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tv   New York City 911 Remembrance Service  CSPAN  September 11, 2019 8:01pm-12:13am EDT

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for impeachment hearings. on cspan2 online@cspan2 .org or listen live on the free cspan2 radio app. ♪ eighteen years after the 911 terrorist attacks, the memorial in new york city honored the
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victims by reading nearly 3000 names that were killed to marine the attacks. the pentagon senate on flight 93 as well as those killed under lori 26, 1893. [inaudible conversation]
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♪ ♪ gordon m thomas junior, marie rose, anthony, lauren
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christopher, alana, william, richard anthony, ackerman, christian adams, leroy adams, patrick adams, shannon lewis adams, george adams, kristi donnell, junior, silvio auto, daniel thomas, emmanuelle, angola, joseph, david scott agnes, joelle alberto junior,
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brian g heard, jeremiah, joanne marie, a mud, akins, scotland zero, rudy m jara, andrew palomino, margaret dan, gary olivero, john leslie albert, peter craig ellerman, my son, joseph, this it's not a job, his home. not everybody can do it a firefighter does senate especially we put a date on september 11th, running into burning buildings. when everyone else is running out. knowing that may not make it. if they continued to do what they were called upon to do senate save many lives.
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as we all know, many firefighters did not make it out in my son was one of them. when he left behind his wife 21 month old son senate a three -year-old daughter but his fear when he would be so proud of them today. we are humbled by his actions senate reactions of all the first responders, our lives are forever changed. we hold onto senate cherish the moments we will share. senate my aunt, for whom i named my director, speaking spanish. we love you forever. our lives have never been the same. jacqueline aldridge, david d culture, edward, eric allen,
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joseph ryan allen, richard dennis allen, richard l allen, christopher e allen him, allison, jenna murray, anthony, antonio, victoria, albert, caesar, to wreak, angelo, jane, joseph, paul, christopher, cra craig, joseph, yvette, john jack
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ratio, michael, jean, joseph, joseph john junior, david lawrence angel, mary lynn edwards, laura angela, doreen, lorraine antigua, senate my brother, senate my cousin timothy patrick mcsweeney, we love you senate we miss you
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senate you'll always be american zeros. my husband brian murphy. brian we all miss you senate think about you every day. i vividly remember your smile which lit up my world your generosity senate kindness to everyone in your orbit, senate your incredible zest for life. i also remember your invention some spirit which is embodied in your two beautiful daughters, jessica senate leila, who are having adventures of their own. you'd be very proud of them. we love you brian. peter paul, frank, patrick, david, michael, lewis, barbara,
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adam, michael, jack charles aaron, joshua todd erin, richa richard, myra, jesse, carl, michael, michael edward ashen, janice marie, thomas, emmanuel, greg, gerald, jane, lewis, ezra, sandy, arlene, john, jane,
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robert, andrew, brett, tatiana, michael, michael, senate my uncle ryan christopher, senate my uncle michael j armstrong, we think of you always you know never from barbara and more thoughts, we love you. gerard, walter behrens, gerard a barbara, paul vincent, jean williams, victor daniel barbosa, christine, colleen, david michael barclay, matthew barnes,
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melissa rose barnes, sheila patricia mars, evan j behrens, renée, arthur thaddeus, diane g behrens, maurice vincent, scott, carlson, china, ♪ ♪ kenneth william, stephen joseph, paul, david, ivan, marlon,
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lauren, jasper, narain, michel michelle, todd, paul, jane, alan anthony, minette marie michael, carl john, michael, senate my father was a carpenter when he was a life of our party. the guiding light of our family. senate our shining star in heaven. we miss you dearly. my brother, michael joseph, maria h bear, elaina, nina,
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debbie, stephen elliott, paul, ryan greg bennett, eric l bennett, oliver bennett, margaret, dominic, jane, stephen howard, john, alvin, daniel david eckstein, graham, michael j berkley, david, william, david, william, timothy,
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caroline, edward, firefighter paul michael there, neil, jimmy, firefighter peter, william, firefighter brian, and more, firefighter carl, senate my mother arlene, the day goes by that we don't think of you senate we miss you. your three grandchildren are here today in your honor even though they're not met you, they know your strength senate courage senate your big heart senate your loving personality. your memory always be a blessing.
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we love you. ♪ gary eugene burr, joshua david, george john bishop, chris romeo, jeffrey donald, albert, christopher joseph blackwell, carrie rosetta blackburn, suzanne, harry junior, craig michael, richard middleton junior, my group michael, john powell, michael, susan, darrell,
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bruce douglas, mary catherine murphy, nicholas andrew bogden, erin christopher, lawrence, vincent, tori senate bobby malarkey, alan, andre, colin, frank, yvonne, kelly, mary jane, sherry senate, christine, jerry j ford, and more, richard
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edward, senate my aunt gabriel gabrielle, who i never got to meet but i whom i've heard many great things about who i love very much. in my twin brother, ryan, we miss you dearly, not a day goes by where we don't laugh at something you said or did. if you know here, you would be so proud of how cheryl rachel sophie senate jake have persevered senate thrived. senate we are your terribly missed by the others. we are so sorry that michael britney senate especially beautiful joy, never got to meet the one senate only great eye senate snyder, we miss senate love you.
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[background sounds] [background sounds] [background sounds] .-ellipsis . . . . .
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bradshaw >> david brady. >> nicolas w.. >> daniel raymond. >> michelle renée.
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>> patrice. >> lidia. frank brennan. >> michael brandon. >> peter brandon. >> thomas more brennan. >> thomas j.. mark. marianne. >> i miss you. we miss you, mom and dad are with you and i can't wait to see all of you so thank you. >> kevin. imark francis.
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janice brown. >> mark bruce. >> richard george. -- patrick joseph.
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tomas daniel berg. stephen bruce. charles 3 >> matthew berk. >> donald burns. >> tj burns. >> thomas burnett junior. elaina. >> kathleen burn. >> thomas butler. >> john patrick. >> timothy burns. brian joseph.
9:05 pm
daniel m.. >> and my cousin, your family misses you and you will always be remembered. and my beloved son. there are no words to tell you how much you are missed. how much the all remember and miss you and your loved. richard michael. cechael john k. l..
9:06 pm
thomas joseph cahill. >> george c. cane. edward calderon. kenneth marcus caldwell, felix callahan. suzanne, gina. david. jeffrey thomas campbell. robert arthur campbell.
9:07 pm
sean thomas callahan, john candela. then send. stephen. luke anthony. jonathan. richard michael. josé manuel. edward. and my brother. words cannot express how much
9:08 pm
you are missed and loved. michael, matthew, medicine and kevin as well as your friends and family and also team shamrock. we choose to remember how you live, not how you left us. god bless you all and god bless america. and our cousin, firefighter thomas and penny, you are loved and missed. as we remember and honor all of fithose who died on 9/11 and thr families, let us not forget those first responders who have died since 9/11 and their families and pray for all the first responders who have or will become ill as a result of their dedicatiothe dedication at ground zero. god bless us all and god bless america. [applause] david carlone. >> rosemarie carlson.
9:09 pm
>> joyce carpenter. michael carroll. peter carroll. >> james joseph carson junior. christopher carstanjen. angeline carter. vivian ?casalduc. john francis. >> neilie anne heffernan casey. tomas anthony vittoria. and leandro cassano. leonard koss castriano.
9:10 pm
robert john. michael joseph. jason michael. >> anna sentena. >> and our grandfather. a hard-working man who never gave up. he made people laugh.
9:11 pm
he had two children and a wonderful and if he were alive i not only think of him as my grandfather i love him with all my heart. god bless all the families and god bless america. i love hearing stories about you, i am honored to be named after you and i know that you are watching over us right now. [applause] william. charles. rosa maria. david. >> manuel chavez.
9:12 pm
douglas, stephen patrick jerry. nestor julio junior. dorothy. louise. robert. eddie wai ching. >> catherine ellen. mohammed chaudhry. pamela. stephen paul chadwick.
9:13 pm
wai ching. christopher. francis solenda. >> elayne. >> nester andre 3. robert, senior. >> juan pablo peneros. and my husband benjamin clark. to some he was a great chef, to sum an unsung hero. to us he will always be loved and missed. he will always be our hero. we are expecting our first
9:14 pm
grandbaby, so many milestones he has missed so please excuse me if i stumble over the names. eugene clark, and my uncle john patrick. we all love and miss you and we will live on in your legacy. sarah m. clark. christopher robert clark. donna marie clark. michael j. clark.
9:15 pm
rachel emma clark. francis cleary. james clear. jeffrey mcleod. susan marie. steven coakley. jeffrey alan. patricia. florence cohen. ffthony joseph. mark joseph. christopher michael.
9:16 pm
kevin nathaniel. michelle col colbert. terrell coleman. robert j. kahle. jean marie collin. john michael collins. michael l. collins. thomas joseph collins. joseph kent. jeffrey dewayne. patricia elayne. andco my father, richard.
9:17 pm
i love you very much. i miss you. i love you very much. my brother richard avery, william's father. we love him, we miss him. we will never forget. thank you. [applause] ronald edward comer. albert conde. denise conley. margaret mary connor. cynthia marie connolly. john e. connolly, junior. james lee connor. jonathan m. connors.
9:18 pm
kevin patrick connors. kevin f. conroy. brenda e. conway. dennis michael cook. karen d. cook. jeffrey w.. john a. cooper. julian t. cooper. joseph john coppo, junior. gerard j. coppola. joseph albert corbett. john j. corcoran 3. alondra cordero. robert joseph cordice. ruben correa. dannyor correa. georgina rose. james corrigan. carlos cortezz rodriguez. kevin michael cosgrove. dolores marie costa.
