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tv   [untitled]    May 15, 2012 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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just been beaten and he's immediately standing up publicly for chen's nephew. i just can't even fathom the kind of courage that these people have. so now reach an agreement with officials he will not try to visit chen again, not meet with nor foreign media has left and is now in another area. this is not the first time he's suffered violence. november 10, 2009 -- not chen guangcheng but john chongwang. november 10, 2009, we both sat on a panel at a hearing before the human rights commission called by congressman smith, and we both testified on the one-child policy. john chongwang testified it concerning case he was assisting childr chen on. the once he was detained. women for frontiers released the report on chen's birthday on
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november 10, 2011 and then at this hearing in english on december 6, 2011. but jangchung wang was kelling of these where people were sleeping in the field to avoid family planning police. where forced ute lation ed utidg place. his testimony and mine were similarity, in the fact what we were exposing. that's where it ended. i was able to go home safely to my family. at the end of the hearing the congressman invited people testifying up to his office. at the end of that meeting, jang chon wang said i'm worried. if anything happens to me, would you, please, watch out for my wife and child.
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that struck my heart of the courage these people have. people who live in china to come to the united states and testify are risking not only their own safety but that of their families to expose the truth of what is going on there. not simply so that we will know what is happening, but so we will take effective action to try to help free the people of china from these horrific human rights abuses. several days later, john chung yung did return to china. feared materialized the. he was beaten, dragged away by four cadres and right in front of his daughter who was screaming and his wife was beaten, and so then i got a call from congressman smith and immediately flew back to washington to speak at a press conference for him to be released. despite this violence, john chung yung has persisted in
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bravely. in february, 2011, he and his wife released through the china aid association a video showing the horrific conditions of their house arrest. and for that they were severely beaten and left without medical attention. and then soon after that a group of chen's lawyers got together to try to talk about how they might help him. and you have to understand also that the arab spring and the jasmine revolution are a backdrop to this conversation as well, but many of those lawyers were detained, including jang young hwang and others. jang was detained for 60 days and endured beating, shouts, shackle, blindfolds and no sunlight during those 60 days and according to the media reports, he was banged in the head so severely that it caused significant memory loss, and
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apparently what they did was, they would use water bottles to beat him in the head. handy was -- had so much memory loss he could not even remember his skype password or how the furniture was arranged in his bedroom when he got out. i believe that systematic per cushion, detention and torture of chinese human rights lawyers appearing to be a deliberate decimation of the chinese human rights bar, and as an attorney myself, i am very, very concerned about china and the rule of law. how can china say that they care about the rule of law, or that there even is a rule of law, when people who are trying to uphold the rule of law are themselves detained and tortured and have their licenses revoked? although pearl and jiang chung young appear safe for the moment, who knows whether the communist chinese party will retaliate against them if and when chen is able to come to the
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united states? women's rights of frontiers calls upon the congress of the united states to raise the safety of supporter who are heros in their own right. thank you. >> reggie littlejohn, thank you very much for that testimony. i'd like to ask chai ling fng she would present her testimony. >> thank you for your persistence in 13-plus years of fight to defend the victims in china and uphold human rights conditions in china. thank you for giving me the opportunity to share today about the cause that chen guangcheng has fought to uphold. you have heard much about his miraculous escape as the media firestorm surrounded him last week. you probably read dame about the journey and the twists and terps in diplomatic saga that followed. incredibly, u.s. officials fretted about the timing of chen's arrival at the embassy after he left they downplayed his concerns for his family's
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safety. several days ago an american official carefully told the "new york times" that the days are blown up the relationship of china over single guy are over. maybe they referred to the days of, you know, mr. wei jingsheng. anyways, seeking protection for chen and his family should hardly have blown up the relationship, and more to the point, it grieves me to hear that chen dismissedly referred as a single guy. he's one man. it is true. but he's assembled a hero in the eyes of women, children, and the poor in china. why? because he defended them when it was costly. and when no one else in china would. he has lived out the word of the frovt isaiah who said, learn to do right, seek justice, defend the oppressed, take up the causes of the fatherless and
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plead the case of the widow. often missing from last week's news stories are the calls that defined chen guangcheng's work and led to his imprisonment. it explains why he's a hero to so many -- to so many's in china today. i want to highlight this cause. it is the one that we share with chen through our work at all girls allowed. the policy formally sanctions violence against women. chen knew this. chinese authorities jailed him in 2006 after he file add class action lawsuit on women who had undergone force aid borgss and steri abortions and sterilizations because of the policy. i would like to share some of the stories and images that will show what you is happening in china right now, even as i speak. i should warn you that these stories are disturbing.
