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tv   After Words Michelle Malkin Open Borders Inc.  CSPAN  September 22, 2019 9:02pm-10:01pm EDT

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[applause] she's interviewed by the republican congressman chet roi of texas open borders. first part of your book really captured my attention because it is important to me and the congress from texas the extent to which cartels have operational control. i want your perspective on that, the $2 million a week can you
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talk a little bit about that is one of the opening 20 make in your book to enlighten the american public about the rights that the cartel have at the border or the innocent people on both sides of the border one of the things that i think was really important to eliminate in chapter one of the book of what i call the caravan cartel is that it couldn't do it alone and i think what is shocking to people is not that you have implicit conspirators out there that are making these billions of dollars in process that is endangering lives wreaking havoc with the fact that you have
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minted benevolent charities and religious organizations that may think that they are doing a good deed, and of course we all know about the kind of road that good intentions pave, that religious organizations on both sides of the border that are doing service and enabling the drug cartels to make as much cash as they do. into your state and then beyond and support money subsidizing this entire shelter network especially churchgoers in america need to understand. they think it is helping their neighbors and homeless people in their communities, but in many ways it is going straight to the
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network from central america all the way to the interior of the uniteunited states are being subsidized for example by the catholic church, and every step that we are in. in concert with nongovernmental organizations like doctors without borders that are creating those magnets and factors that the drug cartels then exploit. >> host: i would love to explain further this the cycle of humans bungling and a lot of people don't understand the extent to which you have got people that are being driven up from countries like th by the cn illicit organizations for profit.
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not narcotics, the people to get across the country and then the way they do it is by exploiting the law but then what you find as you go tis you go to the bord people are being brought across to processed can you talk a little bit about that in the exploitation of the wall in hell that comes together? >> guest co. for the average consumer if they are well-informed, the impression that they are trying to avoid trouble and you know that it is not true. they have been coached not just
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ground to their hearing it on the radio. of course we know now and in your state you see that it's not just central america. all of these african migrants as well have been coached and what is alarming is that these people around the world are far more informed about the immigration law and all of the incident out. it's not the loophole.
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then you've got the that they pay the coyote to bring them across and they pay a cartel for the final passage and everybody is making money and then you have these ngos as you mentioned who get their own cut of the process. the question comes up about who we are is in the statute of liberty as i checked it wasn't in the constitution of the united states even if you look at the statue of liberty it
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unsettles the entire world. they were prosecuted for that and found guilty but also the migrants that seem to come here that are abused, the women, the children on the journeys come in illicit illegal organizations profit and then use edit the important part here about compassion. this is the false theme of compassion that somehow good for migrants. it's completely backwards empowering these organizations and again, you talk about these kind of things in your book and i would love to hear your point
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before we move on to a different chapter. >> i agree the people that want what we all want it breaks my heart. in this cruel and inhumane game of open borders is incalculable and it doesn't just stop at the borders. i lived in the dc area in montgomery county that prided itself on being a center briefcase and when i left here 11 years ago if you could already see the sign of ms 13 taking over the public schools taking over the local mall, filling the tax. it's largely other members of
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the migrant communities that are being victimized, raped and murdered. >> i will get to the next topic but i think it's really caught my eye in your book. i'm going to say something that's going to shock you and the viewers. i am a white guy -- [laughter] and in chapter four of your bucket is titled page machine the southern poverty law center and you start with that quote without getting into the weeds here is what you say. you identify yourself quoting gone white, brown skinned daughter, filipino catholic immigrants, the wife of the grandson of a ukrainian jewish migrant, the mother of multiracial, multiethnic children. but then xenophobic racist white supremacists, yet these are always the charges. they were accusing the lifetime law-enforcement officer defending our borders.