9:19 pm
charles gregory costello, junior. michael costello. asia. carla, senior. martin john. john coke. and last, james and my dad dennis michael. it's been 18 years and we wish you were here with us every day. we love you. and my brother-in-law, firefighter who was there to find kindness, compassion, bravery and a sense of duty. serving our country as a u.s. marine he narrowly survived the bombing. after that he would say my life is a gift, so he must be getting one. he came home to serve in the nypd and died as a firefighter hoping to get people -- people
9:20 pm
didn't wanwouldn't want me to dm or his service. the memory of everyone whose lives were lost that day and over 2,000 people who died of 9/11 related illnesses since then and the military have made the ultimate sacrifice and for those who still suffer physically and psychologically, we acknowledge you, too. he would be overjoyed thatne his sister and proud that his brother a captain standing behind me has dedicated his life and career to helping families in their grief. thank you for listening to all these names. never forget. keep smiling. [applause] frederick john cox. james raymond quayle. michelle quayle eulau.
9:21 pm
christopher seton. denise elizabeth. james leslie crawford junior. robert james crawford. tara kathleen creamer. joanne mary. daniel. dennis cross. kevin r. crotty. thomas crotty. john r. crowe. wallace crowther. >> john robert cruz. >> grace. kenneth john cuba. francisco cruz cubera. richard joseph. thomas patrick 3. joyce rose cummings. bryan thomas cummings.
9:22 pm
michael joseph cunningham. lawrence damien. patrick joseph. beverly. andrew peter, green. patricia cushing. and my brother, it's hard to believe that it has been 18 years but you have always remained in our hearts and thoughts and deep in our sole. your free beautiful grandchildren all embody your life and spirit we will always love and miss you and most of all we will never forget you. >> and my father, firefighter jonathan lee. andrew, mom and i miss you very
9:23 pm
much every day and we know you're watching over us. we love you a lot. >> gavin cushny. >> j. seth m. dahl. john d'allara. vincent gerard d'amadeo. >> jack l. d'ambrosi, junior. >> jenin jones >> manuel damota. mary antonio. then send danz. dwight donald darcy. it elizabeth darling. annette andrea dataram.
9:24 pm
edward d'atri. michael d'auria. laura davidson. michael alan davidson. scott matthew davidson. titus davidson. otnikura davila. ada davis. clinton davis senior. wayne davis. anthony richard dawson. calvin dawson, edward james bay. william thomas dean. robert angela junior. thomas patrick d'anelas. anna gloria. tara debek. james debeneria.
9:25 pm
james deblasse. and my beloved son, kevin james moved murphy who i hold close to my heart and think about daily. you would be so proud of your grown-up children k kaitlyn and connor and the wonderful jobs or wife has done raising them. i love you and miss you but i picture you often up in heaven together with your father looking down with pride and joy ind my uncle john patrick gallagher keep shining down on us, big guy. paul decola. simon matrash.
9:26 pm
christopher defazio. david defero. jennifer dejesus. monique effie dejesus. emy de la pena. arthur emy de la pena. anna della torre. joseph deleo. andrea dellabella. joseph. >> colleen. joseph de luca. then while junior. francis albert demartini. anthony demas.
9:27 pm
martin demeo. francis deming. carol keyes demitz. kevin dennis. thomas francis dennis, senior. jean depalma. nicolas depena. robert john deraney. david paul derubbio. jemal degesse. chris chen lewis desimone. andrew j. desperito. michael densinito. susie and duwell. jerry denito. robertde p., junior.
9:28 pm
and my husband, bernard. we've learned how to live without you, but we will never forget you, and we miss you always. >> and my brother, your beautiful spirit and contagious smile lives on through your four nieces and one nephew who bears your name. not a day goes by that you aren't in our thoughts and memories. keep shining down. wewe love you, miss you and will never forget. god bless you and god bless us all. dennis lawrence douglas. michael lewis. matthew diaz.
9:29 pm
judith. patrick florence. rodney dickens. joseph thomas, junior. laura patrick. michael denito. vincent francis defazio. paul anthony difranco. donald joseph difranco. john. david dimeglio. marisa dinardo schorpp.
9:30 pm
anthony dionisio. joseph dipilato. johnny, junior. john joseph. melissa. >> brenden.ny robert, junior. and my uncle and my aunt who were siblings that day who died in the towers. we love and miss you so much. you'll always be in our hearts. and my brother, lieutenant .michael francis, the heroism that you showed that day and all the first responders and civilians was amazing. we miss you and love you. neil matthew dollard. james domanico.
9:31 pm
benilda pascua domingo. carlos dominguez. jerome mark patrick dominguez. kevin w. donnelly. jacqueline donovan. william h. donovan. stephen scott dorf. thomas about. thomas dowd. mary yolanda dowling. raymond matthew downey, senior. frank joseph doyle. joseph michael doyle. randall l. drake. patrick joseph driscoll. stephen patrick driscoll. charles a. droz.
9:32 pm
mirna duarte. luke dudek. gerard duffy. michael joseph duffy. thomas w. duffy. antoinette duger. jackie sayegh duggan. sareve dukat. patrick dunn. felicia dale dunn-jones. christopher joseph dunn. richard anthony dunstan. patrick thomas dwyer. joseph anthony eacobacci. john bruce =. edward t. earnhardt. robert douglas eaton. dean philip.
9:33 pm
and my precious daughter, suzanne. theren are no word. your family loves and misses you every day and you will live in my heart forever. i love you, suzanne. and my brother, joseph michael. 18 years ago you've disappeared, buyou disappeared,but you will e forgotten, and we choose to remember you how you lived and not how you died. we miss you every day.
9:34 pm
[background sounds] [background sounds] paul robert. constantine. barbara j. edwards. dennis michael edwards. michael hardy edwards. christine egan.
9:35 pm
lisa erin egan. martin egan, junior. michael egan. samantha martin egan. carol eggert. lisa karen. john ernst. daphne ferlinda. mark joseph ellis. valerie silver ellis. albert alfy william. robert r. elseth. hendrix emery, junior. doris suk-yuen. christopher epps. william john irwin. sarah ali escarcega.
9:36 pm
josé espinal. fanny espinoza. bill scoops. frankie espisito. rubén, junior. sadie ette. eric brian evans. robert edward evans. meredith emily june ewart. katherine k. fagan. and my brother, andrew. we think of you everyday. you are loved and you now have a 2-year-old grandson whoho is yor namesake, andrew rosenblum. and as he grows, the family will let him know all about you and what a wonderful person you were. you are missed.
9:37 pm
>> and my aunt, lisa marie terry, we come together to remember and cherish your life and all the lives cut short. we are here to say to those who are left behind and to those who have been lost we love you and we will never forget. patricia merry fagan. keith george fairben. charles falkenberg. dana falkenberg. zoe falkenberg. jamie fallon. william s. fallon. william lawrence fallon, junior. anthony j. fallone, junior. dolores richard fanelli.
9:38 pm
robert john fangman. thomas j.. paige marie farley. nancy doloszcyki. elizabeth ann farmer. john w. farnum. joseph farley. clarence patrick. syed abdul fatha. wendy faulkner. christopher edward. bernard. shannon marie fava. ronald fazio, senior. francis.
9:39 pm
william m. feehan. shawn bernard fagan. peter asked him. lee s.. loza very. >> alan feinberg. and my mother, who encouraged all of us to be the wind and not the least. least. and her win has produced a daughter who is a lawyer, a mother and w a leader and grandchildren. we all love and miss you dearly. and my brother-in-law, port authority police officer, paul, you always were and always will be our hero. edward p. felt. edward thomas fergus senior.
9:40 pm
>> j. joseph ferguson. henry fernandes. judy hazell santillan fernandes. julio fernandez. and marie and marie. michael david. bradley james fetch. kristin nichol fiedel. emelia fields. samuel fields. alexander milan. michael bradley then again. timothy j.. stephen j..
9:41 pm
paul and fiori. john. r. fisher. andrew fisher. bennett lawson fisher. gerald p. fisher. john roger fisher. thomas j. fisher. lucy a. fishman. ryan d. fitzgerald. thomas james fitzpatrick. richard p. fitzsimmons. salvatore. darlene. christina donovan flannery. eileen. and my dad, stephen francis. thank you for giving us the mountains. we feel a lot closer to you i love you. and my uncle we all miss you mom
9:42 pm
.ays i have your spirit and lots of experimenting with food and playing soccer. we know you are with us on long car rides and roller coasters. we want you to know that we think about you all the time. every time i'm on the soccer field, i think of you. you help me score goals. we love you so much and you will always hold a special place in our hearts. >> andre fletcher. paul. matthew m. flocco. joseph flounders. carol and flyzik. david fodor. michael fodor. stephen mark fogel. thomas j. foley. james folger. david j. fontana.
9:43 pm
the chih min foo. at dolores. godwin ford. donald j. forman. christopher hugh forsythe. claudia alicia foster. noel john foster. sondra and foster. on a foster us. robert joseph foti. jeffrey fox. jovirginia elizabeth fox. pauline francis. virgin lucy francis. gary j. frank. morgan h. frank. peter christopher franke. colleen al fraser. richard k. frazier. kevin j. frawley. clyde frazier, junior. lillian ynez frederick. andrew fredericks.
