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tv   [untitled]    January 31, 2012 1:30am-2:00am EST

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>> tomorrow night, watch our coverage of florida's primary results with candidate speeches and your reaction by phone, facebook and twitter. coming up tonight, a look at several state of the state addresses. first, remarks from virginia governor bob mcdonnell. then after that, governor jack markell. then indiana governor mitch daniels gave his plans for this year. tomorrow, richard cordray, the head of the consumer financial protection bureau testifies before the senate banking committee. he was given a recess appointment by president obama over the objections of republicans.
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he is expected to deliver the first semiannual report to congress. mr. cordray recently served as an ohio attorney general. next on c-span3, a look at several state of the state addresses. tonight, we'll start with governor bob mcdonnell. he delivered his third state of the commonwealth from the virginia state capitol. he talked about budgetprioties spending. this is about 50 minutes. [ applause ]
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>> thank you. thank you. you have obviously come back well rested. mr. speaker, mr. president, justices of the supreme court of virginia, judges of the state corporation commission, ladies and gentlemen of the general assembly, my fellow virginians, good evening. it is both my duty and privilege to join you on the set of steven speilberg's epic feature film. [ applause ] >> "lincoln" for the annual state of the commonwealth address. i hope it is all right with everyone. i invited some of your neighbors tonight. the first lady and four of the mcdonnell children and my new son-in-law are here with us in the gallery. [ applause ]
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>> now i think this is my 21st state of the commonwealth speech. only the third that i've delivered. this is always a very special night when all three branches of government are gathered in a building designed by thomas jefferson, from which, for centuries, ideas promoting liberty and opportunity have sprung. i want to congratulate all of you newly elected men and women to the general assembly and the new leaders elected in each caucus today. thank you for your service to the people of virginia and also i want to thank the families and spouses of these newly elected members because they are in it with you as well. i would also want to commend the members of the virginia senate. particularly the members of the democratic party for the passionate and statesmanlike debate you conducted on the matters on the virginia senate
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today. thank you. over the past two years, we have shown that while we hail from diverse regions, we align with different political parties and subscribe to different philosophies, we can still come together to make progress on the issues that are most important to the eight million people that we serve. ladies and gentlemen, that has been and must forever remain the virginia way session, we must while seating charts and committee assignments have changed. the virginia way cannot. so to the members of the majority tonight, i say to you don't be arrogant. don't overreach. to the members of the minority party, i say, don't be angry. don't obstruct. and to all of us, including the executive branch, i say let's be civil and let's be productive. now we're blessed it live in a
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commonwealth can an unemployment rate that's the lowest in all of the southeast. we're the best state in america for business. we have the nation's best public universities system. and over these years, we have weathered the economic storms better than most states. i think we owe the success to a number of factors. we've kept taxes low, regulation and litigation to a minimum. and we made prudent and wise investments in economic development and transportation and in our people. but perhaps more importantly, we have found a way daily to rise above the partisan sniping of politics to solve problems and get results. you know, our representative democracy has stood the test of time as the most effective and the most fair form of government on all the planet. america was born on the banks of
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the james river. from virginia came four of the first five presidents, eight in all. the author of the declaration of independence. the fathers of the constitution. governor patrick henry, first governor of virginia, attended the laying of the cornerstone of the building in 1875, and yet, 205 years later, the same capitol welcomed l. douglas wilder, the first africa american governor in the country. the early leaders who guided the young republican through the global power that we are today came from here in virginia. now, it is our collective duty to lead this great republic into a prosperous future. i will say i think virginians are ready.
