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tv   Campaign 2020 Business Insider Debate with Bill Weld Joe Walsh  CSPAN  September 27, 2019 8:03pm-9:29pm EDT

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cspan2 to. now she said nearly 90 minutes a day, who's been business a financial website. [applause] >> good evening and we will to insiders 2020 republican memory debate. >> i'm annett a colonist of business insider. i will hear from two republican challenging president trump for the presence nomination in 2020. former massachusetts nobles, and former illinois congressman thomas. thank you. >> business insiders provide both parties to a chance to speak with voters. we encourage them to look beyond networks. tonight his debate, candice will answer questions in economics and immigration policy and americans deepening divide.
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we want to know how the candidates differ from the present why they think it could do a better job. strict president trump did not respond to our invitation to this if it. and another had a scheduling conflict. >> each candidate will have 60 seconds to speak. it may also give an additional 30 seconds to respond as fall is. time will be deducted if the rules are not respected. >> speaking order and putting up spots at random to mexico. >> think everybody again. business insider thank you and have her fill his monarchs are to stand in the same stage with you. start like this, president of the united states will be impeached very soon. the president of the united states will deserve to be impeached very soon. let's cut through all the craziness, were going to spend the next hour an hour and half as anthony and lynette said talking about really important
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issues climate change and trade and what's going on down the border. let's be clear. this is about trump. this is about that guy in the white house. i wouldn't be standing in front of you, i would be standing at next to governor bell if donald trump trump was present. he lies almost every time he opens his mouth and is the danger to this country. he cannot put anybody else's interests ahead of his own. not debating bill. i got all the respect in the world for bill. bill like me knows and understands what the problem is. and the is an unfit president in the white house to take those divided country and is dividing. >> that your time. my thanks to business insider and analysts and moderators pressure. and lopez and is the great thing you are doing. my name is bill wells and i am
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running for president of the united states as a republican. what i need to know about me since i am wrestling running for president. i think all you really need to know about me is that i am a very relaxed calm person. like the congressman, i am comfortable in my own skin. unlike certain other people and i'm not scared of anybody. i was head of the criminal division of the justice department. i think that no one else should be scared of anybody. i'm a great believer in releasing the energies of everybody in the policy and giving them all stake in the enterprise of our shared democratic institutions. as the congressman said, so secret that the president is seeking to divide us. it's really hateful. my promise to you is if you elect me as your president, you never again will have to feel exhausted or tired on account of your government in washington that is supposed to be serving you. you. >> thank you governor. thank you both. [applause] >> song is the hot.
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not much to talk about. except about two hours ago, nancy pelosi announced that she would begin impeachment proceedings against the president of united states. for the fourth time in history of our republic. governor i will start with you. give a message for much mcconnell who seems to be the largest impediment to a smooth impeachment proceeding. >> specifically, i worked on the nixon impeachment years ago. i took the house eight to ten to get through the investigation before even got ready to go to the senate. when impeachment is vetted by the house and goes to the senate, the house appoints six managers or prosecutors to handle it in the senate then they make the rules. ms. mcconnell doesn't make the rules. so those people who think that assumes and goes to the senate ms. mcconnell can call about and get an equivalent run-through, that is true. if the house and the senate take as long as they did
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proportionately, this thing would not be over until after the election. meanwhile, cold hard facts, trump his enemies, cold hard facts from evidence on on oath will have been covered out in those proceedings. i like his nightmare donald trump and he is no way of stopping it before the election. >> thank you governor. august. mr. cano. >> all of the republicans and mr. pollock, helped disappointing because look governor weldon and i are going to say bunch of things about the president of your next hour and half and i guarantee you the most republicans up on capitol hill, they feel in private, exactly what we say publicly. this president, you read the report five months ago, you understand this president obstructed justice that he lied and instructed and ordered other people to live. it was clear we do read the report that this president believes he is above the law. i don't give a damn what party you know, no party should put up
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with that. lynette this ukrainian thing today, this is just the cherry on top. so is it any surprise that donald trump picked up a phone two month ago and call the president of the ukraine, and said, you know what i'm not going to be the state in less you dig dirt on joe biden. it's not a surprise because annette, donald trump, with abc news told three months ago that he would take dirt from a foreign government. he deserves to be impeached and everybody should keep their boots on top of these republicans so that they follow their constitution. >> assign the next question is about the ukraine issue. in fact the republican party has been silent about it so far. how should the market people feel about that congressman you can respond first. >> data be upset. it's hard to be disappointed donald trump anymore because this isn't a surprise. it's not.
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again, these republicans, i was in congress for 89 years ago, these are publicans, they claimed that they believe in the rule of law. they believe in limited government. they believe in a restrained executive. the republican party establishment and i want to be careful what i say because i'm not lynette talking about republican party voters that i am talking with republican party establishment, they are occult. they abandoned everything they believe in to worship the sky every single day. again that should fit all of us. by the way, the republican brand on this president is horrible. so i don't know why you know defending them. you should. >> governor. you call this ukraine business treason. several. >> i think the ukraine hereby the president is some combination of treason ivory and other icons and misdemeanors. one thing that is absolutely clear is that is grounds for removal office. yes any president of the united states essentially selling the
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results of an american president joel election in which he is the candidate. in reading it in his favor against another candidate corruptly. men of the molar report makes it very plain that any activity the present case, this president to benefit himself or his family politically or financially is the corrupt action. this is spending the night and then immediately calling up the president and staying do this to kill biting and meanwhile $400 million is no longer there as of three or four days before the call, how stupid are we supposed to be. how stupid is the president and ukraine is supposed to be. he knows exactly what mr. trump is staying to him. he is vastly illegal. >> for the record, japan. i have all the respect in the world for bill. i don't want top pump treason. i just want him impeached. >> will talk about hanging some other time. [inaudible conversation]
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will move onto the next question has that. >> this is the family show. [laughter] to everyone is read or watch business and hard cider before it is no secret that i am highly critical of the president. but you guys are republicans, and he is the head of your party. he has delivered on republican mainstays like appointing conservative judges and cutting taxes. up at cu governor first. are you not concern the running against the president, god hand the white house to say, to elizabeth warren. connect first of all as governor i never met a tax cut that i didn't like. he cut it 21 times and erase them. i'm not going to criticize that. obviously it can more equitable but this president it's not a fiscal conservative. he it's not so long with these trillion dollar deficits every year. i was like the most fiscally
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conservative governor in the united states. and i was governor of massachusetts separate returns of michael dukakis. selecting tonight. we simply can't sit still for this guy is the disgrace to the office almost every day, as congressman has said, he commenced some deed or other similar, it makes clear beyond any doubt that is unfit for the office of the president of the united states. i wrote the book on what was grounds for impeachment of a president when i was working on the nixon impeachment. and every day, the president transgresses that line. so we can't worry about the general election. all we can do is of the duty that is staring us right in the face right now. >> thank you governor. congressman, think about it. president bernie sanders. >> i've asked this question a bunch. is joe walsh going to weaken donald trump. if he challenges in primary rebellious. that is the point. [laughter] i want to weaken him.