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why do you go through your life and take particular to that? in the attacks we are talking to each other on the 18th anniversary of the attacks and they inculcated in me we all need to write this book and now 17 years later coming back to this topic if it's really fleshing out the global financing of this immigration chaos and the idea that you have an entire infrastructure that is hell-bent on demonizing and sneering every immigration enforcement advocates come every group out there that does the
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research and tells about the negative impact on our culture and on our schools and our public old system and welfare of 11 national security is daunting because you realize these are not just random people out the there. it's very well orchestrated and it is very well-funded. and a large part is coming from groups that enjoyed the tax-exempt nonprofit status. so, the chapter that i wrote on the southern poverty law center starts out the way that you read because i encountered that very early on. now everybody is aware that with the large number of me are seeing on the prominent conservatives, independent trump supporters and other organizations that have found success on the internet, but very early on, it was immigration that motivated groups within us all come with a
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gaza, the anti-defamation league commanded number of groups under the umbrella of the open society foundation to come up with their own guidebook. a bit of code words you are not allowed to use them and for me, and 2006 and 2007, there was a video that had attacked me for talking about the academic process of the idea that demographically is many of these open border forces were able to overwhelm cities with electoral power and all you have to do is look at the numbers and see that that is happening but to be able to talk about it without being labeled a conspiracy is impossible these days and it could certainly help the sclc which is a discredited organization that even mainstream liberals and magazines like the atlantic have
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completely exposed now you have internal whistleblowers who talk about harassment and racial discrimination of any organization for any mainstream organization can get cnn and "washington post" continue to confirm the moral authority on the premises even if they have as brown of skin as i do. >> host: you've spent a lot of time on the southern border and i have obviously the district i represent that stretches from austin to san antonio to the county that is about 100 miles from the rio grande and the laredo sector, you have been to the border and new mexico, california, i wonder if your perspective is the same as mine. it's often brought out this charge but there is a racist
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tinge to be leaving in border security, and i have two thoughts on that and i want to get your feeling on it. one, look at the brave men and women in border patrol but are overwhelmed right now but as one agent told me if i'm a perpetual instant of border patrol because they are so overwhelmed and others said that they are in the sector have three on the line trying to protect the stretch. a two-mile stretch of 70 miles where you can drive a car alongside the river but you can't see the river through. they are asking them to do the impossible. here's my point. the majority of the patrol officers i've engaged with and i believe that it is a truth are hispanic and they are hispanic americans who along the border believe that the border is part of our sovereignty, the rule of law matters and that is why people seek to come here and then thspend a second point with respect to the racist charge, how is it good for people of any
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color to be abused on a journey coming here and have open borders but then empowers what we discussed earlier in the show and how is that a good thing from this standpoint and i wondered if you have thoughts on those two points. >> guest: on the first point i agree with you. in newspaper journalism in los angeles in the 1990s that the immigration chaos in the state trying to take control of it back then, but of course started building up many sources for the border patrol and i.c.e. and then i was able to see the perspective of the border patrol agents and removal and officers who worked on the northern part of the border. we spend so much time just talking about the southern border, but the neglect of the
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northern border especially when you have canadian government in power who see themselves as in large part harboring islamist extremist groups that then can trace across the northern border because all that is stopping them or orange rubber cones come its alarming and they've been under siege for a long time. congress and those washing transform is always pay lipservice to wanting to fund them more and increase their ranks but they have been purposely turned in to the diaper patrol because too many special interests don't want them to do their job effective effectively. another important point they come from all backgrounds and the default colors, brown, white, black, yellow, many of course the southern border sectors are families that come
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from law abiding hispanic families themselves. in colorado, my adopted home state, i visited the facilities recently and the agents there from the private contractors are proud and we simply naturalized americans who understand that to preserve tha the special gift of being able to become american. you need a system that is able to do it properly and decide who we want to let in and how we should remove the people that don't belong here in the first place. >> host: i was about to move to business and open borders but i can't resist commenting on the situation. remember i was in colorado and i saw you on the weekend that a group of folks stormed the facility and turned the american flag upside down.
