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tv   Campaign 2020 Lara Trump Speaks in Michigan  CSPAN  December 18, 2019 12:41am-1:12am EST

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violence situation. most mental health don't contribute to that. i suffer anxiety and depression and i am not getting the best care i need and i need candidates to do something more to help people like me. >> i would like the candidates to address the involvement of pharmaceutical companies and healthcare. i think that specifically the advertising of pharmaceuticals lead to a lot of the problems we are having now. so come if you could please address that in a specific way i think that it would probably help every american in the united states. >> on the road on c-span. a senior adviser to president of trump's reelection campaign spoke to supporters at an event in sterling heights, michigan a day ahead of the scheduled rally where the
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president will speak across the state and battle creek. this is 30 minutes. >> thank you. i made a commitment when i ran for the michigan republican party chair but every single day i've taken for the democrats in 2016 everybody in this room decided enough was enough and we take back our country. [applause] [cheering] we are nearing 2020 thanks to president trump we now have an unbelievable track record of success is to communicate to our friends on our neighbors from our coworkers every day until election day. that is how we win. that is exactly what we are doing day in and day out in the michigan republican party alongside the organ he had the trump campaign. democrats know this was one of the closest races in 2016 and
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every day since how can they win it back next year. but we are not going to let that happen, are we? no!. but while we slice and dice each other in the circus of the primary, we are building the most robust operation in michigan to make sure we deliver michigan in 2020 for our great president. across the state we've deployed staff to begin aggressively contacting voters and building out our infrastructure so that we can win in 2020. democrats now fully support the socialist agenda. make no mistake, folks, 2020 will be a fight for freedom versus heavy-handed government. do you want that? it would be a socialism versus capitalism. what do you want?
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[inaudible] i can't hear you. we will win this fight every time we talk about what we believe in and what our great president believes in. in the summer of 2015, donald trump descended on an escalator in trump tower and grabbed the world's attention when he announced that he was running to be the next president of the united states. then in the fall of 2016, donald trump shocked the world when he was elected the 45th president of the united states. i wouldn't have done without all a few folks in michigan fighting to get him elected. and especially in the column county. [cheering] you were instrumental in president trump's success in 2016, and we need all of you working hard for the next 11 months or so to make sure that we deliver across michigan to president trump in 2020.
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[cheering] you know somebody else that was instrumental in the president's success in 2020? how about president trump's daughter-in-law and senior adviser to his campaign, tonight's guest, lara trump? [cheering] we are so blessed to have a president in the white house that is surrounded by such a strong, steady and supportive family. lara trump is one of the leading voices in today's conservative movement. she is someone who's been a champion of the america first policies. lara is a wife, mother, daughter and sister. she worked tirelessly everyday fighting for us, her selflessness and devotion to the country is truly amazing. i remember campaigning around michigan when my husband was
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running for attorney general and we had little kids. i can tell you if truly test your limits. they just welcomed their second child into the world if she continues to travel the country to battle for a better america for you and me. [applause] [cheering] currently serving as a senior adviser to the president's reelection campaign and is the producer and host of trump productions real news update. lara, you inspire america every day and we are grateful for the sacrifices your family has made for us. you are a genuine, kind and faithful leader that knows how to win today with poise and eloquence. i hope that you will see tonight that you are always welcome in michigan. ladies and gentlemen, it is my honor and great privilege to invite the stage the campaign senior adviser, lara trump.
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[cheering] [cheering] michigan. i have a quick question before we start. who is ready for four more years of donald trump? [cheering] i thought you might say that. this is amazing. first of all, i'm shocked because where are the ladies in this room? i'm so confused because i
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thought women didn't vote for donald trump. they have no idea what they're talking about out there. it's so incredible to be back in the great state of michigan that we won in 2016 and we will do that again in 2020. let's be honest. they didn't expect donald trump to win in 2016. we are going to do it again and we are going to do it even bigger because that really made the democrats mad when they lost this state. think about how mad they are going to be when we went by and even the bigger margin in 2020. reality is they have no idea what they've got going on. what is happening in that party. with the ask a serious question. who among their candidates did thedothey think can beat donald trump? none of them.
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first of all, bless his heart combined from the south, that's what we say, bless his heart. the reality is that party has gotten so out of control, everyone in that party is so far left they are advocating for things like socialism, for government control of every aspect of this country, and the problem they are having is that we have success and prosperity and jobs and low unemployment under this president. so how do you fight that? now they know that they can't win. they know all their candidates are bad. they know that it's going to be nearly impossible to beat this president, so what do they do? they tried to impeach him. let's clear this up very quickly this is a purely political impeachment that we see going on.
