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tv   Liz Wheeler Tipping Points - How to Topple the Lefts House of Cards  CSPAN  August 24, 2019 2:00pm-2:46pm EDT

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tadea examines female sexualate in three women and wrapping up the look at the best-selling nonfiction books according to "the los angeles times" is mark manson's advice on leading a happier life. some of these authors have appeared on booktv and you can watch them online at >> good morning. everyone please take their seats. good morning. welcome to everyone here and everyone watching live online. my name is dylan croup and i'm an intern at young america's foundation. the prepremier outreach association for the conservative movement for college and high school chapters. youngmer foundations he 'helps that america's youth are equipped with the knowledge of
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consecutive principles such as free enterprise, individual freedom and extra dissal american values. today i have the privilege of introducing one of the most passion not voices in the conservative movement. liz wheeler. liz wheeler is a 30-year-old young conservative hailing from the heart of the midwest. during college liz served on the board of zoning appeals for hem home town and was the youngest person to hold that position. at the same time, liz co-authored a book with 13 other young americans about being a millenial generation conservative. the book title "young conservatives and why it's smart to be like us" reached number two on amazon's kindle best seller lives in the civics category. liz has spoken to conservative groups about the role of government in our society. and how to win the youth vote and has been interviewed on
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several radio shows nationwide. she has hosted the show, tipping point with liz wheeler on one america news network since 2015. and august of 2016, liz was named a top ten 30 under 30 conservative rising star by red alert politics. liz is also the author of the new book, tipping points, how to top the left's house of cards, available for preorder now and available on tuesday, august 6th. in stores. liz is also a graduate of penn state university, with a bachelor's degree in political science and a minor in homeland security. please join in giving a warm welcome to liz wheeler. [cheers and applause] >> thank you so much.
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good morning to everyone. thank you so much for having me. my name is liz wheeler. i host the show "tipping point" on one america news network. thank you. on july 5th of this year, the day of independence day, after my show, i logged into twitter. as one does. and found myself blocked by none other than everybody's favorite socialist, aoc. [applause] blocked. now here's the thing. i'm always respectful, always civil. i have even defended aoc whose political policies think are delusional and dippy and a danger to tower nation. i defended her against kip bet look or age or demeaning comments bums past as a bartender. when he rebut her tweet is only
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present facts, nothing percentage. that means somebody is threatened by facts and the truth. this is the tweet which made aoc block me. she tweeted, trump spent millions on a poorly attended, one-day parade, days after he couldn't afford toothpaste and soap for caged children. her had congress for military parade money? no trump held these kids hostage to sure billions for their abusers, congress needs to see that. so i responded, and i said, stop. you voted no on a $4.35 billion bill to give emergency humanitarian aid rethrive migrant children in the border detention centers if you wanted to help the kids, you could have but you didn't. that's the tweet that made her block me because 25,000 people
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retweeted and liked that tweet and more than a quarter million -- yes, thank you -- over a quarter million other people saw it. so essentially the truth stings if you are a socialist. but aoc is a public official. it is a critical part of our public dialogue and our self-governance to hold elect officials accountable. by the way, i'm also team never block on twitter if have blocked a single person, even a troll, on twitter. i love engaging with people who disagree with me. but i guess aoc is not confident enough inner principles to do the same thing. also, you would have to be a tech illiterate granny to think that blocking somebody prevents them from seeing your tweets. so that means -- this is important -- that means the only
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reason to block somebody if they're being civil and respectful as i was, is so your ideology isn't challenged. there's a figure word for that somewhere. oh, that's right, that word is cowardice. there were some whether you checkmarks who tried to blame me for getting block as if i did something inappropriate or wrong to deserve being blocked. other than challenging congresswoman aoc's congressional voting record. as if my facts checked were equal in any way to violence. and here's what i would say to. the. don't evening think about blaming me for violence. violence and threats are 100% wrong. duh. and it's a hideous and false accusation to bottom line me for other people's disgusting behavior. achamp length a congresswoman's voting records in congress for goodness sake. and let me remind those on the rad cat left who maliciously and
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falsely trade conflate civil criticism of our government with violence. here userror daily reminder, that the very same week, a domestic terrorist, an antifa thug, attacked an isis facility with a rifle and with bombs. and the left didn't care. in portland, oregon, last month, independent journalists andy noh was brutally beaten by antifa thugs so badly he suffered a brain hemorrhage. the democratic mayor of portland, ted wheeler, refused on twister to condemn antifa by name and i would know. i asked him to condemn antifa by name and know how the responded in he said he condemns all violence. vaguely, re refused to condemn the attackers by name and the democrats didn't care. this is what the left does. they don't like my facts,
