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tv   Senate Impeachment Trial Studio Show  CSPAN  January 23, 2020 10:32pm-11:10pm EST

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he will do it now. he will do it before and for the next several months and do it if he is allowed to. this is why if you find him guilty, you must find he should be removed. because right matters. and the truth matters. otherwise we are lost. >> the majority leader is recognized mimic ask unanimous consent the trial adjourned to try to generate 24th 1:00 o'clock p.m. also the adjournment of the senate. >> without objection so ordered the sun is adjourned one - - the senate is
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adjourned. [inaudible conversations] >> the house impeachment managers are bound to eight hours of their time before president trump's defense team takes their 24 hours the washington post is saying the headline democrats emphasize abuse of power charge against trump as gop complains of repetition. the new york post has an article rudy giuliani threatens to go public with the biden corruption allegations. everything i tried to tell the press is now coming out and more now i will start to reveal the evidence to the people the former mayor tweeted the biden family made millions by selling and as the point man they all made millions that's in the new york post we will get your reaction now to what we have seen today. also we will be looking for
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the senators to react to what they heard today and this will be all life. the numbers on the screen. please be careful if you text the exact numbers we don't bother our friends. include your name and state. john charlotte north carolina independent line. >>caller: when i heard as a patriot for - - thoroughly discussed me the complexity of the republicans and the potus to carry out to carry out valerie's orders to destroy our democracy has me concerned and disgusted.
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republican mine from oregon. >>caller: i am so embarrassed to be registered as a republican at this point. i do not understand how he can get away with all of these things he has gotten away with. president trump has destroyed our democracy. we have become more of a monarchy or a dictatorship. and in my opinion right doesn't have to matter about everything else but this cannot be a nonpartisan decision whether to remove him from office then our whole system of being free is gone and if any president can do anything without any
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repercussion or any responsibility to the american people, it's supposed to be that we the people not be the party of republican or democrat. we the people should have a say in all of this. and if the senators are republicans and are not clear on the fact that they will be nonpartisan then i feel that president trump can get away with anything. >> what were one of the strongest arguments you heard the last couple days? mimic the strongest argument i heard is that everything is black and white. there is a point where we have to stop and say you were guilty.
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you need to go. i have listened to president nixon's impeachment process program listen to president clinton's impeachment process. this should not even be compared to either one. times have changed. everything is more electronic unfortunately he can tweet on anybody who has a say against what he is doing and i definitely feel that we the people don't have a voice anymore mccuster thank you. a columnist at newsweek, newsweek, crediting cnn says trump is saying he will block new evidence via executive privilege mcconnell promises to abide by trump's wishes now telling gop senators to vote down witnesses and documents because it will take too long to fight trump the same position the gop hit the
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democrats for. >> cincinnati democratic line what have you heard today? >>caller: all i heard today a lot what we heard the last couple of days. the democrats are repeating but they have to. republicans have blocked witnesses and documents not just to the amendments the blocking things during the hearings. so with the classified hearing and downplaying that. and you have no integrity left. that almost to the point you can't believe a word that comes out of his mouth and the republicans are defending him like they think they will get something out of it? do they really think he is a good person to defend?
