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tv   Wisconsin State Capitol  CSPAN  November 16, 2014 3:09pm-3:21pm EST

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elected official who could be such a maverick. he not only went after the opposite party, but people in his own party hated him. lbj hated proxmire. when he thought about running for president at one point, he quickly learned he couldn't raise the money. that is because he took his orders from his conscience, not from people who have the money or marketing consultants. it is hard for me to a mallet -- to imagine any career politician being able to do that today. >> i suppose i want people to hard,er that i worked that i did what i thought was right, i followed my own conscience, and i helped some, i terribleprevent the holocaust of nuclear war. >> all weekend long, american history tv is joining our charger cable partners to
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showcase the history of madison, wisconsin. to learn more about the cities on our 2014 tour, visit we continue with our look at the history of madison, wisconsin. this is american history tv on c-span3. ♪ ♪ >> welcome to wisconsin's state capital. we're standing in the rotunda of the building. a this is the public area of the capital. this is where we have our parties and presentations. when you walk up, you will see a white stone building.
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that is stone we got from vermont. stone from all over the world. eight different states. only a little bit of the stone is actually from wisconsin. a great big dome also covered with granite. we have the only state capital to completely cover the exterior in granite. we have a statue up on top. we call her "wisconsin." on top of her helmet is a badger. we have "wisconsin" facing towards the nation's capital. she weighs over 6000 pounds. then we gave for that nice gold coat. as you look behind me, it says "legislation." artists created each of these mosaics with 100,000 pieces of colored glass. they represent the three branches of government. legislation for the legislative branch, justice for the judicial branch, government for the
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executive branch. ,bove us, it says liberty representing all of us that live here. stones from around the world on display right here. all of the patterned marble is from italy. all of the cream-colored marble is from france. this green stone is marble from greece. the red trim is actually marble from algeria. the building was designed by george post, an artist out of new york. a lot of the subcontractors and was controlled out of new york. we have a more global look at our state capital than most of the other state capitals you will see. wisconsin goes back to 1836. at that time, wisconsin was part of michigan. michigan wanted to be its own state. we called ourselves wisconsin. that's an indian word that means the gapping of waters. in wisconsin, we have gathered
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over 15,000 lakes. we sent our paperwork to washington, d.c., they approved us to be a new territory, and the president appointed henry dodge to be our first leader. esther dodge moved to wisconsin a few years earlier. get richo wisconsin to because we found lead in our hills 60 miles from here. all kinds of minors can't wisconsin. s came to wisconsin. everybody said, they live like badgers. that is how we got the nickname the badger state. nothing to do with the animal itself. outside the office of the governor, we have a badger. he worked on a battleship called the uss wisconsin. from about 1900-1920, he got for sale all over the world. as the sailors left the port,
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they would rub his nose for good luck. we invite everybody who visits the capital to rub his nose. i am darned near the luckiest guy in the world. he's working for me. we are now in the governor's conference room. this is the public office for the governor. scott walker's private office is behind this room. when he meets with a group of people, he meets them in this room. the room is copied from a palace in venice, italy. this is the most ornate room in the capital. there's more gold in this room than any other room in the capital. architecturally, we want to the capital to look like it was when it was first built. we also needed new infrastructure. computer stuff, even central air-conditioning. spent $160002, we million to fix it up. all of the wood furniture you
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see is original. all of the artwork is over 100 years old, part of the conservation progress of renovating the capital. the murals in this room are unique. over here is the first european to come to wisconsin. his name was jean nicollet. he was from france looking for a new route to china. he came up through the great lakes and couldn't get any closer than green bay. he fired his pistons in the air and scared the dickens of the of the winnebagos. the indians thought the guns were thunder sticks. the gentleman on my left is the first weatherman in the country. his name is increase allen left him. he started predicting the weather back in the 1870's. all of that weather technology starts right here in madison. in the 1870's, he knew somebody 60 miles west of here, and he
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would tell them when they would ask, what is the weather look like? he realizes most of our weather comes from the west. dress. a lady in a brown that is cordelia harvey. she was the wife of the governor during the civil war. the person in the center is called unity. in those days, the women from your state would make bandages and medical supplies. governor, tooke a load of military supplies to a tennessee military hospital. he drowned in the river. his wife decided she wanted to take up his cause. she got on the train and talk to abraham lincoln. she got a piece of paper. it says, wisconsin, you can build three military hospitals in the state of wisconsin. this was brand-new military thinking. in the civil war, you wanted your military hospital close to the battlefield so when you are
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better, you were there to fight. the idea you go from tennessee to wisconsin and return to fight, not very good. cordelia convinced a blink and that the soldiers from wisconsin would do that. wisconsin was the first state to be able to take care of their own civil war wounded soldiers. this is the highest court in the state of wisconsin. we have seven justices serving the supreme court, elected for 10-year terms. for women and three men served as justices. this is an appeals court. it's their job to interpret the laws that are passed in the other wings of the capital. somebody may challenge a law in madison, and we will take it to our court first. but he will say, why don't we appeal it to the supreme court? this is the only court in wisconsin that chooses which cases they want to see. they get over 1000 requests are year. the only pick out about 100 of them. 10 cases a year for 10 months.
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the murals are moments of history. behind me, it says the signing of the u.s. constitution. independence hall, philadelphia. do you recognize anybody? the guy sitting behind the desk with the george washington. there are three guys on his side. the chevy guy, that is ben franklin. the gentleman with the raincoat is james madison. he's considered the author of the constitution. he ended up becoming the fourth president of the united states. named our city after james madison, the president. we have a judge sitting in the chair. -- the monogamy tribe supposedly killed a member of the pawnee tribe. look good at all for oshkosh. he said, wait a minute. i don't have power over oshkosh. he comes from the indian nation.
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he said they had already settled their dispute under indian law. he said, oshkosh, you are a free man. you committed no crime against the united states. inve the door is the word latin for "law." this is kind of unique to wisconsin that we have everything to do with legislature in the same building . we are now in the assembly. this is part of the legislature. we have two rooms, the senate and the assembly. 5,700,000 people live in wisconsin. we divided our state into 99 districts by population. we have 99 representatives, all elected to two years, all elected at the same time. once you are all in the room, the elected political leader has the big chair in the front. that leader is called the speaker, and the speaker takes care of all the political
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issues. they decide when they are going to meet, what they're going to talk about, who the chairman of the committees will be. the mere are in front of you is calling wisconsin's past, present, and future. was smart enough to show us a photocopy of this before he shifted to us. we got our copy instead, good story. how would we know it is wisconsin? artist we wouldn't accept it until he put a badger in it. you see the better next to the american flag. 80 years later, we hired an artist to clean up this art. they used a 20,000 q-tips as they wiped off 80 years of dirt and grime. war soldiercivil that needed to be repainted. priest. a french on top


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