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tv   [untitled]    March 13, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm EDT

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political speech, but you don't have a right to success. so success with organizing is not guaranteed. success of your given proportion although and expression of voice is not guaranteed. to i think you have a fairly strong impediment. if you're going back to political tools and mobilization, it's a question of a sympathetic public and what we're releasing our first principles differences in the american public with regard to culture and religion and the assumptions that are made about how one approaches citizenship and rights and liberties. whether they are earned the in the context of the protestant work ethic, or there's a larger social gift that coming from being here and enjoying those rights and liberties. you're back on the fundamentals of political organization that divides the parties in this country right now. >> we have time for one more question. nope? okay. thank you, everyone.
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>> we are going to take about ten minutes to gather lunch, which is outside, and then come back in and hear from our keynote. wednesday president obama officially welcomes british prime minister david cameron to the white house. it marks the second day of his official visit and the two leaders plan a news conference later in the day. watch the white house arrivals at 9:00 a.m. eastern here on c-span3. and after that an economic
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summit hoested by the atlantic. panelists focus on the economic recovery here in the united states as well as globally. we'll hear remarks from leading experts and government officials including gene sper ling and larry soummers. congratulations to all this year's winners of c-span's com. a record number of entered a video on the theme the constitution and you, showing which part of the constitution is important to them and why. watch all the winning videos at our website, and join us as we show show the top 27 videos on c sfan and we'll talk with the winners during "washington journal." >> an ancestors came adros oceans in a ships you wouldn't go across the lake with.
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they built their tiny cabins and did it neighbors helping one another, not federal grants. >> as candidates campaign for president this year, we look back at 14 men that ran for the office and lost, go to our website cspan >> this is the time to turn away from excessive preoccupation overseas to the rebuilding of our own nation. america must be restored to her proper role in the world, but we do that only through the recovery of confidence in ourselves. >> >> the two generals in charge of military operations in the western hemisphere testified before the senate armed services committee today. they talked about iran's relations with venezuela, drug trafficking and border security.
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this is two hours. good morning, everybody. the committee meets this morning to hear from fro distinguished
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military leaders to discuss security in our hemisphere. general doug frazier, the commander of u.s. southern command and general charles jacoby jr., the commander of u.s. northern command and commander of the north american aerospace defense commander nor rad. this is general jacoby's first appearance before the committee as commander, and we look forward to working with you. general, many in your new position, general frazier, this is likely to be your last posture hearing and we greatly preached your testimony and advice over the past three years. i appreciate your 37-plus years of service in the united states air force. i understand that you and your wife rena are plans to enjoy some much deserved downtime after your change of command, and we truly wish you all the best. in addition to thanking you for your long and distinguished service to our nation, we ask
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you express our heartfelt gratitude to the men and women that serve with you for their exceptional service and dpor their many contributions to our security. we offer our thanks to your families and the families of all your personnel since they share in the sacrifices of their service and because their support is so important to the success of your missions. the attacks of 9/11 is responsible for the defense of the homeland and in response to domestic, natural or man made disaster here at home. its area of responsibility also includes all of north weshg including knd and mexico. general jacoby also served as commander of nor rad, the
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binational command with canada that has the permission to provide aerospace warning and control and maritime warning for north america. we'd be more interested to learn general about how north come and norad might contradict to the emerging domain of cyber security in the homeland. as part of the mission to provide defense support to civil shorts, northern command must work closely and cooperatively with other federal agencies, particularly the department of homeland security, and wall the states on plans and coordination for emergency response to domestic disaster. this requires close coordination with the state governors, the national guard forces to improve their combined federal and state response capabilities to a wide variety of emergencies. we made significant progress on this front last year with several initiatives including
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the new dual status command capability which is intended to allow state and military forces to work together to support a governor's needs for disaster assistance. as part of this effort, congress authorized legislation to permit the call-up of federal military reserve forces to support governors responding to a natural disaster, and we would be interested to hear general jacoby's views on how these new initiatives are working and will work. as part of its homeland defense mission, northern command is also a combatant command responsible for the ground base mid-force defense system, t to defend the united states against threat of a potential future ballistic missile attack from nations such as iran and north korea. the last two flight tests of the