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also what i was going to say is that adam schiff just set it on the floor. right matters. and i hope that strikes a chord with every senator in that chamber and if it doesn't they will repeat it tomorrow and republicans will have to sit through this again. so if it sounds old it's because they were not allowed new documents to come in. >> what you are seeing on your screen are the senators leaving senate chambers collins is upfront and then others taking the underground subway back to their officers - - offices in the senate office building. in the tribune headline democrats have case against trump independent line go ahead. >>caller: i want to command representative schiff's speech
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tonight was great because he is under such stress after another prostitute was found dead in his apartment. >> now we have congressman mark meadows and it is not president trump's responsibility to provide unlimited witnesses until democrats are satisfied he is innocent they have made it clear they will never believe he is innocent mccuster republican line go ahead. >>caller: thank you for adam schiff's closing remarks is unfortunately correct. now in the populace the mindless group thinking indoctrination that irrational fear of globalism mostly
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incoherent insults to be devoid of an argument and the silence of their dissenters and with the factual articles then they fight against people for no reason. is like that to militate against goldstein in 1884 but these people make arbitrary group jokes and the way he looks i know right now he is rolling in his grave. these people are uneducated as no surprise for minorities they don't understand how racist they are. and then we would all be reduced to animals mccuster have you ever been a supporter president trump? you called on the republican
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line. >>caller: i was in the past but then i woke up. >> democratic line go ahead. >>caller: i am ashamed to be a democrat right now. i have been watching these hearings and the lies make me ashamed to be a democrat. mister schiff and mister nadler are like the stuttering lawyer in the movie my cousin vinny because they absolutely don't know what they are doing the democrats are letting two people run the show who are putting on the worst possible demonstration possible. mister nadler said tonight, or today, that every person that
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testified said that the president committed and impeachable offense when actually they said the abuse of power came from the democrat-controlled house of representatives. the president, i'm not supporting him, but our country is based on due process. and i said this when bill clinton was impeached the impeachment is not supposed to be designed as a tool of political power. our founders feared this day and their fears are coming true. it is their plan that the democratic party i have been a part of is turning us into that mccuster dallas texas. the house manager said 14 hours 55 minutes of their allotted 24 hours that means nine hours and five minutes
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left in their arguments if they choose to use them. then the trump defense team has 24 hours to present their case over three days. following that. the senators have 16 hours to question the managers and the defense team. after that there is a four hour deliberation on whether or not documents and witnesses should be added to this case. that will all be live on c-span2 of course. churchill virginia independent line go ahead. >>caller: i had a couple questions i think one was answered if they keep talking if they have time to subpoena all the witnesses. but apparently the president just said he would walk anything the senate did do and
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i watched most of the house hearing and i heard quite a few of the witnesses that said they didn't see that trump created a quid pro quo the only one that did was sondland and he also said he assumed it was per the president's instructions and that's all i have to say. >> thank you. hampton virginia says i still hope the truth being so articulated by the house managers will set america free of this corrupt president and all his crony criminal associates senators must stand up for our country that comes in via text. up next door is from asheville north carolina republican line. what did you learn today. >>caller: i've been watching often on but today it's a
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sixth grade class of civic students would be put to sleep. the time that they have allotted for this one of the speakers said earlier it's 9000 pages of the clinton impeachment but all they needed was the blue dress. >> are people talking about this in asheville north carolina? >> it is a partisan thing here also. if you are a republican we just think this whole thing is a charade. >> are you retired? >> i am and 85 years old. >> yes ma'am.
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are your friends watching it as well or just casually? >>caller: i think often on they are watching it i don't think 24 hours a day it is hit or miss with most of us because it is repetition you hear the same thing over and over again so it doesn't matter how many hours you put into it. >> thank you. arlene is an artist and we just saw lisa murkowski leave to go back to her office here is a drawing he made of susan collins and lisa murkowski perk all of the new york times artist l ien.
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democrat from washington go ahead. >>caller: i just want to say either watching quite a bit of the trial just going back and forth to watch fox news i know a lot of conservative republicans watch fox news. they are not covering it full-time. they have guests. they are running all the commercials. i found it quite interesting. but my belief is now is the time for all good men and women to come to their country thank you very much. >> we just heard from the house members no one is above the law my question to them is when are they going after joe biden for his quid pro quo with ukraine that he admitted to? next san antonio texas independent line.
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>>caller: thank you so much and for independence to watch that coverage and considering myself an independent. and with the farewell address how two different parties can only lead to infighting and though whole trial has been display of that from a pragmatist view the republican party will stand by trump it's the only person that they have to allow themselves nobody else has any sort of support so obviously they will not try with the documents of the subpoenas but from the democratic side it's a little confusing to me. may be from three perspectives
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may be trying to be on the right side of history? and then together at last ditch hail mary effort to vote for impeachment. and with 15 for those that they need to get the 67 super majority. the only thing i can hope that they try to provide for people that are watching for what trump is responsible for in this whole incident but i am not too optimistic considering i'm looking at the ratings on this trial from my friends and everyone else i talked to not allow people are watching it makes me a little disconcerted perk i would hope people would be watching and would for the
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upcoming election it's only way to get them out of office. >> your finding out people are not that interested? >> i am a millennial so exactly. so to see this as a foregone conclusion that they are even considering this. while i think adam schiff is very eloquent how he tries to get the message across, i don't know if it will make much of a difference in terms of the trial itself and for what has been discovered to convince people in 2020. >> what you do for a living? >> i work in the theater industry so i'm around a lot of people that agree. they are more democratic leanin leaning. a lot are considering this just to be the foregone
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conclusion because the republic is only as good as those that are voting. and then to see what trump has done but democracy without democracy is not a democracy. >> calling in from new york republican line. >>caller: how are you this smart one - - this evening? from the local 138 international engineers. what i've seen the last three days is repetitive and repetitive and repetitive. the scenarios, it's all hearsay. since congress impeachment.