9:44 pm
tamitha freeman. fred friedman. peter l. find. arlene azoff read. alan w. friedlander. and my son-in-law thomas. you are a guardian angel and she feels your presence every day. we all love and miss you. and my cousin, john j.. john, we love you and we miss you so very much, and not a day goes by that we are not thinkinv of you. you will never be forgotten. andrew keith friedman. paul j. friedman. greg j. froehner.
9:45 pm
lisa and foster. peter christian frei. clemens a fumando. stephen elliott furman. paul james furmato. carlton douglas bey. richard peter gabriel. richard s. gabriel. james andrew gadiel. pamela lee gaff. erwin then send galliard. the animal and galante and her unborn child. grace catherine galante. anthony edward gallagher. daniel james gallagher. john patrick gallagher. lourdes galetti.
9:46 pm
then send gallucci. thomas galvin. giovanna galletta gambale. firefighter thomas gambino. e john gamboa. peter james, junior. michael ganci. charles. andrew sunny garcia. caesar garcia. david garcia. esjorge luis monro. juan garcia. carmen garcia. anchristopher samuel gardiner. douglas benjamin gardiner.
9:47 pm
harvey joseph gardner 3 and my brother, christopher. our families always think about you. we will call you. you are deeply missed. not a day goes by that you are not mentioned by someone. we love you deeply and we will always cherish yourne memory. your life has been taken but what you left here is just as powerful and we are so grateful and thankful to have you as a brother and a family member in our lives. this country in 18 years you would think would make changes to bring us more peace.
9:48 pm
i hope v today that legislation continues to move forward in banning guns so that we can live in a world of peace and home of the brave. thank you. and my brother brian fitzgerald, not a day goes by that we don't think you are goin you're goingk through that door. thank you for always looking over mom and dad, carolyn, darcy and all the cousin. thank you. >> jeffrey brian gardner. thomas a. gardiner. william arthur gartner. noank garfield.
9:49 pm
james gardiner. matthew garvey. bruce perry. boyd alan gaskin. donald richard gavagan, junior. peter allen's gay. terrence gazzani. gary paul geidel. paul hamilton geier. julie geis. peter gerrard gelinas. stephen paul keller. howard elling, junior. peter v-victo victor demko. stephen gregory genovese. ast lane gentul. linda george. edward geragfhty. ralph gerhardt. robert gerlich.
9:50 pm
dennis germain. marina romanovna gertsberg. susan getzendanner. s lawrence getzner. cortez ghee. joseph giaccone. vincent francis giammona. craig neal gibson. ronnie gies. andrew gilbert. and my father, edward who will forever live in our hearts. we miss you and we love you dearly. he will continue to live in your legacy and i will always share my memories with my baby girl.
9:51 pm
and my father, walter. i miss you every day and i wish i could spend some time with you. thank you. >> timothy paul gilbert. paul stuart gilby. john paul. mark diels. evan hunter gillett. ronald lawrence gilligan. rodney c. gillis. laura gilly. john ginley. donna marie hsia redondo. jeffrey john hsia redondo. john giordano. bartend giovianazzo. the kum kum giorolamo. chieff alexander glascoe.
9:52 pm
thomas erwin glasser. edmund glazer. terry glenn. barry glick. jeremy logan glick. stephen blake. john t. gnazzo. william robert godshalk. brian goldberg. jeffrey goldstein. monica goldstein. stephen goldstein. ronald f. golinski. andrew golkin. dennis james gomes. henrique antonio gomez. josé bienvenido gomez. theniq while gomez, junior. >> and my sister ensured the safety of many that she went to find her missing coworkers. you will always be my hero.
9:53 pm
>> my mother of a friend -- francis. some people do something. i'm here to honor my 76 year old mother on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. mom, we all miss you and love you very much. this day i also remember all of the friends and coworkers that i knew that i. i remember virginia and blue and i remember your sons and daughters, parents and siblings and all first responders. i remember them all and pray with you afteral today.
9:54 pm
some people do something. to support and justify the creationso of care. today, i'm here to respond to you with exactly who did what to whom. [applause] objectively speaking we know who and what was done. there was no uncertainty about that. why the confusion? on the day members of al qaeda killed over 3,000 people and caused billions of dollars ofda economic damage. is that clear? but as to whom? i was attacked. your relatives and friends were attacked. our constitutional freedoms were attacked. and the nation's founding on judeo-christian principles werew attacked. that is what some people did. got it now?
9:55 pm
we are here today, congresswoman to tell you just who did what to whom. show respect and honoring them, please. american patriotism in your position demands it. amen. [applause] [background sounds]
9:56 pm
>> janina nicole gonzález. mauricio gonzalez. rosa j. gonzalez. when kathryn goodchild. catherine goodchild. calvin joseph gooding. peter morgan goodrich. harry goody. kiran kumar reddy gopu. kathryn gorayeb.
9:57 pm
lisa ben gordon's team. kerene gordon. sebastian gorky. karen and joseph thomas edward gorman. michael edward gold. kristin white gold. douglas allen gowell. the yuji goya. christopher michael brady. edwin j. graf 3. david martin graifman gilbert franco. elvira granitto. winston arthur grant. christopher s. gray. ian gray. james michael gray. tara mccloud gray.
9:58 pm
john m. grazioso. timothy george grazioso. derek arthur green. wade be green. wanda anita green. elayne myra greenberg. gael greene. james arthur greenleaf, junior. and my father,na firefighter martin nicholas. we miss you, we love you and we know you are proud of us. and my father, firefighter scott larsen b.f love and miss you. keep watching over us. >> eileen marsha greenstein. elizabeth martin greg. denise marie gregory. donald h. gregory. florence bahram gregory.
9:59 pm
pedro grehan. john michael griffin. tawanna sherry griffin. joan donna griffith. warren grifka. ramen grijalvo. david joseph grimner. francis edward grogan. linda gronlund. kenneth george grouzalis. joseph grzelak. matthew james gryzmalski. [ringing of bell]
10:00 pm
[background sounds] .. [reading names] [reading names] [reading names]
10:01 pm
[reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] and my cousin, you are always in our hearts and you will never be missed and you will never be forgotten. >> my brother, a proud and
10:02 pm
loving father to gabriela and alexander. i dedicated my brother, uncle, nephew and cousin and a devoted husband to my sister diane. his legacy lives on in all of those with his magic and his kindness, especially his extended family, our family has loved that net has not been broken and stronger by the memory. [reading names] [reading names]
10:03 pm
[reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names]
10:04 pm
[reading names] [reading names] today i am honored and humbled to have my brothers namesake and my beloved son appeared on the podium on side of me for this proposition of memories of all of those that we lost. there's a life in memory of my brother gary, never edged in the hearts and minds of all the lives that he is touched of a short time there was here with
10:05 pm
us on this earth. i love you gary and god bless you. >> i wish i could spend time with you and get to know you. i love you and wish you were here withh me. [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names]
10:06 pm
[reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names]
10:07 pm
a proud muslim american man who loves his life for the carefree nature and a steel for adventure and i ambulate every single day. i'm keeping my promise, matter how old i grow, i hope you have been practicing your get up, i promise now we can kick your butt. [speaking in foreign language] >> thomas joseph, for 18 years and never gets any easier, but the only thing i will do is pour my promise to never forget, the friends and i will get a togethr this afternoon and talk about you and other brothers who have gone sense. in regardsh and love, your brothers and sisters christine, karen, jimmy and kathy.
10:08 pm
love you cousin. i will see you on the other side someday. [applause] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] neal o. hinds mark d. hindy katsuyuki hirai heather malia ho [reading names]
10:09 pm
[reading names] ronald g. hoerner patrick a. hoey john a. hofer marcia hoffman stephen g. hoffman frederick joseph hoffmann michele l. hoffmann judith florence hofmiller wallace cole hoke hogan thomas warren hohlweck jr. jonathan r. hohmann cora hidalgo holland john holland joseph f. holland jimmy i. holley elizabeth holmes thomas holohan herbert wilson homer
10:10 pm
>> william hooper jr. bradley van hoorn james p. hopper >> and my sister rose an patricia lang and my nephew, brendan, 18 years later it cuts like a knife. we miss you, until we meet again. >> my grandmother ruth. even though i never met her. through the stories i heard i know my grandmother was an amazing person. she was kind and smart and great at bringing others together. she influenced many people, including my mom, my siblings and me to be kind, funny and accepting of others. i love you and i miss you, grammy. montgomery mccullough hord michael joseph horn matthew douglas horning robert l. horohoe jr. michael robert horrocks aaron horwitz charles j. houston uhuru houston
10:11 pm
angela m. house george howard brady k. howell michael c. howell steven leon howell jennifer l. howley milagros hromada marian r. hrycak stephen huczko jr. kris robert hughes paul rexford hughes robert t. hughes jr. toms f. hughes jr. timothy robert hughes susan huie lamar hulse john nicholas humber jr. william christopher hunt kathleen anne hunt-casey joseph gerard hunter peggy m. hurt robert r. hussa steven highland jr.
10:12 pm
thomas edward hynes walter g. hynes joseph anthony ianelli zuhtu ibis jonathan lee ielpi michael iken daniel ilkanayev frederick ill jr. >> and my mother, yvonne kennedy who dedicated over 30 years of her life to the australian red cross and lived adli life of inclusion, compassion, equality and compassion and humanity. and if there is one legacy that she leaves is that we all, no matter the color, no matter the creed, no matter the religion, and no matter your tribe live our lives with the same humanity she did. >> my mother, barbara p. walsh.
