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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  January 12, 2015 9:00pm-11:01pm EST

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and general/presidentize hour. awe f34áuhr think weg]ñ have a sliegtsly different view. and i'll speak for jerry for just a second because i'm allowed to right now. i think jerry really respectedsi4kw president eisenhower because of this view that he economized.u?hçk as he looked at the -- what we were spending inp &% military and he achiefed economies, more bang for the buck and i think he'd like to see us do that. and we'd all like to see thamhx what i saw from eisenhower was prioritization.q@ñ the u.s. air force got 49% of the defense budget in 1958, 47%. he prioritized. all right.c i'd like to see some of that prioritization go on today. and that's an argument i'd love to have.
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jerry talksh going to talk about it. eisenhower's contribution was they can move the media in the direction that the country needed for its security requirements.#z ñ i'd like to see that happen now8,[iìáhp &hc% as the debate happens in a heads up atmosphere of integrity. >> i'd like to open for questions from the audience.vuckyñx÷"kdi >> jerry bryant. great conversation there. jerry, you made somàgy good arguments about cost. i can get this many ohio replacements for this many 1-4 class, this many dmgs.
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it's great from a cost perspective. but what do you really think of, okay how many ohio replacement ssgns are really going to need to fly the same capableties, right.zh&épáw 0 have you really looked at capableties? >> take two points here. one is about the delivery of ordinance.v?qxítfn[ p
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the number actually dropped. it was based on repurchase rates on how much we were spending to rebuy back ordinance into the inventory. when wesbár talked about buying back, and that took into account everything, from missiles to bombs et cetera. b so far is what you buy back is a skrilt kal question. the cno went up and testified beíp we 9)i÷ going to=1z fulfill all the demands, wejwñ needed a navy that
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was 450 ships.oivan(;,xlsiñu we haven't seen 400 since '92. so if we have t?t,,4 get going and we have to live withyc)lñ our coste%cñ constraints, then we haveuo2á to find trade-offs that allow us to get plat forms. why do wexqt need 4507
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need..e5 if we did trade-offs quiet frankly, we build two a year./éy]w if we built one2 took(yzvt remainder of the ma]dy2.2 billion for berth, we could buy additional ships at the lower end. and tlen what we also have to find is a way of getting us to those higher numbers in the fleet to uphold american interests.@ñ1qç there's not a whether or not he will lot to bomb in afghanistan. i read the papers. great power dynamics, great
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power conflicts. it's back iç$#q ews.> i agree.dyfx we've entered a time of year where one bomb, one target, that's great. 3=j stillw;va matters. i'm concerned about our industrial basis to produce that mass. we're going to have to use precision weapons, but there are a lot of targets. we need a lot more weapons. we -- on the ships we're going to have to have places to store them. this is one of the greatvkg/=h trade-offs between an t9fv÷amphib -- a big deck aircraft carrier. an aircraft carrier has 23 times the amount of magazine space.
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it's something we were atempting to do when we launch air kraft. you go up and have to be on the station and come back. so we made a decision in the midst of this that we were going to invest in a capability that was going to increase our sorting capacity within the fleet by 33%. going from about 120 to 160 a day. we paid almost twice as much for the aircraft carrier to get the 33% increase in capability. = hat did we see when we had the launch of range? southerlity rates of around 40 missionings per day.;f if we look at what we would need in anti-access by the time that
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trat, come back, the air wing is not going to fly that many missions. so why did we pay the premium for that 2úñ ity e think that there's some math you have to look at going forward. >> eric sanders congressman randy forbes. i assume we're talkin;!=d in peacetime to ensure as lye walks at. i'm curiousíhb/y putting aside the[ september of ssgn. what rule does that have in a crisis. when it's inherently supposed to not bei.7f seen by allies or not to c&z assure or be seen by ozyttr(t&háhp &hc% competitors. it's stealthy. it's underwater. we don't know it's there.
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what role could it play as a replacement to a strike asse> that was for me? so, again, it comes back to this value that we assign to presence. we didn't spend the amount of money that we spent to buy peacetime asset. we bought a wartime asset. we take that and we set that aside. but in taegs e peacetime, iúd &háhp &hc% these things. and, in fact, i use them a lot.7k&7çmh62d2a
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you know, i was watching my daughters are watching nav gee owe or this all of the time. no one watches the higs ri channel at my house. so they -- tlfgs a thing on about the grizzly bear. and the moderator made the point that the most dangerous avoided animal in the woods is the baby grizzly bear. everybody other animal in the woods will avoid the baby grizzly bear because they don't know where the mother is. we have lots of other combat tantds in the navy. the ssgn and the threat that it brings can be the mother bear. right now, the mother bear is served by the carrier.