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they will give you a personal glimpse at the genocide or systematic elimination of girls taking place in china, where men outnumber women by 40. . they show the brutality of forced abortions. they show why chinese women face a climate so oppressive that a woman takes her life every three seconds in china. the first story illustrates how severely the policy can affect a single family. this is -- the picture you can see on the power point on the screen, who lives in a province. she the second daughter of two parents who violated the one-child policy, because they desperately wa ll lwant add boy. after her birth. in her family, three girls. after her birth, officials demolished the family home and
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con fan skated their belo confi belongings. two years later, she gave birth to a girl and disappeared three days later. the father left and left the three girls in the care of their grandmother. officials detained the girls' grandmother in 2002 and left them without a guardian. during the night a man broke into their room and raped the 12-year-old. her sisters managed to obtain the release of grandmother after this but the elder woman died a month amp she returned home. the rapist, meanwhile, was sentenced to a mere five days of administrative detention. within three years, she was sold as a child bride to a man twice her, of her age. her sisters were also sold by traffickers and have not been found as of today. when a german reporter and
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chinese volunteers found her father last november, he told them that her husband had turned her into a prostitute to earn income for him. he beats her frequently and sold her body to bachelors in that area. she was in poor mental state and roamed the mountains for over a week, sometimes, before returning to the house. remember, all of this was set into motion by the enforcement of the one-child policy upon this family. and the lack of values assigned to girls and women in china. a second story is ogi snow hom. laugh october officials drag -- that's the picture before -- when she was heavily pregnant with her third child. she died during a forced abortion procedure. that's the picture.
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kind of gruesome. and her family did not know for hours afterwards. her husband and tuan surviving daughters have no real resource to take. the third picture -- third picture. yeah. that's her family, and he make under $2 a day, as a cotton farmer. a final story came out less than two months ago on we bore, a chinese version of twitter. just an image but chilling one. a 9-month-old baby is dropped into a bucket of water following a full-term forced abortion. according to the source, the infant's parents did not have a permit for their second child. you can see in that image in the water bucket, that's the baby's body. so i wish i could tell you these stories were rare, but they are not. they are mere glimpses into the dark environment that the policy created for women.
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this the darkness into which chen guangcheng tried to shine ap light. i want to challenge you, honorable members of congress, to view your callings as servants of people in light of these words from isaiah. if you do away with the yoke of oppression, with the pointing fingers and malicious talk and if you spend yourselves on behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed, then your light will rise in the darkness and your night will become like the -- this challenge also applies to president obama and secretary clinton. it is my fervent prayer that your light will rise in the present darkness that consumes many. at this very moment in china. please continue to press for chen guangcheng's freedom and assurance of safety for his family and his supporters. their freedom is not secure yet,
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and you are in a position to act. i urge to you compel china to honor its word and its own laws. if you're concerned that such a cause is not realistic, or pragmatic enough, i know that you are present here because you are not thinking that way, but we know there are leaders thinking that way who are not present here, i humbly ask you to do what is right. it was not economic pragmatic for william wiblforce to seek and end to the british slave trade. it was not ex-dent for martin luther king to speak out against injustice, and then land in a birmingham jail. ronald reagan was not acting with calculated diplomacy when he said, mr. gorbachev, tear down this wall. i can think of many instances
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for the sake of higher principle and somehow they always end up on the right side of history. i hope america would stand on the right side of history in confronts this large injustice in our time. god will honor your courage. finally, though we are sitting here in the hall of power, we can take heart in the fact that our power is weakness when compared to the strength of our god. we can face injustice without fear, because we serve a god who is just. here hears our prayers and can overcome any power. jesus said, you may ask me for anything in my name and i will do it. we have long prayed for these injustices in china to cease. we know that god is faithful. the only reason wipe these injustices still happen is that he chose to raise a man and woman among us to end them. and he is patient with us. god can and will end this