10:13 pm
the void in our hearts, mom will never heal. you'll be so proud of us, your family, your grandchildren are getting so big. we know you're looking down on us giving signs. continue to give us strength to get past this horrific day. we love you and we'll always miss you and you'll always be forever in our heart. god bless america. abraham nethanel ilowitz anthony p. infante jr. louis s. inghilterra christopher noble ingrassia paul innella stephanie veronica irby douglas jason irgang kristin irvine ryan todd antione isaac erik isbrandtsen taizo ishikawa waleed joseph iskandar
10:14 pm
aram iskenderian jr. john f. iskyan kazushige ito aleksandr valeryerich ivantsov >> lacey bernard ivory virginia may jablonski brian c. jack brooke alexandra jackman aaron jeremy jacobs ariel louis jacobs jason kyle jacobs michael grady jacobs steven a. jacobson steven d. jacoby ricknauth jaggernauth jake denis jagoda yudh vir singh jain maria jakubiak robert adrien jalbert ernest james gricelda e. james
10:15 pm
mark steven jardim amy n. jarret muhammadou jawara francois jean-pierre maxima jean-pierre paul edward jeffers john charles jenkins >> and my cousin port authority police officer david. there truly isn't a day that passes that we don't think about you and about the tragic day. we love you and we miss you. >> and my dear aunt marina. though i haven't met you i've been told many great things about you. you're forever in our minds and hearts. love you and miss you dearly. joseph jenkins jr. alan keith jensen prem n. jerath farah jeudy hweidar jian eliezer jimenez jr.
10:16 pm
luis jimenez jr. charles gregory john nicholas john dennis m. johnson lashawana johnson scott michael johnson william r. johnston allison horstmann jones arthur joseph jones iii brian leander jones charles edward jones christopher d. jones donald t. jones donald w. jones judith walter jones linda jones mary s. jones and ruand rubrian jordan
10:17 pm
albert gunnis joseph ingeborg joseph karl henry joseph stephen joseph jane eileen josiah anthony jovic angel l. juarbe jr. karen sue juday ann c. judge mychal f. judge paul william jurgens thomas edward jurgens shashikiran lakshmikantha kadaba gavkharoy kamardinova shari kandell >> and my cousin, brian christopher hickey. to say you're missed would be an understatement. you were a cousin, a friend, and a mentor wrapped into one. i thank you for that. you conducted yourself with class and integrity. so be rest assured your legacy
10:18 pm
and your soul are intact. i can't believe it's been 18 years. may you rest in peace and don't worry, brian. we -- when i say we, i'm talking about a whole lot of people. we'll never forget. >> and my sister, judith ann reese. judy, it's been 18 years since we lost you, and we miss you every day. we miss your presence and all that you meant to us. we miss your awesome devilled eggs you made for our holiday dinners. we miss how much you loved country western music, especially garth brooks. we miss this and so much more. as you know, we were all deeply saddened with the passing of elizabeth a few months ago. you and she were incredible sisters and friends and we take comfort knowing that you welcomed her into heaven with open arms. we miss you very much and we know you're both watching over all of us.
10:19 pm
judy, your nephews and niece and their spouses, michael and lola, brian and jackie, kevin and eileen, christine and joseph and dennis and holley are wonderful people and they're raising incredible children. please know we felt the love and presence of both you and elizabeth at emily and justin's wedding a few weeks ago. as one sports season begins and another one comes to a close, i know you will be cheering for your redskins and elizabeth will be cheering for her yankees. good bye for now, we love you both. may god bless all the families of 9/11. may god bless our first responders, our firefighters, our police officers, and all in our military. howard lee kane jennifer lynn kane vincent d. kane joon koo kang
10:20 pm
sheldon robert kanter deborah h. kaplan robin lynne kaplan alvin peter kappelmann jr. charles karczewski william a. karnes douglas gene karpiloff charles l. kasper andrew k. kates john katsimatides robert michael kaulfers don jerome kauth jr. hideya kawauchi edward t. keane richard m. keane lisa yvonne kearney-griffin karol ann keasler barbara a. keating paul hanlon keating leo russell keene iii joseph john keller peter r. kellerman
10:21 pm
joseph p. kellett frederick h. kelley jr. james joseph kelly joseph a. kelly maurice p. kelly john kelly jr. thomas michael kelly thomas richard kelly thomas w. kelly timothy colin kelly william hill kelly jr. robert clinton kennedy >> and my cousin, alfred. >> and my brother firefighter paul. i lived right down the street. ran into the fire house ran into a burning building and never came out. we're proud of him and we miss him every single day. thomas j. kennedy >> yvonne kennedy john r. keohane ralph francis kershaw ronald t. kerwin howard l. kestenbaum
10:22 pm
douglas d. ketcham ruth ellen ketler boris khalif norma cruz khan sarah khan taimour firaz khan rajesh khandelwal seilai khoo michael vernon kiefer satoshi kikuchihara andrew jay-hoon kim lawrence d. kim mary jo kimelman heinrich kimmig karen ann kincade amy r. king andrew m. king lucille teresa king robert king jr. lisa king-johnson brian k. kenny takashi kinoshita chris michael kirby
10:23 pm
robert kirkpatrick howard barry kirschbaum glenn davis kirwin helen kittle richard joseph klares peter anton klein alan david kleinberg karen joyce klitzman ronald philip kloepfer steven a. knat. my father, raymond. my hero, dad, we miss you, we love you. there's not a day that goes by we don't think of you. you'd be so proud of your five children, 16 grandchildren, your broth beautiful wife who continues to keep your memory alive. i love you dad.
10:24 pm
until we meet again. >> and for my uncle mark and steve. god bless america. andrew knox thomas patrick knox rebecca lee koborie deborah a. kobus gary edward koecheler frank j. koestner ryan kohart vanessa lynn kolpak
10:25 pm
irina kolpakova susan rose kontrtiko abdoulaye kone bon seok koo dorota kopiczko scott kopytko
10:26 pm
bojan kostic danielle kousoulis david p. kovalcin john j. kren william e. krukowski lyudmila ksido shekhar kumar kenneth bruce kumpel frederick kuo jr. patricia kuras nauka kushitani thomas joseph kuveikis victor kwarkye kui fai kwok angela reed kyte andrew lacorte carol ann laplant
10:27 pm
jeffrey latouche ganesh k. ladkat james patrick ladley joseph a. lafalce jeanette louise lafond-menichino david laforge >> and my uncle thomas, who is reunited with his mother and father in heaven. to know my uncle tommy was to love him. jen, tim, colleen and their families miss you dearly and we love you very much. >> and to my father, joseph john berry, whose motto was life is good. we miss you more than our heart and soul thought possible. that's further evidence of the love and light you brought into this world, our lives and the lives of everyone that knew you. and that love never dies. you truly were something special. self-made, brilliant, good looking and kind. the model of a life well lived.
10:28 pm
quick with a smile and affection, generous and friendly to everybody. you taught me the most important things in life. so every day i strive to do better and be better. your nine grandchildren love and talk about you all the time, even though they never got the chance to meet you in person. that legacy, your legacy of love lives on through them. mom, the great love of your life, and all of us, i love you. michael laforte alan charles lafranco juan mendez lafuente neil kwong-wah lai vincent anthony laieta william david lake franco lalama chow kwan lam michael s.lamana stephen lamantia
10:29 pm
amy hope lamonsoff robert lane brendan mark lang rosanne p. lang vanessa langer mary louise langley peter j. langone thomas michael langone michele bernadette lanza ruth sheila lapin ingeborg lariby robin blair larkey judith laroke. christopher randall larrabee hamidou s. larry scott larsen john adam larson natalie janis lasden
10:30 pm
gary edward lasko nicholas craig lassman paul laszczynski charles a. laurencin stephen james lauria maria lavache denis francis lavelle jeannine mary laverde anna a. laverty steven lawn robert lawrence nathaniel lawson >> and my beloved husband, firefighter carl. that his legacy today continues living on by our children. we never forget you.
10:31 pm
god bless all. >> and my father, donald. dad, i'm so grateful to have you as my guardian angel who watches over me through all my adventures. there isn't a day that goes by i don't think of you and miss you. i love you plus one. >> david lazar eugen gabriel lazar james patrick leahy joseph gerard leavey neil joseph leavy robert g. leblanc leon lebor kenneth charles ledee alan j. lederman elena f. ledesma alexis leduc daniel john lee
10:32 pm
david s. lee donald lee gary h. lee hyun joon lee juanita lee kathryn blair lee linda c. lee lorraine mary lee myung woo lee richard y. lee stuart soo-jin lee yang der lee stephen paul lefkowitz adriana legro edward joseph lehman eric andrew lehrfeld david leistman david prudencio lemagne joseph anthony lenihan john joseph lennon jr. john robinson lenoir jorge luis leon matthew gerard leonard
10:33 pm
michael lepore charles a. lesperance jeff leveen john dennis levi alisha caren levin >> j my uncle. your passing has left a hole in our family but taught us that family is important. you live in every memory and in every thought. we miss you. >> and my uncle, bradley. we all miss you every single day and your legacy lives on through my brother who is your namesake. neil david levin robert michael levine robert levine shai levinhar daniel m. lewin adam jay lewis jennifer lewis kenneth e. lewis margaret susan lewis
10:34 pm
ye wei liang orasri liangthanasarn daniel f. libretti ralph licciardi edward lichtschein samantha lightbourn allen steven barry lillianthal carlos r. lillo craig damian lilore arnold a. lim darya lin wei rong lin nickie l. lindo thomas v. linehan jr. robert thomas linnane alan p. linton jr. diane theresa lipari kenneth p. lira francisco alberto liriano lorraine lisi paul lisson
10:35 pm
vincent m. litto ming-hao liu nancy liz harold lizcano martin lizzul george a. llanes elizabeth c. logler catherine lisa loguidice jerome robert lohez michael william lomax >> and my uncle, michael cameron lynch of cantor fitzgerald. we'll carry your memory in our hearts. rest easy, look over our girls and pop. we love you. >> and my aunt maria. i never met you, but i've heard great stories about you. i know you're looking down on us as our guardian angel. lola and dad miss you. we love you, god bless america.