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debunking their leftist ideology so they try to define my speech as violent. this is a sneaky tactic the use to silence me. because if my speech is violent, then they have to shut me down, right? i'm here to tell you this morning, do not fall for it. refuse to be silenced in the face of leftist bullying. this is perhaps the most critical point about aoc block me. she does not just want an echo chamber of her own ideology for herself. she is not just bothered by seeing my responses to her tweets herself. she is preventing her nearly 5 million followers from seeing the truth. my response is on her tweets are, or were, frequently the top rated responses on her tweets. that scares her. why would that scare somebody confident in their policy
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positions? confident that they were telling the truth? why wouldn't she want her followers to see facts and figures and numbers? unless she is lying. and she knows she is lying. the point is, you and i today as young americans and young conservativeses, we should do the opposite of aoc. we should not back down from criticism of our policy positions, if, if we truly believe what we say we believe. we should welcome criticism. you see a tweet of mine you don't liker, think is wrong, bring it on. show me, tell me, convince me why i'm wrong. i welcome that. the radical left blocks for that. at the end of the day,past 0 me was annoyed to be blocked by aoc. i enjoyed debunking her daily lies but part of me was delighted because aoc just proved that the tech takes in
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any book work. aoc got to scared when i used the tactic in my books that the blocked and a quarter trade silence me. so let me tell you briefly about my book so you know what i mean. i spent the last year, this whole past year booking on the book called "tipped point pow to hop this will let house of cards" and we're u.s. >> four days away from publication date. the he become releases on tuesday, august 6th so everybody in this room who has a copy of my book you will be the first ones to read this. [cheers and applause] >> i wrote this book because politicians like aoc lie. they lie all the time. and in my book, i show you exactly how to debunk the lies the left in order, of course, to ultimately defeat the radical leftist ideology bus -- this what i wrote -- i quote myself
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here -- liberals don't pedal they're stream progressive agenda haphazardly. they do it on purpose, with a purpose. in other words, aoc did not block me on twitter on a whim. this is part of the strategy of the left. the left is trying to create a binary choice, and i break this down in detail. either on one hand you adhere to radical leftist ideology or the only alternative is you are bad person. in my case they tried to claim i was person spewing violent speech. she tried to give me a choice, either i swallow he liars cowl question, like yes, my queen, or i deserve to be blocked. so you can see the binary choice everywhere you look. not just aoc or not just on twitter. look at the news and you can see the buy anywhere choice tactics the left use, and let's show -- we'll use ilhan omar as an example. she is a big big got.
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lime like champ jews lip know ties the world and accuse u.s. politics who support israel of of being bought by the jews. she supports the anti-semitic bdf movement. you u but dot nose recognize israel's right to exist and punishes israel for defending herself against palestinianer to attack but ilhan omar doesn't recognize, she ignores the palestinian terrorism and instead compare this jewish state of israel to nazi germany. the reason she does this -- this is very important. she reason she does this is to give you that binary choice. either you agree with her radical ideology, her anti-semitism or you are bad person who is as bad as nazi
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germany. you see the binary choice? this is a strategy of the entire socialist squad right now. another member of the squad, congresswoman iana presley said and i quote here, we don't need more brown faces who don't want to be brown voices. inschwin waiting that if -- insinuating you want to be a real person of color, you must adhere to her radical leftist ideology. otherwise you're just a traitor to your race. she's giving people that binary choice, either you adhere to what she is saying,ow obey her or you're a bad person. but here this thing. once you know, once you understand the tactics used by the radical left, these tactics are easy to destroy. they're easy to debunk.
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they told me i have four hours to speak to you today, not a minute long sore i can't show you all of the tactics the left uses, but the binary choice tactic is a favorite mook the left and once you recognize it, you can and you should-everyone in this room should shove it off track. and i show you how to shove it off track in my book, too. i don't just tell you what the left is doing i. tell you how to counter what the left is doing. i lay out for you 11 tactics to use to rhetorically trap the left in their own lies. and this morning i'm going to show you two of those tactics. once you identify the tactic that is being used by the left -- in this case the binary choice tactic -- you can counter that tactic by verbally calling it out. to their face. and explaining to them what they are doing. nobody likes to be told what they are doing. like i did before with aoc when
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i said, aoc gave me binary choice, either aggrieve with her ideology or i'm a bad person who is insighting violence. when she tries to define my speech as violent it is because if she defines hi speech as violent she has to shut it down. she has to silence me, and she wants to silence me because she doesn't want her followers to see the truth, and to see her lies exposed. so literally that is the tactic, spell it out. that is the counter-tactic. spell out the tactic the left is using in order to achieve the goal they want and explain then why they want to achieve that goal. and then once you spell out their tactic and destroy their point, then you can use another tactic to make your point. you can -- my favorite tactic is redefine thing question which is simple. instead of answering the question the left asks, you start your answer by reframing the question to a question that you'd prefer to answer.