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i found tvs, i found internet access, here's the interesting point pakistan, indonesia, this is not just the northern triangle with respect to mexico. >> it is worldwide. and i remember the picture of you outside of that facility inspired me to do more in my own home state just recently we had a rally that drew 200 people on a holiday. there is a hunger and a thirst on the grass roots ordinary citizens to show their support
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in a way that hasn't been done until now. and with so many of these facilities under siege being lied about with the agents and harassed. it's underwritten with the forces that are hostile to american sovereignty and it is very important for people to know what is actually going on in the facilities. so, the tour that you took and i took i was stunned to find out those listed on top of that you've got these detainees, many of course are still criminal alien repeat offenders and deportation fugitives that have access to lexis-nexis. they have psychiatry appointments and the colorado
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department of facilities at a fraction of these amenities. they are on the order of concentration camps from world war ii so this is absolutely ridiculous and more disturbingly, the incitement to violence isn't some sort of a speculation. like the shots in san antonio and throwing at the cia office in florida and obviously the attack in tacoma come if the ideological chip had fallen on the other side, this would be declared an epidemic and there would be traditional hearings about how to prevent this
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epidemic of violence from continuing. >> host: you make a great point and i will add one more about the facilities. one consequence of the massive 900,000 people that have been apprehended since october 1, that isn't counting every candid as you know 600,000 of them have been caught at the least, but the huge number that we've defined a way to put them where are they going, they are going to these i.c.e. facilities. when i was at the facility in aurora we are not able to do as many because then you have a place to put them. we are talking about hardened criminal and battery or assault or whatever it might be.
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border patrol is overwhelmed and i.c.e. is overwhelmed. >> these are hidden costs and it's not like a viral photo. there's other types of victims of crime that we cannot know about it at the place is like the aurora i.c.e. facilities are in an in criminal aliens like you say being searched across the border and enabled.
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they are waiting for everyday americans across the country there is no space from the open borders. >> host: you couldn't be more right, the mayor from the small town. 50, 60,000 miles from the border would be an impact that we are seeing all sorts of terrible thingthings in consequences and abuses by people that are coming here illegally from the northern triangle. i'm glad you made that point, but i think that we should pick it up to big business. your book is open borders incorporated. it is a correlation and a tied to the business community. you know, one of the things that i said before is i think we should be -- it's wrong to stand on the rio grande with this sign them kind of a help wanted sign and we do that a lot in this
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country and we need a conversation about what's going on. can you talk about god you talk about the big business and amazon and how that plays into all of this. >> guest: is that the silicon valley have their own interests not the virtues but it was empty virtues signaling to spread money around for a lot of these companies, my last book sold out witpixel aboutwith the former an software programmer turned lawyer for american it workers
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-- they had explicit goals to bring in as many as they can and outsource the work. so, the problem of course is that a lot of these silicon valley companies have them in their inner chambers to help them identify the worst political opponent and then to platform them and completely thy swallowed them from telling the truth and it is connecting the dots of that money. tim cook and jeff bezos do you wonder how it is that they have instant representation in court over every last trump initiative to enforce the law. so i'm a big business and the chamber of commerce are sort of huge reasons for that. >> host: let me ask your perspective on this because as
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you know i've been working on this for a while when i was in the hill, the senate judiciary committee, 14, 15 years ago, then again with a number in congress and when i wa had whene attorney general's office be litigated the circuit up to the united states supreme court trying to enforce the law. it struck me that the circle that we find ourselves in is significantly a part of the chamber of commerce when it comes to the business crowd that wanted to tamp down any effort to have a sensible border security solution. one, like, for example democrat sylvester reyes supported operation hold the line, building a fence that would work and now his successor is to tear that down. we know that border security needs some sort of infrastructure. southern california, 600,000. that number is down to about
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30,000 because aaa fencing. we could have a rational border patrol policy out to the pacific. my concern and my question for you is why do we end up in an endless cycle with some interest, not all that particularly in the bigger business representation, u.s. chamber to see not wanting us to actually enforce the law? >> guest: money talks and a lot of the members have no idea what the national chamber of commerce actually represents, and i think both of these grassroots local members would be appalled to know that. if we could just point fingers and say they are really out there, they want to decriminalize border trespassing and they are talking about this
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seriously. they really do want to abolish and not replace it with anything else. but, lurking behind them are the larger corporate interests that allow the crazy radicals to give voice to the ultimate working agenda of their own organization. they would be very happy if every last willing worker in the world were able to cross the border for that dollar an hour wage. .. getting free trade, our goal to have an e encouraged economic
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growth. part of that is making sure we stand up for free trade? i would note nancy pelosi is blocking president's goal of getting umcarca done. it is better for mexico for guatemala, hon durin honduras, d venezuela and all south america for us to have a secure border where everyone knows what the rules are. they are welcome in this would be better lives. >> i agree. the formulation, that interior enforcement and enforcement of our own borders is empowering to the people in their home countries and convince them to take more accountability for their own homes.