10:36 pm
>> steven v. long laura maria longing salvatore p. lopes daniel lopez george lopez luis manuel lopez maclovio lopez jr. manuel l. lopez joseph lostrangio chet dek louie stuart seid louis joseph lovero sara elizabeth low jenny seu kueng michael w. lowe garry w. lozier john peter lozowsky charles peter lucania edward hobbs luckett ii
10:37 pm
mark gavin ludvigsen lee charles ludwig sean thomas lugano daniel lugo marie lukas william lum jr. michael p. lunden christopher edmund lunder anthony luparello gary frederick lutnick linda anne luzzicone alexander lygin cc liles farrell peter lynch james francis lynch james t. lynch jr. louise a. lynch michael cameron lynch michael francis lynch michael francis lynch richard d. lynch jr. >> and my brother, rudolph.
10:38 pm
rudy, a while back somebody told me that they used to call you rhino, but they said when you got angry you rocked on your heels back and forth and they could almost see the smoke coming out of your ears. i never forgot that, rudy. you are my hero, friend and i miss you desperately. god bless you, rudy. >> and my brother, christopher. chris, you would be so proud of what wonderful passionate adults your three children, have grow up to be. thanks for guiding them from above. we all love you and miss you, chris. >> robert henry lynch jr. sean p. lynch sean patrick lynch richard d. lynch jr. robert henry lynch jr. michael j. lyons monica anne lyons
10:39 pm
patrick j. lyons robert francis mace marianne macfarlane jan maciejewski susan a. mackay catherine fairfax macrae richard blaine madden simon maddison noell maerz jeannieann maffeo joseph maffeo jay robert magazine brian magee charles wilson magee daniel l. maher ronald magnuson william j. mahoney joseph daniel maio takashi makimoto abdu ali malahi debora i. maldonado myrna t. maldonado-agosto alfred russell maler gregory james malone
10:40 pm
edward francis maloney iii joseph maloney gene edward maloy christian maltby francisco miguel mancini >> my brother aaron. >> and my cousin firefighter michael edward robert. we love you and we miss you every day. joseph mangano sara elizabeth manley debra mannetta marion victoria manning terence john manning james maounis alfred giles marchand joseph ross marchbanks jr.
10:41 pm
lara marcisi peter edward mardikian edward joseph mardovich charles joseph margiotta louis neil mariani kenneth joseph marino lester v. marino vita marino kevin d. marlo jose marrero john daniel marshall shirley a. marshan james martello michael a. marti karen ann martin teresa martin william j. martin jr. brian e. martineau betsy martinez edward martinez
10:42 pm
jose angel martinez jr. robert gabriel martinez lizie d. martinez-calderon paul richard martini >> ann marie martino cramer joseph a. mascali bernard mascarenhas stephen frank masi ada l. mason mackro. >> and my husband, derrick christopher washington. we love you, we miss you. and may you continue to watch over our three sons, christopher, devon, and malik. and now we have a beautiful six month old grandbaby and we know that you're watching and protecting her.
10:43 pm
and her name is destiny washington. >> and my uncle brian thomas cummings. he was an avid surfer, skier and deadhead all while being one of the smartest hard working people i know. he is deeply missed. nicholas george massa patricia ann massari michael massaroli philip william mastrandrea jr. rudolph mastrocinque joseph mathai charles mathers william a. mathesen marcello matricciano margaret elaine mattic dean e. matson robert d. mattson walter matuza timothy j. maude charles j. mauro
10:44 pm
dorothy mauro nancy t. mauro charles a. mauro jr. robert j. maxwell renee a. may tyrone may keithroy marcellus maynard robert j. mayo kathy nancy mazza edward mazzella jr. jennifer lynn mazzotta kaaria mbaya james joseph mcalary brian gerard mcaleese patricia ann mcaneney colin r. mcarthur john kevin mcavoy kenneth m. mcbrayer brendan mccabe michael mccabe thomas j. mccann justin mccarthy kevin m. mccarthy michael mccarthy
10:45 pm
>> my grandfather, rocco. though i never had the chance to mi meet you i heard so many stories. all of your grandchildren whiis they could have met you. thank you for watching over us and keeping us safe. >> and my uncle, it's been 18 years and although i have never met you, i carry your name with such great pride. the whole family misses you so much. even though we do not see you, we feel you have been with us every step of the way. may the memories of the amazing person that you were continue to be a blessing and bring more joy and light to the world. [speaking in a foreign language] god bless america. robert mccarthy stanley mccaskill katie marie mccloskey
10:46 pm
juliana valentine mccourt ruth magdaline mccourt charles austin mccrann tonyell f. mcday matthew t. mcdermott joseph p. mcdonald brian grady mcdonnell michael p. mcdonnell john mcdowell jr. eamon j. mceneaney john thomas mcerlean jr. eamon . >> daniel francis mcginley. >> mark ryan mcginley. >> william e. mcginn. >> thomas henry mcginness. >> michael gregory mcginty. >> anne walsh mcgovern. >> scott martin mcgovern. >> william j. mcgovern. stacy stennis mcgowan.
10:47 pm
>> francis mcdwin. >> patrick j. mcguire. >> thomas m. mchale. >> keith david mckefy. >> ann m. mccue. >> dennis j. mccue iii. >> dennis p. mccue. >> michael edward mccue jr. >> robert g. mcle vane. >> stephanie marie mckenna. >> molly l. mckenzie. >> barry j. mckeon. >> evelyn mckennedy. >> darrell mckinney. >> george patrick mcloughlin jr. >> and my uncle daniel francis mcginley. although i was only seven when you passed. i'll never forget you teaching me to swing a baseball bat. we love you. >> and my uncle. david voder. it's taken me 17 years to get
10:48 pm
here and honor your memory. i want to know that those of us blessed to know you in life will always remember your kind heart, loving smile and beautiful spirit. i will not let my children grow up without knowing that you were one of many heroes that died saving lives on september 11th, 2001. god bless the victims and families of september 11th, and god bless america. >> gavin mcmann. >> robert d. mcmann. >> edward mcnally. >> daniel walker mcneal. >> wall streeter arthur mcneal. >> christine sheila mcnulty. >> shawn peter mcnulty. >> robert william mcpatton. >> terrence a. mcshane. >> timothy patrick mcsweeney.
10:49 pm
>> martin e. mcwilliams. >> rocco a. mcdabby. >> anna iris medina. >> damien meehan. >> william j. meehan jr. >> raymonds men hiemer. >> manuel emilio mena. >> escobar melahu. >> mary p. mel end ez. >> christopher d.melo. >> yellenia melenchenko. >> dora marie men chaka. >> charles r. mendez. lizzette men dosa. >> wolfgang peter menzle. steve john mercado. >> alfredo mercado.
10:50 pm
>> ralph joseph america curio. >> george l. marino. joe. george merkuris. >> and my urngle clinton davis, i'm heard great things about you and i'm so sad i didn't get to meet you, we all love and miss you so much. >> and my uncle salvador p. lobes and my cousin vincent francis defazio, we love and miss you every single day. debra marek. >> raymond joseph metz iii. >> gerald anne mets ler. >> david robert meyer. >> narulh. mejia. >> william edward maciavey.
10:51 pm
>> martin paul mickelson. >> patricia e.mickley. >> ronald d. mempb elan. >> gregory melono woods. >> lukaz malevsky. >> sharon christina milan. >> cory peter miller. >> greg j. miller. >> douglass c. miller. >> henry alfred miller jr. >> joel miller. >> michael matthew miller. >> nicole carol miller. >> phillip d. miller. >> robert alan miller. >> robert cromwell miller jr.
10:52 pm
>> benny millman. >> charles m. mills jr. >> ronald keith milstein. >> robert j.minara. >> william george minardi. >> louis joseph minervino. >> thomas mingione. >> wilbert miraille. >> domenick mircovich. >> rajesh mirpuri. >> joseph d.mistrulli. >> susan j.miszkowicz. >> paul thomas mitchell. >> richard d.miuccio. >> jeffrey peter mladenik. >> frank v.moccia sr.
10:53 pm
>> louis joseph modafferi. >> and my brother, alan cornwell, it's been 18 years, and i haven't missed a year, you're always in my heart. with your brother, and your sister, and your niece, your nephew. and your great nephews, and your great niece. we love you, and god bless the united states of america. >> and my brother-in-law, jayesh shah. it's been 18 years since we put a bookmark in the book of life and held this spot that you were forcefully taken away from us. i look forward to a moment when our souls can reconnect and we can share the wonder of these chapters. your spirit of love, adventure
10:54 pm
and compassion live on in your three children, nici, sonia and kevin. you would be immensely proud of them. and your wife, jovi. your brother, neli, no matter where we are living in this world always manages to come back to this hallowed ground to reconnect with a part of you and honor you. i hope you know how much we and all your extended family in india love you, miss you, and remember you. >> boyie mohammed. >> dennis mojica. >> firefighter manuel d.mojica jr. >> kleber rolando molina. >> manuel dejesus molina. >> carl molinaro. >> justin john molisani jr. >> brian patrick monahan.
