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tv   Public Affairs Events  CSPAN  July 22, 2019 7:00pm-7:51pm EDT

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tell you about his tweets on for congresswoman, i think trump has criticized a marker more than that. in the hypocrisy of the some mass he has spent years criticizing the country with foreign dictators and himself in the process. he is despicable and continues to show he is unfit to be president of the country. he once said, if you don't clean up our country and the garbage soon were going to go spiral . . . that on september 17, 2017. he called this country third world country and the washington greataid the idea of american greatness as leader of the free and unfree world has vanished. host: with that commentary, do it -- do you have a question for our guests? caller: sure, i want to ask one
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thing. timeabout >> we have had some pretty bad presidents but in contrast to trump we had some respect from the office. so now let me go back to 24 hours ago that started a new fresh round of back and forth i don't believe the four focongresswoman over america and israel and that they could never destroy can you give us any insight to where that came from?
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>> and there has been so much back and forth inside the white house whether these idprovocations to the president politically as much as we are discussing the merits here. but the president does not like to back down. and is much as he may be persuaded by members of congress and then to disassociate himself from the chance - - the chant he was very predictable to come back and double down. >> last night was a trump target the headlines that he has tested at home is unapologetic and with plenty
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of voters back in michigan. >> this is a travesty to me. i went to the district over the weekend and i discoveredd she has an incredibly strong base of support. her voters like what she has done to protect the environment. but what they don't like and what makes them uncomfortable is the date of first swearing-in said i will go in there and impeach the exploitative that i will not use and that language is unappropriate. especially with the african-american part it is a majority black district people are wondering is she getting so much national attention i she will not deliver for us back home because we need help. >> chicago democratic on the line. >>caller: good morning.
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everybody onon the panel from talkshows to people like this come on, we are a two-party nation or are we one quite? everything that has to be done we elected a senate. they are paid just like the democrats. why should they have a stake in what is going on? trump is hurting both parties not just the democrats everybody should have a problem with what trump is h doing. it gets on my nerves when i hear he won't back down. he isn't a bully. i have seen several times on nationwide tv when trump was at the podium i don't know what state he was in, one man with the camo somebody come up
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here i will pay your way. just one man. you want to make trump out to be something he is not you are feeding this monster back to my first statement this is a two-partyen system. everything is on the democrats and why are we paying mitchg mcconnell and all the republicans thousands of dollars if they can't do anything for the democrats? this is everybody's fault i don't know if anybody could do what trump has did he doesn't hate immigrants. because he married two of them if he hated immigrants he wouldn't mary the wife that he has now's we just need to come
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straight that is not what america is trying to make him he is just a big nothing his day is coming so i wish people when they come on the show he is everybody's problem not just the democrats. >>host: thank you for calling we do have the point. what are their concerns in the white house this vitriol. any progress? >> there are things they want to get t done. >> that's a good question we don't know what will happen to the president who will set the priority to renege - - renegotiate nafta but that is legislation that has a chance. the more that it becomes difficult for the parties to work together then it's too
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difficult for democrats to work with trump that is a danger for him. this week he needs to get spending and debt ceiling issues resolved to avoid any risk of default and that looks to be on track the things could always fall off track and we have seenfa that. so there are issues and they need to make sure that as much as a play for 2020 right now they don't completely make it too toxic for democrats. >>host: so now take us up to congress and the democratic leaders how do they balance what they hear from the president? but also the need to move forward with legislation and impeachment? >> the tweets, but people view as racist have been incredibly unifying for democrats and they are in a better spot than they have been but there is a
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tension between the group that wholeheartedly was to impeach mpthe president and nancy pelosi who says that will be an absolute disaster for thede party that what they really want to do is lower pharmaceutical prices and the leadership is absolutely terrified for the elections. >> also the speaker meeting with senator cortez at telus at that meeting might be like. >> things have been fairly tense as i'm sure your viewers know between aoc and nancy pelosi. she gave a interview to maureen dowd they are powerful on twitter but aoc has seriously fired back the
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public whatever is called public sentiment and how you affect things in congress. so there will have to be rapprochement from both sides of lowering of the temperature if democrats can proceed and not get caught up in themselves. >>host: caller from michigan. >>caller: good morning. i am curious what your panelist thinks with a focus on this upcoming hearing. mentioning the people in trump's orbit but they're really interested in i asked my republican friends when paul manafort said they should not discuss the battleground states with russia if that's not called collusion than what wassi that? with these types of interactions in trump's orbit
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i think most of the people did interact lied about it on the first question so it's very interesting what's going on there. if they will sensibly cover tha that. >> you raise a very big point of what you can expect with this testimony. these individual things even though the big picture there was not an impeachment recommendation from the special counsel, there was a lot of individual pieces that could be troubling to people and there were efforts by the etrump campaign to capitalize on some of theta things including some of them perhaps reach weeding tweets and some more specifically to keep tabs on what was going on and roger stone becomes a very important character in all off this.
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they will try to highlight that and the fact there were endowments that preceded the release of the report relating to members of the trump campaign being involved in activities that got them in trouble with the law. >> the caller hit on what a lot of democrats are concerned about the episode where paul nanapi fort shared about the russians a lot of democrats have said if t that is in collusion than what is? that is in the area of the house intelligence committee which will bee focused on the volume one of the report talking about interference so the caller should look for the there.n to come up that is the second of the two hearings. >> house judiciary begins at 830 they will go a few hours and take a short break and then they will come back with the house intelligence with collusion later on.
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john from orlando thank you for waiting republican color. >>caller: yes. when you have pelosi talk bad about him and to go on record to say trump is a racist and then the naacp and every other person that i have seen why is it that the media. >> you answer that question why do you think that's the case? >> they hate t trump. >> okay. the media hates trump let's hear from our guest.
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>> we are just trying to do our job. i know we say that a lot but there is a lot to cover. he gives us a lot to cover. we don't write tweets certainly and we are reporting on how people respond to the tweets and the rally that they were either racist or inciting racism whether the president himself or where he fits in that spectrum is another question. i don't think it is personal from ther media but if anybody was doing this we would certainly would cover it. especially for president says these kind of things. >>host: let's talk about the deal we have been hearing about in recent days with spending limits and the debt ceiling. those of the biggest issues to hammer out very soon. what is the latest?
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>> the washington post has come out with a report that we are very close to a deal on budget caps and raising the debt ceiling. week cannot report that ourselves i cannot give you any more detail except to say it does look like we're on track by the end of the week there were multiple calls between her and treasury secretary - - t12 over the
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