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but no, we're just racist for believing for best way for people to improve their lives and prosperity. the financial imperative comes into play. i have a section, banking on illegal. i talk about the financial institutions from wells fargo to bank of america or bank of illegal aliens in america. now these apps and paypal and a lot of silicon valley to more seamlessly send remittances back home, president trump vowed and promiseed and signaled and telegraph he will start taxing the remittances, he has not done it yet, shockingly for most people, federal reserve itself runs i remittance program, it
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recruits illegal alien customers in america by throwing festivals and having carnival games to get a cute too. >> well, one thing that i think grabbed my attention is a little bit about talking about media. and i think you referred to what some meada personality done to create a climate of hate. can you talk about that? how that impacting the whole 1 verthe --conversation, how we se problem. in a rational way. and believing the best way to do that is to have a system that works. can you talk about how media is fomenting that wrongly. >> yes, it is difficult to talk
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rationally about policy consequences when you have open borders propaganda in media, smearing patriots as hatriots, and seizing control of absolute moral authority card to confer essentially this immoral authority only on illegal aliens and their families at the expense of american families who have been separated. that never comes up. i wrote a column this week about questions that i know that open border media are not going to ask the media presidential candidate thes. debate is in houston, jocelyn johnson lost her husband, both members of houston police department, she does not have standing in american court to
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hold sanctuary anarchists accountiable. where are the bleeding hearts on the left for this? you have an open border media what president trump finally embraced many of the angel families, told their stories, during the state of the union, these media types on twitter were proactively smearing them. while they were being applauded in the chamber. they have absolute contempt for american citizens while they exhault every last supposed illegal victim. it does not help you have out right illegal aliens in media like jose antonio vargas, who
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has been supported by soros money who is calling himself a real american be o obliteratinge fundamental differences from people who came here legally like hig my parents from the philippines and he illegally from the philippines. >> i mentioned vargas. -- whole family brother. wonderful family, they are blown away by the state of our laws, they are really hurt, right, they lost loved one, i hear from some critics say, well, you know. you know there are crimes that are committed by american citizens. my point is simple, that does nothing to bring jared back for laurie. this is somebody who is here, who was not supposed to be here.
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by the way. the 900,000 people who came across our border 600,000 caught, and released. we're not performing adequate screens, if just 1% of those people coming in are bad people and associated with ms-13 that is a lot of people, 9,000 people. i wonder who you talk more about angel families and direct impact on american citizens. a lot of people don't know stash houses and abuse that continue. we found a stash house, we meaning u.s. government in houston on 54 people in a basement held hostage to pay ransom to cartels on the other side of the rio grande, that real, happening in america. >> i think most important thing you talked about there, point that i always try to stress, i have over last 25 years that i have been covering these issues, yes, the open border propaganda goes back and nort forth about whatever you know pro portion of -- 100% of the criminal aliens
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committed crimes that were 100% preventible. and if the gun control lobby applied its own -- if it saves just one life mantra on immigration control, you know, we would be so much better off. and this revolving door has victimized so many people, we have talked about it before, not just american citizens wit but people of all races and backgrounds, and callousness of media and hollywood, i have a entire section on that. callousness with which they show in particular families of color to borrow their own phraseology is stunning to me. i contrasted the outpouring of compassion for yen elah sanchez by hollywood, media and elected democrats in california to near
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code of violence there was when a hero illegal immigrant - was brutally murdererred on christmas day. at same time nancy pelosi and kamala harris were tweeting about separation of family at border, they had cir zero to say about singh, i would love if there was a media moderator to ask the democratic candidates, raise your hand if you know who ronel singh is. >> there is you just referenced one from your book there are more, you talk about the whole open borders inc. a web, another factor is they have community, i find -- faith community, it is ironic fake fah
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community is complicit. somehow that this is a good thing to do, can you talk a little bit about catholic church, you mentioned evangelical churches, a whole part of the network, at the end of the day they are still a part of this endless you know human smuggling cycle some i am >> i am catholic myself, over the years i have become more aware that vatican and u.s. conference of catholic bishops are involved in subverting our borders. i did not know h how deep and hw many billions of dollars at stake. many of them in form of government contracts for the refugee resettlement racket. and in the case of u.s. conference of catholic bishops, exclusive subcontracts dealing
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with sheltering and paying for foster care for unaccompanied minors from south of the border. what is alarming you have many unwitting catholics who are giving money to catholic relief services or charity for campaign for human development who don't understand these organizations have been hijacked in some cases by social justice warriors or in their dna that they were in alliance withlinsky in chicago, we give party as part of a national campaign, people are under the impression it is staying in their neighborhood but it is being sent aboard there is a vicious cycle like a money laundering machine.