10:55 pm
>> franklin monahan. >> john gerrard monahan. >> kristen leigh month their roh. >> craig montano. >> michael g. mompb ontesi. >> carlos alberto montoya. >> antonio dejesus montoya valdez. >> cheryl n.monyak. >> thomas carlo moody. >> sharon moore. >> krishna v.moorthy. >> laura lee defazio morabito. abner morales. >> carlos manuel morales. >> paula e. morales. >> sonia mercedes morales puopolo. >> gerrard p. moran jr. >> john christopher moran. >> john michael moran. >> kathleen moran. >> lindsay stapleton morehouse.
10:56 pm
>> george william morell. >> steven p.morello. >> vincent s.morello. >> yvette nicole moreno. >> dorothy morgan. >> richard j. morgan. >> nancy morganstern. >> sanae mori. >> blanca robertina morocho. >> leonle engineer on mow morocho. >> dennis gerrard more roany. >> and my cousin, john degiovan degiovanni. >> and my father, jesus lopez. according to mom you used to love. friends told my your next trip to hong kong. i think for the both of us, that's the next trip i will do. that way i will say whatever you see. >> and for my so cousin.
10:57 pm
wst of the victims of the february 19 the 6 bombing. you're one of the few that passed that day. it's a powderkeg. it marked a day of terrorism in this country. and that brings me to remember my dear cousin, husband, kirk wolf gruber, he was the direc r or chairman for the directors of the voices of 9/11, it was here where he met my cousin that he would later marry, because of john conners who died in the world trade center. and the number of people that i've, that the world has coming to, that we are now in my world that i've associated with, has grown bigger on this site. we can never forget that. we will never forget this. and i have to thank all the soldiers that are across the world, fighting for the reason why that we're all standing here and i'm standing here. saying these names. may god bless america, thank you.
10:58 pm
>> lynne irene morris. >> odessa morris. >> seth ail lan morris. >> steve morris. >> christopher morrison. >> ferdinand morrone. >> william david moskal. >> brian a. moss. >> marco motroni. >> cynthia wilson. >> aouir mouchinski. jude joseph moussa. >> peter moutos. >> damian mowatt. >> teddington moy. >> christopher mozzillo. >> stephen vincent mulderry. >> richard t. mull downey jr. >> michael d. mullen.
10:59 pm
>> dennis michael mulligan. >> peter james mulligan. >> michael joseph mullen. >> james donald munhall. >> nancy munoz. >> francisco munoz. >> carlos munoz. >> theresa munson. >> robert michael murach. >> caesar augusto murillo. >> marc a.murolo. >> brian joseph murphy. >> charles anthony murphy. >> christopher w. murphy. >> edward charles murphy. >> james f. murphy iv. >> patrick jude murphy. >> kevin james murphy.
11:00 pm
>> raymond e. murphy. >> pat rick shawn murphy. >> james thomas murphy. >> and my father, robert r.ploger iii and my step-mother alexandra f.plo kbmpb er. >> and my cousin michael a. marty. we love you and we miss you forever. thank you for watching over us. >> robert eddie murphy jr. >> john joseph murray. >> john joseph murray. >> susan d. murray. >> valerie victoria murray. >> richard todd myhre. >> louis j.nace ii. >> robert b. nagel. >> mildred rose naiman. >> takuya nakamura. >> alexander john robert napier. >> frank joseph naples iii.
11:01 pm
>> john phillip napolitano. >> catherine ann nardella. >> mario nardone jr. >> manika narula. >> shawn nassaney. >> narendar nath. >> karen susan navarro. >> joseph navas. >> francis nazario. >> glenroy neblett. >> raymond marcus th nee. pete negron. laurie neira. ann michelle n. nelson. caesar alan nelson. christopher newton.
11:02 pm
christopher newton carter. nancy. and my father john christopher carey at its been 18 years since you were taken away from us and yesterday would have been the 27th wedding anniversary but i'm thankful everynwee day for the e of my mother and sister. i look up to you every day and hope you are proud of me we love you and miss you dearly. my cousin, judy. we miss you but we will always love you and he will always be in our heart. khang ngoc nguyen. kathleen nicosia.
11:03 pm
martin niederer. gloria nieves. upon niederer, junior. kathryn noack. curtis noel. michael noeth. curtis. walter robert nunes. robert grant norton. daniela notaro. brian christopher novotny. brian nunez. jeffrey roger nussbaum. james oberg. james p. o'briant, junior. michael p. o'brien.
11:04 pm
scott j. o'brien. timothy michael o'briant. daniel o'callaghan. dennis james o'connor,co junior. diana j. o'connor. keith kevin o'connor. richard j. o'connor. amy o'doherty. marni authority. and my grandfather who i know watches over me every day. >> and my uncle. uncle mike, we love you, miss you and hope you found peace and a pair of skis up in heaven. >> john.
11:05 pm
>> hatchback o'keefe. gerald thomas o'leary. linda merry. via elizabeth oliver. jeffrey james olson. stephen james olson. toshihiro onda. seamus oneal. peter j. o'neill junior. christopher orgielewicz.
11:06 pm
virginia ormiston. kevin o. rourke. plonk ortego-campos. alexander ortiz. james marie. >> amelio pete ortiz. david ortiz. and my brother daniel. we miss you and love you and we keep you alive and the victims of 9/11. please, never forget. and my brother, my big brother, joseph john henson free. i go by the memorial every day on my way to work and like all of us do i know he would want me to take a moment to say i am proud of you mom, dad to have our ups and downs but we are there for each other and extremely proud of us and my little nephew who isn't so
11:07 pm
little anymore how proud he is a view. do great. i would be remiss if i did mention two of his best friends. we set up a beautiful golf outing every year to celebrate my brother's life had been so much you and your beautiful wife, thank you. and i brother's best friend who's been like a second big brother to me. i would be remiss if i didn't mention my friends. my brother said i have the best friends in the world and he was right. and maybe you can cindy. whole life.ou my my eyes were opened to see what i have in front of me. i know i haven't been the easiest person to live with. i love you with my whole heart thank you to my beautiful children i love you. gogod bless america. [applause]
11:08 pm
paul ortiz, junior. patch rick o'shea. robert william o'shea. james r.. timothy franklin o'sullivan. franklin douglas oswald. my goal john. michael cheong. peter j. owens, junior. israel pabon, junior. michael benjamin packer. diana padro. jeffrey matthew palazzo. thomas palazzo.
11:09 pm
richard a. palazzolo. alan n. palumbo. christopher matthew panciera. dominique lisa pandolfo. paul j. pansini. salvador papasso. james nicholas pappageorge. vinod kumar parakat. and my father, we miss you, dad, and my brother, we love you forever and ever. it hardai parbhu.
11:10 pm
deborah harry pires. george perez. gye hyong park. michael allen parkins. robert d. parks, junior. hashmukh c. parmar. diane marie parsons. leobardo lopenz pascual. michael j. pascuma, junior. horace robert passanati. suzanne passaro. speak eight. stephen bennett patterson. james matthew patrick. manuel d. patrocino. bernard patterson. clifford l. patterson, junior.
11:11 pm
cira marie patti. robert p. patterson. james robert paul. patrice paz. victor hugo paz. stacey lynn peak. richard alan perlman. there are no pearsall, junior. thomas nicholas pecorelli. thomas pedicini. todd douglas paulino. mike adrian pelletier. robert penn injured. richard al penny. and my sister, casey. today i'm wearing my sister's jacket just for you. you are looking down and saying look, that's my sister. she's wearing my jacket. just for you. i love you. i would like to thank the 9/11
11:12 pm
organization and volunteers for their compassionou and support o bring peace and comfort to the victims and thei the families os very sad day. and for playing my sisters song, bridge over troubled water. after 18 years, [inaudible] wo would come and bring you back again. all of our loved ones, take care of each other and continue to look over us. there is no easy way to say goodbye. we love you.
11:13 pm
those families and love them a resting place [inaudible] god bless, everyone. thank you. [applause] and my brother, alfred russel mailer. to all that have lost someone, an anonymous quote. those we love don't go away. they walked beside us every day. unseen, unheard always near. still loved, still nice and very dear. we love you always. god bless. story >> salvatore. carl perlatla. john for conti, junior.
11:14 pm
alejo perez. angela susan perez. anthony perez. ivan antonio perez. nancy e. perez. berry berenson perkins. joseph john perroncino. edward perrotta. emelda perry. glenn c. perry senior. john william perry. franklin allen pershep. danny pesce. michael john pescherine. donald arthur peterson. jean hoadley peterson. william russell peterson. mark james petrocelli. philip scott petti. glenn kerrin pettit. dominic.
11:15 pm
kevin j. pfeiffer. tu-anh pham. kenneth john. ludwig john icarro. christopher j. pickford. dennis j. pierce. bernard pietronico. nicolas p. pietrunti. and my uncle. we love and miss you every day. you are in our hearts forever. and my grandfather. we love you and think about you all the time. theodore pigis. y susan elizabeth pinto. joseph christopher todd piskadlo. joshua michael piver.
11:16 pm
robert 3. zandra ploger. joseph plumitallo. john and pocher. william howard full minute. lawrence michael polatsch. thomas h. polhemus. suzanne and polio. darin pontell. joshua iosua popteam. jia bohne porras. anthony portillo. james edward ppotorti. daphne pouletsos. richard poulos. brandon jerome powell. scott allen powell. sean edward powell. antonio dorsey pratt. gregory m. preziose.
