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tv   1937 Federal Works Agency Film We Work Again  CSPAN  January 10, 2015 9:08pm-9:11pm EST

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myth. thank you for this. i appreciate it. have a good day. we are done. thanks guys. >> join us each saturday evening at 8:00 and midnight eastern for classroom lectures from across the country on different topics and er of american historyas. lectures are also available as podcasts. >> each week, american history tv's "reel america" brings you archival films that help to the story of the 20th century. >> ♪
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>> only a few years ago, we were a discouraged people because we were the first to lose our jobs when old man depression came along and the last get them back. we struggled vainly to regain our bearings while depression and failure stopped the nation. 1/10 of the population of the united states, one out of every four bus was on relief. in vain, with -- we sought for something to restore our courage. without money, we could not purchase food for the hungry mouths at home. our only hope lay in charity. hunger drove our people to the bread lines. anxiously, we waited for some sign of better days. then came the federal government's work program. one by one, it too us out of the breadline and gave us a chancek. it made a self-supporting. it changed the hopeless faces of the bread line interfaces filled with hope and happiness for now we work again.
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>> ♪ >> unskilled laborers, the forgotten man of past generations, now works deadly of decent wages. they are building and repairing schools, public buildings, community centers, and airports to meet the changing needs of our modern world. >> the 1915 world's fair officially known as the panama-pacific international exposition was held a century ago in san francisco. the fair was a solid ration -- celebration of the panama canal completion anyway for the city to showcase his recovery from the deadly earthquake. laura ackley discusses the fair an


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