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so take this -- take that tweet from aoc. her question inherent to that tweet was, how can president trump keep migrant kids in cages in that's the essence of her tweet. so turn that sucker around before you answer it. say, how could obama keep kids in cages and how could democrats during the obama administration say nothing about it. how can you claim that you care about the kids in canaleses if you as a signature congresswoman had the opportunity to vote on a bill that would have again humanitarian aid to children and you and you chose to vote no? [cheers and applause] >> see how that works? so these are two of the 11 rhetorical tactic is demonstrate and this is why only i was kind of flattered that aoc blocked me because she is just proffering the tactics in my book which i
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used on her work so thank you, congresswoman, for that. the other important thing i want to talk about tonight is what i call one of the five crucial tisching points in our country. in my book i identify five ball grounds where the left is trying overtake our culture and undermine our cultural norms in order to impose their radical leftist ideology on us instead. it's very simple. if we know where the left is attacking, and how they are trying to impose their agenda on us and what take ticks they use in a rhetorical sense, we can stop them before we they succeed. and isn't that why we are all here today? one of these crucial tipping points is the left's effort to morph politically correct culture into law. did you hear the story -- if believe it was last woke -- thus transgender person who is suing a waxing boutique in canada? i because this personnivities as
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a woman but theth the particular declined to do a bikini wax for the trans person because this transgender woman has male genitalia. so here are the facts of the story, it's a lovely little story. forced an immigrant woman to close down her business bus the immigrant woman declined to wax the testicles testicles of the s gender person and he sued her for it. this transgender person is trying to use the law -- this transgender person is trying to use the force of the law, to force a woman in canada to touch his general genitals evenshow she doesn't want. to she couldn't afford the absolute the had to shut down her person, this transgender person's name is -- who was born male, now identifies female still hat male genitalia and attracted to women he hull calls
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himself a proud lesbian. in this twitter bio. now here's the topic i hopes i never have to talk beaut into a microphone as a conference, hi mom, hi dad. waxing mail genitalia and waxing female genitalia are two very different things that require two very different skill sets. most waxing boutiques do brazilian waxing for women only. you can google the waxes places in your area so site for yourself but don't tell your parents you leonard that at this conference the canadianth the particulars that this personning doing, do brazilian and bin kick any waxes for women only. but the radical left has told us that transgender women are not transgender women. the left has told us they are real women, even if they're born male and have male genitalia
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like jessicaan yes, and she is claiming theth the particularses are violating his i'm rights by refusing to wax his testicles even though there's another wassing boutique nearby who specializes in male waxing. he transdenver person was to legally compel women to touch his testicles even though they don't want. to you want to talk chute hand maid's tail. the liftists want government to declare a resume height for mandatories no woman to do something to his genitals she doesn't want to do. you might be thinking, wait a second here. where are the hash tag #metoo warriors. where are the my body my choice protesters, all those angry ladies and white bonnets and red robes who follow around vice president mike pence, where are they in this story? the answer to that is, when it comes to defending an immigrant woman, from an attack by wage -- waged by a transgender person the leftists and feminists are
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silent. this is what i mean when i say one over the tipping opinions in our nation is the left's effort to morph politically correct culture into law. this is the political collect transgender ideology we conservatives have warned about. this is not about cultural tolerance of people suffering from gender dysphoria. it's not about tolerance of people who are different, not about compassion force these people. it's not about including transgender people in society and stopping bullying, all of which are good and fine things but that is not the ultimate goal of the left. the left wants to morph the politically correct culture into law. this politically correct culture that says, if you believe in basic biology, you are big got. if you criticize a transgender person for trying to force a woman to wax his tuesday e
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testicles then you're transphobic. the buy anywhere choice fallacy again. if you don'ts a here to radical leftist ideology then you're a bad person. a bigot. this is what the transgender moment has been about from the beginning, the transgender movement is a political force that wants to mandate that every single one us in the room violate or religious beliefs, our personal views, or workplace 0, skill sets and compel us to reject basic biology under penalty of the law. or else, like this immigrant woman in canada you'll be sued and forced to shut down your business and likely if the left gets their way, socially ostracized. so the squishy republican especially in congress who are afraid to talk about social issues that make them uncomfortable, don't say we didn't warn you, now we have to talk about waxing testicles.
