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tv   [untitled]    June 19, 2012 8:30pm-9:00pm EDT

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okay. that is kind of what people say in washington. here is what you want to know. if you are in the democratic party, if you don't think the same on about five or six or seven issues is the main stream of your party, you are as much out to lunch as a moderate republican would be and many people tef stify to that. people say to me, well isn't it true that 35% of democrats call themselves moderates and conservatives? that may well be the case. it is true that 37% of republicans call themselves moderates as well. let's assume there is a difference between people and the elected officials who are the voice for the party. there are plenty of moderate democrats left in the party in terms of people who identify
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with the party. when it comes to people who elected officials that number is low. >> i know that congressman jordon is here. so please say with us. i want to thank you for joining us. [ applause ] >> thank you. >> congressman jim jordan is somebody that we worked with very closely. we leads a group of house conservatives who are working to cut spending and prevent tax increases and solve the fiscal challenges that this country faces. you probably heard about his background as a wrestling champion in high school. he went onto wrestle in the ncaa
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and came to congress as a fiscal warrior and somebody who led the budget and spending task force for assuming this new role. he comes from the oversight committee we appreciate you making the time today to join us. thank you. >>. [ applause ] >> i tell every group don't clap, you haven't heard me talk yet. it is a great day and the sun is shining and davis has found jesus and come to the republican party. god bless you brother. not that we are right all the time. >> more than the other side. >> much more. and the american people are going to say so on election day. i will be brief and you can ask questions of both republicans up here. it is amazing this hearing we have done a series of hearings
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on our program and you talk about what awrong with government right now it is stuff like this. 26 companies, in the department, 26 different projects got your tax dollars, 22 of those 26, had a credit rating of double b minus which is a fancy way of saying junk. we've got e-mails from the ceo of brightsource sent and e-mail to jonathan silver at the department of energy enclosed in
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the e-mail was a draft letter from the chairman of the board. he had been in the news of late but this had nothing to do with that. a draft letter from john bryson to the white house chief of staff edit this letter we are thinking of sending to the white house chief of staff and talking about the loan. we have this type of stuff. we came from that. it underscores how critical this election is. we had a chance last november. and we had a chance to travel to israel. we were there the weeks that the
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they all said one thing. the best way for the united states of america to help our country is to stay strong. the truth is when the united states of america leads, the world is a better place. it is a scary world out there. watch the news anytime of the day. it is a better place when we lead the world. this is again what is as sftake in this election. you cannot lead if you first don't lead economically. this administration is doing everything wrong. it is difficult for us to lead in other ways. you run down the policies. tax, health care, every major policy area. how many think we need a new tax
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code? i get the same response. almost everyone raises their hands. everybody gets it. think about on the personal side any tax code that says we are going to allow 47% of the population not to participate in the tax code is broken. so if it is broken and stupid you might want to throw it out and start over. think about that. and regulatory, this is -- any business person you talk to will tell you, this regulation is killing us. energy policy, this loan guarantee program, this administration is done. the impact that it has had on coal and fossil fuels, you cannot be the leading economy in the world, if you don't have readily available energy at
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affordable costs. this administration failure to prove the keystone underscores how critical this issue s we are going to have to get back to a strong dollar. we are. who do you think the biggest purchaser of bills is? we are buying them ourselves? at some point we are going to have to get back to a strong dollar. and fiscal policy. and health care. a couple of numbers we have a debt bigger than our gdp. it is tough to be the leading economy in the world. people are still investing in ours and there is no guarantee that it has to continue. have you ever seen i shared this
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on the floor. have you seen the movie 1776? if you seen that show? it came out in 1976, it is an old show but there is a great scene in there, jefferson has drafted the declaration and they are marking it up. and it is a long process and it is driving adams crazy. he is fired up and they are going through this line by line. and someone says well, if we say it that way parliament may not like that. and someone said yeah, we might want to change this sentence and king george will look at this. we have to be concerned about deep sea fishing rights. he said it is a revolution dang it, we are going to have to offend somebody. the same thing applies to we are going broke. we have to change spending.
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every village, county, city, business, state, the only entity that doesn't get the message is the one that has a $16 trillion debt the federal government. we are going to have to do it. putting forth the plan that gets us to balance within a reasonable amount of time. it shouldn't be the budget that we are trying to propose. the quicker you get after fixing it, the easier it is to get it done. john and i spoke at an event in ohio a year ago. he said every third generation, those group of americans said we will start a place that is going to be different than any other
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nation in the world. three generations after them, they said we can get through it and win it and they were juck sa successful and now here we are and it is our turn. and i learned anything worth doing is never easy. it takes work, effort and sacrifice and it is the way that god made this place. i'm confident that we can do it again. so with that, we will take your questions, is that what we are supposed to do? i can sit down. okay.
