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tv   Robby Soave Panic Attack  CSPAN  August 24, 2019 4:00pm-4:16pm EDT

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live different candidate? if they don't do something like that and they just move to a second ballot, then they're probably screwed. >> all right. can we get one moyer round of applause. great conversation. [applause] >> if you had a question and you did not get a chance to ask it, i'm very sorry we ran out of time. feel free to hop in the signing line, and him the question there. books are available up at the registrar in the store. he'll be right here and happy to sign and always you could help us by folding up your chairs chd lean them against the court top or the wall, helps in resetting the space. so thank you for coming out. conversation. >> and now on c-span2's booktv, more television for serious readers.
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>> the book i called panic attack,down radical inside the age of trump. the awe honor is associate editor of reason magazine or, robby soave. who are these young radicals? >> guest: these are activists who are particularly causing issues on college cam puts. but you end up final in streets of places like portland as well who are different from kind of the old left. all about free speech, due process, kind of aclu values. what we're seeing now is a lot of attempts to shut down speakers who come to college campuses, even the professors of the activist students who are purportedly on the west as well, the progressive left, say they can't have conversations with these students anymore, that it risk finding system they do offend them, they're jobs could be in trouble because they could be investigated. it's changing our culture very quickly and dramatically toward this cancel everybody. everybody who is problematic has
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to be out of public life and that's running fromming this active vin visit -- activist contingent on the left. >> host: all on he left. >> guest: it's on the right as bill and talk about the ill liberal rhythm of the alt-right which is a white nationalist gruesome that has gotten some attention like the radical left, small in number but loud, vocal, and has had huge effect in the realm of social media, primarily and harassing people and make it unpleasant to be online. >> host: you say that intersectionallity is the operating system of the modern left. what does that sunshine it's a term that comes to us from sociology. it was coined in late 1980s. used by sociologists to describe how -- if you are a person of color, historically you would have experienced racism. if you're a woman, sexism and so on and so forth it you're a black woman you have multiple
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sours of oppression so that theory makes total sense to me. but in intersectional sort of practice and activism, you're supposed to give the most oppressed person in the activist circumstance the most authority and most deference, only they can be the experts on sources of oppression so starts get then where does there is make me the most oppressed person? what 0 bout sunnies also lent itself toward i think it increasingly fragile mental health kind of activism on campuses because i see young people who i think are sort of exaggerating the extent of their ptsd. when i talk to their professors and they say everyone in my classroom says there's a survivor or trauma, it's doubtful but they're saying that because having ptsd gives you a authority as an activist the these circle sod incentivizing people to see themselves as mentally unwell. >> host: how did we get here.
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>> guest: interesting question. it's a difficult way. we're talking but broad social and cultural change happening over a long period of time so there's no easy answers. do think that the changing regime or norms of safety culture in schools and in parenting have probably led to a generation that through no fault of its own is a little more coddled then than the previous generations or less resilient. i'm not blaming young people. our schools have changed dramatically. i if you go back to 1970s not fine a police officer in a sing school anywhere america. today there are police officers in half of all public high schools. schools are actually very safe. the headlines to the contrary. schools have been the safest place for kids and crime has fallen dramatically. young people are less at risk of kidnapping than ever before but you would get the idea from going through school, from seeing parents arrested for letting kid play by themselves, all those kind of things you would get the idea that iting
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dangerous, and so the purpose of school is to protect me. right? to make my feel safe. and then when safety gets stretched to include emotional safety as well, i think that's when you start to see this tide against words that wound or words that hurt. i need to be protect from that, the same way the school is responsible for my physical well-being. >> host: is this a -- in your view a good trend or not? >> guest: i think it's very concerning and i am critical of the right as well and i don't want to be causing too much alarm. it's not a generation wall problem so much that people are talking about are small subset of a radical fringe. but they are having a poisonous effect on our social kind of discussion, our culture. it's miserable to be online. we're seeing young adult novel authors canceling books bus they're young sensitivity readers are saying you can't say that. that's cultural appropriation.