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system using the latest model of the atmospheric kill vehicle resulted in failures. they're taking steps to ensure that the new kill vehicles work reliably and effectively before we reduce more including adequate testing and system enhancements as this committee recommended in last year's bill. the defense department also is pursuing improvements to the reliability of the gmd system that will allow the use of fewer interceptors to defeat future intercontinental ballistic missiles. in addition, as part of phase four of the european adaptive approach to missile defense, the developing the standard three-block two-b, the standard missile three block 2 b to defend against potentially long-range iranian missiles that
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could reach our homeland. this would augment or system and we look forward to hearing views on these and related programs. turning to the southern part of our is the president leased the strategy to combat transnational organized crime. this strategy is the first of criminal but the threat posed organizations is not new to it either of our witnesses. we hope our witnesses provide an assessment of the threat posed by the transnational criminal organizations and help the committee understand their respective command's role in addressing this threat. northcom and southcom are the primary enemies through which the department of defense engages in the western hemisphere. the ability of transnational criminal on organizations to outgun civilian law enforcement and buy influence has meant that
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militaries have been asked to take on internal security responsibilities throughout the region. this expanded role for our neighbors' militaries provides opportunities for our military to improve its advise and atsz activities and to enhance our military-to-military relations. the committee looks forward to learning of your continued engagement in the hemisphere and the opportunities it presents for your commands including on matters such as respect for civilian control the military and respect for human rights. given the horrific level of violence in mexico, especially related to drug trafficking and the flow of money and guns from our country into mexico, we want to hear jacoby's assessment of the current situation along and below our boarder and the cooperation between our two militaries to help defeat the transnational criminal
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organizations. the southcom area of responsibility including the caribbean and central and south america. general frazier, as we discussed last week, while there is no traditional military threat emanating from the region, south com has an increasingly powerful and capable threat in the form of transnational crime. these criminal organizations have grown to the point where they're a real threat to national and international security. the committee is deeply concerned about this matter and is prepared to examiner ways to enable the defense department to provide its unique capabilities with american law enforcement as well as foreign law enforcement and militaries where appropriate to make sure they're brought to justice. efforts to combat transnational criminal organizations and other armed groups in the region have seen some success. over the past two decades the united states has invested
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heavily in building the capacity of the colombian military and police and the results of this investment are becoming clear. the cluolombian government is i control in the vast control of the country and they're operationally limited to fleeting attacks against government installations in remote parts of the country. in central america the impact of transnational organized crime is most acute. the efforts of southcom to detect and monitor trafficking in the caribbean have driven these criminal organizations to more complex methods of trafficking drugs, money and weapons including semi and fully submersible vessels. transnational criminal organizations have also begun to take advantage of nations that lack the capacity and/or the will to confront their trafficking. these complex criminal networks
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require southcom to continue to adapt and expand its activities with willing partners to confront the threat. further south general frazier in a different picture emerges, brazil, argentina and chile are developed nations that help improve international security by contributing to various nu multi-lateral operations around the globe. these contributions are important, and they shouldn't go unnoticed. in venezuela the united states is confronted by a government and a military that is a purveyor of instability. president chavez and his followers sew instability through their support to trans naeshl criminal organizations which traffic drugs, money and weapons through the region. we look forward to your testimony on that matter as well, general frazier. so general frazier, general jacoby, i touch the surface of the issue that face you and your commands. we look forward to hearing your testimony and to continue to do
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everything we can to help southcom and northcom accomplish their security objectives. we thank you both again for appearing before the committee and for your service to your nation. senator mccain. >> thank you, mr. chairman. i join us in welcoming our witnesses today and thanking them for their many years of distinguished service to our nation. als want to extend my appreciation to the dedicated men and women under their commands. i want to recognize general frazier as this will be his final time testifying before this committee in uniform. i imagine he'll be celebrating this occasion later today. what is clear from the testimony this committee has received over the last several weeks from the combatant commanders is the threats confronting our nation, our interests and ideals are not diminished. rather they increase inoscopy
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and complexity. the work of the armed forces is important to the national security. as a comparison illustrates this is true of the speculation in the hemisphere. it contributed to transnational criminal organizations and cartels and continues to threaten the united states and road governance and security across the region. they exploit whale security forces and bribe corrupt officials and transit easily across undergoverned territory and pourous boards. they have grown in scale and sophistication and we have seen a diversification in what is trafficked which includes not just drugs, human being and bulk cash and military grade weapons. these groups maintain enormous cash reserves and in many cases are better equipped and more capable than the government