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this is what i meant when i said the left does not pedal their extreme progressive agenda haphazardly. that do it it on purpose with a purpose and their purpose is to morph politically correct culture into law, and legally compel an immigrant woman to call a man a woman and touch his tech stick kills. this -- tess tick tell kells. one of -- testicles even though she doesn't want. so there are four other ways the lift is trying to undermine the principles on which our nation was built and instead impose on us a radical leftist socialist ideology. i don't have time to tell you all the fewer tipping points or else spencer will come out and kick me off the stage but what i will say is the left counts on, rely implicitly on one thing to protect their lie and i their tactics and strategy. they rely on the mainstream
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media. let me pike tower of picture of the protection racket. conveniently for me it's particularly easy this week because this has not ban good week for the left or mainstream media but i repeat myself. this week, the main stream media focused their outrage on dishes. dinner ware of which we eat. plates in particular. no making this story up. macy's had a set of dishes, plates on sale, that had consent truck circles drawn on the -- concentric circles on the plate, one read skinny jeans and the -- they were talking about portion control. and then did you see the socialist warriors doing their virtual march on twitters against this you would you have thought this was a serious human rights -- as antifa beating up a journalist so badly his brain
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beloved "time" magazine accused mails si's of body shaming. the is warts stared originally by a cbs science correspondent who tweeted she wanted to get the plates banned, illegal in all 50 states and for a portion of the news cycle last week this story is what the mainstream media spend temperature time and effort and their focus covering. meanwhile, we have a transgeneral detesticle controversy putting women on out business. we have brutal violence from antifa, domestic terrorists targeting independents journalists the fact that aoc and her squad so is radical and so anti-semitic she called the israeli government criminal and white supremacist jews. there's a contradiction for you. we have -- politicians in congress whoer embracing the social gist squad and refusing to disavow their socialism, democrats ignoring the plight of the anymore baltimore because they's rather criticize a tweet
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from the president. we have democracies embracing race baiter al sharpton who calls jews blood thirty jews and once walked next to a protester whose sign read the white man is the devil. and yet the mainstream media, they choose to report on macy's dishes. the main stream media is more outraged by objects like plates than real issues. so do not believe, do not buy into this fake outrage. this is cya from the main street miamia, cover your ass. the main stream media is covering for the democrats and the democrats are rely on this. so don't let anybody ash event with our own party tell you to ignore the main stream media and pretend they don't exist. the boyas and the lies of the mainstream media must be debunked if we are going defeat the left. and in my book i show you exactly how to do this.
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so at the message want to leave this morning is this. do not left the left silence you. do not let the left dictate what you are allowed to say. do not let the left define the narrative. do not let the left claim moral superiority ever. do not let the left lie and when they delight call them out, and when they block you for calling them out, call them out even louder and remember, we do not take marching orders as young consecutives we do not take marches orders from a party that says that speech from conservatives is violent but violence from the left is speech. we do not take marching order from a party that teaches kindergarteners and public schools in california that men can be women if they want to be so that this same party can compel immigrant women to touch men's genitals even if the women down want to. we do not marching order followed party that tells lies so often that their on
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congresswoman responds to criticism but here vote record in congress' by trying to silence her political opposition wig a big flat block on twitter. our response should be thank you, next. [applause] >> gunfire we get to questions make sure you tune into my show week nights at 9:00 p.m. eastern on one america news network. follow my on instagram, twitter, send me pictures and tell me what you think when you read my book. i want to hear what you think, and thank you for having me tonight. you're the next generation of patriots in our nation and our nation is lucky do have you. [applause]
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>> thank you. >> hi, i'm madeline mellow from the university of michigan mitchell question to you is a lot of my peers are one issue in politics, just vote on one issue, for example, i get the climate change, all i hear about climate change. that's all that matters how do i convince them to not only care about other issues but talk about other issues and not focus on just one and vote that way. >> typically i think when people are unissue voters because they don't understand how other issues impact them in their daily life. this will become very apparent to your peers when they graduate college and get a. >> start seeing how much the government take outside of the paycheck start care us about taxes and care knight john market and dutch like that. if you want to talk about social issues, you can bring up some of the most egregious human rights issues that have to -- that are happening in our nation. abortion impacts everybody. we all know somebody who has had