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this is so disgraceful. remember when they tried to say that we colluded with russia we didn't win because of russia, we won because of you. i remember going out and talking to people and i said whenever you hear this nonsense about russia, you have to understand that means they are trying to take your vote away from you and of course the media database about that. they said laura trump is crazy. listen to this, i got in trouble for saying merry christmas. they tried to give me a hard time about that. we can say merry christmas and it's a grading we can all appreciate the matter the religion we celebrate. christmas time is wonderful. but they tried to say in 2016 donald trump only won because he colluded with russia. let me tell you a little secret
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in 2016 we were all political novices. the fact that they even considered that we have this ability to coordinate with russia somehow come at first we were a little bit flatter and then we were like wait a minute, are you serious. it was so crazy he had two years and $30 million of taxpayers money to finally figure out after the report came out, guess what we did and colluded with russia so now here we are, russia 2.0. first it started out about a phone call. this is about the fact that the anointed candidate didn't win in 2016. they just do som knew some of te media, everybody knew she would be the first female president, she would be the 45th president of the united states. the problem is you didn't agree
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with that, did you? you didn't. so, we have another man in office his name happens to be donald trump. i remember in 201 2015 member oe famous escalator ride when the president came down and the first lady, how amazing is she. [cheering] when they came down the escalator a couple days before that, we all had dinner at the family and i remember us all talking about this. the president said you know this isn't just about me. it's about our whole family. they are going to come after us because they are not going to like the things i say. they are not going to like having to hear what it's going to take to turn this country around. but i think we have to do it. but you need to know it's going to be all of us and we all said we are 100% behind you. we are 100% on board. [cheering] now, truth be told i don't know
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that we knew how nasty it would get and how bad they would come after us but whenever you think back to donald trump, she didn't need this job. this is a child he didn't need. he was successful, rich, everybody knew donald trump. everybody really like to donald trump before he ran for president as a republican. could you imagine for a second if he had run as a democrat how much the media would have been all over him, how much they would have loved him? but he couldn't do that because he knew what he represented and what he stood for a republican and conservative ideals and it's funny because every day i travel around the country and i get to meet so many people. we have many former democrats but now voted for donald trump? look at that. that's amazing. [cheering] people come up to me all the time and they say you know i used to be democrat, but i didn't know i actually was a republican until i started
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hearing the things donald trump was saying. it turned out i was republican all the way around i had just been voting ronald these years. congratulations let's get our friend a round of applause that came on over. [applause] but the president didn't need this job. arguably his life is so much harder now because he's our president. but i've got to tell you he wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. he's doing this because he loves this country. [applause] and it's almost kind of like a parent whenever you have a parent that maybe gives you a little tough love, we needed some tough love in this country. we needed somebody in there to fight for us and to turn this country around. we have seen such incredible things under this president, things other presidents said they would do but they never did. it's look at moving the american embassy in israel to jerusalem finally. several meetings with north
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korea. we could have a deep nuclearized peninsula under president trump. how about refunding and rebuilding our military. isis is gone. killing the caliphate of isis, anybody know conan the dog, i'm a crazy dog lady if anybody doesn't know that about me, check out my pictures. but we have seen such incredible things under this president. they said especially here in michigan you know that this county has seen the greatest increase in manufacturing jobs of any county in the entire country. [applause] [cheering] you might remember it was our former president and vice president of obam debacle, and n
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said that those jobs are gone. they were never coming back to this country. do you know we've seen over 500,000 manufacturing jobs come back under president donald trump. [applause] over 7 million new jobs created in the country and over half of them by the way going to the ladies, to women. the lowest unemployment we've seen in the history of the country, anybody check out the stock market lately? [cheering] it has grown 10,000 points since donald trump took office. but you have to help me out i'm so confused don't you remember before the election they all said if you elect donald trump the economy is going to crash. while they were wrong about that. and so many other things. so i have to tell you i grew up
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in north carolina and in 2016, the way that i even became part of this campaign obviously i was part of the family, but i flew down to north carolina with my father-in-law one day and after being with him for a couple of hours, he looked at me and he likes to take people's opinions and talk to them and hear what they have to say. i noticed him really looking at me and really thinking an realle finally goes you know what, i want to put you in charge of winning north carolina and i said zero. of course i said absolutely. i would love to do that. i had no idea what that meant. but arguably one of the hardest to swing states, not harder than michigan, we are very proud of this one, too mac. i went to my job the next day &-and-sign going to need a leave of absence and i got off the road and went on a little women for trump to her across the country on a bus with a group of women and let me tell you --
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fosco we had the greatest turnout of women, first-time voters, veterans. any veterans in the audience by the way? let's give them a round of applause. [applause] can we also give a round of applause to our incredible law enforcement officers? [applause] appreciate everything that you guys do. [applause] i was in charge of winning north carolina and we all know how election night went. number eight, 2016. anybody remember that, and let you in on a secret that is my wedding anniversary. so, it was either going to be a really great anniversary or a really bad one. it turns out it was just really long and exhausting by the end is great. sbut it was great. so i will never forget sitting there in what we call the war room. we had all these big tvs on the wall and we were watching the results come in and i was
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texting all the people in north carolina, we didn't know what would happen and i had to wear a silk dress and ladies in the room you know if you are sweating and wear a sil very si, not good. so stressed out and nervous, they were calling everything. this state and that state in this state and they were all for donald trump and i was like this is amazing but what about north carolina. [laughter] and i will tell you something else. we had it on cnn but i will tell you why because you know that they were going to call fox early that if cnn calle but if t was the real thing. they would wait until the last minute so we had to put it on cnn because once they call it, that's official because you know they didn't want to give us that credit. so, finally state after state came in and then i saw up on the screen donald trump wins north carolina. [cheering] and i will never forget the next thing that happened because my father-in-law was sitting right
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in front of me and she turned around and looked at me and said that is because of you. we won because of you. [applause] he likes to give credit where credit is due. let's be honest we won because donald trump was such a better candidate than the alternative. but, that's something that i will never forget. and if you thought the november 82020 was exciting watching all the media meltdown in hysterics and they had to say donald trump would be the next president can't think of how good it will be the second time around. [applause] [cheering] it's going to be even better. ..