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i would like to beat him. i'm sure governor walsh feels the same way. i do not want him to be our nominee. i am a conservative right. you know that lynette, governor bill wells knows that i am conservative. i probably agree with bernie sanders on maybe have any issues. there may be a few more issues i agree is elizabeth warren. but we have everything our founding, listen to me, everything our founding fathers feared. i don't care how old or young you know in the white house right now. that is a hell of a lot more important than a tax cut for somebody like me. >> thank you. and i want to specifics about the trump administration. many republicans have prayed the presidents deregulatory force especially around roles around the environment. the heritage foundation says a trump administration rollback, save the country $33 billion in regulatory funds.
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let's hear from the president talking about that about two weeks ago. >> working with republicans in congress we slashed 30000 pages of regulations from the federal registration [applause] government will no longer try to micromanage every rain puddle in every drainage ditch on private land. >> governor wells, is that something republicans should be excited about. >> known it's not. regulations the president has rollback, regulations dear to my heart to protect clean air and clean water. i am a lifelong environmentalist, republican party is the rich tradition in conserving our environments. in our roosevelt started national park service. it is all the way back to abraham lincoln. the queen water and clean air act were act enacted when nixon was president of the united states. mr. trump is tossing that out
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the window in order to slake his unbelievable desire to do whatever might be beneficial to the coal companies. entering the country upside down because he wants nothing else for the coal companies to like him. he's a very insecure individual who has be liked and padded. that's why he had his cabinet had to praise him going around the room at the beginning. they deserve no credit for the deregulation efforts in the environmental area. the only other things rollback are the rags designed to protect little people in the if it of another 2008 financial crisis. nice work mr. president. student thank you governor. austin. >> like areas you know going to talk about tonight, it's a balance. the environment and small businessmen and women in this country, you talk is it too small businessmen and women in this country like i have over the last eight or nine years, they've been more burdened by
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government regulations than they have been on texas. so it is a balance. we want to be good stewards of the environment, we want to acknowledge that climate change exists, my party is it too many people think it's a hoax. don't forget about those small businessmen and women all over this country who happen unduly burdened by government regulations over the years. were trying to find the balance. as trump gone is it too far, probably yes because pretty much with everything he goes is it too far. >> thank you so once upon a ti time, a long it feels like a long long time ago a long time ago. republicans used to care about fiscal conservatism. these to care about the u.s. budget deficits which is how much more the government spends that it takes in and revenue. on present time, it is exported to arrive trillion dollars. so congressman, i thought you were deficit talks, the that's how you came into congress. >> nothing disappoints me more than this.
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this is why i went to congress eight years ago because were bankrupting future generations. we are bankrupting future generations in this country both parties do it and lynette you are right, you've got me. because when obama was president all of us were republicans screen and howled everyday about obama. increasing the debt in the deficits. that is right. trump has actually increased the debt faster than barack obama did. think about that. trump has increased our deficits faster than obama has. but, all of my former tea party politics in congress, when we hear from them. not a damn thing. again, just one more example of the republican party now pays fealty to trump and they forgotten about every issue that they claimed to believe in. not governor. >> my monarch when i was in office was no such thing as government money. only tax friedman.
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why is everybody in washington forgot about that. everyone, not just donald trump. there is nobody looking out for taxpayers there. the monterey his spending by five to 10 percent on spending programs. the arms want to raise in our military. a demonize each other so they can all get reelected than the disclosure a special meeting just like the price than the compromise by raising everything 20 percent. and as a total disgrace and trump is raised, faster than anybody else. he had a trillion dollars in month ten. his multiyear budget that a $9 trillion. >> i would keep him as a tax man. you come across the board and you have to zero base their approach is that not assume they start with last year his appropriations. yet to measure outcomes instead of inputs which is how much money we spent last year. this should be irrelevant. a good program increased it, i wasn't zeroed out.
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that's how you cut spending and i did it. >> thank you. >> just rhetoric governor sentiment should have been ae catch cut for the wealthy which is primarily what prompts tax cut was. it should been a payroll tax cut that middle-class americans would've felt. republicans and democrats don't get this, spending problem. both parties like to spend a lot of money. if you let's look at that democrats, were going to spend a lot of time prepping on trump tonight but if you look at these democrats, all genuine and there are a lot of good things they want to do but they never talk about how much these things are going to cost. >> congressman think you are going going to give you another 30 seconds because. >> in terms of cutting the budget, this bill on what i did when i was office, let's say you have a better health program which avoids a lot of bad outcomes and delivers good savings and health area.
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you might multiply that appropriation by ten. but if you have a bureaucracy that no one can quite tell you where it came from, probably relationship between some long dead u.s. senator that's a long equally long dead ways and mea means, you cut that 20. that's for the big money is. and you have to have the political will to do that and not say there's a bunch of sacred cows in the budget. no more sacred cows. >> thank you governor. does this investment down, the manufacturing is in slump and a central banks around the world, are preparing for an economic slowdown. we are in the united states, have already cut taxes, and president trump has already pushed the federal reserve to lower interest rates which he did last week. so. i get the country on the right financial footing within the first 100 days and what policies do you and act you can go first. >> one thing i would do is stop doing foreign policy and economic measures with taxes and
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then, just putting sanctions on everybody. and tariffs. the president said i am a tough man. as an emblem of how ignorant he is on foreign policy. we tried tariffs. in the 1930s and greatly deepened the great recession. mr. trump thinks that we need slaps a tariff on china, china back in beijing, it's not. it is paid by farmers market businesses or individuals who need to import something from china that contains steel or aluminum and everybody knows it. mr. trump thinks that eckhart made in north america is made by either the united states or mexico. so we have to be up on the mexicans. he doesn't understand that the average car made in north america, travels across the us-mexico border 22 times. because depending on the wage scale for that stage of production. everybody makes a better with free trade, the united states always makes out best as we have the highest productivity per
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worker. summary the high wage jobs. >> thank you governor. first hundred days i fix it. >> i'm probably going to say is it too much tonight. emma campaign manager will stop me tonight because i will say is it too much that it's not about the issues, it's about trump. you talked to anybody in the business community right now. you talk to investors, small business men and women and they don't know what trump is doing from our two hour. this uncertainty, but this president has unleashed, he lifts up every morning. you don't know who the hell is going to do tech with a tweet. you don't know what private business he is going to go after. the uncertainty, the hour by hour and where the heck this present going. it has everybody in the business community on edge, and so they are not investing and they are not buying. this is where your slowdown is coming from. so long with what governor well said, these tariffs are finally beginning to happen and have an
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impact in the country. the first 100 days i would get rid of the terrace and when it tweet crazy crap every morning. >> you know the first guys, no tweeting. >> tweet but not crazy stuff. [laughter] okay, some economists blame the slowing economy on the tariffs with china. president trump has put on tariffs from washington machines to soybeans. and while many americans, disagree with trump his methods on handling this issue, they do agree with the u.s. relationship with china economically needs to change. that went out tariffs, how you change that relationship congressman you can go first. >> china cheat. but they don't just cheat against us. they cheat against the whole world and they been doing it for a long time but it.
