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tv   Liz Wheeler Tipping Points - How to Topple the Lefts House of Cards  CSPAN  September 21, 2019 10:15am-11:01am EDT

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>> i guess i want to say that this month is another reason to celebrate the 19th amendment of 99 years ago, 100 years next year and thank you so much. >> thanks for having me. [cheers and applause] >> book tv continues now on c-span2, television for serious readers. >> good morning, everyone please take your seats. good morning and welcome
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everyone here, everyone watching live online. my name is dylan, i'm intern at young america foundation, premier organization with over 500 college and high school chapters around the country. young american foundation helps ensure that america's youth are equipped with the knowledge of conservative principles such as free enterprise, individual freedom and traditional american values. today i have the privilege of introducing one of the most passionate voices in the conservative movement, liz wheeler. liz wheeler is a 30-year-old young conservative hailing from the heart of the midwest, during college liz served on the board of zoning appeals for her hometown in ohio and was the youngest person in the city's history to hold that position. at the same time, liz coauthored a book with 13 other young americans about being a
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millennial generation conservative, the book titled young conservative and why it's smart to be like us reached number 2 on amazon's kindle best seller list in civics category. liz has spoken to conservative groups about the role of government in our society and how to win the youth vote and has been interviewed on several radio shows nationwide. she has hosted the show tipping point with liz wheeler on one america news network since 2015. in august of 2016, liz was named the top 10, 30 under 30 conservative star by red alert politics, liz is also the author of the new book tipping point, preorder now and available on tuesday august 5th in stores. liz is also a graduate of penn state university with bachelor's
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degree in political science and minor in homeland security. please join me in giving a warm welcome to liz wheeler. [cheers and applause] >> thank you so much, good morning to everyone, thank you so much for having me, my name is liz wheeler. i host the show tipping point on one american news network. thank you. on july 5th of this year the they after independence day after my show i logged into twitter as one does and found myself blocked by none other than everybody's favorite socialist aoc.
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[cheers and applause] >> blocked. i'm always respect i feel and always civil, i have always defended aoc whose political ideas are delusional, i have defended her about mean comments about her look, her age or demeaning comments about past history as bartender, when i rebut aoc's tweets i only present facts, nothing personal. you know what that means? somebody is threatened by facts and the truth. this is the tweet which made aoc block me. aoc tweeted trump spent millions on a poorly attended one-day parade days after he couldn't afford soap for caged children, he asked congress for military money, no, trump held the kids hostage to secure billions for their abusers, congress needs to see that. so i responded and i said, stop.
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you voted no on 4 and a half billion dollar bill to give emergency humanitarian aid relief to the migrant change in border detention centers, if you we wanted to help the kids, you could have but you didn't. that's the tweet made her block me. [applause] >> the trust stings if you're a socialist, aoc is a public official, critical part of dialogue and solve governance to hold elected officials accountable.
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i'm also team never block on twitter, i never blocked even a single on twitter, i love engaging with people on twitter, but i guess aoc is not comfortable to do the same thing, also you would have to be a tech illiterate granny to think that blocking somebody prevents them from seeing your tweets. that means the only reason to block somebody if they are being respectful as i was so your ideology isn't challenged, there's a fitting word for that somewhere, oh, that's right, the word is cowardess, there were blue check marks who try today block me as if i did something wrong or inappropriate other than challenging congresswoman's aoc's congressional voting record as if my fact-check were equal to violence, here is what
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i would say to them, don't blame me for violence, violence and threat are 100% wrong, duh, it's false accusation for other's people disgusting behavior. i challenge a congresswoman's record and let me remind those on the left who try to conflate civil criticism of our government with violence, here is your daily reminder that that very same week a domestic terrorist and antifa thug attacked an ice facility with a rifle and with bombs and the left didn't care. in portland andy suffered brain hemorrhage, the democratic mayor ted wheeler refused on twitter
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to condemn antifa by name and i would know i asked him to condemn antifa by name, you know what he responded, he condemns all violence vaguely, refused to condemn attackers by name and again the democrats didn't care, this is what the left does. they don't like my facts debunking their leftist ideology so they try to define my speech as violent, this is the sneaky tactic they use to try to silence me because if my speech is violent, they have to shut me down, right, i'm here to tell you this morning do not fall for it refuse to be silent in the face of leftist bullying, congresswoman aoc does not just want an echo chamber of her own ideology for herself, she's not just bothered by seeing my
