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Charles Schumer
  Senate Democratic Party Leaders News Conferences  CSPAN  October 29, 2019 6:56pm-7:16pm EDT

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[inaudible conversation] [background sounds] okay good effort and everybody. i'm proud to be joined by senators, now and sunday, our country and monday others, welcome the news that out that dottie, was no longer a threat. and our forces were saved of an end bold and successful mission. and whose is the great victory
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for the safety of our country and the safety of our allies and their partners. we must not forget the fight against isis is certainly not over. we must not confuse the debt of whose evil man, with a total defeat. of isis. because of the president's abrupt reckless decisions, the withdrawal of u.s. troops from northern syria, the threat of potentially hundreds of isis prisoners and sympathizers, monday of them dangerous, will it escaped in recent weeks is growing every day. could not heard a single word on the trump administration on the plan to deal with the escaped prisoners. and to ensure the defeat of isis. which is exactly why the trump administration should brief the congress and what the plan is. and finally after we pushed for two weeks, we are doing a briefing tomorrow and secretary general millie, and others will
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be there. not secretary pompeo, he seems to be running away from talking to us. but they will be there and we want to know a plan. isis is the danger to her homeland. is a new yorker, i realize it may be better than anybody. just how small groups of evil people, thousands of miles away can cause huge damage here in our homeland. we don't know how monday of the 10000 isis detainees, monday of whom were hardened fighters have escaped. we don't know where they have gone or if there's any plans to get them back into detention facilities. we don't even know with the plan is to keep those who are still there from escaping. and these are dangerous people. dangerous to our homelands and are allies and our troops and our interests, and president trump his policy failure just give them a get out of jail free card. for the fink of her national
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security, for the fink of the safety of our dear homeland, president trump and his administration is to answered the questions. what is the plan and what is the strategy. we need to know with the plan is to keep it american saves and we need real answers and one other., i read in the paper today, how much the cards did in terms of getting out that gandhi and how they scouted out where he was, and how they plotted where he comes and goes, and how they would label to get the clothing blood samples and owes him. and then for the present pull the rug out from on the cards the way he did. he will go down in history is one of the benchmarks, very bad marks of american leadership. >> thank you. we all owe ed nor ms. miss done
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gratitude to the incredible work and accomplish mission of our special forces. and eliminating about daddy upon the face of the earth and the world is better off for it. his reign of terror, those we lead in isis, and beheadings and rapes of women and terrorizing the region is well documented. and the world is better off because he is no longer with us. . . .
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>> at the end of the day versus worried about detaining isis prisoners you have a reconstituted force that is a clear and present danger to the united states. we have been asking for and cannot get the definitive strategy to defeat isis. we cannot get a secretary of state to come before the senate foreign relations committee or even to come into classified opportunities to understand what is the coalition put together to defeat isis. it is incredible for me to hear the president's first words to recognize vladimir putin and russia.
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outsource the national security of united states with vladimir putin is not an option. and failing to tell the leaders on both sides of the aisle of such an operation is while you are complementing russia it speaks volumes about what the administration thinking is and on a related note it is despicable, despicable to question the loyalty and the patriotism of lieutenant colone colonel, and iraq war visit veteran, purple heart recipient, simply because of his heritage. when i think of the national security and think of the lieutenant colonel and we should be praising him not defiling him is a one - - as
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the president has done. >> thank you very much. i'm glad to be here with my colleagues the death aku bakr al-baghdadi is good imposes a disruption for isis but it is not a mission accomplished moment because we all know that they have not been illuminated and there will be a resurgence of isis with those 11000 isis fighters that were detained by the kurds. and watching the present make his announcement about the success of the operation my hearts think when one of the first things he said and always talking about it in terms of the victory of himself was to acknowledge russia and turkey and my heart sank and gave short script to the intelligence that was
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provided to us by the kurds. to listen to the president that it was bad enough that he turned his back on them but then add injury to insult by giving them short acknowledgment as they were part of the operation. that is nothing new coming from this president. i want to emphasize again, we need to think special operations forces and the kurds and our allies that we turned our backs on. as a member of the armed services committee, every military person who comes before the committee talks about how important our allies are. do you think they are not totally concerned we have turned our backs on the kurds? this is creating ramifications that i know the president never considered.