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a lot of conversations being closed off just because a small number of militant radical people on the political extremes are saying so, and i think that is bad. >> host: you give as an example in your book "panic attack" the movie this, documentary, boys don't cry. >> yes. what happened? >> so they invited at reidcome a progressive liberal arts college >> host: in world portland. >> guest: yes. they inthe director of the preliminary not exposed american odd endses to what it's like to be a transgender person. and the activists at this college, they shut down the event and wouldn't let kimberly speaks space. they hated her she had what you would think about a progressive film the cast hilary swank in it
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and she is not a trans person so having cast -- this violates intersectionallate bus only a trans person should be playing a rans role so they headed nor that it which is so sort-sighted and self-defeating. it won't have been as big a film if itself didn't have hilary swank in it. that's the example of a really like at each other's throats and self-defeating tactics that of some activist are. he bracing because of the influence of intersectionallity. >> host: charl murray stride. middle bury college, me and the professor who invited him both injured. >> guest: right. literally attacked. physically assaulted. by protesters who thought it was so important to stop what was supposed to be a debate. going to be a debate between murray's perspective and a leftist center perspective, and but they don't want that to happen. when i interview for the book and said don't you think you make charles murray look more sympathetic if you're shouting them down and using violence
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against them? you are driving people toward them. and they say, we are about safety. we are keeping the marginalized anymore our community safe from the harm of charles muirry's words and views sol if he allowed to speak, we have contributed to the emotional or mental unrest of the people we care about which is a different idea how safety works so much -- it's the root of so much of this. >> host: how small are these alt-right and tifa groups that are far on the fringe. >> guest: extremely small. we're talking about -- at many events, dozens of people. maybe hundreds or thousands nationwide, and they're -- they feed each. other because they -- the far right shows up and then the far left shows up and then they throw things at each other. >> the immediate use shows up? abuse the immediate -- don't want to -- the news is things that happen so when the happen you have to cover them. but the problem -- the challenge
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for the media is making them -- contextualizing them and not making these things seem like they're happening more often than they actually are. but they are happening. there was violence in portland against a journalist, right of center journalist who writes to -- >> host: who is also gay. >> guest: yes, gay, but he is -- because he is critical of antifa's activities they say he has no right to cover us and they beat him up when he tried to videotape what they were doing, and antifa rejects the idea that people who disagree with them should have right order the far right should have right. they're specifically ill liberal that i believe is catching on a little bit. not their tactic but philosophy that my enemy should not have rights because they're my enemies. >> host: mr. soave do you see a solution and do you offer one in "panic attack"? i think the best thing to do on
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college campus is answer bad speech with more speech to say, no, i would like to hear someone -- i like to hear charles murray talk, hear a different perspective when the event happens for the other students in the audience who are a majority to just stand up and a say no please stop, i'd like to hear this. want he professors the left of center professors to be able to talk to students about the robust history of free speech activism on the left and not feel like they are going -- their jobs are at risk if they've say the wrong thing. that's on the administrators to recognize the rights of faculty and to take -- they don't have to take -- don't have to arrest students or throw them out of the campus. they need to just make a safe space to be actually be able too express ideas counter to these steins and and have those people not suffer consequences for doing so. >> host: what your politics. >> i'm a libertarian so i have ideologyol beliefs but interestingly it's sort of puts me in the centerrish because if
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a them sit thick to goals of protective activist. i talk about "black lives matter," and agree with what they loo like too british. our criminal justice system is very fraud and has had a disparate impact on people of color. so, it's from a position of occasionally wanting the left to succeed that i'm critiqueing their tactics and saying i think this is going turn people off. you're saying that you need only the most woke, the most radically progressive people their ones you want to organize with and count as the good guys. that's going to be like six people. even you don't agree on that stuff. >> host: what attracted you to libertarianism? >> guest: i kind of have a boring libertarian origin story. grew up in a republican household but my parents were libertarian. >> host: where did you grow up? the detroit area. i that pro business but liberal and i found reason magazine and started reading and now i long-
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>> host: robby soave this author of this book panic attack: young radical nets age of trump." temperature for joining us on booktv. >> there's something like five or six hundred bombers involved and we were one of seven fighter groups assigned to escort these bomber groups. both made of b-17s and b-24s, and of course, for the mission they wouldn't run into each other they're stretched out for a period of -- for a distance of maybe 100 miles. but my squadron was due to escort the last of the bombers
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going over, and i was relegated to not only inning that position of the last squadron to escort the bombers but i was the last member in the last flight in the last squadron. >> which is called? >> which is called tail-end charlie.and i do remember taking off and i was -- there's a photo of two -- just which way to turn and that type of thing except that i was flying on my element leader. then we get on course, we were climbing out, going up into germany, and after the bombers started reaching the certain temperature and altitude, they would start pulling these streamers which you all i believe have seen on the jets when they go, the white condensation trails they have. each of these 600 bombers had
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four engines, and they began when they reached that atmospheric smythe start pulling streamers, and i could see this for miles, 50 miles in front of me it and was just a beautiful sight, but then the fighters that were in front came over and maintained the same ground speed, the fighters so much faster as the bombers there, they were doing s-turns over the bombers. so there was this ballet in the sky of these vapor trails and it was the streamers going ahead and then the streams of the fighter planes going above them, and it was just awesome. it was just a sight -- actually i'll never see it again because we'll never put a force like that in the air again. that's the last of what we'll see as far as the pick bombing raids are concern.
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one bomber now can do as much damage with its payload as all of those bombers during the entire war. so that's a sight -- a sight to behold and a sight that i'll never see again but just brings back some viv individual enemy -- vivid memories. >> to learn now bit his book visit our web site, and search for his name her to title of the book using the search becomes at the top of the page. >> hi there. welcome to thank you for. topping continue we're sited to hour our gase. quicklyhouse keeping before we get started, the train will be roaring by through so we ask that everybody to silence the


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