11:17 pm
wanda ivelisse prince. vincent princiotta. kevin pryor. everett martin proctor 3. kerry beth progren. david lee pruim. richard a. prunty. john foster puckett. robert david pugliese. edward pullis. patricia puma. hemanth kumar puttur. and my husband, we think of you often with a ever ready smile. thank you to all that have assisted in the victims of 9/11 to move forward with their lives. wwe could've done it could havet you and thank you to all who serve the country today. and my son we will meet at the
11:18 pm
tail and run thill and run to t. i will not forget you. i've kept you in the palm of my hand. joseph, junior. edward r. pykon. christopher quackenbush. lawrence qualben. lincoln quappe. beth and quigley. patrick j. quigley 4. michael g. quilty. james francis quinn.ic ricardo quinn. carol millicent rabalais. christopher peter anthony racaniello. leonard ragaglia. laura marie smith. michael paul ragusa.
11:19 pm
frank raimondi. hairy raines. lisa raines. edward j. rall. lukas rambousek. maria ramirez. harry reynosa. vishnoo ramsaroop. deborah ramsour. lorenzo ramzey. alfred todd rancke. at him daviadam david rand. jonathan c. randal. shreyas ranganth. rhonda sue rasmussen. robert a. rasmussen. ameniaia rasool. mark rottweiler.
11:20 pm
david allen james rathkey. and my aunt, maria. we love and miss you. and my mom, maureen who was at woodstock 50 years ago this summer. you always said you were cool and you still are. we love you. [applause] william ralph raub. gerard rauzi. alexi razuvaev. michelle marie reed. judith and reese. donald j. reagan. robert m. reagan. thomas michael regan. christian michael otto regenhard. howard reich. greg riley. james brian reilly. kevin o'reilly.
11:21 pm
timothy rreilly. joseph reina, junior. thomas barnes reining. frank bennett reisman. joshua wescott reiss. karen renda. john armand grillo. john thomas resta. sylvia resta. david e. retik. todd h. reuben. louise clodoaldo revilla mier. eduvigis reyes. francis saverio riccardelli. rudolph riccio. anne-marie riccoboni. eileen mary rice. kenneth frederick bryce 3.
11:22 pm
cecelia richard. vernon allan richard. and my father, police officer emergency service truck number ten, we love and miss you always. and my brother-in-law, even though your legacy still lives on. >> claude daniel richards. gregory david richards. michael richards. venesha richards. jimmy riches. alan j. richman. john n. rigo. frederick charles rimmele 3. rosemarie riso. moises rivas. carmen alicia rivera. isaiah rivera.
11:23 pm
juan william rovira. linda rivera. david joseph r. riverso. paul rizza. john frank rizza. leo arthur roberts. michael e. roberts. michael edward roberts. donald arthur robison junior. michelle lee jean robotham. antonio a. rocha. raymond james rocha. raymond rockefeller. antonio josé rodriguez. anthony rodriguez. carmen milagros rodriguez. gregory rodriguez.
11:24 pm
marcia rodriguez. mayra valdis rodriguez. richard rodriguez. david rodriguez. nd my husband. we love and miss you each and every day. you will live in our heartss forever. we will make sure your legacy will be continued to your beautiful children. >> and my mom. for all the times i forgot to thank you for all the special little things you do and all the words that sometimes go unspoken, i love you mom. at times i may have seemedtt ungrateful, i want to say i truly hope you see that youo hae done -- nothin nothing but he'se has been forgotten in the day by day you mean more to me. [applause] matthew rogan. carly rogers. scott william. keith michael roma.
11:25 pm
joseph m.. efrain romero. james romito. sean rooney. eric thomas ropiteau. aida rosario. angela aida rosario. mark h. rosen. brooke david rosenbaum. linda rosenbaum. cheryl lynn rosenbaum. lloyd daniel rosenberg. mark lewis rosenberg. andrew ira rosenblum. joshua m. rosenblum. joshua allen rosenthal. richard david rosenthal. philip bartend rosenzweig. daniel rossetti. richard berry ross. gary ross. norman s. also now.
11:26 pm michael craig. donna marie rothenberg. mark david. james michael. nicholas charles alexander roe. edward v.. timothy allen roy, senior. paul ruback. ronald j. rubin. joann rubino. david and ruddle. and my uncle. whenever people talk about you the one thing that stands up to be the most is the family and i know you would be proud of the amazing family you left behind and the amazing young man and women we've grown into. we love you and we miss you. and to my father a day doesn't go by.
11:27 pm
we have a new family member, your grandson. we will teach all three grandchildren that you were a great man, wonderful father and great husband. we love you forever until the end of time. god bless america. adam keith ruhalter. robert e. russell. stephen p. russell. stephen harris russin. michael thomas russo, senior. senior. wayne alan russo. william r. ruth.
11:28 pm
edward ryan. john joseph ryan. jonathan stephen ryan. matthew ryan. the tatiana ryjova. christina sunga ryook. thierry saada. jason elazr sabbag. thomas sabella. scott faber. charles sabin, senior. joseph francis sacerdote. jessica leigh sachs. francis john sadocha. brock joel. edward saiya. john patrick salamone. marjorie c. salamone. hernando rafael salas.
11:29 pm
juan salas. esmerlin salcedo. john pepe salemo. richard salindari, junior. wayne john solomon. bouldeno word solomon. katherine patricia salter. frank g. salvaterra. paul richard silvio. and my father, christopher w.. we miss you everyday. >> and my father, maurice a carpenter that helped build this great city. not only did he build a city that a truly the family -- family that truly misses him. he never used one of my softball games growing up but now with each passing year i feel like he's missing out on so much. i miss his presence more and more each day, his smiles, guidance.d
11:30 pm
you are my protector and angel. i know you will guide us. my brother sean and tommy you will give us the strength from we love you, dad. [applause] >> samuel robert junior. john p. sammartino. james kenneth samuel, junior. michael san philip. hugo sanay. alva cynthia jeffrey sanchez. jacqueline patrice sanchez. jesus sanchez. raymond sanchez. eric &. stacy lee sanders. herman s. sandler. jim sands junior.
11:31 pm
sayleen santi otto. kristen reese santiago. maria teresa concepcion santillan. susan gale santo. christopher a santora. john august stand for. mario santoro. rafael humberto santos. victor j. saracini. chapelle rennee stewart sarker. gregory thomas saucedo. anthony savas.
11:32 pm
samuel m.. john michael sbarbaro. vladimir savinkin. robert louis scandole. david n. scales. dennis scauso. michelle scarpitta. john g. scharf. john albert schardt. angela susan scheinberg. fred schefold. scott michael. stephen francis schlag. karen helene schmidt. john schlissel.
11:33 pm
thomas g. schoales. ian schneider. gerard patrick schrang. frank g. speed eight, junior. john t. schroeder. jeffrey h. schreier. edward w. schunk. soothingly schuler. john burkhardt schwartz. mark swartz. markrk evan schurmeier. and my own goal that i never got to meet a guy named after, nicholas. we will always remember you. >> my son, jeffrey schmidt.
11:34 pm
we miss and love you. we were very fortunate to have him in our lives for 36 years. [applause] janice scott. randolph scott. christopher j. scudder. arthur warren scullin. michael seamn. margaret seeliger. carlos segarra. jason sekzer. matthew carmen sellitto. howard selwyn. larry john senko. arturo angelo sereno. marion serva. the alena sesinova. adult christine sessa.
11:35 pm
care and linda seymour. davis greer sezna, junior. thomas joseph sgoria. khalid m. shahid. earl richard shanahan. dan shanower. katherine shatzoff. barbara shaw john shea, junior. daniel james joseph patrick shea. kathleen shearer. linda jim sheehan. hagay shefi. thomas joseph schubert. mark shulman. alan abraham schwartz.
11:36 pm
joanna segments. diane signer. gregory sikorsky. david is over. craig silverstein. nasima simjee. bruce simmons. diane m. simmons. donald e. simmons. george w. simon. arthur simon. kenneth allen simon. and my uncle. this is my second time reading for you. i hope you are proud of me. i've never met you before, but you willre always be in our min, heart and everyday lives. i know you are out there watching me. i love you. >> my mom who i'm honored to share my middle name with. i struggle everyday to continue your legacy.
11:37 pm
her family loves, misses and will never forget you. [applause] >> michael j. simon. paul joseph simon. marianne liquori simone. barry simowitz. jane louise simpkin. just lyal simpson. cheryl sincock. speak eight. thomas sinton. peter siracuse. muriel siskopoulus. john p. skala. princess joseph skidmore, junior. paul albert skryzpek.
11:38 pm
christopher paul slattery. then send robert slavin. robert f. sliwak. paul kenneth sloan. stanley s. smagala, junior. wendy l. small. greg h. smallwood. kathryn t. smith. daniel warren smith. gary f. smith. george eric smith. heather lee smith. james gregory smith. jeffrey r. smith. joyce patricia smith. karl t. smith, senior. kevin joseph smith. leon smith junior. the moira ann smith. monica rodriguez smith. rosemary a. smith.
11:39 pm
bonnie shihadeh smithwick. ruechel monique snell. christina snyder. diane bullis snyder. leonard miner junior. ruben solares. naomi leah solomon. daniel w. song. smari-rae sopper. michael charles sorresse. fabian soto. timothy patrick soulas. gregory thomas spagnoletti. donald f. spampinato. thomas sparaciao. john and any spataro. robert w. spear, junior.
