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tv   House Republican Leaders News Conference  CSPAN  July 16, 2019 1:14pm-1:28pm EDT

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taking care, just that one situation we could be taken care of very easily, how they won't even give us a vote on that. we've had many interviews of the people in those caravans, some of them a very bad place . >> a portion of comments from president trump after his meeting today with members of his cabinet, we will have his remarks in their entirety later on our schedule. right now though a briefing with republican leaders from earlier today addressing agenda items. >> we're having a good time to. >> good morning everybody. we're going to talk, we have a republican leader of the education and labor committee here, i'm going to introduce her in a moment to talk about minimum wage but first, i wanted to talk about gone on
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over the last fewdays . i want to make it absolutely clear that our opposition to our socialist colleagues has absolutely nothing to do with the gender, with their religion or with their race . it has to do with the content of their policies . wrong when they attempt to impose socialism on the american people, they're wrong when they pursue policies that seal policy power for the american people and get back to the government. wrong when they espouse and enable their leadership refuses to condemn violent anti-semitism. they're wrong when they rush to bring america first. when they failed to recognize that this is the greatest nation that has ever existed, the exceptional nation and they're wrong when they fail to recognize that no people have ever lived in greater freedom. and then they go on and failed to provide the resources our men and women in uniform need to defend freedom. our colleagues are socialist colleagues on the other side
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of the aisle are wrong when they advocate abortion up until the moment of birth including partial term abortion, partial-birth abortion, late term abortion and when they refuse to mandate care for babies who are born alive in our colleagues are wrong they say we should open america's borders, abolish ice and abolish the hs. there wrong when they advocate policies that would eliminate all private health insurance in this country, destroy medicare and enforce the american people to pay for free health care for illegal immigrants. there wrong when they pursue policies like the one going to be voting on today that will destroy 4 million jobs in low-wage earners by mandating afederal $15 minimum wage . that is not compassion, that's callousness born of ignorance. wrong when they say that their programs people at the lower end of the economic spectrum. every one of their socialist programs would create massive new government dependency and
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and the very economic growth we need to ensure everyone can prosper. our colleagues are wrong when they advocate packing the supreme court and abolishing the electoral college. and our colleagues are wrong when they tell americans, congresswoman presley did just last weekend that any individual seat at the table is only valuable, only legitimate person espouses some preemptive set of beliefs deemed appropriate based ontheir religion or their gender or their race . when they say, that is racism. so no, our opposition to our colleagues has absolutely nothing to do with race or gender or religion. we oppose them and their policies because their policies are dangerous and wrong and would destroy americans. the issue here is the content
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of their policies and we will continue to stand up and fight against what we know is wrong for this nation. and with that i'd like to turn things over to hundreds womanfox within the republican leader of education and labor . >> thank you very much. we are going to be voting today on a very bad piece of legislation, hr 582 which more than doubled the federal minimum wage from 725 two $15 an hour by 2024. this isa radical and unprecedented mandate . over its 80 year history the average federal minimum wage has been seven dollars presents an hour with a median of $7.33, just slightly higher than the currentfederal standard of $7.25 . the claim that the federal minimum wage has never been lower just doesn't hold water.
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in fact, only 3.2 percent of our workers are paid were below the minimum wage currently. and of that point , 2.3 percent have below the age of 25. these are individuals at the start of their careers are filling part-time or summer jobs. last week, cbo issued a detailed study which estimates that almost 4 million, 3.7 million jobs would be lost from a 15 dollar minimum wage with a median impact of 1.3 million jobs lost. that same cbo report also estimates that a $15 federal minimum wage would let 1.3 million individuals out of poverty. so if we do the math, hr 582 would cause at least one job to be lost for every person who moved out of poverty and in the worst case scenario, as many as three jobs would be lost. this is not a trade off that congress should ask the american people to make.
