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tv   House GOP Retreat News Conference - Day 2  CSPAN  September 13, 2019 8:47am-9:18am EDT

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usmca and another a lot of democrats that been working as well with ambassador lighthizer to try to get this done and i would ask the gentleman if he has any idea of where the process is on your side if there's any idea of a timeline to finally bring this to pass this important agreement that would send the message not only to our friends from the north and south, canada and mexico, but our friends speedy the u.s. house returns on tuesday for legislative work. live coverage as always is on c-span. this news conference by the way, you can follow online at we will. we will take you live to baltimore with the house republicans are holding the retreat, second day of the retreat news conference here with republican leadership. >> in terms of what we're doing in a retreat. we had a great evening last night with president trump, and i think you really saw the contrast in particular with the
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fact the pentagon pundits think time, contrast between the president, the accomplishments we've seen in the last three years, all across the board from economy that is going at a historic pace, on climate which is been down at a stroke levels come on the plentiful limit, unemployment for african americans, unemployment for hispanics across the board. using regulatory reform. you've seen the effort which is been crucially important to rebuild the military. a long list of accomplishments, the appointment of judges, the bench who will defend the constitution. and so you have seen that. we had the opportunity to talk about that last night, the opportunity to talk about where we're headed in 2020 wow that was going on the democrats on the debate stage in a situation where think frankly one of the most concerning moments that came out of the debate that had a lot of really concerning
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moment was when one democratic candidates and is yes, he was in equity advocate confiscating people's firearms. so i think you'll continue to see very clear contrast between a democratic party that is absolutely in the throes of the socialists, a a democratic pary that finally once to massively expand the role of government in our lives in that situation we'll have people they choose the true fraud of socialism or are they going to be in a position with a choose to continue the kind of success that we see now for the three years of the trump presidency. and we know when people go into the polling booth to make those choices, we're going to be in a position where we're able to take back the house and we will keep the senate. we know will keep the presidency. we're excited about where we are headed today. we have vice president pence, secretary pompeo coming to speak to us, and i know are with an
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unbeatable talk about some of our other breakout sessions. we are going be very much focused on the future. we look forward to a good day here in baltimore, and to a great 2020 -- with that i will turn things over to our with. thank you, liz for this great opportunity this conference is bring our members together at an exciting time and our members always get integrated when we get present time to come and talk to us about the things that were done together and even bigger things we can do together when we get the majority back. and this conference retreat especially is kind one of more visionary that we had because we were in the majority working with president trump, got some big things done. and the president talked about the results of those big things last night. just how great this economy is doing. the president focused talking
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about how america has the hottest economy in the world right now. it didn't happen by accident. it happened because of conservative policies. because we cut taxes for every income level and, in fact, what are the results of those tax cuts, and the regulatory relief we brought in. we now have the lowest unemployment levels in so many different -- the lows and upon the level for most for hispanics in history of our country. do you know that today on average every single day on average more than 1800 -- start business. think about that. women-owned businesses at a stroke ally level, 1800 women-owned businesses are being started every single day now in america because of this incredibly hot economy that we treated. and look, for whatever reason democrats chose, every single democrat chose to oppose these policies when we are passing them through.
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and so when you look to the future, the things we're going to be talking about at this retreat, like putting together about healthcare plan for americans, the biggest problem right now is healthcare costs too much democrats answer is to go the other way. they are not even satisfied with obamacare. they want what they call medicare for all which we know means the elimination of more than 180 million private health insurance plans. for people in medicare advantage, 20 million americans who enjoyed medicare advantage they eliminate that as well. what we want to do, we will have longer lines, higher cost for healthcare. american people don't want that. they want us to focus on lowering costs, giving them more choice of protecting people existing conditions. that's what this president talked about last night. that's what we stand for. that's what we want to implement when we get the new majority next year, which we will. i'll tell you what, the biggest
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applause lines when the president introduce our two new members of congress who which will be sworn in next tuesday. to see the wins in north carolina, especially the president trump's influence played an active role in increasing turnout. higher turnout than we had last year, and it's much closer to the kind of turnout we will see next human president trump will be on the ballot with us and we can go into all those districts that we lost. some of them president trump 110 transixteen i think you will do even better in 2020. i see that when i go around the country, travel to all of these districts. you see the enthusiasm for presidents policies. you see real enthusiasm, moving away from socialism that the democrats are trying to go towards and working with republicans to get even bigger things done. the person is leading us in that charge, our leader kevin mccarthy. >> thank you, steve.