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it is the same scenario per call we want to do now is to steer to the desire. adam schiff nailed it on the head but he was caught with a phrase that was very threatening in my opinion when he state stated, you can't trust the voters. he said that yesterday. you can't trust the voters. who do you trust? the democrats? are going to believe the voting system in 2020? this is a very serious allegation he put out there yesterday. i believe trump is doing his jobs who cares about the phone call? the bottom line is the american dollar, the economy the wages, the jobs. he is fighting for america. yes ukraine will go down in history with corruption but he wants to make sure that there is no more corruption.
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>> next los angeles democratic line. >>caller: how are you doing tonight? thank you for your coverage of this pic i have been watching and editing the experience of it but i just want to bring up they associate donald trump with the apprentice but if you look at his history of construction projects it has a trail of disaster businesses from university and also nonprofits and mismanagement of funds. it blows my mind they did not go after him on the emoluments. but with the severity of value one --dash ukraine situation
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that that took precedence in the house managers thought that would be more pertinent case to make before the senate. >> andrew mentioned that. >> c-span does not control the cameras in the sun if you notice you get the opening shot where you see the whole dais and can see the manager sitting at tables on each side and then you get the shot of the speaker. those are controlled by the u.s. senate. we requested to put our cameras in there as well to get a full picture and maybe some senators. we were turned down. thank you for pointing that out. jordan carney tweets out weekend impeachment trial that a couple of senators are telling her that the session
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will start at 9:00 a.m. and expect it to be shorter. now independent line in alaska. >>caller: good evening. thank you for taking my call. this started before the president was sworn in they went after him which is set for the country. but i voted republican in the last election. >> have you contacted your senator lisa murkowski? she's getting a lot of news coverage during this trial. >> yes. i told her we need to leave behind this president because
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that's the right thing to do. >> and the response? >> she said she really needs to see more evidence. >> how long have you lived in alaska. >> i was born and raised in alaska. >> thank you for calling. now los angeles democratic line. >>caller: good evening. i know i'm a democrat but i am an american first. this is what scares me watching from day number one. when you don't let people have a defense everything is done behind closed doors then you don't get anything. the house's job is to make a
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case before the senate. they didn't do their job. but that's not what the senate is for. they are not there to make a case the last thing every american should think about where they're wrong or right since he has been president everybody on the democratic side don't like him but everything he has done has been good for the country. so we are americans first. that's what every other country wants to be like us. >> are you to the point you feel like supporting the president? >> as an american i support
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you 100 percent. whatever president they put in once we elect to you our job is to support rather voted for him or not american stand behind one another since world war i or world war ii america sticks together. >> how much attention have you been paying to the trial? may make sense president trump became president. i did not vote for him but he became the president which means he is our president quit making excuses and support the president. >> what you do in l.a.? >> i may vote - - a building engineer i vote democrat or republican when i think they are right i vote for independence. but as a country wrong or
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right we have done good things and bad things but we stand up for us. right now everybody wants to be on the news but what they are forgetting we stand for us every other country in the world likes what america is they want to come here and be here. >> thank you for calling. . . . . behind the 2016 trying to eliminate the corruption. i'm trying to figure out how, i have yet to see how this
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corruption mindful has tied into the 2020 election. i'm trying to find out, somebody explain that to me. >> host: you mentioned repetitiveness into the "washington post" headline right now is democrats emphasize abuse of power charge against trump as gop complains of repetition. tim is next done in cape coral, florida, independent. go ahead. >> caller: yes, i'm a patriot retired military. my father was also retired military and is buried at the arlington national cemetery. i just want to say that in my lifetime we have experienced a lot of tragedies, and this is one that really has divided this country. i want the people to remember i am really not of a party affiliation and i decided years ago, probably six years ago, to be that way.