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it not just the catholic church, i talk about immigrant and refugee services, a voluntary in the beltway vernacular. and they are responsible for bringing elan omar and her family here, and ar for transforming the twin cities to biggest breeding ground for jihad ballots here -- plots here domestically and many young men brought here in early toddler years, going back to somalia and killing their own people or targeting american soldiers. it is ironic have you liberal military leaders who published a piece in washington mos "washin" arguing against a most radical predicttion of refugee numbers saying it would make us more unsafe we nee -- import more arc
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translators from afghanistan and iraq here, by answerra an appendix in own borders inc., with what i call refuge jihadis. >> you mentioned something else that caught my attention in the book, that struck me a little bit, the funding of a lot of these entities out there on the left. george soros. he spreads a lot of money trying to push an agenda, i would argue fairly radical agenda. talk a little bit about his or other wealthy donor you know forces that are impacting this debate. >> yes, so, it is become very boatence to talk about george
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soros with many minions that are employed by groups like media matters that have labeled some criticism of george sourc georgs spending at anti-semitism. the chapter that i wrote about george soros is filled with facts about how the large bulk of his 25 billion dollar net worth is now being directed toward open society foundation, 18 billion earmarked to achieve his agenda. and against this is not conspiracy theory, i read his book, the case for global governance, he considers sovereignty, quote, an obstacle to his goal to use united nations to achieve his own end
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whether financial or ideal -- ideological reason, for your informed readers on my of the ideological aisle. there are hundreds of them that proliferate with names that you don't understand what they mean. the abolish i.c.e. movement in new york city for example, has been perso person perpetrated ma group called make the road new york, i don't know that this means, they have organized thousands of people to descend on airports in new york city what trump tried to intro does e the travel ban, making sure that we're don't have another 9/11. and there are numerous ofnese groups that 10 take their soros
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grant and grant them to other organizations. i think it is really important for people to see just how many layers are involved. and to make sure that in their own neighborhoods, they are doing their own homework about whose fomenting sanctuary cities exor. exfor example or spearheading drive for driver license for illegal aliens or interstate tuition. endorsed the montgomery county executive. it is a cozy network. >> you just articulated that well, one thing that might help for those who are viewing, to understand open borders inc., walking someone through the cycle of human smuggling effort at strt o of center it, a familn
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northern triangle who are struggling. they say, i would like to go to america, they are told, you don't have to go through normal channels, just come up, pay a fee, you are taken across the river, you can do with what you want, they are told that with some degree of honesty. cartels say, pay a fee, what is that? different people you talk to, like 7,000 dollars, family in united states, cousin or a uncle or aunt will pay or someone back home. and then they bring someone to the border, pay coyotes this is a supply chain. there is a whole business model built around this they will then take a video of someone coming across river, send video to home family, then they take a dad or brother they will abuse them, and take a video of that abuse, send it to them ask for more money, then they get across
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river, they are taken to a stash house, then held hear ransom, they come across the river, they go to border patrol they know they will get caught and released, if you have a child with our current interpretation of the law, when is bad, it is your automatic enl entry card, s important for important people. that this say whole system -- this is a whole system, it ties together to the de detriment ofr sovereignty. >> and flewency -- which they speak about this racket. the premium they pay to get across knowing that the buy national lawyers there are to hold their know your rights seminar, we talked about lexus
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nexis in the i.c.e. facility, there is an atten -- appendix in borders inc. you have every law school that is recruiting and white shoe law firm that provides pro bono legal services bringing cases all the way to supreme court, let alone judicial tyrants, it is not just 9th circuit caught ocourtof appeals. when you have you know these individual circuit court judges just you know uniyeah unilateray asserting authority to overrule the president's plenary powers on immigration, we have a systemic problem. and you know, we'll ask, what can i do? one thing to make sure if you have the pow forecast votes for
