three years now from a different perspective. >>host: so you find the justice of the western with the positions that you took with the pipeline in the mediterranean and to specifically mention to azerbaijan. and then to be at a conference that he felt threatened buy you. . >> i read him the passages and he said he thought you were
10:42 pm
reading too much into it and that he was at the conference because he was from chicago and then to be at the conference on the other side of the world. >> with the energy secretary that he was speaking at the obscure conference in which the top advisor to the prime minister netanyahu another us department official was speaking at that sounds very similar to the us intelligence officers telling "the daily caller" they wanted to meet me to understand how i pay for my life in london. >>host: but you weren't quick. >> no. as i stated in my book i was meeting with prime ministers and foreign ministers and defense ministers of these countries at the time.
10:43 pm
at 25 years old i was meeting one-on-one with foreign ministers talking about my ideas. meeting with the german one - - junior commercial attaché added embassy in london. through my time at the hudson institute on the ben carson campaign, donald trump campaig campaign, readers will understand i was not the obscure random person in the media falsely characterized me better person with deep rooted connections to previous administration and those that i have explained foreign minister ministers, and of course, when you are promoting an idea that began add a conservative think tank like the hudson institute,
10:44 pm
institute, when in a democratic sitting administration of course, people will look at you when you compound dealing in a sensitive part of the world with the new field and industries such as energy discovered for the first time offshore israel of course, it puts a target on you. there is a lot of interest and we have not even gotten into talk about those who paid me $3000 to hear my ideas on that particular issue. this is the evidence that i use to make my case and my claims of why i was a deep state targe target, what the deep state was why they were interested in me and why in my final estimation i was forced to plead into this agreement and targeted by the fbi to basically cover up the real story that was entrapment by
10:45 pm
my own government and western intelligence operatives and the countries themselves. >> that publicly earlier talking about you could get a pardon quick. >> yes my lawyers are looking out for my best legal interest. they are responsible for this. they are looking to see how i can recover from this. not only with the new fax but now there is a justified reason for my pardon potential. i was not involved in this it is a legal proceeding i have made it clear if i'm offered at a pardon i would ask my - - accept it but i'm not expecting one. >>host: so talk about it looked like it came very quickly. >> it was six months.
10:46 pm
it started with me watching the news and cape hearing the name in 2017 and it was a household name for all the wrong reasons. by then i was mischaracterized, call the trader, treasonous person, a guy up to no good and not only that, now with my former boss selling him to save myself. nothing worse that i could have been viewed in the world to the american public. i told myself i cannot allow this to happen. and then my girlfriend at the time who knew my story because
10:47 pm
she has many common connections is probably one of the most informed people in america and that is why she was for other reasons and if we have time i could get into that as well. she decided to take the risk to go public to start throwing out hints about george virchow know he's not the coffee boy because i know he is not so just the tidbits he had nothing to do with russia and that effort by her got her into the spotlight and she was subpoenaed by mueller the fbi went after her and basically tried to scare her to leave. fortunately she did not. i really think she is responsible for the beginning of me thinking about writing this book. without for her quite frankly
10:48 pm
i don't think it would have existed i firmly believe it would not. it would have been a two week story. a footnote in history over 200 pages all of this never would have come to the surface and who knows my life today. fortunately life threw me a life vest and she came into my lif life, very powerful, strong, by the time i could speak publicly people were looking into my case a little closer than noticing discrepancies in my case and that is why i decided so now that i know how off reporting has been an always seems somewhat credible with a wonderful person representing me on television - - tv, i can
10:49 pm
write a book, get the story out, fax on my sid side, e-mails, documents, evidee to substantiate including congressional testimony and then hopefully declassified by the president. and it was very sensitive information informants have been exposed western diplomats have been exposed and allied governments are questioning and now my story i believe will not close but open up new area and that depends on how much the president decides to
10:50 pm
declassify. >>host: so do you remember having any say? was that a special counsel decision quick. >> i pled guilty on octobe octo. i think my lawyers told me something will come. the fbi told them they subpoenaed her and said leave him because a storm is coming i didn't know what it was. so that was a pretty big tsunami i'm surprised she stayed with me. of course, i had no say learning about the legal system that the defense team
10:51 pm
was in a position of weakness where the prosecutors had something up their sleeves. so of course, the star prosecutor like mueller are in their in their field for a reason. so i had nothing to do when they released it but it was to sensationalize the headlines while two men are indicted this relatively unknown it was probably more for a psychological purpose to make the president squirm or let the media cover that for days and days but i don't know. i was not responsible for that. >>host: what about president trump 2020 quick. >> he continues to do great things for the economy and continues to be a force for
10:52 pm
good around the world like i believe he is working closely to find peace on the korean peninsul peninsula, actively and under the radio our negotiations like india and pakistan resulting in the cease-fire, promoting tariffs against china i probably will vote for him and i expect to. thank you for having me.
10:53 pm
. >> just remember one thing turn every page turn every god damn page i cannot tell you how many times in my life that has stuck with me.
10:54 pm
. >> the basic issue of how to persuade someone to your point of view, too much is that when people do engage they say you are ugly or fat and then there are nonlogical arguments and it affects people's opinions but what is even worse is the other problem that people don't engage with the other side at all. . >> i have met some of those amazing people it isn't money or status or celebrity they have a desire to do good. life is hard for them but they
10:55 pm
lead very inspiring lives. [inaudible conversations] . >> good evening we have a packed house with a lot of ground to cover i am co-owner of politics and prose on behalf of everybody here. welcome. thank you for coming. we are feeling great to have with us a man in his 33 years with us foreign service


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