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because we are the people that run this country and our vote counts. whether you like it, don't like it, you vote and make it count. they want to talk about term limits, you've got a vote and have a term limit. you mentioned something about the cameras and one of the interesting things i want to remind you if we have the cameras all over the place, every network would be drawn to look at that senator, he's not paying attention. now we are paying attention to the speakers presenting their case. it's very important that we see that and understand that. give them the chance to present their case and let the republicans have the chance to present or say there is no evidence that is shown dribbled to be here. it's repetitious. i wonder if congress had fallen completely to the subpoena process and had gone to the higher court even if trump said no, it would have gone to a
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higher court and had been overruled. people would have been subpoenaed and this would have been a done deal. they should have followed that line of the law to get that done. >> host: thank you, from cape coral, florida for giving a different perspective especially on the cameras. serena in st. louis, missouri. democrat. please go ahead. >> caller: i just wanted to say that i've been following along each hearing since they were in the house, and listening to this every day this week. i'm appalled, but not surprised by what trump is telling -- and also by fox news and they are not even airing the trails. the democrats are doing and effective job and in the face of obstructive of the president and they have a lot of limitations i feel they are doing an excellent job and i like listening to adam schiff. i think it is mind-boggling to
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hear these complaints [inaudible] that's by design. it is a consequence of the president withholding documents, blocking witnesses and republicans not agreeing to allow the witnesses before the trial, so again, of course we won't learn anything new, you won't allow anything new to be brought up. and i was struck by what i heard characterizing trump like a colt leader and that is what it seems like. people just are like blind loyalty trump and i don't see -- it is clear to me how the democrats explain it is clear he did something wrong, he's got the. >> host: what do you do in st. louis? >> caller: i'm a statistician. >> host: you seem to have paid a lot of attention to this trial.
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>> caller: yes, because it's important. i think if it goes the wrong way it is just undermining everything that we stand for as americans. i feel bad that i am even represented by him, but we need to do the right thing here. it's important and i hope everyone is paying attention. we already know how this is going to pan out. republicans have the majority, so why even bother paying attention, but i think everyone should hear all the facts for themselves and at least be able to make that opinion and -- >> host: will you be listening next week when the republicans present their case or the trump defense team presents its case? >> caller: we all should do that. people are biased and only want to listen to people who speak in
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agreement with them, but we've got to be able to listen to people that we don't agree with and try to understand where they are coming from. >> host: thank you for your time this evening. we appreciate it. lewis in rome, new york. republican. >> caller: hello, how are you doing? >> host: good. >> caller: thank you, c-span for your wonderful coverage. it's the only place i can go to get uninterrupted coverage. all the other networks and fox and those that run commercials and everything, you at least let us see everything as it happens. i think the democrats, when they have their health investigation, did not allow the president's team or the president any chance to rebuild what they said and i think a lot of what they are saying is conjecture and hearsay and i can't wait for the president's team to put out their case.
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>> host: list in rome, new york. lori washington from independent line. >> caller: hi, thank you for taking my call. i will keep it short and sweet. i think this whole presidency of donald trump is a cult of celebrity. it's disappointing and it's embarrassing, and it's no wonder that people from around the world think that we are crazy. in the future when i travel abroad, i'm going to tell them i'm from canada. >> host: that is lori from washington. that is going to conclude live coverage tonight. we will continue this again tomorrow night. but we also want to let you know that at noon tomorrow in the president for the first time a u.s. president will be speaking at the march for life rally and that will be by on friday on c-span. now the washington journal tomorrow morning we will get your reaction to the impeachment
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trial that begins at 7 a.m.. everything that we have covered over the last nearly five months of the impeachment process is available online. from the time nancy pelosi announced the impeachment inquiry, everything is there up through today.
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opening arguments continued today in the senate impeachment trial of president trump. house managers have tomorrow to present the remainder of their case. right now, here on c-span2 we will take you back to this afternoon when the trial resumed with supreme court justice john roberts presiding. the senate will convene as the couracourt of impeachment. the chaplain will lead us in prayer. let us pray. almighty god, our rock of ages, be omnipresent during this impeachment trial, providing our senators with the assuring awareness of your


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