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injustice of forced abortion and the one-child policy. we know, we know that. and may it be our generation's privilege to carry out his task. here's a final story that gives hope. it shows that god does answer prayers. last year lilin a was arrested, her picture. for being four months pregnant without permit. we prayed for her knowing a forced abortion was imminent, but family abortion officials decided not to go through the procedure at the last minute. and she was released. she gave both to a baby girl three months later. but on the night of december 5, 2011, we learned she was arrested again. this time for partitioning the government about her property,
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which officials had confiscated. she, her 70-year-old mother and her 3-month-old baby was in that illegal jail. the guards were hardly feeding her and her baby was crying from hunger, because she could not produce enough milk. the guard, the guard told her that she would be there for another six months at the at least. christmas, y'all probably remember that there was a hearing, the next day on december 6th on behalf of lushell boll. many of you joined us in this prayer. thank you, brother bob fu, sister reggie littlejohn for all of your prayers. this is what happened. 20 hours later in midnight on the next day in china, because they were watching us at 4:00 a.m., their time, lilna was
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blindfolded, together with her mom, blindfolded and drove off and dropped off outside beijing two hours away and released alongside, together with her baby and mother. a dramatic answer to our prayers. and chen guangcheng, despite the fact chen guangcheng chg has not obtained the full freedom, but his ability to escape from a massive prison was no less a miracle either. your words are so important. media attention is also so important and prayers very important as we speak publicly as this also reminds us that the chinese government watches us. the world watches us, and acts in response to our conviction. so with your permission i would like to end this testimony with a prayer. heavenly father, you, lord, hear the desires of afflicted and
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encourage them and listen to their cry. you hear the cries of people in china calling for your justice and mercy. you hear our cries as we, too, plead for your justice to roll down like a mighty river. today we lift in kwaquan cheng supporter into your care for we know you will finish what he has started and you will surely, one day, bring them to complete freedom. we lift up to you these leaders here, these servants of the people. i praise you for raising them up and bringing them here today. i ask you to move their hearts and inspire them to assist the families and friends of our brave friends in china. lord, please, protect us all from being indifferent when we're suffering. you say that, if a single star falls you notice. how much more do you notice the plot of your daughters, maji
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hong and the millions other women and babies oppressed by the one-child policy. please, inspire the men and women here today to use their authority in a way that serves the least of these in the world you have created. and unto him hoop is able to do immeasurably more than all we can ask, imagine, according to his power, that is at work within us to him be glory in the church and in christ jesus, throughout all generations forever and ever, amen. >> ms. ling, thank you very much for your testimony and the importance of prayer, because they certainly need it as we all do. i would like to have ms. mae if you're proceed. >> yes. [ speaking in foreign language ]
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[ speaking in foreign language ] >> translator: mr. chairman and honorable member of congress, i'm very grateful for opportunity to testify today before congress to expose america and the world how the one-child policy in china destroys lives and the rise of women. my name is mei shunping. i had an assumed name calmed luping. i was born in china and arrived in the united states in 1999. [ speaking in foreign language ]
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[ speaking in foreign language ] [ speaking in foreign language ] [ speaking in foreign language ] >> okay. >> translator: before coming to america, i worked in a state-owned textile factory. the majority of the workers in the factory were young women so
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that family planning policy was implemented strictly. and i'm only one of these many women who lived, whose lives were destroyed by the policy. the women that chen guangcheng tried to help so courageously. i got married in 1981 and gave birth to a son two years later. according to the policy at that time, a woman who gave birth were required to have iud implanted. one of the spouses was required to be sterilized. at that time i had a swollen right kidney for undiagnose reasons or doctors refused to give iud to me. [ speaking in foreign language ]. >> translator: without iud i became a prime target bore the factory the family planning commission. [ speaking in foreign language ]