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46 percent of those losing their jobs would be young workers, 38 percent would be workers with less than a high schooldiploma. the bill families and businesses hard , to pay for the artificial wages, that it still managed job creators forced to reduce workers hours, eliminate jobs, increase automation were closed their doors for good. cbo asked this up saying there would be a reduction in family income by 2025 of $9 billion, resulting from a $15 minimum wage. in other words, the so-called grace would reduce trade for many american families. ironically, this bill comes a time when wages are on the rise with 7.4 million jobs nationwide and unemployment near 50 year low. job creators no must offer competitive wages to attract
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and retain workers. instead of considering this job killingincome reducing bill, we should advance legislation that empowers communities , creates opportunities and opens doors for all workers and families. it's badlegislation , it should not pass. i now recognize with scalise. >> thank you virginia and i appreciate your leadership as you continue to fight for american workers and look at what we've done to actually work with the president to lower taxes which is resulted in the best economy seen in generations in fact, hard-working families are seeing more money in their paycheck, wages are up. are seeing more opportunities for people to enter the middle class which had been evaporating after years of an declining economy, the opposite is happening now. there's more opportunity we've ever seen, more job opportunities than there are people looking forward and at that time you would think the democrats want to be working with us to build on the economic success and instead
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he sees the speaker policy bringing thisbill to the floor that would interest rate millions of american jobs . cbo report on the minimum wage bill shows that there would be up to 3.7 million jobs lost. that's literally the entire state of oklahoma. that's how many jobs would be lost under this bill and you don't need to just look at the cbo score to wonder how that would be, you can look and see what happened in the city of seattle. in seattle they did this back in 2014. increase the minimum wage to $15 and then the university of washington after three years of data seeing what really happenedin seattle, the university of washington did a study to see how this works . and let me tell you, was devastating for families in seattle. in the most devastated were low income families. it showed that there were millions of work hours lost, far and away so even if you had a higher wage you were working less time you saw your income drop.
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this was devastating to low income families by a 3 to 1 margin. how bad it was in seattle, knowing what happened. you saw the mayor of baltimore veto a minimum wage increase killer to the one being to the floor because she noted how devastating it would be for workers in baltimore. democrat meyer, by the way. so as policy has seen how devastating that would be with with the cdr's star shows due to hard-working families in america, she should be working with us to help improve the lives of hard-working families instead of bringing bills that would devastate their income levels. and then of course you're seeingtheir bringing to the floor today . one more attempt to personally attack president trump instead of focusing on things that can actually get this economy going . just yesterday here at this very microphone, you saw some of my colleagues say false and misleading things from
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this microphone. you say omar continue to use terms like people drinking out of toilets. it's not happening in any of those detention facilities. she voted by the way against the very funding to help our governments provide humanitarian relief for those families. that are coming across the borderillegally . our border patrol agents were buying diapers with their own money. because they had one out of money andshe voted against thatfunding . then they continue to call for impeachment . trust me, we would not even refer to the president by the title. we disagreed with barack obama on a lot ofthings that he did . the policies, as our conference chair laid out, there are a lot of policies we had disagreements on area with peter pelosi and her socialist democrats we had disagreements with alot of barack obama's policies. but we never disrespected the office . i called them on the president of the united states as we all did. if he asked us to meet with
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him at the white house we went. we express our disagreements in a respectful way, but what they continue to do to go after them personally, to call for impeachment from day one, the next they won the majority, they work even in office they didn't even have the mueller report that they thought would show collusion which did not . and yet they still want to keep going down that road instead of working with us to improve the daily lives of hard-working families. withthat now i'll bring up the republican leader , mccarthy.>> the morning, thank you for joining us. this new democrat socialist majority continues on their quest to destroy and erode the gains that we have made since the last election when it came to financial growth inside america. here's a snapshot of the current economic conditions, lastmonth there were 224,000 jobs added to the us economy . surpassing all expectations. a near 50 year low
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unemployment. for 16 months the unemployment rate has been at or below four percent. since january 2017, .6 million jobs have been created through the help of not only the tax cuts, the deregulation of the proposed policies that we've been able to move forward. instead of building on this incredible economic boom, democrats are set to sabotage. if you look at the all cbo numbers which others have mentioned, it could result in the loss of 3.7 million jobs. you read further in the congressional budget office, talk about who we are trying to help and it hurts the worst. those of lower income could have their income lord or a loss of jobs. we found in historyhave done this, we have even members and colleagues that we serve with, it just in their last jobs the location that they have worked at, they
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shuddered their doors simply because of a minimum wage increase. it's not just my words, listen to this. from alan b krueger, the former chairman of president obama's council on economic advisory, the winds of a 15 hour dollar an hour minimum wage would put us in uncharted waters and risk unintended consequences. in a time where we have so many other challenges, a time where we want to raise individuals to continue the growth of what we're having, the democrats continue to play their political stunts. we've got a concern when we got to have a budget agreement, i think we've made progress even in the last couple of days. we had a debt ceiling that could hit before we are back in september. we've got to make sure we get that done. those are the things we should be focused on. we have a challenge and crisis at the border, we know that can only be solved if congress acted. we have a speaker that requested from the president to postpone any type of


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