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responses to her tweets herself, she's preventing her nearly 5 million followers from seeing the truth, my response is on her tweets are or were, frequently the top responses on her tweet, that scares her, why would that scare somebody confidence in their policy positions, confidence that they were telling the truth, why wouldn't she want her followers to see facts and figures and numbers unless she's lying and she knows she's lying, the point is, you and i today, as young americans and young conservatives, we should do the opposite of aoc, we should not back down from criticism of our policy positions if -- if we truly believe what we say we believe. we should welcome criticism, you see a tweet of mine that you don't like that you think is wrong, bring it on, prove to me,
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show me, tell me, convince why why i'm wrong, i welcome that. the radical left block for that. at the end of the day part of me was annoyed to be blocked by aoc, i truly enjoyed debunking her daily lies, the part of me was delighted because aoc just proved that the tactics in my book work, aoc got so scared when i used tactics she blocked me, she tried to silence me, so let me tell you briefly about my book, i spent the last year, the whole past year working on this book, it's called tipping point, how to topple the left house of cards and finally after what seems like an eternity we are four days of publication, book releases tuesday august 6th, nerve this room who has a copy of the book, you'll be the first ones to read this.
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[cheers and applause] >> i wrote this book because politicians like aoc lie, they lie all of the time and in my book i show you exactly how to debunk the lies of the left in order, of course, to defeat the radical leftist ideology because this what i wrote in my book, i quote myself here, liberals don't peddle their extreme progressive agenda half hazardly, they do it on purpose with a purpose. aoc did not block me on a whim, this is part of the strategy to have left, the left is trying to create binary choice and i break this down in detail in my book, either on one hand, you adhere to the radical leftist ideology or the only alternative is you're a bad person.
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that's what aoc did, she tried to give me binary or eventually i deserved to be blocked, you can see the binary choice everywhere you look, it's not just aoc or on twitter, you can look at the news from the past week or two and you can see the tactic that the left uses, we will use congressman ilhan omar, a bigot, among other things like claiming that jews hipnotize the world, omar support it is antisemitic bdf movement that does not recognize israel's right to defend themselves, thank you, you should be booing for that, actually punishes israel for defending against palestinian attacks. omar, she doesn't recognize
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palestinian terrorism and compares israel to nazi germany, the reason she does this, the reason she does this is to give you that binary choice, either you agree with her radical ideology, her anti-semitism or you are a bad person who is as bad as nazi germany. you see the binary choice, this is a strategy of the entire socialist squad right now. another member of the squad, congresswoman presley, we don't need more brown faces who don't want to be brown voices. insinuating that if you want to be a real person of lor, you must adhere to her radical leftist ideology otherwise you're a traitor to your race. see what she's doing, she's giving people that binary choice
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either you adhere to what she's saying, obey her or you're a bad person. once you know and understand the tactics used by the radical left, the tactics are easy to destroy and easy to debunk and they told me that i only have 4 hours, not a minute long tore speak with you today. so i can't show you all of the tactics the left uses, all the ones i detail in my book but the binary choice tactic is a favorite right now among the left and once you recognize it you can and you should shove it off track, i show you how to shove it off track in my book too, i tell you how to counter what the left is doing, i lay out for you 11 tactics you can use to rhetorically track the left in their own lies, this
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morning i will show you two tactics to round out my example, once you identify the tactic being used by the left, in this case it's the binary choice tactic, you can counter that tactic by verbally calling it out to their face and explaining to them what they are doing, nobody likes to be told what they are doing. like i did before with aoc, aoc gave my binary choice, when aoc tries to define my speech as violent it is because if she finds my speech as violent then she has to shut it down. she has to silence me and she wants to silence me because she doesn't want her followers to see the truth and to see her lives exposed, so literally that's the tactic, spell it out. that's the counter tactics, that's the tactic the left is using in order to achieve the goal they want and explain why they want to aheave -- achieve
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that goal and then once you spell out tactic then you can use another tactic to make your point. instead of answering a question that the left asked, you start by reframing the question to a question that you'd prefer to answer, so take that tweet from aoc, especially her question inherent to that tweet was, how can president trump keep migrant kids in cages, that's the essence of her tweet, right, so turn that sucker around before you answer it, how could obama keep kids in cages and how could democrats during the obama administration say nothing about it. how can you claim that you care about those kids in cages if you as a sitting congresswoman had the opportunity to vote on a bill that would have given humanitarian aid to the children and you chose to vote no.