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so incomes trump and what is trump new right-of-way, elect lays down and throws them tariffs against everybody and he goes at china all by himself. and so who pays the price, we do. our farmers and small-business women and men and you've got to deal with china lit, the mistake trump made was he put us out there on an island all by ourselves. instead of rallying the whole world and the coalition, maybe hitting us back into a transpacific partnership. we could have a coalition of countries that could deal with china. he's done all by himself. in america, has paid a big price for that. you gotta bring the world together to fight china. >> we tete? >> i would absolutely would join tdp in a heartbeat. i.out that during the campaign, trump said no we can't join the transpacific partnership because
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it will be dominated by china. he is so incurious and so ignorant of foreign affairs, that he didn't know the china it's not a member of ttp. [laughter] the whole idea was that we would have insertion of 12 pacific nations, some agents of americas, that went out china at the table. so now, all the treatise that is ripped up you the treaty with her and now he is scrounging around to try to get back to square one before he ripped up that 2015, deal with the brent. i think relationship with china has to be a complex one. were the two biggest players out there. i had high hopes for king but he really has three subsidize all of those as always state owned enterprises, and were getting our brains beaten around the world and on intellectual property, they are completes, flows, probably return to this. >> german were going to a question from our online
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audience and this is about automation. according to a recent report, corner of u.s. jobs could be disrupted by automation. nearly every occupation in the united states to be affected. governor will go to your first. what would you do proactively to deal with automation in the job will be lost due to it. >> no one in washington police altar of president trump is doing the slightest thing about this. i agree we are going to lose 15 to 25 percent of our jobs in the next ten years going to artificial intelligence and drones in robotics and machine learning and driverless vehicles which is going to take care of long-haul truckers but there is goodness also. there will be replacement jobs with technical skills which will be higher wage jobs than those that are lost. but we've got to plan how to get the skills and necessary into the hands of those workers. i ran the numbers here, it would be child's play. one third of a percent of the states budget, to give those
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displaced workers to get free community college or postsecondary education to acquire those skills. the govern is to choose. i chose is the governor and even that went out federal help, the states could take care of that. like a mini g.i. bill and i would be free for everybody. like bernie sanders said to just for the displaced workers and he would get them having high wagers and happy ending in a more affluent society. artificial intelligence is going to create enormous wealth. in the united states because it is making everything more efficient. the federal government should take charge of harnessing and identifying that wealth for the benefit of the citizens. >> thank you. >> i try to be a member of congress it didn't work out. [laughter]. >> said about that. >> i'd love to be a governor. [laughter] >> the governments can play a role here on so many of these issues, i so believe in american ingenuity and american innovation. you are not stopping automation.
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it's not stopping. and it is as the governor said, is the good thing. it is making the american economy more efficient and more productive. our manufacturing sector, is absolutely a hell of a lot more productive and efficient help with fewer workers. help retrain those workers. you can't stop the market. you gotta keep the market going. you gotta keep the market changing it will lead to good things but governments gunplay of role as the american economy goes through these seminal moments where we like move from one industry to another. >> do you buy with the governor staying that is not going to cost much. the wicking state can take care of it. >> the steak and take care of it with the federal government has to play a role is it too. this is the major transformation in our economy. this automation thing. artificial intelligence. the federal government so long with state governments, have got to devote resources to train all of these. >> thank you coppersmith.
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cnet according to a ball more than half of republicans believe human activity is affecting the climate. also increasingly and. what is your plan to a number of republicans who still deny establish climate change. >> my plan is to stay money to be done which is to meet the outcome that is necessary to avoid catastrophic climate change. and that is to prevent global temperatures from rising more than 1.5 degrees centigrade between now and 2050. thus the injunction from the un framework and of the air support, and a *. we have to put a price on carbon, upstream at the wellhead for oil companies at the mineshaft for mining companies, at the loading dock for being imported, even agriculture is going to have to pay a pit but you put a price on carbon and that has to be either congressional statute or i think is such a national emergency that this might be the rare
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proper exercise of mercy ouster hours. >> do you think that argument will win over republican voters. >> is just so clearly the right thing. the other thing i say here is the democrats are off-base because likely the budget they are doing, and was my plan will cost 16 trillion sanders 1.7 trillion at best buy didn't and in between talk about how mr. going to spend, they don't talk about putting a price on carbon which will allow the market to lower. >> congressman, is climate concern of pictures. >> republican party had better get on board. or they are done. this is the issue that concerns most young americans. i don't want to sound like way is it too basic here, but the parties have got to acknowledge the fact that this exasperated is it too often republicans and this is an issue anthony where i have moved, acknowledge that it is real, acknowledge that there is a foreign half-billion planet
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the climate changes we have been on this planet how long and clearly we are impacting this environment. just to get to the republic for party hang on it seems like a baby step, but just to get to the republican party to get acknowledge the obvious is the big step. if we don't anthony, if we don't do this because this train is going. we will even be at the table. i don't want, i have all of the respect in the world for congressman aoc, but i don't want the new deal. no one the democrats come in and just re- revolutionizing the whole american economy. is it too heavy-handed government. but if it republicans don't sit at the table, and acknowledge it is a problem, that is going to happen. >> thank you congressman. please answer yes or no please. >> would you rejoin the accords question and more. >> no. >> immediately. >> can i explain. [laughter] no.