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an abortion. who has thought but having an abortion. you can talk about that issue with them. you can bring up sort of we all have this inherent part of our human nature that wants to stick up for people who don't have a voice to speak up in defense of themselves and so outcome frame other issues like that... impacm because i think the most part the young people assume that all those other political issues just happened and swap that don't impact them at all. thank you. [applause]. >> liz wheeler: hi. >> i just want to say thank you for your book, also over the
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course of time you've been a newswoman up until four or five years ago, and by the way we are also happy about that. a lot has happened. a lot has changed within the left. i wanted to ask you, what was the biggest had in dealing with the left. their ideologies and not only that but the biggest mistake you see young conservatives like a snake would become activists. and we get involved. >> liz wheeler: is kind of a two-part question the base mistake the biggest change. it's actually remarkable to step back and look at this. not really an evolution of the left, from the party of barack obama to the party of the socialist. this been going on for a couple of years. they are virtually unrecognizable. the policy that are being pushed by the radical left right now are obviously date very dangerous right now for our dane
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for our nation. it should give us an advantage as a conservatives. the majority of people don't want a socialism. they don't want to be kicked off their private insurance. so i think the biggest mistake that is made and can be made by young conservatives is not really focusing in on hammering those ideas. talking about the bad parts and take medicare for example, 180 million americans would lose their current healthcare coverage if we went on medicare for all. it would inevitably lead to rationing. that's not hyperbolic enough that's hypothetical. you can look at socialist styles in other westernized nations like canada and the uk. in the uk right now, joan who have fibrosis are being denied lifesaving medication for one reason. the government admits the reason because i don't pay for it. that will happen here. if we allow this type of system
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to take and be imposed on us by the radical left. as young conservatives, if we get to wonkey in our debate, if we talk to big picture and we did collect to tell people how it's going to impact them and how it's going to hurt them, that is going to allow those very radical views to become mainstream versus being relegated to the french were they ought to say. soon i think you so much [applause] >> hello what your name this is for the audience, the rapture mckinney, county. [applause]. >> liz wheeler: that's obviously an inside joke that i don't get let me explain really quickly. >> i'm talking about my question. >> liz wheeler: go ahead and
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answer questions i think. >> along with depression and violence how can i convince many people that we must stand together. pretty much it says is a time we must commit civil disobedience. what happens with the independent journalists. we have to unite in order to stay safe and survive the best we can. >> liz wheeler: what you mean civil disobedience. >> were going to do what we want but somehow you've got people in government who do whatever the hell they want to us. >> liz wheeler: i'm not sure that's the correct attitude. the way i would look at it is [applause] the way i would look at it is it is very important that we live in a nation that abides by the rule of law. just because we don't like the law, doesn't immediately give us justification to violate the law. there are certain ways and situations in our nation and our history that it is been necessary to participate in
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civil disobedience. one of the ways our nation is set apart from other nations is when we the people, have a problem with what our government officials are doing, have recourse, legal recourse to fix that. we can vote, for different representatives, we can lobby our representatives and call them, we can speak out, we can write, we can propose ideas. there are some different things we can do to legally and lawfully prevent the radical left from taking over but i don't think our major reaction should be civil disobedience. in fact i can't think of an example right now where civil disobedience is warranted. where there is something you are thinking in particular short. >> what kind of happened in deerfield, did you hear what happened. that would kinda be one example i can think of right now. i kinda thought about and make one request that maybe we start a petition for that poor woman in canada to see her business.
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>> liz wheeler: is not civil disobedience. i'm not saying it's not a bad idea i'm just probably recommend to you you put the idea of civil disobedience aside for a time being and make a list of things that can be done lawfully to engage with our government [applause] within the rule of law. [applause] >> we don't know. we don't know about options. >> liz wheeler: i can think of plenty of options, you can vote, taken a campaign, write ads in his paper, town hall events, you can run for office yourself, i can keep listing them here and you have plenty of options. i would encourage you to try all of those first. [applause] >> go to the university of michigan and my name is kurt. i slightly disagree. with your.on no long and hard.
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>> liz wheeler: i would hear this, please. prove me wrong and show me. >> i have no one gasps after i say this but i do not think omar is not anti- semi. boeing. one moment. >> liz wheeler: let him talk then we will tell him why he is wrong. >> of course. under the same logic i would consider truck to be an anti-semite because he told the republican jewish coalition he suggested that i know why you guys aren't going to vote for me i don't want your money, it's on recording. what i am saying is, if the right wants to be nuanced to know or bigotry in general, they should also hold trump to the standard that omar is because.