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[cheers and applause] i believe it's in chapter 4 or my book tipping point and i was honestly flattered that aoc blocked me because she's proving that the tactics in my book works, thank you congresswoman for that. , oh ter important thing that i want ta talk about tonight, 5 crucial tipping points in the country. it's very simple. if we know where the left is attacking and how they are trying to impose their agenda on us and what tactics they use in rhetorical sense we can stop them before we succeed -- before they succeed and isn't that why
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we are all here today? this is what i mean, did you hear the story late last week about transgender person that's suing waxing boutique because the person identifies as women but they declined to do bikini wax because the transgender has male genitalia, lovely little story. transperson in canada forced immigrant women to close down her business because the immigrant women declined to wax the testicles and he sued her for it, the transgender person is trying to use the law, think about it for a second, use fourth of the law to force a
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woman in canada to touch his genitals even though she doesn't want to, she couldn't afford, the person was born male and he's attracted to women, he calls himself a proudless -- proud lesbian in twitter bio, here is a topic that i hope i never have to talk about in conference, hi mom, hi, dad, waxing male genitalia and waxing female genitalia are two very different things that require two very different skill sets. most waxing boutiques do brazilian waxing only, you can google in your area and see it for yourself, although please don't tell your parents that you
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learned in the conference. here is the thing, the right side call left has told us that transgender women are not transgender women, the left has told us that they are real women even if they are born male and have male genitalia like jessica yenes, jessica is claiming that they are violating human rights by refusing to wax testicles even though there's waxing boutique that specializes in waxing, he does not want to go to that one, no, no, you want to talk about the handmade sale for a second, the leftist want government to declare a human right to do something to contingent -- genitals that she
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doesn't want to do. where are all the angry ladies who follow around vice president mike pence, where are they in this story? the answer to that is, when it comes to the defending an immigrant women from an attack by transgender person, the leftist and the feminists are silent. [applause] >> this is what i mean when i say one of our tipping points on the nation the left's effort for politically culture into law, this is the politically ideology that we conservatives have warned about. this is not about cull swreal tolerance of people suffering of gender euphoria.
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that is not the ultimate goal of the left, the left wants to morph the politically correct culture into law, the politically correct culture that says if you believe in basic biology you are a bigot, if you righteously criticize a transgender person for trying to force a woman to wax testicles than you're transphobic, you might recognize something in the story, the binary choice policy again, if you don't adhere to radical leftist ideology, then you're a bad person, a bigot. this is what the transgender movement has been about from the very beginning, the transgender movement is a political force that wants to mandate that every single one of us in this room violate our religious beliefs, violate our personal views and violate our workplace and violate our skill set and compel us to reject basic biology under
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penalty of the law or else like this immigrant woman in canada you will be sued and force to shut down business unlikely if the left gets their way socially, so the republicans especially in congress who are afraid to talk about social issues that make them uncomfortable, don't say we didn't warn you, now we have to talk about waxing testicles, this is what i meant that the left has not paddled the agenda half hazardly, they do it with a purpose and morph culture into law and compel an immigrant women to call a man a woman and touch testicles even she she doesn't want to, again, one of 5 tipping points that i talk about in my book. there are 4 other ways the left is trying to undermine the principles on which our nation was built and instead impose on us a radical leftist socialist
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ideology. i don't have time to tell you all the tipping points, spencer will come back and kick me off the stage, but what i will say the left counts on, rely implicitly on one thing to protect their lies and their tactics and their strategy, they rely on the mainstream media. let me paint you a little picture and conveniently for me it's easy this week because this has not been the good week for left on mainstream media, i repeat myself, mainstream media focused outrage on dishes, that's right, dinner ware, of which we eat, plates in particular, macy's had a set of dishes, plates on sale that had circles drawn on the plates, they had descriptions on the circle, smaller circle red skinny jeans and the larger