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>> protecting coal industry jobs, 2016 campaign. >> [applause] we've ended the war on clean beautiful coal, and we are putting in and you see it better than almost anybody, are coal miners, they are all back to work and they are going back to work. [applause] clean coal. >> called us produce about a third of americans energy that is a major contributor greenhouse gases. jobs in solar and wind technology are two of the fastest growing occupations. >> would be coal or green energy or something else. >> it would be all of the above probably not much coal. thus president trump staying i'm going to build a wall in mexico and they are going to pay for it. president trump said that, i said stuff like that a bunch. he knew and he knows that the goal in ministry is dying in this country and it should be
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dying in this country. it's being replaced by cleaner, forms of energy, natural gas and nuclear. we lost 15 percent of our coal output two years ago on president trump where where a track to lose 20 percent of our output this year, it's a good thing. it should be replaced. yesterday but as all the above thing. we talk about the balance with every issue. balance our use of fossil fuels, knowing that the future is removable his. >> there's no room for coal or oil. the light heart, it's going to be exhilarating not to be dependent on foreign oil. no room for coal or oil. it's a renewables where i get off on the green new deal bus, is the couple of things. number one, off of aoc had nuclear and first draft, the beautiful people made her take it out. because it has placed.
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therefore it is dirty, and therefore were not going to love it and embrace it. i thinking you have to raise nuclear power and so this union of concerned scientists and responsible environmentalists. 25 percent, having a lot of underpopulated counties who would love to have nick's already, another nuclear plant. it's a great employer a great neighbor and i'm not talking about building a giant norma's plant on a barrier reef which is what they did okay shema, talking about essentially pocket nuclear plants. i think there's a wave of the futures is been been you wrote great impacts of this.number one agree new deal. >> back into it. contract crippled oil production facilities in iran. president trump has responded.
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how would you deal with the increasingly copulated saudi relationships. >> i would be honest with the saudi his. because republican democrat after democrat, republican president after democrat president, through the years have not been. look iran is the biggest threat in the middle east, saudi arabia is the great guy either. i worry about with these trips, us getting further involved in a region that we should get involved in. our men and women are to be held from afghanistan by now. we support israel. we've got to do whatever we can to encourage that part of the world to move towards a democracy but i don't like us placing resources and especially in placing american troops and one final.anthony is trump administration i think like pompeo side we are in this weird
8:37 pm
place where we don't believe what our own president says. we think about that. we don't believe what iran tells us we don't believe what saudi arabia tells us but the rest of the world right now doesn't believe what a united states president says. >> governor how would you handle the relations question and more. >> thing that troubles me about trump is that he flames to be a non- interventionist buddies all folk quick on sending us troops. a couple of months ago he said after discussion with these national security advisers, i am sending 5000 more troops to the middle east immediately. leonard got there because he must've had a second thought or a third thought but he never said what it was for them. not quite clear why we are sending troops to saudi arabia to defend their oil supplies. don't they have any troops over there. another have a lot of weapons because we sold them all to saudi arabia. we should make sure they know how to apply those things.
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and had a fire those missiles. i don't get it. boots on the ground. to another country the regime change or to correct something that we see in the eyecatcher that we don't like, the height of the lesson learn on the iraq war. we shouldn't do that. i agree with congressman. our trips could've been home from afghanistan a long time ago. we've been there for 18 years. he will say we can't bring them home now. it was a response, basic question, when. how about never does never work for you because that's what they really mean. >> i take those question from her online question. 2015 the spring court made all same-sex marriages eagle. almost half of republicans opposed to it. you signed one of the earliest laws of the state loophole what you say to members of your party who are still two and trend rights. >> you got to get with it. you just have to drop your mind around that. i'm so sorry but i came out for
8:39 pm
lgbt rights before anybody else did. i was by myself or 20 years on that. i pointed the woman who wrote the opinion holding the same-sex marriage is constitutionally required and about the equal protection clause. the new process laws. it became the foundation for the u.s. supreme court decision. i pointed the slope of leslie lesbian judges, i presided over the mary marriage of our cabinet. i am all in on this issue. for the the first things i did was avoid a commission on gay and lesbian youth. we had a rash of suicides. in central massachusetts is the result of bullying. >> your record is clear, how are you going to reach republican voters who are still against it. >> gay suicides, and relate the stories of people for including and got to know a great deal on their campaign trip. he's very quick to say the most important thing.
8:40 pm
>> question for for you. last month the advocacy group last of the eu" use the power of your public profile to repeatedly it jack the lgbt community how you respond. >> first off on your first question, anthony, same-sex marriage is the law of the land. how are we going to get republican voters to eventually embrace it. this is one of those issues where it's going to take time. we have to let time play itself out. i think the answer most republican voters eventually is the family. his over the next number of years, loving same-sex parents, parent their kids. republican voters anthony, conservatives that i have spoken to for years, on the radio, they value the family the nuclear family, ate together family more than anything.
8:41 pm
i think as the months and the years to buy, and they see that loving children can be raised by same-sex parents, this is one of those issues that will eventually move republican opinion. >> like to respond very quickly to god staying you use the power of the public profile to attack the lgb t community. >> i disagree. i use the public profile to go after the issue and find common ground on the issue. i'm a big supporter supporter of anybody, this is one of those issues aware we do have got strong minded people on one side or another side, pushing it, is it too hard for the american people instead of trying to find an area of compromise. for instance, being able to use whatever facilities or shower facilities according to the you identify as. fine. people in america should have that freedom to be able to do
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that. but we gotta think about the people say in high school situations, other student 17 and 18 -year-olds, who may be uncomfortable with that. find common ground. >> i like test both of you this question how a significant number of present top supporters in the back because of his bullying nesta say outrageous thing. in their view, he is unnecessary action because of the overly sensitive community. >> it is a great time to be alive. we are divided. i've been in the business of trying to break down political correctness for years. i want honest dialogue i do a podcast back home called uncomfortable conversations with a black radio post from chicago. he is the black eye and a white guy. we sit down for an hour and we talk about these uncomfortable issues. like race and racism.
