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tv   [untitled]    March 29, 2012 1:30am-2:00am EDT

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dynasty. he'll taking your phone calls, e-mails and tweets on sunday's book tv. here's a look at our schedule on cspan 3. next vice president joe biden visits davenport iowa to talk with supporters about manufacturing jobs and the middle class and then attorney general eric holder testifies on the president's budget request
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for 2013. and homeland security secretary janet napolitano tries to urge congress to strengthen government computer and private government contractor -- from attacks. on tomorrow morning's washington journal any, senator jeff bingaman will have a debate. and after that, georgia congressman tom price on the republican 2013 budget proposal which the house will vote on tomorrow. washington journal live thursday at 7:00 a.m. eastern on cspan. from earlier today, remarks from vice president joe biden on manufacturing in the middle class. he also criticizeded republican presidential candidate mitt romney for supporting tax breaks for companies that create jobs overseas.
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the vice president spoke at pct engineered systems in davenport, iowa, it's 35 minutes. >> r. good afternoon, it's an honor to be here. my name is chuck park and i'm living proof that manufacturing jobs are still alive and doing well here in america. [ applause ] worked at quad city dye casting. i made parts for gm and ford vehicles, but when the rekregsz hit, the company went under in 2009. i was laid off just like a lot of other people were around here in the quad cities. for the next six months, my full-time job was looking for a
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job. i would get up every morning, send out applications and resumes, just continue to look for a job every day. a little more than two years ago, i was hired here at pct engineering as a full-time machinist. now i wake up every morning and i come to work and i make parts for manufacturers in our industry. [ applause ] in other words i make things that help other folks make things and that is why the manufacturing jobs are so important and i and vice president biden understand. [ applause ] what happens in one stator one city or one plant matters all the way down our supply chain
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here in america, those jobs that help support our communities, the stores, the shops, the restaurants in which all of us spend our salaries. we're all connected and we're all in this together. [ applause ] the economy is much better now than what it was when i got laid off from the company who chose to close their doors. i see it in the job force here in the quad cities. i see it in my friends and some of them are finally finding work again. some of them took lower paying jobs at the timeng bk up into h positions in the manufacturing industry. i see it here at pct, we're continuablely getting busier an busier every day. exporting our that we make here at pct all
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over the world. i take great pride in my work. i take great pride in my job. and i'm honored to be one of the people beyond the products that are probably stamped with made in the usa. [ cheers and applause ] >> i am also honored to introduce on for the blue colla worker lho knows how important manufacturing is in the quad cities and throughout our country. please join me in welcoming the vice president of the united states, joe bidenp. [ cheers and applause ] >> hello, everybody, how are you? back in
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davenport, the quad cities. mr. mayor, thank you for flying back from brazil and getting off a plane and coming straight here. if i were you, i would be in bed trying to catch up on my sleep. i want to tell you something, i know i'm back in iowa, when the guy introducing you from the factory floor speaks better than you do. i know i'm back in iowa. incredible state. i understand mayor eldridge is here, and martin o'boyle, terry, thank you for the opportunity of allowing me on the factory floor here, and i understand the chancellor of the community college is here. thank you very much. guys are doing in a minute. first of all. as it relates to the story that was just told by chuck reminds
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me, my dad used to have an expression. he'd say, i mean this sincerely, a guy who had lost ,mo, move hi. he said, joey, you have to understand one thing, a job is about a lot more than a paycheck. it's about your dignity. it's about your respect. it's about your sense of in the community. and too many people have been stripped of their dignity as a consequence of this god awful i. we're determined, i think all of us, republican and democrat are determined to turn that around. and i also want to thank terry, want to thank the community college for doing what is a remarkable thing happening all across the country. for partnering with this great company and producing job.
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making sure the skills available match theen i come here today with a very, very simple message. manufacturing is back. manufacturing is back. and, folks. it's not only good news for chuck and all the fellow workers here on this factory floor. it's good news for america. it's even better news for america's middle class. they've taken an awful beating over the last decade or more. and what's happened just in the last couple years, 430,000 new manufacturing jobs just since 2010. more t new manufacturing jobs here in the state of iowa.astest growth in manufacturing since the '90s. after years of the word outsourcing, our children a as h
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as we heard outsourcing, it's called folks, the and you're going to see more of them. the facts are, that the jobs that left the united states are coming back to the united states. plants that closed are opening, opening and reinvented. companies like john deer expanding here in davenport, waterloo and des moines, where they added nearly 500 new jobs in the last two years. good paying jobs. siemens wynn employs 4500 people in madison. folks, america's coming back, it's not a political slogan, it's a reality. and it's happening in the sector that built the mdle class, in manufacturing. look, you know a lot of my republican friends and some who
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are political opponents, wonder why the president and i have spent so much time working to bring manufacturing back. no one in the heartland has to wonder about that, you all know why. you all knwere the manufacturinf the world. and you saw what jobs were lost. you know that manufacturing jobs just aren't any old good paying. jobs you can raise a family on. jobs that allow you to own a home and not just rent.romi of being able to send your kid to college. here in iowa, the average manufacturing job pays almost $50,000 a year. and they're jobs that everyone, as was mentioned by chonly are good for america -- good for america, because they make america competitive again. they're jobsfe future, in industries of the future, for an economy that's able to compete for the products like electronic beam systems built here at pct.