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circle red mom jeans, obviously they were talking about portion control. did you see social justice warriors on march on twitter against this, you would have thought human rights abuse, i don't know antifa beating up a journalist so badly, promoting eating disorder, body shaming, this whole noncontroversy started originally by a cbs science correspondent who tweeted that she we wanted to get the plates banned, illegal in all 50 states and for portion of the news cycle last week, this story is what the mainstream media spent time and effort and focus covering, meanwhile we have a transgender testicle controversy putting immigrant woman out of violence, antifa targeting journalists and aoc and the squad are so radical
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that aoc called the israeli government criminal and white supremacist jews. there's a contradiction for you, democrat politicians that are embracing the socialist squad, they are refusing to disavow and we have democrats ignoring the plights of the people in baltimore because they would rather criticize a tweet from the president. we have democrats embracing race-baiter al sharpton who called jews, blood-thirsty jews and walked next to a protestor who signed red, the white man is the devil and the mainstream media chose to report on macy's dishes. mainstream media is more outraged by objects like plates than real issues, do not believe, do not buy into the stake outrage, this is cya from the mainstream media, cover your ass, the mainstream media is
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covering for the democrats and the democrats rely on this. so don't let anybody even within our own party tell you to ignore the mainstream media and tre pend -- pretend that they don't exist, the bias and the lies of the mainstream media must be debunked if we are going to defeat the left and in my book i show you exactly how to do this. do not let the left silence you or dictate what you're allowed to say, do not let the left define narrative, do not threat left claim moral superiority ever, do not let the left and when they do lie, call them out and when they block you for calling them out, call them out even blocker, and we do not take marching orders, as young conservatives we do not take marching orders that a party that says speech from
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conservative is violent but violent from the left is speech, we do not take marchs ors from -- we do not take marking orders from a party that tell why so often and blatantly aoc respond to criticism about voting record in congress by trying to silence opposition on twitter, response to that, young conservatives should be thank you in the case. [cheers and applause] >> all right, before we get to questions, be sure you tune into my show 9:00 p.m. eastern on one
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america news network, follow me on instagram liz undercore oann and follow me on twitter liz underscore wheeler, send me pictures and tell me what you think when you read my book, i want to hear what you think and thank you so much for having me tonight, you are all the next generation of patriots in our nation and our nation is lucky to have you. [cheers and applause] >> thank you, my name is madeline, my question to you a lot of my peers are one issue in politics, they just vote on one issue, for example, climate change, all i hear about climate change, how do i convince to talk about other issues and not just built one? >> they don't understand how other issues impact them in their daily life, this would become apparent to your peers on
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the graduate college and get job and see how much government takes out of their paycheck and they'll start caring about taxes and job market and stuff like that, if you want to talk about social issues, you can also bring up some of the most egregious human rights issues that have to do -- that are happening in our nation, abortion, impacts everybody, we all know somebody who has had an abortion, we all know somebody who has thought about having an abortion, you can talk about that issue with them, you can bring up sort of we all have this inherent part of our human nature that wants to stick up for people who don't have a voice, to speak up in defense of themselves and you can frame other issues like that, listen, i care about abortion because all of these women, all of the unborn women, you know, aren't getting their chance at life, i care about the economy because, you know, for women the better the job market the more choice that we have in what we do about their life, our own life, you can kind of show them how the
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other issues impact them because i think for the most part people assume that all the other political issues just -- just happen in the swamp and don't impact them at all and that's not true. >> thank you. >> sure. [applause] >> hi, liz, good morning. >> hi. >> i wanted to say thank you for the book and we really appreciate it. >> thank you. >> and also over the course of the time you've been a news woman up until 4, 5 years ago and by the way, we are all so happy that you did. >> thank you. >> a lot has happened and a lot has changed within the left and i wanted to ask you what was the biggest learning point you had in dealing with the left and their ideologies and not only that but what's the biggest mistake you see a young conservatives like us make when we become activists and get involved? >> so the two-part question, what's the biggest mistake and what's the biggest change, it's actually remarkable to address your first question, remarkable to step back and look at this,