8:43 pm
arc of black people like you look at the police differently. ockham black people don't like the republican party. we have these conversations because i a polar americans who don't want us talking about sensitive issues. i so believe in free speech. i get really worked up when we try to shut down anthony, speech we don't agree with. in this political correctness, that cancel culture, you said something five years ago and i can't get a job now. >> governor wells, do you agree with the perspective of many top supporters that he is the necessary reaction to an oversensitive culture to political correctness. >> i think that spot on for how he got elected i thought is most powerful lines on swamp. like the clackamas, i've always been known as political incorrect. because i stroke spoke truth to power before it's fashionable. i felt the same way about the
8:44 pm
bureaucracy in washington it used to drive me crazy when my little tribe about the budget, you can tell in to get me started about bureaucracies. and that is what the president the current president then candidate, was talking about we need said he wanted to drain the swamp. >> draining the swamp and political accuracy is different. >> i found it very refreshing how an politically correct he was. i remember early going thinking that he was the most profession of the candidates. at least he didn't stand around on 1 foot and create his neck and looked uncomfortable and look the other way away from donald trump wherever he was standing. in the early going, he was quite an appealing candidate problem but the problem is we know a lot more now than we did three years ago about how this guy is been importing him self in office, he's coming apart right before our eyes. more than 70 percent of voters want congress to take action on gun violence. congressman walsh you would say
8:45 pm
he would loosen restrictions. do you have any plans on it. >> i believe in the second amendment, there is no silver bullet to the said human violence is down the last 32 in the last 30 to 40 years. crimes with guns merges with guns, the numbers are all good over the last 30 to 40 years. the problem we have now in this country is are these mass shootings. there are a lot of things we need to look at anthony i am a big gun guy but here is what our focus should be on we don't want anybody you shouldn't have gone to have a bed. when i leave here about an hour, if i go to a gun dealer down the street i want to buy a gun, i have to go get a federal background check. it makes sense to me that if i buy that same gun at a gun show, i should have to undergo federal background act makes sense to me if i buy an ad online that i should have to do that. mixed emotions that i buy the sand and proofread across town,
8:46 pm
if that i should have to undergo the contract. you do things like that anthony, i think it will help but then we've got to really take those serious look at mental health issues. generals do you plans to address them. >> criminal division of washington, a work of the fbi unit, that deals with serial murders and other sickos. anything is fair to say that the people committing these mass shootings are sickos. i'm currently strongly in immersion of these red flag laws that enable a coworker or family member to petition a judge and you can get in front of a judge in six hours. staying this guy has a history of violence you should reset violent tendencies he's carrying a list of people he liked to kill me talk about his admiration for osama bin laden and spoken favorably of islamic jihad, these are all trigger words and trigger states and
8:47 pm
getting in front of a judge and see both of it holds up and then if so, this guy usually these guys have six guns at home. so take the guns away by all means before something happens there. and that is going to come a lot closer to solving your problem than other solutions which are aimed not at that population but everybody. >> summer nearing the halfway.of the debate. we asked some republicans and independence what they thought the republican party on trump. and how it will look going forward let's watch. ♪ rallies like this one admit new mexico, filled with energized. staff of republican dreams and they last barack obama in a landslide in 2012. that year, they published an
8:48 pm
autopsy on the republican party staying outreach number a diverse voters in the past come back. >> party took on a different approach because of donald trump. nobody was expecting that at the time. [inaudible conversation] the president is ultimately the accredited or blamed for blowing up what it means to be a republican today. on the other hand, many have argued that is not the cause but rather a result among other things, a schism become between modernism thing that has been growing for decades. >> this it's not the same republican party that her parents and grandparents. this it's not the same republican party of ronald reagan or even george w. bush. and change a lot. ronald reagan had a small thing called let's make america great. that's good. i like it as much. as sure as hell didn't use it as much. we have sold many and millions
8:49 pm
of hats. i go to a rally everybody has the red hat thank you america great again. >> many supporters are less focused on republican values. more focused on the man himself. >> i consider myself more about tropism or than american. president trump is a lot stronger. absolutely donald trump. [inaudible conversation] >> not everyone sees trump his is the win for the party. >> there is no republican party. there's a truck party. republican party is taking a nap somewhere. >> is probably never coming back. >> republicans are focus on winning and right now trump as taken hold of the republican party did republican party is
8:50 pm
having a major identity crisis right now. >> a conservative migrant commentator. watching all of my former friends off the line behind people who was as followed as i was when trump was running for president in 2016, i can't figure out who these people are. it's like the invasion of the mustaches. i thought they've had their brains sacked out and replaced with champion mush. >> it was once picked out of a crowded truck rally. >> look at my african-american over here. look at him. he said he didn't mind at first. i just got it out and i am here. so everybody around me just was uproarious laughter because it was funny. if you were there, you would be laughing yourself. >> racer us drove him away from
8:51 pm
the party he had been voting for for almost 20 years. >> today is running for congressman in california as an independent. challenger saint the president his tendency to light in this cavalier tweet has the approach to issues like trade and diplomacy. trump his supporters are using his style is different, his actions they say, signal a return to the party of ronald reagan. >> insistence on conservative judges. in the tax cuts, if peace through strength. i was there in the white house when reagan met with gorbachev, and here is the leader of the big bad soviet union. come to town and i think of that every time i see trump with kim jen monk, he often appeared on television defending trump. >> if i thought you were racist, would never be here.
8:52 pm
>> he believes the president has been true to the pillars of the party. >> limited government, small government. tax cuts, and social issues, i think the whole pro-life thing has been melted into the republican party. >> many republicans who have spoken out against the president, is that a question of the man himself. even for those who eventually found behind him. >> trump supporters. i don't know who you know, and i don't know why you like this guy. he's a race first clean public religious ticket. he's playing the numbers of the american public for suckers. he gets a ride to the white house. >> with trump can squeeze out another electoral victory victory or not, this is the path towards political suicide to the republican party because if you look at the changing demographics of america, this is going to be a majority minority country by the 2040s.
8:53 pm
and if you know identified as the party of white racism, you are not going to be successful in a majority minority company. entry. >> to pete the eventual democratic challengers who we need to look beyond his face. >> trump campaign cannot just when the people who voted for them or supported them in 2016, they will lose. they have shaped people who never voted for him before, never considered bloody for him before. >> the challengers believe they can appeal to the voters donald trump is alienated. the question is, how. screaming [applause] [background sounds] [applause] >> janine out moderator, business insider ceo henry. >> very much looking forward to
8:54 pm
my time with you but. now you know mr. fisher good hands. >> congressman wells and alice has tennessee, urethral. but even the most optimistic polling has you in about 16 percent when matched up had had with president trump. is partially impossible for you to win the republican nomination. >> i don't agree with that at all. i'm ahead of where john mccain was in his to ensure that campaigns which were successful in winning the new hampshire primary. a strategy is to win not to place as patton cannon did and he got 37 percent of the vote and even so, that george bush, 41. led to his eventual defeat. for five times in the recent elections, the sending president has had a primary from within the party. all five times the president lost. it's not on the final but they were weakened they lost in the general election. or else withdrawal.