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before they i begin i do want f knowledge 205 205 years ago toe day, british attack fort mchenry. part of the war of 1812. we were outnumbered. we were fighting for the same things were fighting today. liberty, for freedom. that out of place the second day, we lowered the small american flag and base the 30 by 42 big american flag. why? a sign of victory. francis scott key witness that. and then look what became the star-spangled banner. that was 205 years ago today. the battles we have maybe a little different but the theme is still the same. how do we win more freedom and liberty -- [inaudible] i watched last that the democrat
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debate i was able to do that after the president spoke. two things that were interest to me. i never heard impeachment talk and i never really heard him talk about the economy. the strongest economy we've had in the last 50 years clearly no discussion. i think part of the reason why, economy is a strong, democrats didn't have that much to do with it. we passed the tax reform and make american businesses actually able to compete around the world. [inaudible] there are some things want to thin-skinned and immigration reform. and not one democrat -- [inaudible] presents last night, he had a lot to talk about, come happiness that you and he also talked about the accomplishments. that time but also what we need to come going forward and that's what this retreat will be about, the vice president will be at lunch. we will have secretary of state
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mike pompeo at dinner. we'll have breakout sessions in between, going through from russia, china, to new technologies, the environment. we have homework ideas, workforce departments. the members will all be participating throughout so we're looking forward to building on a very exciting night of retreat, going into the majority. now will take questions and comments. go right ahead. >> a number of state of that the republicans lost in the midterm were not lost on policy on tactics such as ballot harvesting and other things. how have the house republicans sort of tuned up to three take avenge of these new tactics going into 2020? >> you're correct, that were election -- there's a couple places you want to look. in maine they change the laws how you voted in federal office.
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now you no longer pick one person. there's two congressional seats in maine. republicans had one of them. you don't vote for one person. you rank them. bruce poliquin got the most votes in that election and is no longer a member of congress. because what the did the drop the last person. craziest thing you've ever. in california they change the election law that before a lot of those vote by absentee come i do. when you voted by absentee, you put in the envelope, you would sign the back of it. either you return or some in your -- [inaudible] when wins election office, your ballot didn't count yet. they pulled up your envelope, they looked at your signature. they had certain people in there that it gone to school in handwriting. they pull up your voter registration. they make sure that it was you and then open your ballot. i took it all away. no longer just a sign and people come to your door and think about, whether it's filled out or not. we found that even in a case
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like -- [inaudible] with the day after the election, ahead by six percentage points can a few weeks would come lost my -- [inaudible] not going to chew an come she comes in and goes to orientation. finds out later, yes, a change. the democrats went about doing it because they control california and change the courts that. the public -- [inaudible] will have to go out. i don't believe it's healthy for elections but that's what the law in california found. we had a supervisor race in orange county soon after that, a very large district, and republicans actually picked up that seat. i find it and walked through this yesterday in some of the races with going forward. you have 31 districts that democrats currently sit in. that donald trump carried. 13 of them carried by more than
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-- [inaudible] we are swearing and to make new members next week. we only have to win 19 seats to be the majority. you within the democrats. less than 107,000 votes to determine whether we are the minority or the majority. much closer than anybody looks at. when you sit and look at where the economy is today, you listen to liz give you some of the stats, and steve about women working today, about every nationality, one of the best implements they ever had. [inaudible] -- 80 more details on what are about that, what it might look like when you might actually -- >> the president talked about, something kevin has been working
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on, always talked about taxes, 2.0, 3.0. how do how do we continue to keep america competitive? high degree raise the middle class and make them strong with the challenges with calls and others? one of our breakout sessions of the talk about the cost of college. how do we make college more affordable? .. >> i mention that because of the contrast of the house. there's an interesting poll that recently came out that polled democrat voters. democratic voters know more about investigations.
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and they can name one thing. i take it as a sign that democrats in congress have a problem. the real question would be not the candidates against the 31, what are the 31 going to mention why they should be reelected. are they going to say they're going to be reelected because jerry nadler said he would be the best person for impeachment. not only can the committee not run properly, the leadership doesn't know what the committee is doing in the conference themselves. can't determine whether they're going for impeachment or not. no one can contrast what is happening in that committee. there's so much a challenge along the border, it means i'm going to have a hearing on it? an inspector general of the investigation of the judicial department and he won't even bring him in to ask him a question of what he found? the democrats are making it an
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issue and i think it's the wrong issue for them to even talk about. yeah. >> a handful of members announced retirement, they're not going to seek reelection. what do you say to a member who is considering retirement? what's your pitch to get them to stay? >> you know what? each retirement is different. let me be frank. i'm not concerned about any retirement. the only retirement i was concerned about is will hurt. that's a did you have -- that's a tough one. susan announced retirement on the democratic side and i will miss davis as well. and ted was going to retire two years ago. i love ted. i wish the work he was able to say. i never knew the man dan crenshaw, but i got to know him. doing an exceptional job. i watched dan talk about he's been on the ballot since 1988.