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it's not really a evolution but devolution of the left, party of barack obama to the party of the socialist squad, i mean, a couple of years and virtually unrecognizable and the policies that are being pushed by the radical left right now are obviously very dangerous for our nation but at the same time it should give us an advantage as conservatives because the majority of people even democratic voters don't want socialism, they don't want the green new deal as written, they don't want to be kicked off of their private insurance and i think the biggest mistake that is made and can be made by young conservatives is not really focusing in on hammering those ideas, i mean, talking about the bad parts of them, talking about medicare for all, for example, 180 million americans would lose their current healthcare coverage if we want on medicare for all and would lead to rationing, that's not hyperbollic and that's not
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hypothetical, you can look at social-style systems like canada and the uk, in the uk right now children who have fibrosis being denied medication for one reason and the government admit it is reason, they don't want to pay for it. that will happen here if we allow the system to be imposed by us by the radical left and as young conservatives and if we get too wonky in our debate, we talk big picture and neglect people how it's going to to impact them and hurt them, it's going to allow radical views to become mainstream versus being relocated to the fringe where they ought to stay. >> thank you so much. [applause] >> hello. >> hi, what's your name?
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[inaudible] [cheers and applause] >> i'm sorry, that would be disrespectful. >> no, i'm not. it's an inside joke that i don't get, carry on. >> let me explain really quickly. >> i'm talking about my question. i'm talking about my question. >> go ahead and ask the question, i think. >> okay, okay. in a time of leftist come in addition and violence along with suppression, how can i convince many people that we must stand together pretty much a time we must commit cefl -- civil disobedience, we have to unit in order to stay safe and survive -- >> what do you mean civil disobd ions? >> we will do what we want, but somehow you got people in government who do whatever the hell they want to us. >> i'm not sure that's the correct attitude. the way that
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i would like at -- [applause] >> because we don't like the law doesn't give us justification to violate the law. one of the ways that our nation is set apart from other nations is when we the people have a problem with what our government officials are doing, we have recourse, legal resource to fix that, we can vote for different representatives, we can, you know, we can lobby our representatives, call them, we can speak out, we can write op-eds and propose ideas, there are so many different things that we can do to legally and lawfully prevent the radical left from taking over that i don't think our knee-jerk reaction should be civil disobedience, i don't think
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there was something that was warranted, something in particular? >> well, kind of like -- what happened in deerfield, did you ever hear what happened, one example that i could think of right now, i kind of thought about making one request that maybe we start a petition for that poor woman in canada to save her business. >> that's not civil disobedience. i'm not saying that's a bad idea, i would probably recommend to you that you put the idea of civil disobedience for a side and do list of things to engage with our government within the rule of law. [applause] that's not true, that's not true, we have plenty of options, i just gave you 4 to 5 of them, you can vote, campaign, you can write op-eds for the newspaper, town hall events, run for office yourself, you have plenty of options, i would encourage you try all of those first, thank you for the question.
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[cheers and applause] >> hi, go to the university of michigan and i slightly disagree with your point on ilhan omar, i -- well -- >> please tell me, i want to hear me. what did i say in my speech, if you see a problem in my tweet, prove me wrong, show me. >> okay, i hope no one gasps after i say this but i do not think that omar is anti-semite, okay. one moment, one moment. >> let him tell us why and we will tell him why he's wrong. >> of course. so under that same logic i would consider trump to be an anti-semite because he told the the republican jewish coalition, he suggested that i know why you guys aren't going to vote for me, i don't want your money,
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it's on recording, okay, so what i'm saying is, if the right wants to be nuance about antisemitim or bigotry in general, they should also hold trump to the standard that ilhan omar. >> bigotry is wrong no matter what party it comes from. let me ask you this question? >> okay, go ahead. ask me. >> describe to me what the movement is? >> i personally support the state of israel, i don't agree with their movement. i just think that a lot of people in that movement -- >> well, what is the movement? >> the boycott -- >> right.
