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tv   Senate Democratic Leaders News Conference  CSPAN  October 17, 2019 3:39am-4:05am EDT

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days out of seven of 12:30 or 1:00 in the afternoon. senators will not be allowed to speak and we intend to do our constitutional responsibility. >> okay. good afternoon, everybody.
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okay. good afternoon, everyone. i'm proud to be joined by senators murray, stabenow. we returned to washington yesterday, and it's clear the president's actions are putting the security of our homeland at risk and doing damage to the country in more ways than one. abroad the president is aiding and abetting in the isis jailbreak. we have spent a decade trying to contain isis, and in one phone call it seems on a whim the president has reversed much of the progress. we've lost lives going after isis. we spend trillions, billions probably going after isis and without consulting his military, without consulting his diplomatic corps, and on a whim,
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does it unbelievable. make no mistake about it the actions have made america less safe. certainly made the kurdish less safe and they have been such loyal allies that sends a signal to the world being a u.s. ally at least as long as trump is president doesn't amount to much. but it hurts our homeland. general mattis, an expert, said the danger from isis would greatly increase. in places we have very little control it could hurt america dramatically, so we believe the president should reverse course and come up with a plan that protects the kurdish and protect
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america from isis as savages. he created this problem and he's got to fix it. that is the message we will bring to the white house tomorrow. as for the senate, leader mcconnell said the president should reverse course. i hope that means that he will support the bipartisan resolution by senators menendez and congress members in the house to put it on the floor and vote for it if there is an overwhelming vote for the resolution, the president will feel tremendous pressure to reverse course and we are asking him to do it. and the leader mcconnell can act on that beyond words as soon as it pushes the house onto the floor and holding the vote on it and my guess is that we'll get an overwhelming vote.
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>> one other thing we want to make a point here in the reckless decisions it's put americans at risk given the freehand to strengthen our allies and hurt our allies. we believe that all the facts should come out we are going to work for that but we are not going to take sides and make a
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final determination or any determination about the ultimate result of the trial until we get the facts and it occurs in the senate. at the same time focusing on that issue and asking all information be made public we are not giving up on the legislative priority is. it's vital to help the american people, to help people in the middle class and struggling to get to the middle class with so many needs. we all know that leader mcconnell has created a graveyard. they've passed so many things to help so many and we don't see any of them. we are going to use all the means we have to force votes.
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we will use the congressional review act on a whole bunch of different issues when we can and we would hear from a senator who will be doing this era to reverse the president also often decision to allow not much pollution and carbon into the air by reversing some of the rules on clean power act and doing other things like that. you will be hearing a lot more from us on a bunch of issues that help the middle class and the houses move forward and the president refuses to move. let me say a word at the outset
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of the situation in syria when you consider what we are facing here today we have a situation where those that were allies and offered their lives to serve witamerican troops are now being slaughtered. the situation where the united states reputation and the words are being questioned throughout the middle east and the world, the empowerment of the russians and vladimir putin, th all becae of one thing, a reckless phone call by the president of the united states. a phone call they gave a green light when he was waiting for the moment when he could do the popular thing in turkish politics and attack across the border regardless of the consequences. that's reckless phone call by the president is what has precipitated the crisis that we now see today in syria and the death of innocent people. the thing i want to add to thats
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well is something we cannot and should not overlook. the thought that they would release thousands were in captivity and being held because of our kurdish allies is a threat not only to the middle me east but to europe and even to the united states. we are demanding on the democratic side of full accounting from our terrorist agent reasons to what has happened with these isis terrorists that have been released because of the president's reckless phone call green lighting the invasion of syria. and let me say a word if i made about an issue that came up earlier. questions asked why it must be impeachment.
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they passed the most 200 pieces of legislation sending them to the senate. what he has done for issues like reauthorizing the violence against women act stopped by senator mcconnell. stop by senator mcconnell addressing the discriminatory pay practices and americans from discrimination. all of these measures passed the house of representatives and die because senator mcconnell refuses to bring them to the floor.