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>> liz wheeler: bigotry is wrong no matter where you're coming from. let me ask you this question. described to me what the bds movement is. >> is a movement to boycott israel. i personally's support the state of israel. i don't agree with her movement. i just think that a lot of people in that movement. >> liz wheeler: what is the movement. >> is the boycott that sanction and investment. >> liz wheeler: why do they want to boycott the sanction in israel. >> they don't agree with the state of israel. they don't agree with its existence. >> liz wheeler: why do they not agree with israel's existence. >> the bds movement, i am not
2:39 pm
sure as to what their official position is. >> liz wheeler: that's the critical part. i'm not trying to slam it down here. but that's a big deal. they don't agree with israel's existence. the right to defend yourself. you have to ask the question why do they not agree with israel's right to defend herself. every other country in the world if they are being attacked, as a sovereign right to defend their own people. so that question why is your answer. you have to answer that question why. why do they not or why do they want to boycott and sanction israel out of existence. only one reason, israel is a jewish faith base of israel. is because the people who live there and it is the jewish faith, and you hold jewish people to different standards and will omar did not hold sanctions, they are starting the people and oppressing the
2:40 pm
people, does not want sanctions on them people. it does omar does not want sanctions on iran and other middle eastern nations who stroke gay people off of the top of buildings. it does not sync is on israel for defending her people against terror attacks and the reason is because of the double standard. it's because to see if israel is and the other nations are, that is anti-semitism and is because they are jewish and that is what makes it wrong [applause] [applause] >> i wasn't finished making my. >> liz wheeler: go ahead. >> they in terms of bigotry, this president is a president who wants to ban people of an entire religion in his campaign. i have this on video.
2:41 pm
boomac they should condemn it on all sides. when trump introduced this plan the republican party's stood by him. if they want to talk about anti-semitism, from the left, why can't we talk about when it comes from the right for any type of bigotry. >> liz wheeler: can we talk about both. let me address this. the me address the muslim man. although he was different. it is important to understand. the supreme court last year upheld president trump right to this immigration policy. the left calls it a muslim man but it's a mischaracterization of it because there are i believe seven nations, seven men muslim majority nations one of those seven muslim nations have in common. there muslim. what else do they have in common.
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terrorism. >> i'm not talking about a travel ban. the originally proposed. >> liz wheeler: you are talking about travel ban is just mischaracterized by the left. they support and they fund terrorism. if this muslim band why is the most muslim world on this list. the most populated muslim. [inaudible conversation] >> liz wheeler: is the same one. it's just mischaracterized. i understand what he said. he said i want to then propose the plans, it was on based on terrorism not on religion. [applause] if you have a problem [applause] i appreciate the
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back-and-forth. i went your name. >> was given the position to talk. citizenship test and u.s. census, is there a way to guarantee that knowing that we know who is putting the name. like it is truly them. that social security numbers are green card numbers or visa numbers down by is there a way to truly guarantee that's actually them? >> liz wheeler: what you mean. are you worried about people who are noncitizens applying a citizens question mark. >> yes, so they won't put down a social security number and names and still get correct, there's ways to get by it on the dark web. is there a way to get to guarantee that the person is really that name is actually them. >> liz wheeler: i would probably need to speak from years about how many people buy that kind of information on the dark web for the senses. my guess is not too many.
2:44 pm
in regards to the constitutionality of the citizen ship question the more important question to me asking in the more important wishing to be answering is it's pretty obviously that is not and can taught constitutional. it's totally okay to be on the census. i think we had 20 senses, and there's only been one that we didn't have that as a question that was in 2010 after barack obama took it off. when the left tells us that it has been on this insistence 1950s, that's not true. his men in the longform version which i think goes to one in each household. verification, i don't know about the dark web, but i doubt that's very prevalent. >> okay thank you. >> liz wheeler: i appreciate question. [applause] [applause] thank you
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for having me tonight. [applause] >> your watching book tv on c-span two. complete television schedule visit tb .org. you can also follow along in social media and book tv, twitter, instagram and facebook. >> on book tv we want to introduce you to author by cap or book which comes out in august i'm telling the truth but i'm lying. what is that title come from. >> bassey ikpi: the title of the book comes from a refrain that keeps showing up in the essays. it emphasizes the idea that a lot of times we are assigned to collect memories. even though there is a truth of reality to it but you can't


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