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we had a post up this morning about a couple of e-mails that were sent from an energy department adviser. >> yes, that were marked as we have the department of ebb gy giving documents to the private sector people who are trying to get money. it is like the teacher saying to a couple of the students not the whole class hey, here are the answers for the exam. we are going to give this to you this is how you structure the
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thing that is you are saying. it is unbelievable that is going on in the united states of america. i think this issue with a couple of other things is involved in this campaign. it will be front and center in the next few months. >> american principles project. i'm delighted that you mentioned monetary reform as part of the five platforms. there were two major elements that took the stock market up from the platforms to 14,000 at it's peak. it was cutting tax rates and restoring the dollar. i'm pleased that representative brady has proposed a sound dollar act. are you one of them? >> i may be.
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>> check into it. okay. the republican party has a wonderful opportunity to move for a healthy dollar. glen hubbard is on record as calling for a rule based monetary policy rather than discretionary activism. we have had tax cuts and increases but we have had a sick dollar. i thank you for it. >> it is no secret what has to be done. you have to have a flatter tax code. you have to have a common sense energy policy and start scaling back. you don't have to balance right away but you have to turn the ship and get it heading in the right direction.
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you do those things and like you reference, we will take off. let the entrepreneur do what they have been doing for 200 years. our job is to create a structure that is conducive to job growth. i would argue that this administration is doing just the opposite. >> i think it is important that everybody in the room understands this. jim you touched on it. one of the big problems with the way the obama's administration economic team looks at domestic policy, they think there are two answers to everything under the sun. the first is to grow the economic footprint and the second is to -- i throw this out to you. we have a big problem right now with hunger among children.
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you have seen the specials on tv. more children are hungry right now. there are 28 government programs that deal with the problem of children who are facing hunger. how can you have 28 programs tackle i tackling a program and it is worse now than it has ever been and by the democrat's way of thinking the good guys are running things? if you care about the issue of poverty, 28 programs and the problem is worse than it has ever been. so, you know i was in congress with jim for a bit. and he is still there now god bless his soul. the big thing that you wrestle with in congress day in and day out is people on the other side is people that tell you who have
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to raise taxes and keep growing programs. >> i was in council several years ago and we are about to go into the process of subpoenaing for documents. we are going to have to rely on the justice department. my question is have we thought about going to the romney admi administration and to our friends in the senate and saying if we don't have the majority let's pass a law to enforce its own subpoenas so we don't have to rely on what could be a corrupt justice department. i haven't thought, the first time i thought about that is now. i talked to darrell and i
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appreciate the good work that darrell is doing on our committee. but that may be something that we want to explore. i should say now, i did have the opportunity to serve and i commend his courage and leadership on what he is doing. that is right on target and he was a pleasure to serve with. >> congressman if i could ask a question about obama care. my colleague wrote a paper yesterday about three provisions about it, the so called slacker provision for 26-year-olds. you have had some grumblings among republican ares saying that they might want to be
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preserving these. >> i hope the supreme court both gets rid of the mandate and throws out the whole law. if they don't, if they do, if he do the individual mandate and leave the rest in place then we should work to keep republicans in charge of the house and put a new person in the white house and give the senate back to the republicans then we should repeal all of obamacare and start the whole debate. focus on market solutions and it is really that basic. we want to empower moms and dads and individuals to make their health care decisions. the problem with it is the fact that this administration missed. americans don't like being told
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what to do. go back to the guys who started the place. they rebelled against the great heest country at the time. they wanted more. americans don't like people came here because in europe they said you have to practice your faith a certain way. and they said no we don't. we are going to go to america and do what we want to. congress said we are going to put 15 people in charge and put someone between you and your doctor and someone said no, you are not. we hate being told to do it so much most americans travel down the highway and see the sign say 55, most americans say that is the challenge. that is how we look at things. the government tells you this is how you are going to get your health care? you got to be kidding me. market structure, let individuals and the market help
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us get to the right. it will always be getter than big government. >> you know look, two quick points. one of them >> i read you from the guy who e-ma e-mailed me. one of the things the american people figured out way before most people in washington, d.c. figured it out. the american people figured out if you wriet a thousand-page bill that you cannot say with certainty how it's going to play on the lives of ordinary people. that is why according to the washington post and new york times of all places, a significant number of private employers are going to drop their plans all together or are going to have higher premiums for people. remember four years ago when m democrats said over and over this is going to help the 15%