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there's a time to serve and a time to go do something else. you know what he says i don't have 100% to win the majority again. and sensenbrenner more than 42 years. not one name outside of will herd am i worried about. and george bush 41, i don't know if you looked at wesley hunt. he's a graduate of west point. not the only family member to graduate. his sister graduated ten years before him and his brother graduated one year after him. he flew apaches and now he's working at perry homes, married, has his first daughter. and he says, i fought for freedom in other parts of the world and now i think i have to defend them at home. he entered the race and we recently did a poll. he's actually in the lead.
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look at young kim born in south korea, representing this area in the state assembly. one time and lo and behold changed the rules. outraised other opponent in the polls, she's in the lead. numerous points after the other. one thing that happens, if you want to continue to be able to be the very best, new individuals, new ideas, new energy is what really we need. and so i thank those who have served their country. they will continue to be our friends. continue to serve their country as well just in another capacity. yes. >> thank you. the president didn't say a whole lot about the guns in and the second amendment last night. two parts, number one, when do you expect him to make his feelings on this, what should be done known? and second part question, you watched the debate last night
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and you saw beto o'rourke stand up and say, heck yes, we're going to take your ar-15's and ak-47's. >> he used other words. >> i'm sorry? >> he used other words. >> and your reaction to that, what are the ramifications of some democrats embracing the mandatory buyback. >> i don't know if o'rourke said about buybacks, he said he was going to take them from people. i think he used different language than most people used. i think it shows the contrast there. a president who looks at a problem and tries to find a solution. and you look at the fix, removing the bump stop that the obama administration put in. trying to solve the problems. the president is getting information from law enforcement, from the legal community, from barr and others and meeting with members on both sides of the aisle and i expect he'll come forward with a package quite soon, but he wants to gather the information
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first and make sure that whatever we move forward solves the problem that none of this happens again. >> yes. >> and i was wondering if you might be able to weigh in on the twitter feed you've had with rand paul and whether you've spoken with him since that all kicked off? >> well, i enjoyed it. i thought it was an enlightening exchange. you know, here i have been thinking the senate is dull. but, no, look, i think there are key issues at the heart of that disagreement and those are really important issues for us to be debating, for us to be discussing. there are issues that surround whether or not you put america first as president trump does or blame america first as rand paul does and has for years. and i think if you go back and look at senator paul's record. he has blamed america, among other things, for world war ii. so, you know, you have a situation where he ran on his own in 2016. he only managed to get 4.5% of
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the vote in the iowa caucuses and had to drop out. the american people, republicans in particular, are not isolationists, we know very clearly that america is not to blame, that we have to make sure we're clear-eyed about our enemies and what it takes to defend the nation. one of the most important things that the president has done since he's been in office is devote the resources we need for our military, an effort that senator paul has not supported. so, look, i think, as i said, it was an enlightening exchange of views. i enjoyed it and there are very important issues at the heart of it. >> more questions? yes. >> i just wanted to know what you want to run on for 2020? i know you talked about the democrats stuff, but i want to know more what you're hoping to talk to voters what you want to accomplish if you win the house
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majority. other things we hope to accomplish. continue to build a stronger america, a stronger economy. there are challenges we didn't get fixled. we want to fix immigration. we have a problem along the border. when you run, there are a power of ideas. one wants a borderless border when you go down. when i look at where the democrats are offering, and let's talk about health care. first thing we want to do is protect preexisting conditions, but we want to lower the cost of health care and raise the quality at the same time. look at what the democrats are offering, medicare for all. they want to end health care for more than 180 million americans who have health insurance. i want to look at the place we want to protect the environment. i look at the contrast between the green new deal that lowers the economic life of all americans, to contrast what we want to do. california wants to remove a plastic straw, we want to remove plastic from the ocean. 90% of all the plastic that goes into the ocean today comes
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from ten rivers in the world and not one of them is in america, but we can still do something about it because the ocean is the entire world. you watched the introduction of a bill recently to do it. you look at extraction of co 2, everybody is concerned about co 2, a u.k. company on a small scale can extract co 2 and use it for energy. and we'll do that on a larger basis in texas. bill gates, chevron, all involved. dan crenshaw has a bill that enhances the ability to extract co 2, it's stuck in committee simply because dan crenshaw happens to be a republican. i hope we're not running on the idea that we have to pass usmca a year and a half from now. this is something that we should do this month. when i find that it would only make america stronger, 100, at the minimum, 180,000 americans,
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more would have a job today if this was passed. mexico ratified. canada is sitting and waiting. when i look at the cost of college. why does college have to cost so much. what's the return on investment? i look at colleges like purdue where they have kept the tuition low, but increased the number of graduates. they're actually looked at it outside the box, that's one of the things we'll talk about today. where the college itself has skin in the game. it makes sure that you're going to get an education that will take a small percentage of what you're able to make to pay for your college in a short time frame. the college actually wants to make sure that you have a job when you walk out. we look at workforce, the challenges in the 21st century to find the employees and training to be here. that's another one. you might look at everybody's way of life, privacy itself. what's happening and what it comes to the internet or what someone is gathering about you. i believe in private property.