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every day they show their exceptional character. a few of those exceptional characters joined us tonight. on december 8th, we are joined by the peril of the officers in the state. on that day, virginia tech police officer was protecting the students and faculty. including my daughter who is at virginia tech. during a routine traffic stop, derek krouse was shot and killed. he was an iraq war veteran. he was a son, a husband and father of five. derek was a hero. derek's wife tina is here tonight. on behalf of the commonwealth, we pledge to you that derek's sacrifice will never been
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forgotten. [ applause ] >> and at that exact same time in blacksburg, another veteran turned law enforcement officer was facing a similar situation in caroline county. after detaining a suspect found along i-95. michael hammer had placed that suspect in the car when suddenly the individual grabbed for the
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trooper's weapon and forced it to discharge in his leg. bleeding profusely in the struggle, he was able to reach another weapon that he kept nearby and was able to subdue the suspect. trooper hammer was rushed to mary washington university hospital where he underwent emergency surgery. tonight, trooper mike hammer is still recovering from the injuries. but he and his wife natalie are here with us in the gallery. i want to say trooper hammer, your bravery and commitment to the safety of the citizens of virginia will not be forgotten. [ applause ]
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>> now that heroism demonstrated by officer crouse and trooper hamer is why i'm supporting a review of and necessary amendments to the virginia line of duty act so all qualified first responders and families receive all of the key statutory benefits in their time of need and not later. i ask you to support that this session. [ applause ] >> that same spirit of service is always been displayed by virginians on the battle field
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in foreign lands. since september 11th, 2001, nearly 14,000 members of the virginia national guard have left their families and jobs to defend freedom. over 230 virginians have given their lives to the service of the country. on december 18th, the last convoy of american soldiers left eye -- iraq. eight days before that, i welcomed home the army national guard. they had been serving in iraq since april. with us here tonight are the battalion's executive officer major carl inkstrom and his wife. we have a father and son who are
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deployed together. first sergeant kelvin franklin and his wife and his son, first private quentin franklin. gentlemen, thank you for your deep commitment to freedom. [ applause ] >> the brave men and women who volunteer for the virginia national guard are great patriots. we all know that. that's why i propose that we
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provide in state tuition for the national guard regardless of how long they lived in virginia. [ applause ] >> we have more veterans than any other state. with your help this session, we'll continue to make this the most veteran-friendly state in america. you serve virginia, we serve you. we serve all virginians well when we run a wise and frugal government. defend libertys and the rule of law and care more about enacting good policies than making a good quote. simply put, our people want results, not rhetoric. they want solutions, not sound bytes. over the last two years, that is how we have governed together. working across party lines last year. we put the most new funding in transportation a transportation in a new generation. i want to thank speaker howell
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for this effort. over $4 billion fund was put together to support funding. this has supported hundreds of projects in nearly $2 billion in new contracts in 2011. it is always made possible public/private partnerships like the tunnel on hampton roads, the coal fields expressway and the i-95 hov hot lanes in northern virginia. we created awarding new degrees to young people in important disciplines. i want to thank the leaders in the effort. kirk cox and rosyln dance. we were able to enroll 5,800
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additional students this past fall. well done. [ applause ] >> together, we also created nearly $100 million in new economic development to promote job creation. companies like becktell and amazon and green mountain. albany are all coming to virginia. i want to thank lieutenant governor, our chief jobs director. over 64,000 jobs have been created in virginia since our first full term in office. [ applause ] >> overseas visitors are coming here at a record pace. $321 million in 2011. i was on hand this past year to open up trade offices and
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agriculture offices in new delhi and mumbai and shanghai and london. to sell virginia products around the world and create more good jobs at home. our trade missions are getting results. just last month alone, one ship left chesapeake, virginia and delivered $25 million worth of soy beans to china. two weeks ago, another vessel began the same journey with another $25 million in soy beans to china. from brunswick to china, that is how we grow our partnership. i want to thank you for growing our exports and creating new jobs. working together, we've eliminated $6 billion in budget shortfalls, not by raising taxes, but reforming government and reducing spending. we turned two massive budget deficits into nearly $1 billion in surpluses during the last two years. [ applause ]
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>> and i would say these are all collective, bipartisan accomplishments. virginia is charting a fiscally responsible course to a brighter future. but, ladies and gentlemen, it is no time for victory laps. our global economy is still uncertain. the actions of the government are still unpredictable. the unemployment rate is still unacceptable. this is not a status quo period in the life of americans and virginians. i suggest this should not be the status quo session for the virginia general assembly. i can't ask you to fix every problem in the short time we have together this session. i can ask you to fix some big ones. we must do more to spur private sector job creation. we must reform our pension system now


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