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>> translator: without iud i became pregnant -- from 1983 to 1990 because of the one-child policy i had to have five abortions on the following, forced abortions officer the follows dates. september 28, 1984. december 17, 1985. march 20, 1986. may 5, 1989 and december 14, 1990. all the operations were recorded in my medical history. i suffered greatly because of the inhuman one-child policy. [ speaking in foreign language ]
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[ speaking in foreign language ] >> translator: due to extremes i will hand over to help translate for me to read the rest of my testimony in english. there are many punishments to prevent unplanned pregnancies and about quota birth. my factory's family planning commission used three levels of control as a factory level, in the factory clinic and on the factory floor. if one worker vileated the rules, all women would be punished. workers monitor one another. women of representative age accounted for 60% of my factory floor. colleagues were suspicious and hostile to each other because of the one-child policy. two of my pregnancies were reported by my colleagues to it
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family planning commission. when discovered, pregnant women would be dragged to undergo forced abortions. there was no other choice. we had no dignity as potential child beare erers order of the factories family planning commission. every month during their menstrual period, women had to undress in front of the birth planning doctors for examination. if anyone skipped examination, she would be forced to take a pregnancy test at the hospital. we were allowed to collect a salary only after it was confirmed that we were not pregnant. the day of my fifth and last abortion, december 14, 1990, was the saddest of my life, because i was unable to prove that i wasn't pregnant within 10 to 15 days period. the birth, planning doctor in
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the factory clinic found out about my pregnancy. that day officials from the factory family planning commission drove to city hospital and forced me to have an abortion in the birth planning department. it was my first operation in that hospital. all of my previous abortion happened in the central city hospital. after the abortion the doctors without my knowledge, implement add metal iud in my uterus. when i learned of the procedure, i protested that i had a kidney disease and could not keep the iud but they completely ignored me. the doctors just gave the bill to my husband and told him to pay. while my husband argued with the doctors, i was recovering in the hospital bed. when i left the operating room, still weak i could not find my husband. i was told that he had been arrested. i collapsed crying from the physical toll of the two operations, and the emotional shock.
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an kind nurse tried to comfort me, but she was pushed away by man who also threatened to have me arrested by the police. i felt alone, sick, and weak. afterwards i learned that my husband had been sentenced to criminal detention without a trial for violating and obstructing the one-child policy. disturbing the normal operations of a hospital. and disturbing social peace. my husband was released 50 days later and i was in great pain from the metallic iud and weakness of the abortion and almost did not want to live. the rest of my husband deprived me of care of my family. my young son did not know what was happening and kept crying for his father. i did not know what to do and cop only hold my son. i cried with him. even now when i think of this,
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my heart throbs. those painful days of separation became the catalyst of my eventual failed marriage. my body suffered great damage from all the forced abortions. i grew afraid of family life with my husband. i tried to find excuses to refuse any intimate demands from my husband. i grew to hate him amp the iud was inserted, because i blamed my sufferings on his unwillingness to be surgically sturgellized after the fifth abortion iud insertion, it also gave an administrative warning and fined me six months' wages. afterwards high to go to the factory clinic every month to exam foss make certain that i had not privately taken out the iu duchlt or became pregnant. i carried kniss in my bole over 0 deck kate before i came to
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america. my husband accelerated the demise of our marriage. he was suspended from his job and censored and then lost his job in 1991. our family immediately sunk into financial difficulty. we argued frequently. i was laid off end of 1995 and still considered a reproductive age. the family planning commission of my neighborhood commission took up the job of monitoring me. in early 1997 i spent 40 days taking care of my terminally ill mother and missed a pregnancy check, agents from the family planning commission waited at my home to drag plea to the exam. when they pushed me to the ground, i felt and hurt my neck. what vertebrae. my spirit completely collapsed after this. i attempted suicide but it was stopped from my family from jumping ou


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