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forces who are trying to stop them. a particular concern is deteriorating situation in central america. as general frazier notes in his testimony and i quote, central america has become the key trans shipment zone for illicit trafficking in the hemisphere. approximately 90% of cocaine destined for the united states transits the subregion. as a result violence has risen to alarming levels. the city of san pedro in honduras overtook juarez in mexico as the most dangerous city in the world. the reach of these criminal organizations extends from south and central america directly into north america, including the u.s. homeland. in mexico we have witnessed an escalation of violence that continues to terrorize its
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citizens. the president and his administration have sdmon straighted courageous leadership, but this fight has come at great cost. since 2006 nearly 50,000 mexicans have been killed as a result of drug-related violence, including 13,000 last year alone. such tragic figures serve as a stark reminder of the threat that these groups pose and partners in mexico. for the threat from these groups does not end at the border, however. according to the 2011 national drug threat assent justice depa cartels now maintain a presence in over 1,000 u.s. cities. general jacoby, i look forward to your assessment the on the reach of these networks, what northern command is doing to assist its u.s. law enforcement
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counterparts in combating them, and what can be done to improve and expand this partnership. general jacoby is commander of northern demand here tafshged with one of the our government's most fundamental responsibilities, the defense of the "homeland." what this committee has learned is that the world remains enormously complex and dangerous. this places significant responsibility on you and northern command to properly posture itself to defend against and respond to the myriad of threats that confront us. i'm interested in your assessment of what the greatest threats to the "homeland" are and what's being done by your command in coordination with the enter agency to address them. i thank you both for appearing before this committee today, and i look forward to your testimony. thank you, mr. chairman. >> thank you very much, senator mccain. general frazier. >> mr. chairman, senator mccain, distinguished members of the committee. thank you for the opportunity to be here to appear before you
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this morning and thank you for the kind words not only for me but more importantly for the men and women who serve in the united states southern command. it really is my distinguished honor to represent them here today. i'm extremely pleased also this morning to join my good frent and close partner chuck gentleman joby as we have a clear and close partnership between u.s. northern command and u.s. southern command as we work the topics in the criminal organizations transiting through our two regions. our routine cooperation means the relationships between our staffs grow closer every day. with the continued support, u.s. southern command will continue to defend the southern approaches to the united states, enhancing regional security and il mr. chairman, i've prepared a full statement and request it be entered into the record. >> it will be made part of the record. >> chairman, i want to briefly
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discuss two topics with you this morning, and both you and senator mccain briefly about them. that's countering transnational organized crime, and my other topic is building enduring partnerships. mentions it this morning, u.s. southern command has focused on a concern that permeates receipt jorngs transnational organized crime. as vice president biden discussed during his visit to mexico and honduras last week, it's impacting citizen safety in central ameri guatemala, el salvador and honduras. they threaten to overwhelm law enforcement capacities. in an effort to reduce violence and halt the spread of these criminal groups, these countries have deployed their militaries in support of law enforcement organizations to address the growing threat. last year they implemented the strategy to combat transnational organized crime in support of
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this tragedy, u.s. southern command developed and implemented a program to interrupt illicittrafc in the d in south america and the afsh zones in central america. we helped train our partner militaries to support the law enforcement organizations. u.s. southern command supports efforts by providing network analysis of transnational organizations and their operations. in the caribbean under the based security initiative, we develop a regional maritime plan to enhance the capabilities of our partners. in south america we will stain our support to columbia and to peru as they fight terrorist groups in these countries. success in combating transnational organized crime is enhanced by fostering enduring partnerships with international and enter agency organizations. that's my second topic this morning. u.s. southern command is working to build such partnerships by
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enhancing cooperation and promoting information sharing with interagency organizations. in addition, we are strength nging our partnerships and activities with our pointer parts across south america. we work with nem and remain ready to respond to our assistance be requested. last year we conducted hundreds of training and educational events and nations in the hemisphere and 56 medical readiness training dper sizes in 13 different countries. the sustained arrangement is yielding important benefits. last year for the first time columbia consumed the land component role during our annual multinational exercise to supt or defense in the panama canal. in in year brazil will join columbia and they will assume the role of the maritime enrollment commander.