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they've made it abundantly clear they didn't want to get anything done. democrats are taking no for an answer. as the impeachment inquiry in the house continues, democrats continue to push past commonsense solutions to the challenges across the country. any day now a decision could come down in the republican lawsuit that president trump and republicans brought to strike down protections for patients with pre-existing conditions and strip away health care from the families across the country. democratthe democrats and the hd senate have repeatedly made clear we want to protect patients from the position that we have asked republicans to join us to make sure that happens. so far, republicans have
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refused. democrats in the senate have introduced legislation to bring down drug prices and impact those like medicare negotiations they find the right care for themselves and reverse the insurance rule that gave companies for power to solve the plans and the patient protection. any of those policies to get difference for people in my state and across the country and we are going to keep doing everything we can to get them across the finish line. soon we are going to be able to force a vote in spite of the obstruction we are not going to
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stop there. i think people across the country are seeing a pretty stark difference between democrats and republicans in congress right now. for the president of the united states or never-ending struggles about his abuses of power. the people here have problems that affect their lives to make the quality of their families
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lives better and we know we have a responsibility to investigate and to hold this white house accountable, but we also are committed to legislating and solving problems. we know we are committed to doing both up to 1.5 million american workers and retirees are in pension plans that are in serious risk of becoming insolvent in the next 20 years. folks have paid in and took a lesser pay raise to pay into the pension systems the pension is a promise and should be kept.
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we know that in the financial crisis while the banks would be bailed out they lost $2.4 trillion in their four o. one k. and ira a loan. why aren't they a priority, they are a priority for us. and for the democratic house. 84 days and 286 days since the house passed the american act to protect pensions and healthcare for minors, retirees and families. they would have acted 286 days ago but they continue to be
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shattered by gunfire once 231 days ago the house acted. the security has been sitting on mitch mcconnell's desk for 111 days. no action. legislation to protect people with pre-existing conditions and healthcare. we have had climate crisis legislation sitting at his desk 167 days and the violence against women act has been sitting on mitch mcconnell's desk for 195 days and that is just a few of those items. if they want to lament that we need to act today we don't have to pay for the house.
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the floor of the united states senate will have the chance to stand up for public health and for the environment. the congressional review act resolution that i found would reverse with president trump has done in canceling the clean power plan that was promulgated in 2015 it is signed by president george herbert walker
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bush and there was strong support for clean air and the supreme court held that they have got responsibilities to regulate carbon and that is exactly what we saw in 2015 under the previous administration. the plan was the real plan to reduce the emissions into the air and it would make significant reductions based upon the science, but if it is left up to the states to determine how to do that with a mix of power plants but they had come it made sense, it was supported and being implemented. this would reverse that. instead, we would have the dirty power plants will. it would very much added to the problems in our community. it takes away from the state government's ability to use the mix in order to reach their goals including using natural gas and renewable sources. it is an affront to federalism and it will not protect our
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environment and will not protect public health. i would urge my colleagues this is our opportunity to stand up for clean air and for our environment. >> to come up with a comprehensive plan to protect us from isis the vote was 354 to 60. all 225 democrats who voted voted on the majority of the gop voted for 129 s., 60 no. this legislation is a repudiation of the actions. we urge leader mcconnell to the same resolution introduced by senators menendez and young bipartisan on the floor and it will go to president trump. there is no better way to put pressure on him, because the fate of the kurds and in many
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ways the safety of the united states is in president trump's hands. >> i want to get your reflections on how you think that process is playing out and how you think the american people are viewing it. do you think it would strengthen the case if the process were more transparent? >> i think they are doing a very good job and we support the speaker as occurred here at the podium when you asked republicans was influencing for asking the country to influence was it right or wrong they are so afraid to say this so they sort of rushed to the refuge of the focused procedural claims.
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>> have there been any conversations you've had about the structure and do you think that would be prudent to have such conversations and what would you like to see? >> i'm not urging him to do it immediately we have to wait and see what the senate does, but we hope that the house does. we have to do this in a fair trial and fair and bipartisan way and i hope that he would obey those. >> i haven't studied all the details but i hope it's fair and bipartisan. >> do you regret that vote quite >> i think the vote he's
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referring to i think i voted on the other side. they are at odds with one another and seeking the homeland since the empire since the 1920s and at what point would you suggest they ultimately get out of that reach? >> this was a small number of troops that protect a large number not just in the kurdish interest of the united states interest. they were leading the charge against isis which is dedicated to damaging america, killing
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americans and the damaging the homeland so it isn't a question of the homeland. it's a question right now of being our ally is probably the best other than israel that we have had in the region and turning our back on them is a very bad thing. for the safety of america and what does it say to others who might want to make alliances? >> how would you characterize how things are looking as far as the appropriations process and then also downplaying the idea. >> on appropriations, we want to come to a bipartisan agreement. we came to a broad general agreement and we are waiting for
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our republican friends to start negotiating with us not to jam something down our throat, the kind of things that the ranking member murray has worked on, and putting it into building a wall. .. >>.
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>> the president requested it and we will make a strong case he has to fix the mess up the huge damaging mess that he made a half
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hours. >> good morning, everyone. we will now come to order. begin between the majority m


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