11:40 pm
robert speisman. maynard dissents, junior. george edward spencer, 3. and my uncle. our family misses you. i wish i had the chance to meet you. i love you. >> and my brother, joseph michael. i can't believe it's been 18 years, and you haven't sent me a rainbow lately so i'm waiting. send it soon. >> robert andrew spencer. mary urbina sparano. frank spinelli. william spitz. joseph patrick spor, junior. klaus sprockamp.
11:41 pm
fitzroy rose. michael stabile. lawrence t. stack. timothy m. stackpole. richard james stadelberger. eric adam stahlman. gregory stajik. alexandra liviu stan. corina stan. mary domenica stanley. rithony starita. jeffrey stark. derek james statkevicus. the triple shot to be 56 patricia statz. william stockman. steen. william r. spiner. alexander robert steinman. edna l. stevens.
11:42 pm
andrew stergiopoulos. andrew j. stern. norma lang steurle. martha james stephens. michael james stewart. douglas joel stone. bonnie j. stone. jimmy nevill storey. timothy stout.n thomas strada. james j. straine, junior. edward w. straub. george j. strauch, junior. edward thomas strauss. steven r. strauss. larry l. strickland. stephen f. ststrobert. walwyn wellington stuart, junior.
11:43 pm
benjamin suarez. david scott suarez.av ramen suarez. dino xavier ramirez. yoichi sugiyama. daniel thomas suhr. david marc sullins. christopher p. sullivan. patrick sullivan. thomas sullivan. hilario sorinao sumaya, junior. james joseph suozzo. and my aunt. there is not a day that goes by that we don't think a few. i wish you were still here s wei could greet you at the door like they used to every day when you came home from work. we miss you in a few very much. and my sister, we love you and
11:44 pm
miss you every day. calling seconds -- >> claudia sutton. john francis swaine. christine swearson. brian david sweeney. brian edward sweeney. madeline amy sweeney.da kenneth j. swenson. thomas f. swift. derek ogilvie sword. gina sztejnberg. norbert sztejnberg. phyllis gail talbot.
11:45 pm
robert r. talhami. sean patrick tallon. paul talty. maurita tam. rachel tamares. michael. andrew tamuccio. the kenichiro tanaka. michael anthony tanner. dennis gerrard taormina, junior. kenneth joseph tarantino. alan tarasiewicz. michael tarrou. ronald tartaro. there'll anthony taylor. donnybrook scaler. leonard e. taylor. lorisa taylor. sandra taylor.
11:46 pm
sandra dawn teague. paul a. tegtmeier. yeshavant moreshwar tembe. stanley temple. david gustav peter tengelin. brian john. lisa marie. goumatie. michael theodoridis. and my uncle, william matheson. it's an honor to stand here and speak your name and it is an honor to love your family. it's an honor to remember you. and my father first and foremost before any of this happened, my
11:47 pm
mom was born on this day so i want to say happy birthday to my mom, and as far as my father goes, i know that you are watchings over us and my brother is inn the navy i know you are watchinyou'rewatching over my sr whole family. again i miss you, i love you and i can't wait to see you soon. [applause] >> thomas f. theurkaut, junior. leslie and thomas. anton us. brian thomas thompson. clive ian thompson. glenn thompson. nigel bruce thompson. terryve a. thompson. eric raymond thorpe.
11:48 pm
sal tieri, junior. mary ellen tiesi. kenneth tietjen. scoff charles timmes. jennifer and tino. john james tipping 2. robert frank tipaldi. hector tirado, junior. michelle lee. vladimir thomas. john j. tobin. thomas paul. otis tolbert. stephen kevin tompsett. christopher michael. naris torres. abdul karim traore. walter phillips.
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daniel patrick tramped. james anthony. glenn traverse senior. alicia traylor-bass. gregory james trost. william tselepis. michael patrick tucker. ching ping tung. donald joseph tuzio. lance richard. jennifer lynn tzemis. simon james turner and my father michael patrick tucker with the best father ever. we love and miss you every day. robert tommy, john g. and my brother, we love you always and
11:50 pm
miss you still jonathan j.. alan upton. donny and marie. john damien vaccacio. vaccacio. broadly hard just vadas. william valcarcel. felix antonio vale. i've been vale. benito ballantine. santos ballantine, junior. carlton francis. the pendyala vamsikrishna. kenneth w. van auken. bruce van hines. daniel m. van laere.
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edward raymond vanacore. charles vander vander. david vargas. scott vasel. azael ismael vasquez. santos vasquez. peter vaga. sankara sastry velamuri. lawrence veling. anthony mark ventura. david vera. loretta and vero. christopher jane vioalonger. matthew gilbert t vianna.
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robert anthony vicario. cjoanna vidal. joseph vincent vigiano. frank j. vignola, junior. joseph berry. claire about villalobos hernando's. chantelle vinvelli. melissa vincent. francine virgillio. joseph gerard. joshua vitale. marie percocco vola. a lynette vosges. alfred anton vukosa.
11:53 pm
gregory kamal wachtler. karen wagner. mary alice wahlstrom. >> and my mother. we love you, we miss you, and i am eternally grateful for your love on our elizabeth. >> wendy alice rose area wakeford. courtney waynesburg walcott. victor wald. kenneth waldie. benjamin james walker. glenn wall. mitchell scott wallace. peter guyder wallace. robert francis wallace. roy michael wallace.
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jeanmarie walden dorf. matthew blake wallen. meta waller. john wallace, junior. barbara walsh. jim walsh. jeffrey involved. chang wang. weibin wang. stephen gordon ward. timothy ray ward. james a waring. brian g. warner. derek christopher washington. charles waters. james thomas waters. patrick j. waters. kenneth thomas watson. michael henry waye. todd christopher weaver. walter edward weaver. nathaniel webb.
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dinah webster.. william michael weems. diane while. michael thomas weinberg. steven weinberg. stephen george weinstein. simon weisner. david weiss. david thomas weisner delete the weiss. chin sun pak wells. deborah jacob welsh. timothy matthew welty. chris tran wemmers. ssu-hui wen. john joseph wenckus. peter west. whitfield west, junior. meredith lynn wwhalen. eugene michael whelan. adam white. edward james white 3. james patrick weiss. and my cousin, christopher.
11:56 pm
there isn't a day that goes by -- continue to keep watch over us and keep us safe. to all of first responders, construction workers, military personnel, volunteers here on this day 18 years ago and remained throughout the months that followed that are currently suffering and have succumbed to 9/11 illnesses, we honor you and we pray for you. your sacrifices will never be forgotten and i keep you close to my heart. >> my mother, stacy who we miss more and mor more everyday and d every year but continued to carry on through the memory of herd. love and gift we will alws remember you, mama. john sylvester white. kenneth wilber in life, junior. leonard anthony white. melissa white.
11:57 pm
maudlyn light. white. sandra l. white. wayne white. leanne marie whiteside. mark whitford. leslie whittington. michael t. wholey. jeffrey david wiener. william j. wik. allison marie wildman. glenn e. wilkinson. john charles willet. brian patrick williams. ilcandace lee williams. crossley richard williams, junior. david j. williams. david lucian williams. debbie l. williams. dwayne williams. kevin michael williams. lori anthony williams. lewis calvin williams to third. john p. williamson. and willison.
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william wilson. david herold intend. glenn winuk. thomas francis weiss. alan wisniewski. frank paul wisniewski. david wiswall. michael wittenstein. martin phillips wholforth. katherine susan wolf. jennifer yen wong. suicheung wong. martin roger once. richard herron woodwell. patrick j. once. john bentley. david absolutely. rodney james watson. martin michael berkley. john doubled you write junior.
11:59 pm
william retired. neil robin wright. and my wife. >> and my beautiful brother michael angel trinidad. we love you and we miss you.el john yamnicky, senior. vicki yamnicky yancey. matthew david yarnell. olabisi shadie layene yee. kevin w. yokum. edward p. yorke. kevin patrick york. raymond are york. suzanne martha youmans.
12:00 am
leroy young, junior. donald macarthur young. edmund g. young, junior. jacqueline young. lisa l. jan. elkin yuen. joseph zaccouli. adel agayby zakhary. edwin j. zambrana, junior. robert allen zampieri. mark zangrilli. christopher zarba, junior. ira zaslow. kenneth albert zelman. abraham zelmanowitz. martin margolis zempoaltacatl. the zhe zeng. marx thought zeplin.
12:01 am
jiji ya zhao. michael joseph zinzi. charles allen zion. julia lynn zipper. salvador j. zisa. paul zois. joseph zuccala. andrew stephen zucker. igor zukelman. and my godfather and uncle, sunflowers make me smile the way you made me smile and you continue to make us smile every time your memory enters us. i want to thank the first responders especially comedy battalion chief and fire marshal who is always trying to save my family's lives and others and also offers responders and volunteers in the responders that continue to suffer with 9/11 related illnesses, thank you for your service. re[applause]
12:02 am
and my sister, catherine patricia, sister also to tim, cindy, linda and mary. 18 years. we will not forget. we cannot forget. >> patrick brown. stephen dennis. walter gomez. mark. joseph. thomas h. mahone. jeffrey james.
12:03 am
robert k. olson. pablo ortiz. vladimir,>> john michael. dennis. rafael. william h. thompson. alicia titus. and my brother, daniel james gallagher not a day goes by that your family doesn't wish he were still here. and my cousin who was first a lifeguard and saved countless lives on the beach and then for all of you out there please continue to surf and for all of you lifeguards, please continue to save lives. thank you.
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eternal god, you are our defender and hope. on this 18th anniversary of september 11, we thank you that you never give us burdens to great to bear. continue to remind us that eternal vigilance is the price for freedom. comfort the families of those who died on


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