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i also believe your privacy is a private property. so these internet companies, we should know exactly what they're extracting from us. if they want to monetize it, we should get a piece of it. we should be able to move our own data and we should be able to delete our own data. i want to make sure there's competition in this world, but not a few companies are controlling that. there's a long basis of ideas, and one of the main items that we're doing is making sure this country is able to defend itself. we've watched in the obama administration, the destruction of our military. you've watched since we've been in, to rebuild our military, to make sure our planes can fly. to make sure our men and women are well-trained and safe. we'll continue to do that as well because when america leads, the world is safer. i also believe in pure leadership. when anyone in the world stands for freedom, we stand with nem and that includes in hong kong.
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in the same time in the 1980's when we stood with the shipyard workers in poland. those are a few contrasts of what i see happening in congress today. i don't see legislation being passed. i don't see problems being solved. we have a surprise billing problem where individuals go to a hospital that is in their network, have a procedure and find out that doctor is not in the network themselves and get a surprise bill. why is that not solved? i watch prescription drug prices continue to rise for the first time in with administration, able to lower them. but the other thing that i found that we were able to pass, three bills on the floor this year. bipartisan, 100% coming out of the committee. but what does the speaker of the house do? she put a poison pill in so it would never become law. i'm frustrated with the way that congress is going, no
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problem can be solved. that's what's happening. we can find that we can work with anyone who is willing to work with us to make sure america is stronger. i'll be less concerned with the idea where the leader-- the speaker is today. she's more concerned about tearing down this president than building up america. so if you want to know what we'll run on. we'll put america first, we will make it stronger, make it prosperous and make it for everyone. not just those who si philosophically agree with us. yes, ma'am? thank you so much. >> i just wanted to follow up on something you said yesterday, and your priority if the republicans -- take on the debt? why do we believe that's a priority when you controlled the congress and white house there hasn't been much effort. >> first thing when we were the majority in the house. when we took the majority in
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the house, first thing was, nancy pelosi gave that gavel to john boehner. we have 12 appropriations bills, the power we have is over discretionary funding. mandatory funding, which is the real rise in spending, goes on even when government shuts down. when i had to hold and give that gavel back to nancy pelosi it was eight years later, what we spent on discretionary funding was less than what it was today. more than eight years ago. yes, we had power over, we controlled. what we passed was a budget that balanced in ten years. the democrats took the majority, they won't even produce a budget. how are you ever going to take control of your spending if you won't produce a budget. it takes 60 votes in the senate. when it came to entitlement reform to protect entitlements for future generations, we paused a budget to do that so
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that the future generations social security would be there for them and medicare. democrats with medicare for all, bankrupt medicare. more than half the democrats in congress today have co-sponsored that bill. not only am i fearful that the debt is out of control because every society has collapsed when they've overextended themselves, i've watched the democrats expand it further. but i've watched republicans when they were in the majority, what they had control of over discretionary spending, spent less in eight years than the democrats eight years before. if we are given the majority and opportunity one more time, our promise will be we will not allow the democrats to stop us again. we came one vote short in the senate on entitlement reform and have the ability, with the republican senate and with president trump to change it once and for all and make america strong again.
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[inaudible conversations] >> at that that's your capitol hill producer points out, house republicans continuing their three-day retreat in baltimore. they will hear from vice-president pence, larry kudlow, secretary of state mike pompeo and hershel walker on day two and beginning with the news conference we just showed you and we have more live program coming up for you in about 45 minutes at 10:00 eastern. we'll take you to a discussion on the u.s.-taliban peace process happening at the u.s. institute of peace. when it begins, live coverage is here on c-span2.
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>> the house will be in order. >> for 40 years c-span has been providing america unfiltered coverage of congress, the white house, the supreme court, and public policy events from washington d.c. and around the country so you can make up your own mind created by cable in 1979, c-span is brought to you by your local cable and satellite provider. c-span, your unfiltered view of government. government. >> now a conversation with house speaker nancy pelosi, she sat down with c-span to discuss a wide range of policy topics in campaign 2020. it's just shy of a half an hour. hour. >> madam speaker, let's begin with the gun debate. the house passed a bill and you're critical of senator mcconnell.


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