8:55 pm
the diners and i shake 200 hands at a time. in new hampshire and i get between two and ten trump voters out of tune or people hands shake there. there are some disconnect there between the poles on the very tight screen and focusing on the republican state committee and on those who voted in the last five republican primary elections. i'm reaching out not to those republicans, but to millennial his and women and italian butters and independence, particularly in the crossover states in which were 20. four of them pretty early on. >> thank you. mr. walsh, you are pulling even lower the governor wells is president trump. what is your path to the nomination. >> i gotta start there. let's be clear, let's not mince words. donald trump is the horrible human being. now only a very broken political system, and a very divided
8:56 pm
country would produce that. but here's the thing about that. donald trump has an added one new voted two nephews. not one new butter. he's got a divided base of about 35 percent of this country, but he's going to be yet be if he is the nominee in november, any democrat will beat him. >> but how do you beat him. >> here's how i beat him in the primary. when i say the donald is the horrible human being. when i say that i am tired of his mama, i'm tired of his bs and i'm tired of the ugly tweets. i'm tired of the division every day. when i say that publicly like i do as a candidate everyday, i firmly believe most republican voters privately they believe that. the objective of this campaign anthony, is to get them to come out and say publicly what they believe and privately. let's not forget what happened today. the president is going to be impeached.
8:57 pm
this is just beginning. >> thank you. elective both of you 36 for a follow-up. the washington post found 40 percent of when president trump was inaugurated, that's a lot of turnovers for a party that controls the white house. governor wells do you think the republican brand is damaged. >> i think is damaged and i think the president has no plans to help his fellow republicans. he looked at the actions taken if he has made it impossible for the republican suburban disc. he is just looking for an electrical 270 votes work itself and he doesn't care what happens to the republicans. they are spending the entire year defending him which is what they did with nixon we need was buying to the american people that it turned out an exit was lying and all of those republicans were defeated. by a mile. they were blown away the next year. i think you are going to get blown away in 2020. this congressional republicans. >> republican parties red sox
8:58 pm
because of him. and people can't stand the party read. women can't stand the party round. people who live in the suburbs can't stand it and people of color can't stand the republican party brand. and as long as donald trump is there, that brand will suck. that's why it's important for people to challenge him in the primary now. so that weekend plant our flag and say this it's not who we are. >> thank you. you said that the your support for president trump hume after he met with latimer and his psyche he was widely criticized siding with horns. a lot of people think he is completely offended the post-world war ii international order. as president, i would you pick up the u.s. foreign policy policy were trump has left off. >> one correction. helsinki wasn't the turning.for me it was the final straw. it was the final straw with trump we need stood in front of the world and said i like that guy. ugly put in and not my own
8:59 pm
people. i say often, every day that donald trump is unfit. i believe that. i believe that because he can't tell the truth. but more importantly anthony, and believe it because he is in capable of thinking or caring about anybody but himself. and so it doesn't matter about american security, he'll sit down and have a summit with kim donlon no matter how brutal about the guy is, if donald trump can get a big old, it doesn't matter if it is a bad horrible thing to invite the taliban to kemp david as long as donald trump might get nobel peace prize. got a president who camp at the country his interests ahead of ours. be a president who will put the country his interests first. >> governor wells, i would you do this. >> i kind of agree, i generally agree with congress men whilst we have to remember that the president is the sick man.
9:00 pm
his malignant narcissist, it's not happy most of the people are losing. he's a megalomaniac. it is totally wrapped up in his own head. is filled with fear. these filled with hatred in the house offload is the deity or money assumes the rights of the street. he has profound tendencies. he thinks he's going to be the man on the white horse who's going to save us all. . . . . . transpacific partnership i understand that the use of military power self-defense but also keeping the sea lions and the airlines open for free trade among countries. he doesn't even believe in free trade. he doesn't have consumption about farm ã >> i always told the truth i
9:01 pm
call it like i see it. i've known her for a long time i'm don't think she's a crook i don't think she belongs in jail. nobody was standing up for her. i thought that was kind of odd. i've known her a long time. i said i would vouch for her personally. it was not a political endorsement although it was widely taken as such by people not in the bill well camp. that's why i did it and i would do it again because i think it's going being honest. trying to rescue someone from a bully. i despise bullies.
9:02 pm
republicans are in working to defund or repeal obama care. congressman, how would you administration work to ensure all americans have access to healthcare. >> this would probably be a final elected president the issue i would start with there is no more important issue in this country than this we got the american people living longer and longer. that's a good thing. how we pay for the healthcare for all these americans living longer and longer neither the republican party or the democratic party want to talk about that. you've got democrats out there well-meaning democrats saying medicare for all, just have the government do everything and then you've got republicans out there saying nothing. because they are afraid to talk about healthcare.
9:03 pm
those people with chronic healthcare conditions are always taking care of and never have to worry about their healthcare needs. the rest of the american people need to begin paying for the day-to-day healthcare costs and then look at things like universal catastrophic coverage. >> thank you congressman. >> i think i would try to have americans have the option of having health savings accounts where they could set money aside on tax advantage to create their own plan. people make such decisions all the time people buy insurance with no deductible if they can't take a hit with a big deductible if they want have the premium go down. people make decisions to buy prescription drugs in canada to buy insurance across state lines what they are not allowed to do right now because of the government.
9:04 pm
i want to skinny down the role of the government and the affordable care act and place more decisions in the hands of patients and their doctors and having people making their own health care decisions sending having it all come from a federal bureaucracy. >> can i jump in? >> 15 seconds.>> this is really important. nobody talks about how much this is ever going to cost. to the young people in the audience your country right now this country has to have an honest discussion about how we pay off our debt. >> thanks so much congressman. >>. >> meaning need more work visas not viewers. immigrants made this country great it's a melting pot. donald trump wishes it were to
9:05 pm
melting pot i want to wish you a lot of luck on that. i think the whole canard about these 11 million people they don't want to be citizens, they don't want to be citizens. they overstayed their visit in one week. the whole thing is a scare tactic by president trump. to stir up the pot and people hating. to beam hate in their heads at two minutes every afternoon. you always have to have someone to hate pure politics and the lowest kind of low. to say he's divisive is an understatement. payback for what? this guy is unhinged. the governor is right. for trumpets a scare tactic.
9:06 pm
for the american people it's a real issue. it's a real issue are we a sovereign nation are we going to defend the borders? it's a real issue not a scare tactic to a lot of americans. the government is right it shouldn't matter it doesn't matter what your color is it doesn't matter what your creed is it doesn't matter what country you come from. none of that matters we welcome you if you want freedom and opportunity. the public and the democrats have to find a solution. you live on the border right now. it's easy to say right there manhattan illegal immigration in this country. it's a real issue that impacts americans neither party is prepared to talk about it.