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>> why do they want to boycott, divest and sanction israel? >> because they don't agree with the state of israel -- >> they don't agree with what part? >> they don't agree with its existence. >> oh, okay. sure. >> why don't they agree with the israel's existence? i'm talking about the bds movement. >> i'm not sure as to what -- i'm not sure as to what their official position is. >> that's the critical part. i'm not trying to slam you down here. >> okay. boycott, divest and sanction israel because they don't agree with israel's existence or right to defend herself but you have to ask the question why they don't agree to the right to defend itself, every country has sovereign right to defend their own people. >> i agree. >> why is your answer, you to answer the question, why do they not -- why do they want to
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boycott divest and sanction israel out of existence, the reason is because israel is the jewish state of israel, it is because the people that live there because it is the jewish state and when you hold jewish people to different standards, when omar does not support sanctions on venezuela who is oppressing the people and starving their people, does not want sanctions on venezuela but does want sanctions on israel, we know omar doesn't want sanctions on saudi arabia or iran, you know, other middle eastern nations who throw gate people -- gay people off the top of buildings and the reason for the double standard is because the state of israel is jewish and the other nations aren't, that is anti-semitism and because they are jewish and that's what makes it wrong. [cheers and applause]
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>> you can follow up. >> i wasn't finished making my point. >> no, it's okay. >> the point was in terms of bigotry, this president is a president who wanted to ban people of an entire religion in his campaign. i have this on video -- >> no, wait a second. that's totally fine. i'm happy to address this. >> serious about bigotry, they should condemn it on all sides, when -- when trump introduced this plan, the republican party stood by him, if they want to talk anthony: semitism from the left, why can't we talk about when it comes from the right or any type of bigotry? >> why can't we talk about it both? >> let me address the muslim ban that you're talking about. let me address the muslim ban and i will tell you why it's different, it's important to understand why it's different.
10:57 am
>> the supreme court upheld president trump's right to this immigration policy, the left calls it a muslim ban, but that's a mischaracterization of it because i believe 7 nations, 7 muslim majority nations whose immigration is being restricted into the country and what do they have in common, they are muslim, right, what else do they have in common? terrorism. >> i'm talking about the -- >> let me finish what i'm saying. >> you're talking about the travel ban, it's one and the same but mischaracterized by the left. the 7 nations have in common, they support and they fund terrorism, if this were a muslim ban, why isn't the most populated muslim nation in the entire world on this list? >> i'm not talking -- i agree with you, i'm talking about -- [inaudible] >> it's the same thing. it's just being -- it was mischaracterized. i understand what he said, i
10:58 am
want to propose complete but then when he proposed the plan it was based on terrorism not based on a religion. do you have a problem? [cheers and applause] >> i appreciate the back and forth. hi, what's your name? >> my name is jacob, i was given the position to talk by him, so i thought i should mention that. so citizenship test, u.s. census, is a way to guaranty that we are knowing like -- that we know who is putting down the name, like it's truly them, i don't want to put social security numbers or green card numbers or visa numbers down, but is there a way to truly guaranty that it's actually them? >> what do you mean? are you worried about people who are noncitizens identifying as citizens? >> yes, yes, they will put --
10:59 am
some people will put down social security numbers and names and still get it correct, there's ways to buy it on dark web, is there a way to guaranty that the person using that name it's actually them. >> i would need to see figures about how many people buy that kind of information on the dark census, my guess it's not too many. in regards to the constitutionality of the citizenship question, i think that's probably a more important question to be asking and more important question to be answering, it's pretty obvious that it's not unconstitutional and only one census, we've only had one ken uis -- census in 2010 when barack obama took it off. goes to long-form version. in regards to verification, i don't know about buying things
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on the dark web. but i doubt that that's very prevalent. >> okay. all right. thank you. >> i appreciate the question. [cheers and applause] >> thank you all for having me tonight. [cheers and applause] >> and now on c-span2's book tv, for television for serious readers. >> tonight we are extremely excited to be welcoming u.s. senator jeff murphy. [cheers and applause] >> yes. >> senator murphy has been the junior senator from oregon since 2009 and prior t


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