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tv   Q A  CSPAN  January 3, 2015 2:55pm-3:01pm EST

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a bit more hair. >> ok, ok. >> patella no. -- that's all i know. [applause] wonderful, great. thank you. [applause] >> thank you. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2014] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> this week and we partnered with time warner cable for a visit to austin, texas. >> we are in the private suite of linden and lady bird johnson. this was the private quarters for the president and first lady. this is not part of it to her that is offered to the public.
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-- of a tour that is open to the public. you are seeing it because of c-span's special access. vips coming to the space as they did in lyndon johnson say, it is not open to visitors daily basis. the remarkable thing about this basis it is a living breathing artifact. it hasn't changed at all since president johnson died. there's a document in the corner of this room signed by, among others, then archivist of the united states, and lady bird johnson telling my predecessors myself, and my successors that nothing in this room can change. >> we are here at the 100 block of congress avenue in austin. to my left, is the colorado river. this is an important site, because this is where waterloo austin's predecessor was.
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it was for five cabins, occupied by families. i'm standing at the spot where the cabin was. this is where they were staying when they got wind of a big buffalo herd. lamarr and the other men jumped on their horses. congress avenue was a muddy ravine that led to the north. the men galloped on their horses, stuff to their belts full of pistols, and rode into the midst of this herd of buffalo, firing and shouting. lamarr, at what became a thin congress, shot this enormous buffalo. from there, he went to the top of the hill where the capital is, and he told everyone that this should be the seat of the future empire. >> watch all of our events from austin throughout the day on c-span twos book tv. and sunday afternoon on c-span3.
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>> each weeks american history tv's "reelamerica" brings you stories that help tell the story of the 21st century. >> 1 million peasants jam the square before cuba's -- before -- in response to the call of fidel castro before the sixth anniversary. it is perhaps the greatest mass rally ever staged in the western hemisphere. a telling demonstration of castro's sway. showing another aspect of his character, the unpredictable castro dons a baseball uniform to pitch a full inning and a benefit game for his agrarian land reform fund. his new president tosses the first ball and the game is on. castro pitching is credited with striking out the team. that is one game where the ump has to be careful. viva fidel.
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for many cubans, the years before 1959 were hard. the peasants barely owned the land they worked so hard to till. for the urban masses, life in city slums was depressing. filth and disease flourished but most of these poor cubans suffered their life almost as if they were unaware there was another way to live. when fidel castro is ready to come out, his support is based not on the poor but on the middle class. ironically, it is the knowledgeable who form the advance army of the revolution. but when the pied seeks to broaden the support for bread and peace, the poor are there to listen. many believe, few doubt the revolution is a success.
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castro's brother raul is a self proclaimed communist. his close associate, che guevara, has participated in an unsuccessful revolution in guatemala. in the enthusiasm of the revolution, few cubans believe that fidel castro will ever turn communist. at first, he promises free at first, he promises free elections. he knowledge is the traditional rights of citizens and the established institutions of government, but the elections never take place and the government quickly becomes an instrument of coercion. the takeover is a success. >> president franklin roosevelt called


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