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an important accept to expand our partnerships through the hemisphere. in closing conference for your years of support to columbia. i'd ask for them to help achieve a lasting people. finally, thank you for your unwavering support to the men and women of the united states southern command that work diligently every day to security you're skut. i look forward to our discussion, mr. chairman. >> thank you very much, general >> chairman levin, senator mccain, members of the committee, thank you for the opportunity to appearn honor to. it's a pleasure to join any fellow combatant xhantder and friend general frazier. on behalf of the men and women of u.s. northern command in northern american space committee, i appreciate this committee's continuing support of our mission of homeland
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defense including ballistic missile defense, defense support for sift authorities for which the highlight was a team response to hurricane irene and security operation including our expanding cooperation with the mexican military as they tackle the brutal transnational criminal organizations. in the case of norad it includes aerospace warning and control through our safe and successful operation and maritime warning where we continue to grow capability through improved interagency and international information sharing. in addition to cooperative defense with canada, we're improving our security cooperation with our good friends in mexico and the bahamas at a pace determined by mutual agreement and with constant respect for national sovereignty. our vision is with our trusted partners we will defend north america by outpacing all threats, maintaining faith with our citizens and supporting them in their times of greatest need.
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we view our missions aa sacred trust by our governments and citizens and we appreciate the american people and their elected representatives in congress and white house rightly have high expectations of our ability it to defend them. in clab rigs with other or challenging situations that can threaten the citizens of great nations, my priorities are to expand and strengthen our trusted partnerships to advance and sustain the binational military command norad, to maintain all situational awareness including air, space, cyberspace, land and maritime and the unique and fast changing domain known as the arctic. to outpace all threats and to take care of our people as they are our foundation. i'm tremendously proud of the he committed and self-less men and women, military and civilian, mirns and canadians who serve in
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our commands. when appropriate and in accordance with the stafford act, the national response framework and other laws and guidance such as on the request of a governor and upon the direction of the president or secretary of defense, we pull togethered unique xabltds and capacities of the department of defense to multithe impact of a primary federal agency such as fema. now thanks to the congress and the president the 2012 national defense authorization act put into lay initiatives supported by the council of governors and the secretaries of defense concerning dual status commanders and activation of reserves and domestic disaster response. i appreciate this committee's support for this two important members that save american lives. it was my privilege to serve in afghanistan and iraq with many superb members of the national d i believe that in the krus bell of over ten years of continual conflict with the support of congress, dwoeped the finest
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total force i've ever seen and norad and northcom depend on that force daifr. this past year has been busy. we synchronized our efforts and worked through the budget process. for fy '12 and for fy '13 reducing the onm funding by 6%. with the resources and authorities at han and maintaining the vigilance, we can continue to gend and support the american people. thank you for this opportunity to appear today, and i look forward to the discussion. >> thank you very much, general jacoby. we'll have a seven-minute first rou round. we ask both of you, the defense department created a new defense strategy in 2013 defense budget reque request. it's our understanding that the
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development of the strategy was a highly inclusive process that each of you have the opportunity to provide input into the development at the new strategy. in your view does the budget request support the strategy. general frazier. >> chairman, we were very much included in the process and the development of the strategy through a series of conversations with the chairman, with the secretary of defense. from where i sit i'm very comfort that the budget supports the strategy and that i can perform my mission within the allocated resources. >> general jacoby. >> chairman, i feel that in the case of the homeland, with the strategy, the homeland was appropriately considered, and i believe the budget supports the execution of the strategy in the homeland. thank you. >> thank you. general


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