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remarkable. these are jobs building consume just here, but all around the world. expanding rural markets for the united states america, you know about that too. workers here know, 50% what they produce here engineering sales that are destined to be exported. that's a big deal. they're jobs that anchor our communities. they're jobs that get the local community moving aijobs. manufacturing jobs create more jobs, other jobs. jobs in diners, hardware stores, schools, police departments. most mp jobs that can help rebuild the middle class which has been battered and nobody knows it better than all of you. it matters, because real shared the only growth that really
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matters, growth that is widely shared by everyone in this country can onlyha middle class is growing again. when the middle class is growing, everyone does well. the wealthy do very well, as they should. and those who are not wealthy, have a shot, a ladder, maybe they can climb up to circumstan. but the middle class will only grow if we build ansupport the part, but it's a critical part to bringing back the middle class. and no one knows that better than the who know the essential role that it's not only manufacturing, look at iowa and agriculture, and the role agriculture plays in the economic health and well with being this nation. that's why the president and i are so proud, last year, farm exports reached a record high of $37 billion. $23 billion higher than ever
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before. that's not only good for the economic well being of iowa farmers, but the entire country. and with the new trade agreements, the president negotiated we expect an additional $2.3 billion in the coming years igricultural products supporting an additional 20,000 jobs here at home. but it's not only agricultural sector that's going 'll create tens of thousands de of new jobs because these agreements. and folks, we're not just fighting harder to be able to export ourrodus. they're important, but we're fighting to export complex high-tech services as well. services that america's providing better than any other things most people don't think abo about. things most people don't think about. that they contributeanto o
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economy, like construction, engineering, technology. i.t. we do that better than anyone in the world. agreement after my negotiations with the vice president of america's automobile insurance industry to the largest automobile marks that do? if you have accessorbile insura to sell insurance whichup util to the largest number of folks in the world who drive automobiles, that's real money. back here at bs. home. but ultimately it all comes down to the same question. the question quite frankly of this election and the challenge our t country that values the role of workers and the
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success of businesses, and values the middle class in a success of the economy? or are we going to move backwards to the same disastrous fill ogs if i that rewarded speculators rather than builders? look. this is the third in a series of speeches i'm giving on behalf of our administration. laying out the stark choices we believe the american people are going to face in november. and what's at stake for the middle class. today i want to focus primarily on manufacturing, because president obama and i have been working to rebuild our manufacturing sector, and rebuild our country. because we think they're one iw without the other. we don't know how you leave it out, manufacturing and rebuild the country. let me tell you what we've done, but let me tell what you we think we have to do, what more
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we have to do. when we came into office, the manufacturing sector had been neglected badly, and was getting devastated. during the 2000s, before we came in, 5.8 million manufacturing jobs lost in the united states of america, right here in iowa. you lost 53,000 manufacturing jobs. you saw companies like maytag and electrolux and many others close shop. thousands of factories closed down and laid off workers and relocated to places like vietnam, mexico, china, "cheaper markets." how many times have you been told over the lastthe leading have passed? log, the president and i said, where is it written -- where sas passed in anything? the president and i
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fundamentally disagreed with that propositian way, it was a widely held proposition. we had to gett a whole lot of manufacturing back on its feet again, for every one of those manufacturing jobst their placee middle class. for every one of those jobs lost. so we wtork, first and foremost over significant opposition, and with mitt romney arguing that we should let detroit go bankrupt. what we did is we rescued the auto industry, weer some of the very toughest medicine -- [ cheers and applause ] >> we're criticized by many on our side. we administered very tough medicine. but together we saved literally
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one since restructuring, the industry has already added back another 200,000 jobs and gm is leading the worl a world's largest automobile [ cheers and applause ] >> folks, we knew that was sensible b to work to provide a skilled workforce for companies that have already come back or are bringing their folks back. we met with the leading k347s in the world who came to the white house in january. they pointed out to us that right now there are ing jobs ind states that companies who have come back home can't fill. because they can't match the worker's skills with the need of the companies. so we launched a partnership between my wife jill, a community college professor,
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calls the best kept secret. my wife jill secret in america. american community colleges. ookang to fill those 600,000 slots, married up with them. we've also proposed an $8 billion partnership, to give more momentum to this the secr labor, secretary solis, suggested an 800 mile bus trip starting off in with a wash working their way kugntucky, v north carolina, visiting community college and businesses after community colleges and businesses. providing hundreds and hundreds of good paying they're training directly, exactly what the companies need. and it's all over the country. from tennessee to north carolina to michigan, ohio, new hampshire. and it's working. so let me say it