9:07 pm
>> him to turn the reins over to henley >> staying on immigration let's do a follow-up. how do you bridge that? >> difference between republicans and democrats. >> how do you solve this issue? >> 11 million people. >> we both got to give. i have a reputation that's a pretty hard line on immigration. so i've got to give. i want my border security. i want laws followed but we got 11 to how many people miss and tell my country illegally. almost a million dreamers here through no fault of their own. both sides have to come together and give a lou on this issue because it's not getting better. there has to be a trade-off between border security and dealing with the immigrants who
9:08 pm
are here. the biggest problem at the border right now is this, asylum issue.that something we've got to move on. >> let's come back to that. governor weld, how would you side? >> i agree with the congressman. all the people worried about the immigrants being in our midst, they deserve to have a secure southern border. but that's not rocket science. all the experts say what you really need to secure the mexican border is more people and more drones. you need more judges to hold asylum cases. people to process and regular app unit applicants coming in from el salvador, guatemala and honduras. that's what all the experts say we need and it's probably not as expensive as a 200 mile long 200 foot high wall that should be number one and then everything else is easy once everyone relaxes about the immigrants. >> trump is just a demagogue, he just did such great disservice to this.all he talked about was a wall in mexico pay for it. it's so much more complicated than that. >> the question for both of you on the southern border we have
9:09 pm
a crisis of a situation. president trump is hard line stance on immigration has been extremely popular with a lot of his supporters as part of what got him elected. then he's done things that have shocked americans and the world. detention unlimited detention and crowded camps separating families. how would you solve the actual crisis on the southern border? >> the distinction that president trump won't make it politically is people who cross our border and enter illegally to come into this country and illegally and people could come legally to claim asylum. you have a right from anywhere on this planet to come to this country in claim asylum. those people we need to treat humanely and those of the people that is governor welch said, we got to adjudicate their cases heck of a lot quicker. keep families together. most of the people who claim asylum, especially when they are given a lawyer, i bet most
9:10 pm
of your audience doesn't know, if you come here to claim asylum it takes two years or more to adjudicate your case. most of these folks when they are given a lawyer they show up for their hearing. we just got to devote resources, money resources for more judges down at the border it shouldn't take two years it should take two months. >> governor weld is that your solution?>> yes it is. money for more people in adjudicatory positions and border agents. and drones to catch the bad guys coming across the soccer field at tijuana. and the coyotes who prey on people coming across the soccer field. >> another question on immigration for both of you. congressman walsh ãb they tend to be more inclusive with respect to race and religion and voted in record numbers the 2018 midterms. back in 2012 the republican party itself said ", young voters are increasingly rolling their eyes and what the party
9:11 pm
represents. congressman walsh to be elected president you will presumably want to appeal to younger voters how do you get them past that?>> it's even worse now. sometimes i just feel like an old guy. an old white guy when i talked to americans in their 20s and 30s. because they've got issues that really interest them what climate change. like the lgbtq community. like immigration, they care deeply about an hour party right now is so tone deaf. we got to be honest and frank and willing to dialogue. one of the big problems with their republican party it's gotten so much worse under him is we don't dialogue. the border needs to be secured.
9:12 pm
that message needs to be conveyed to young people but the republican party's got to understand that we got to be a lot more humane. especially with the population like the dreamers who came here through no fault of their own. >> thank you congressman. >> governor weld. >> another reason we need to lighten up on our anti-immigrant rhetoric. particularly in the left half of the country, i spent a lot of time in texas and west in the last cycle you could not cannot staff either the agricultural industry or the construction industry either in texas or anywhere west of texas in this country all the way up to the border without those brown people coming across that infamous mexican border. to supply the necessary labor. it's going to happen one way or another those industries are going to shut down. in the business of america is by and large quite pro-immigration for this reason.
9:13 pm
canada is a very robust worker program that allows on top of the table allows many people to come work for four months they send remittances home to mexico would also guatemala, el salvador, honduras. then they go home after four months because they want to be at their families. they don't want to come here by themselves without their families stay indefinitely. it's a hugely successful program we should have one like it. >> henry think about this the president of the united states what two months ago told for brown skin congresswomen to go back to where they came from. is it any surprise that most young people think the republican party is anti-immigrant? most republicans i know are not anti-immigrant.they are anti-illegal. because of trump and truthfully a lot of republican rhetoric we've done a lousy job of conflating that. >> following up on that, congressman walsh. you supported back in 2016 the make america great campaign you
9:14 pm
said racist things in the past he called president obama a muslim. as recently as last year. how do you persuade republican voters, younger voters and america to trust you? the people who fear trumps racism. >> i helped create truck. period. i went to washington eight or nine years ago obsessed with the fact that we are bankrupting future generations. i was part of that tea party way. focused on the issues but plenty of times over the last seven or eight years i got washed of the issues. and i engaged like many of my tea party comrades did i engaged in personal hateful rhetoric some of which, henry, i got to live with the whole rest of my life. and knowing that i helped create trump might be a lousy thing to say on tv but i'm going to say it, may be a reformed gang member ãbcan
9:15 pm
help bring the country together and heal the divide. >> governor weld would you like to respond? >> i love working with the congressman hand i think his head is in exactly the right place about the present and the future of politics in the united states. he even blasted fox news as "not working for us anymore". everybody gets frustrated by press coverage they don't like including me. but a free press is a part of our constitution and
9:16 pm
cornerstone of our democracy. congressman walsh, you are in the media now, would you think the president trumps attacks on the media and how will you handle your own frustration with the media as present. >> where does it come from? he's not a president. donald trump doesn't think of himself like a president. he's a dictator. he doesn't respect the first amendment. he doesn't know what the first amendment is. can we just fear he? dictators speak that way. the enemy of the people. but this isn't unusual at all. fake news i get it, the media is too liberal, the media is too conservative i understand talk like that but for the president of the united states to have declared war on cnn and business insider and the rest of the media is appointed to everything we believe in america. no matter who the next president is, their job is going to be to unite. unite us with our allies.
9:17 pm
unite americans at home. unite different members of the media. this guy took a divided country and hell-bent on dividing it even more. if i'm elected president i'm going to try to unite us. >> governor weld? >> amen to the emphasis on unity. i think that when the president said the free press is the enemy of the people that's straight out of the handbook the playbook of anita mussolini and adolf hitler. in many other dictators to history. it just sent a chill down my spine and he's given so many indicia that he wants to dismantle our democratic institutions including free and fair elections. one by one and knock down all the trees until there will be no resisting him.