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who don't have health insurance and the 85 -- remember when they said the 85 got it, nothing will change for you. so he will change it to nothing will change for you because of this plan, whatever that meant. the reality is because of the exchanges it sets up, because of the way those exchanges are administered, it will be easier for the average company that's trying to get by in a dire economy to get rid of its health snurnls for people. now think about that. how do you pass a plan that we're told is the most revolutionary thing for poor and sick people since 1965 and one of the big incentives is having companies walk away from health insurance. secondly, this is a bipartisan statement because both sides miss this issue. a very porn sense. neither democrats nor
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republicans spend enough time thinking about the constitutionality of what's going on. we were e we were arguing about money, we were arguing about structure and size, because that's important. very few folks in the congress were saying we need to step back and ask first principles do we even have the authority to do it. there's a wonderful lady running for congress named mia love who is going to make history out there if she wins. people ask her what is your philosophy of government. she says three things. is it staustainable? can we afford it? is it in my jurisdiction to do it? not enough congressmen think like that. even if it's sustainable, everyone even if you can afford it, which you can't with obama care. , do we have the authority to do
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it? if government can say to you uch to buy health insurance regardless of your family situation, regardless of what you choose, there is nothing in the consumer market that the government can can't help you with. >> you talked a lot about the d.o.e. i'm interested in this because i'm an energy analyst. and you republicans have been supporting these programs because if they benefit from these programs by having a company comet a and say this mo fell from the sky. so while the scandal and everything is interesting, how do we get to both democrats and republicans that this policy is misguided? >> that's the point. we should never have started down this road. but unfortunately, it's not just the energy program. it was tarp, it was auto-bail
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outs. never start down this road. we don't have the money. you can't do it. it's not only -- it's not sustainable. it's not pruktive. capital -- it actually hurts other green energy companies because they can't get private capital because it's got to have the stamp of approval from the government to get private dollars. it's just a battle across the board. that's why you have to stop it. it doesn't work. you've got to stop it. and we're trying to highlight all of that. >> congressman jordan, thank you so much for joining us. [ applause ] >> jenny is going to offer a few comments in just a moment. i wanted to make sure that we played for you a new video on the energy front. nick laurus actually traveled with johnny russel recently to
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interview some folks. so if we could cue that up. and johnny, did you want to say anything? >> yeah, just real quick. i think this video speaks for itsz. it really talks to the hope that exists when the government isn't stand ng the way of private markets and hard work. so wout furter adieu, we'll let you guys watch this. and please share it with your networks and tweet @ierenergy. thanks. ♪ >> where else in the country can you find a good-paying job? you have to work hard. they're not easy jobs.
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but you really can get caught up on paying off debts and starting over in life. >> this is the american way, you know. if you can still put your boots on, you go to work and do it. you provide. there's a lot of people doing just that. >> i'm from cooper beach, california and came up here with my daughter to open a restaurant. we saw the opportunity for both of us to come here and make something of it. that really, back in california, the opportunity wouldn't have been such. >> in the '90s, people didn't come back to cayoga. it's you graduate high school and get out of here as fast as you can. so many more young locals moving back to the area. because the opportunities are here. >> so many people have moved here in the recent past that we're just having a lot of construction going on. it's just that when you build homes for four people, six people come. >> i was listening to radio.
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they said if it was a baseball game, maybe the 1st inning, maybe going into the 2nd inning as far as the growth out here go e goes. >> i think it's all technology. they've always known the formation is there, they've just never been able to capture the oil from the formation. >> i've been in north dakota for 33 years. some people refer to this balkan as an oreo cookie. you have the shale sourcing, and that's the oil source. when you look at that rock, i mean, it is hard. it's dense. it's tight. but by drilling two miles sideways, that's the horizontal component, and then fraking this rock, which just means cracking it, you then draw the oil out of the entire system. >> the area that we worried the most about would be the federal
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government and regulations, specifically the environmental protection agency. we're concerned that the federal government would look at this and say, you know x we're really not sure. let's put a moratorium while we study it. that would be devastating. >> from a science standpoint u i know that we're safe. people ask me am i an environmentalist? my answer is yes. absolutely i am. i'm a farmer. i want good, safe drinking water here. i think that the country can learn by what north dakota has done. >> that's what i'm going to tell congress. you guys have to come see this. come and talk to the people. see what kind of people are here. see what made this country as great as it is. it's hard-working, blue collar people. not to say that we don't need politicians, but they're not what made this country great. it's the people on the ground. >> so we hope that communicates the process of fraking and the great things that are happening there.
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as johnny said, please, share it. it's on the foundry. we've been tweeting about it today. it's been great to work with i.d.r. on that project. concluding things today is our good friend jenny beck martin. she's somebody who's been involved and active in the tea party movement right from the start. first inspired by rick santell and shortly there afterorganized a rally in georgia and has really been a champion for the values that we care deeply about. i'll let jenny welcome her remarks. please welcome her pt [ applause ] >> thank you. >> okay, so while many in congress were not asking about the constitutionality of obama care, people around the country were. we have maintained that the law is unconstitutional. when we've seen from polling this year that 80% o


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