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thank you, terry, thank you, dr. paper and thank chancellor for this partnership of yours. you are one of the reasons why -- you are literally one of the reasons why american companofiearoutsourcing. we are committed to breaking down barriers of block access of products to overseas markets. so the rest of the consumers can understand what we already know. that we make the best products. no one makes a better product. and there's no productive than american workers. that is not hyer in president signed into law, free trade agreements with korea, colombia and panama. they're goingo markets for the best products in the world, made in america products to all of those countries, which
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now can't get into those countries, and we're committed to leveling the playing field across the board. to that end we created within the first time, what we call the trade enforcement countries to pursue unfair trade practices. we don't think war, we think that's a fairway to trade. just this month we brought a new trade case against china. china is unfairly limiting american access to rare earth m possess, that are needed by amanake high-tech products like electronic vehicles and advanced electronics. we with changed the give a 30 tax credit to a company that builds wind turbines here in the united states rather than ad results s
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billion of factories built here in the united states of america rather than abroad. look, we re and invest in new plants and commitment right now right now they invest. by allowing them to othe factory, the cost of the equipment, the cost of their vehicles so they can expand opportunities. thatng hired. the bottom line is, we're changing the paradigm here. we're rewarding instead ofmpani that invest in building and hiring here in america. and manufacturers areding they're hiring workers by the hundreds of thousands. they're exporting products all around the world, with this added incentive, we're to double as the presidento le exports by the year 2015. let me translate what that
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means. if we double american the year 2015, that creates another two million american jobs. so folk so all those skeptics and our republican opponents who -- especially tell me that america can't make things anyn'd market any more. more. we will lead t every aspect of the economy. and, begun, you've begun. not we, you' done. for years, american manufacturers have faced one of the highest tax rates in the world. we want to reduce that by over you even further.
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we're willing to create a global minimum tax, because american a larger subsidy for investing abroad than investing at home. we want to end the practice of getting a tax break, which you saw happen here in iowa foring ceiling and shipping it abroad and getting a moving expense to go abroad. instead, we should be giving a tax credit to companies that dismantle factories abroad and bring them back home. look, this is how we're going to grow the middle class. conventional wisdom that manufacturing is dead if this country is dead wrong. and we've got to maintain thisnm
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if you forgive me for saying this, one thing that could bring this a screeching halt is turning over the keys of the white house to santorum or romney. they're both good guys, i worked with rick for a long time. senator santorum is the only one about manufacturing. but his senate record tells a he voted against loopholes for companies that moved manufacturing from america just asked if we should have rescued the automobile industry, he said, and i quote "no, absolutely not. but if senator santorum has beed and what he's done, has been remarkably consistent. as a businessman, as the governor of massachusetts and
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president. and i spectfully suggest consistently wrong. when he was ceo of bain capital, bain capital closed down two factories in south florida that made medical devices. moving the production to germany. they shut down a plant in south carolina and another one in rhode island that made photo albums and picture frames and outsourced production overseas. i'mmitt, thanks for the memories. as governor massachusetts, he repeatedly slashed funding for workforce manufacturing, specifically. and despite the fact that millions of taxpayer dollars were flowing to companies outsourcing state overseas call centers, he vetoed a bill passed by the
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massachusetts legislature that would have stopped the state from outsourcing contracts overseas. state pass mass taxpayer with with a question -- this is how it worked -- with a question about massachusetts state services. picks up the phone, dials anmbe somebody in the massachusetts government to get an answer to their question. and instead he or she is talking to someone on the other side of the world. and all of it paid for by his or her tax dollars. i find that kind of fascinating. i mean it, that's one, when i was told about it, i said i'm not going to say that to you to fact check me again. but think about it, it's one thing for the local company to outsource a call service but the state government to outsource a
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call service that's set up to answer questions for people in the state about a problem they have with the government? to outsource that? denying folks in mass mass the jobs that are attended to that? is it any surprise to you that massachusetts under governor romney was losing manufacturing jobs twice as fast as the rest of the country? now as a presidential candidate he has proposed a new international tax system that zeros out taxes for companies that create jobs outside the united states of america. i'm not making this stuff up. look both, president obama, governor romney, we are talking about taxes and the burden on manufacturers, there's a big


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