9:18 pm
he is just way out there and i think we begin to see him coming unglued. >> a follow-up for both of you on the press? >> the president is an employee of all of us. and there is a room in the white house which used to be used for press briefings. but the current president decided to cancel press briefings because apparently, according to the new press secretary, he was annoyed at some of the question. as president, would both of you commit to using our collective press briefing in the white house? >> yes, and the white house correspondents dinner. [laughter]
9:19 pm
>> henry, he's a child. if you say something nice about him, he likes you, if you don't, he doesn't. i'm pretty darn outspoken. i love speech. i believe in total transparency. i will invite the media to the white house all the time. >> thank you both, we appreciate it. this will be the last question of the evening then we will go to closing statements. >> you both have made very impassioned compelling arguments why this country should effectively unselect president trump and nominate and elect you but you have a problem. in a recent speech president trump bragged about the loyalty of his supporters. let's listen. >> we have the greatest base i believe in the history of politics. or i wouldn't be here. with all the things i've done they would never wavered. they never wavered. can you believe, anybody else would take me down to two percent right now. >> president trump even
9:20 pm
famously joked he could shoot somebody on fifth avenue and he wouldn't lose any borders. and he seems to have a point, no matter what he says or does, his approval rating does not seem to drop much below 40%. congressman walsh, what's your plan to break through that? one of our viewers described as blind devotion to president trump. >> by henry, by trying to convey two things, that this country cannot handle four more years of his bs. the country will be endangered. period. henry, i firmly believe like i know bill weld believes, deep down most republicans know that. they are afraid to say it. they need an alternative. the other message i want to convey to republican voters this next year is, donald trump has a done squat for you. donald trump hasn't done anything for you. the governor talked about he's
9:21 pm
gonna drain the swamp, he is the swamp. the most corrupt president we've had in this nation's history all he's done is enrich himself most of all he's done is good with golf courses, have members of foreign government stay at his hotels in middle-class americans who put their faith in him in wisconsin, michigan, pennsylvania, these tariffs, trump scarcer killing them and for the first time we are beginning to lose manufacturing jobs in michigan, pennsylvania, and wisconsin. this guy has it delivered. it's a big con job. he hasn't delivered for them. >> governor weld, you'd like and president trump to the emperor with no clothes. we know earlier that the reference to a fable about a leader parading down the main street wearing nothing but his birthday suit and he is so brainwashed his subjects that everybody thinks he's wearing beautiful clothes. how do you plan to show republican voters that our emperor has no clothes? >> he has pretty strong support
9:22 pm
among segment of the electorate which is somewhere in the 30s. between 30 and 40%. i tend to think that's gonna drop, it certainly not gonna grow. that's not a majority is not even close to majority. it was very hard for me to see how he can recover and grow database that he has to win the election. beyond that i think it's going to be a tough six months and 12 months for the president partly because he's being called on the carpet now through the impeachment process and they are going to be daily very bad news for him. the house is going to go out of its way, either in the house or in the senate to gild the lily. they will say exactly what donald trump has done and what he's done to the american people and that will be a political brief and it will be hard to disregard because it's good to be on page one of the newspapers every day between tomorrow and the election. i think he's got a hard road
9:23 pm
ahead of him. we invite you both to give a closing statement where he explained to america and the world why you should be president. governor weld you have one it. >> i want to think big is this insider this is great for both of us and i think for the country. you will have seen tonight from both me and the congressman that there are tried and true republican conservative policies that we would like to see deployed by the party in washington. it could be conserving our financial resources as with the budget conserving our precious national environment as with climate change. could be conserving the dignity of all americans which mr. trump wants to undermine depending on what my ãminority group you belong to. and ãb
9:24 pm
so i think the congressman and i would like to see those adopted by the republican party. it's a right of center country. were not left of center like many of our european friends and i think this has been a terrific evening so i closing wish is from this night forward let the dialogue continue. >> thank you governor. [applause] >> i and where i began, a very broken political system put a horrible human being in the white house. an absolutely horrible human being. we can do better, we have to do better than a president who tweets ugly insults every morning at the american people. we have to do better than a president who lies to us every time he opens his mouth. you got to do better than a president who has zero respect for the rule of law.
9:25 pm
this guy can't get reelected. bill and i said he is destroying the republican party forget about the republican party, four more years of him this country is in danger. i believe most republicans feel as i do about trump and what i'm trying to do is to get them to be brave enough to come out and come public with what they know privately. if you are willing to be brave and say, i feel this way about trump, i'm tired of the bs i'm coming out, go to and be brave. governor weld, thank you, business insider, you rock, thank you. [applause] >> that it concludes business insider 2020 republican presidential candidate debate. thank you to the candidates governor bill weld congressman joe walsh.
9:26 pm
thanks for joining us on facebook, join us on business for more on the coverage of the 2020 races. we will see you tomorrow for more insider today.>> campaign 2020, watch our live coverage of the presidential candidates on the campaign trail and make up your own mind. c-span campaign 2020 your unfiltered view of politics. >> saturday c-span has live coverage from the political tent at the texas tribune festival. turning at 10:30 a.m. eastern featuring house freedom caucus members jim jordan, mark meadows, and chip roy. followed by panels on how to fix american politics. border and immigration policy and the state of agriculture. watch live on c-span online at or listen live on the free c-span radio act. app. >> the student cam experience is really valuable to me.
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>> student cam has had a huge effect on your life and really helped us grow as people. going into her college years. >> the past winners of c-span student documentary competition the experience sparked the interest in documentary production. >> i currently attend drake university in des moines iowa and the fun part about that as i get to be right in the middle of the caucus season and i've got to meet so many different candidates and because of c-span i had the experience in the equipment and knowledge to be able to film some of them. >> this year we are asking middle school and high school students to create a short video documentary asked during the question "what do you what issue do you most want presidential candidates to address during the campaign?". include c-span video and reflect differing points of view. we awarded $100,000 in total
9:28 pm
cash prizes including a $5000 grand prize. >> be passionate about what you are discussing to express erie view no matter how large or small you think the audience will receive it to be. and know that in the greatest country in the history of the earth your view matters. >> for more information to help you get started go to our website>> hillary clinton spoke at an award ceremony honoring women working to advance global peace and security. she also commented on the impeachment inquiry against president trump. georgetown university hosted the hour and and a half event. [applause] good morning everyone. it's an honor to welcome you to georgetown and gaston hall for this very special


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