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he's trying to make these decisions without thinking of the consequences are the implications not just to our country but as - - other allies into the kurds and the concern of resurgence of isis. we would like to hear from the administration, what do you have in mind and how will you mop up the mess, you mister president, has created? will happen with isis? what are your plans? if the forces are leaving syria but you are sending them to guard the oilfields? it is inexplicable. i would like to add to my colleague senator menendez. giving our support to lieutenant colonel who is a patriot and a decorated hero working for our country to be insulted and questioned because of his background and the fact, wel
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fact, well, those people are questioning his patriotism are those whose patriotism surely should be questioned. >> aku bakr al-baghdadi and isis and the kurds the world is a better place with aku bakr al-baghdadi gone. terrorist of the highest order and praise to all those who participated in getting rid of him. but we know from experience that founder of the taliban and died in 2013 we are still fighting them with their afghan partners and we fought al qaeda even without bin laden so as recent history demonstrates if anything the death of one leader allows others who share that ideology to move forward and so the battle is not over. with respect to isis, senator menendez asked a very pointed question we held last week at
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the senate foreign relations committee hearing. ambassador jeffrey was pulled out of retirement because of his life experience in the region and asked to lead the trumpet ministrations work to support the anti- isis effort and to support what we were doing in syria. when he asked him was he consulted at all with respect to the precipitous retreat he said no and this is his own handpicked envoy that demonstrates the chaos of his decision of the handpicked envoy was not consulted and doesn't know the plan that should make america very worried. finally, the kurds. may have been our best partner by far if not a close second. nearly 20 american lives were lost in the battle against isis including some virginians in more than 11001st lost her life partnering with united states.
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they joined with us at our request. we asked them to go outside of the kurdish region of syria to help retake rock they said it's not curtis dan. why would we fight against arabs with the kurdish area of northern syria? but they decided to do it because they thought partnering with united states would promote a better future for the kurds. and we asked them to destroy the defenses they had along the kurdish border with turkey to make them more vulnerable to turkish attack. they said this will leave us defensiveness - - defenseless the united states as a partner we can do this and will be safe. when they learned we were pulling out like that from northern syria the key kurdish military leader didn't say you abandoned us or betrayed us he said you tricked us. you tricked us by making us take our defenses down and leaving us vulnerable to slaughter by the turks.
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that is no way to treat an ally then we put the troops but then they find we are protecting oil wells. is a doyles not people? oil not allies? what type of message does that send if anybody wants to be an ally in the future? >> [inaudible] >> those are two separate votes and they both should be voted on certainly we should deal with sanctions to just protect president trump to leave our nation vulnerable and i hope leader mcconnell isn't doing that but that is what his actions indicate because he has refused to bring up any of these resolutions. the only reason not to do them
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he is and opposed ideologically but to protect president trump because he has made so many mistakes. on armenian genocide, turks don't like to hear it because the truth hurts. if we don't stand up for one we won't stand up to any. >> the defense bill won't pass this week leader mcconnell stretches the true saying democrats are preventing it from happening and preventing soldiers from getting paid. first of all soldiers get paid no matter what they get three.1 percent increase in january or not. but mcconnell knows the truth which is simply that unless you have a bipartisan negotiation on the appropriation bills nothing will happen. and lee have shown him that. he originally wanted to have five bills and then we showed
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what took money away from soldiers and families putting them into the wall we cannot vote for that. take it out and we will pass the other bills which are bipartisan and we did. he hasn't done that with defense or hhs yet so those will not pass. but hopefully our republican friends who don't want to see cuts in defense will realize now it's time to negotiate. as for funding the government, i believe left to our own devices congress could work out an agreement and personally fund the government. but i am increasingly worried that president trump may want to shut down the government again because of the impeachment inquiry. he always likes to create diversions for i hope and pray he won't want to cause another government shutdown because it could be a diversion away from impeachment which is very worrisome to me. >>
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[inaudible] >> look we should wait and see the case the house presents. today the colonel made a very strong case that what the president did and what happened was very wrong into to file him sometimes you wonder how low the president can go if he keeps getting lower and lower and so many republican colleagues and news media just follow him. last night they accused him of espionage. that was despicable. a man who has gotten a purple heart serving us in iraq. the bottom line is they realize that their defenses
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are declining. first it was procedural. now speaker pelosi has that their procedural objections they are having a vote today which is to continue the investigation, the impeachment investigation and they are also having public hearings so the idea we can't hear from somebody or the whistleblower is now corroborated by somebody on the phone who was on the call and has impeccable credentials. so we have to wait until the case moves forward and forward and forward in the gym you hear a lot of republicans talk differently than they do publicly. >> [inaudible] >> we want a fair and balanced proceeding and we hope leader mcconnell will talk to
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democrats about how to do it. he has not done that yet. thank you everybody. [inaudible conversations]
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