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>> if you thought 2016 was important this is even more important. you cannot win legitimately but you are trying to impeach this president but let's be honest thanks to nancy pelosi and all of this nonsense now we made our fundraising goal through the roof. average donations to the campaign is $40 so you tell me is this country behind president donald trump?
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[applause] i think so and the media likes to talk about pole. the day before the election 2016 clinton was going to be the next president they've always been wrong we have always not one - - know that. especially when it comes to women in 2161 quarter of the donations we received came from women now heading into 2020 over half of donations are from women. [applause] so they may not be out there talking to a pollster or to the media but they are talking with their pocketbooks so thank you to all the ladies out there we appreciate it. [applause] that's why the president is coming back tomorrow here in
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michigan. there is nothing on earth like a trump rally. [applause] this is the last place in 2016 that we held a rally right here in michigan let me tell you somebody else maybe would've come a little bit more but you still have voted for her donald trump because the future of this country is at stake we are on the right path working for people again. economic prosperity and job growth and we cannot lose that now to say what the hell do you have to lose? we have a lot to lose right now. i have two kids at home at two -year-old and almost four -month-old i'm here tonight with you guys i am all around
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the country because in 2016 i didn't have any kids and it was so important for me to make sure they're headed in the right direction but it's even more important now i want the country to work for them one day. that is what this is about if we go the way of socialism it means the end of the united states as we know it. our country could end up like venezuela it so terrifying to think it is so important to be out here fighting for this president i cannot think of anything i'd rather be doing because you will make the difference in 2020 if i can step away from my kids and you are not sleeping either we are all working together. >> i did so radio shows here
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in michigan somebody asked me i responded to say i felt that god was part of this election. [cheers and applause] i truly believe everywhere i went people said we are praying for you your family and donald trump. the president is led by a higher power if you want any evidence of that look at how much he has been able to accomplish. instead of fighting every single day congress works alongside the president. it is incredible progress least we have usmca. we have that going it doesn't
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really matter it's going to be fine we are taking back the house. maybe another supreme court justice? where that be nice? we are happy with the two we got i get asked every day on the news how are we feeling out there what do you think we better today than we were in 2016? [cheers and applause] are more people going to vote for donald trump in 2020? [applause] it is so amazing the president is so excited to come here tomorrow. he was telling me how excited
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he was to come in such a special place to us we cannot wait especially here in michigan that's why you have to get out if you want to volunteer with the campaign go to our site online we would love to have you as a volunteer we need people watching the polls because we don't know what they are willing to do i'm not saying they're going to do anything. and casey do we need eyes on the ground. thank you for believing in this president and being patriots for this country. thank you for believing in her family and supporting us. that all across this country in 2020. thank you so much. [cheers and applause]
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>> four more years. four more years. four more years.
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>> i don't want it to go away i want to disprove it categorically so i wrote the book and i have all the
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documents the narrative he wrote that e-mail she tried to suppress there is no way if you come away with any doubt she made up this story i never met her. >> i think it's helpful to see what came before because now the b2 movement on - - thanks to technology and the web is all over the world. it's a process and now a
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majority consciousness. >> to the humanities to the sciences for those who ask the hard questions to read critically but appreciate the value of evidence in a society that is bombarding us with information and different points of view over what is truth and what is not. educated people should have the skills to ask a question that will lead to the evidence that can dare - - therefore determine what is true.


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