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d.a. -- power to cast vogt for u will vote for a d.a. who will not look the other way on immigration law, we should start impeaching some of these justices as well. >> we could have an whole other hour on that alone. that brings me to politicians right now, we have a debate about state was border and what -- state of the border and president wants to do, i.c.e., border patrol, for first 5 months of this year my democratic colleagues said, there was no crisis. a made up crisis, a manufactured crisis. i go to floor of house i would talk about the numbers, 100 something thousand apprehensions in a month, i was told it was a manufactured crisis. in the summer it was oh, wait,
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we have to admit there is a crisis. what is the main problem from a political stand point and how much are politicians making it worse, and attacking law enforcement a problem? >> i think that the incitement to violence of the squad and pretty much every mainstream democrat now is alarming. i think that is why you see these grassroots manifes manifes of support for i.c.e. the democrats and presidential field on suddenly determining that a noncrisis was now a cat catastrophic event. that speaks to the lack of any adult in the democrat party back rooms on this issue. and you know, there used to be rational sane voices on this, barbara jordan of your home state, a true heroin and
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patriot, there is not one democratic presiden presidential candidate what was stand stand d say, you know we should not have medicare for all, and illegal aliens. we should put our citizens first. i suppose of all of them, there some dplim glimme -- glimmer ofe on issue, but you have head of national convention, the radical "fringe" is the center of the democrat party. >>, i think glad you point that out. i think about the importants of your book, timing of subject meter, i am glad you mentioned medicare for all point. milton freeman, was once asked in 70s whether he supported open borders, he said
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absolutely, this is a pre-9/11 world, he said, if you don't have a social welfare state. and that is important point here. because of the magnet, important we have sovereignty and a way to manage this is security of our citizens and migrants have a safeway to come here, that is important point you made with medicare for all, every single democratic candidate raised their hand, if you thin -- think about that magnet and up end our immigration system, the numbers would swell to untold numbers. where do you think we go from here, and shape the narrative. and accomplish with open borders ink.
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inc . >> i want them to last i want people to use the information. i am trying to practice what i preach by going out there. i have seen so many brave people on front lines for so long who have not had the privilege of having a platform that i have, you didn't -- can't let fear guide you. if you can take small steps to defund open borders inc. you can start small, if you don't want to support from google is doing anything more, all employees have essentially declared war on i.c.e., pressures their ceos to stop doing any business went who works at department of homeland security. wean yourself off those flat form -- platforms, myspace does not exist any more, there was a point we thought it would rule the world, it no longer exists, we don't have to yield and
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capitulate. and so, you know, i have changed banks from a national chain that was embracing illegal immigration to a local bank in my home ton hometown. then we have to lobby ourselves and raise our voices and pressure the people in here in the swamp, to do more to defund for for example many of these nonprofit tax exempt groups that i think are engaging in -- sadishous behavior. >> i appreciate your book. one page bills that would solve the asylum problem, and catch and release problem and funding i.c.e. to stop cartels, labeling cartels as a terror
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organization. i appreciate you exposing that network that is running against what the american people want, a rational, sane, system built on the rule of law, people come here live the american dream safely according to our law. >> amen. >> if we could clone you 234 times we would go a long way too. thank you for your time. >> thank you, michelle, god bless. >> the house will be in order. >> for 40 years c-span has been providing america unfiltered coverage of congress, white house, supreme court. you can make up your own mind,
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created by cable in 1979. c-span brought to you by your local cable or satellite provider. >> at ae astoria bookshop in new york city. >> they tell stories well. only way to fight them, to tell the true story better. people move across the world and make the countries they go to better. immigrants have lower crime rates than native. they work harder and longer. the country they move to would be -- that is what i' to convey
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in this book. very much tied to language. most migrants,etmology is destin. at the border who asked what you are. difference between refugee, migrant or economic migrant. can mean the difference between life and death. it is recently that humans have to classify themselves according to these categories, for most of human history we moved across the planet. in 20th century it has been a blip in human history. we have to fight the bad language with the true language.
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>> good afternoon, my name is jack bennett before we begin, a few notes. please silence your cell phone. c-span is recording this event. ask your questions in microphone at my left. today's guest, professor, director for some of immigrant rights


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