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but we can transition that/mz deterrent flet, conventional or nuclear, two other platforms and make sure that everyone understands that if you harass or molest that platform you have 20 deal with somebody else behind it.ti)) there are other capableties that can be braugts to bear. >> whatever the wait, no other platform has as much weight across the spectrum of presence or deterrence. some have great war value. ssn,specifically. great war value.,mñ& the aircraft carrier, a lot. >> in your remarks you mention ds -- or believe that the problem is the carrier. but i actually have that back wards.
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if the air wing isk8 the weapons system of the carrier then we were are about to see what we can hypothesize in nature of the air wing and a potential to create new -- a new kind of area. my question is, given a new kind of airway, whabt from q all the way up from the power plant to the placement of the bridge to everything that makes the supercarrier a supercarrier. can you justify this? and might we not radically rethink the aircraft carrier. >> that's a great question. as to the deep technical aspects, again, history major. but i can tell you that the
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demonstrated ability of that platform to evolve, to accept the evolution of the airway, the design that went into ford specifically to give it0%r the ability to bring on new generations of aircraft, unmanned aircraft, heavier aircraft. it's electromagnetic launching system is all about generating variable loads to be able to shoot a lot of difp'kár-e aircraft, but especially heavier aircraft. the demonstrated history of the platform, i can give you the evidence that we have before us. the evidence that we have before us is that the platform has accepted aircraft designed to fly off of it.
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if you want to design an aircraft that needs a 5,o e 0 0 foot runway to take off and is too brit m for a cat tn9 aircraft carrier is not the right platform. as for the$zp class platform to accept new generation of unmanned carrier-launched airborne strike and surveillance vehicles i recall respectedive of how they come out, i think the easy answer is if you design -- if you come into the comp e competition with an option that can't bevz[lí shot off the floor, you won't win. you're dead on arrival. >> we've got time for two more su singt questions and two more succinct ablss. >> i'm honored to count both
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debaters of my friends and colleagues of mine. and i congratulate both of them. i guess my questions go to jerry. it strikes me thatu7s+x you discount what can be done by exception. and i don't want to go there. what i do want to probe at just a bit is the cost issue that you raise. and it seems that rather than the carrier you would default to a submerged strike capability. it's probably why the u.s. navy has decided not to go forward with the replacements for the ohio ssgn.
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because of coast, probably. so why would you want to do that in a submerged plat form rather than a surface platform. and i'm not talking now about necessarily a supercarrier. but there are other -- there are other surface assets in which one could place strike assets. can driblt those across a wide range. and probably get vulnerability. if you're not going to put strike assets, if you're not going to emphasize a carrier for your strike platform why would e would you want to submerge it? >> i'll try to give you a su sint answer. i use the ssgn because it's the most prominent kparm of strike
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platforms that we currently see. there's actually a range of capenties. there are unmanned capableties that we look at that operate in the near sur sas e false region that could be purchased at a lower cost. and then there are the submerge capableties. the reason why i look in that environment is because we have a clear, strategic, technological advantage in that, both in capability to build as well as capability to be quiet and stealth. and 245's what we need to make our investments survivable. >> i'm a held kopter pie lot, so i actually have very little skin in this fight.i:zb but i think a very good point has been made. you've placed a lot of em fa sisz on the ssgn and surface
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assets using data missiles whether they're tomahawks or whatever we have in the future.:< >> could you suggest some limb tagszs? >> hitting a moving target. any air kraft to assess to be directed by someone on the ground. the basis of tactical support. >> so we began to do target recognition capableties back in the 1980s that looked at both mobile and unmobile platforms. there's also off-board capableties. i know there's concerns about whether the communications link can be rwpinteryou wanted and they're also looking at line ofsighted capableties and back and forth. so the fact of the matter is that the united states has
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demonstrated in an era of innovation that it can come off with the technological solution to solve these types of problems. and they're already hard at work in that indis ri. >> i want to once again thank captain henderson and to our audience, for participating in what i hope to be the first of many future debates. i'd like to end with a final thought. i think it would be prudent for me as a historian to predict the future in the past. what we do is use the past to explain the present. but history can be a meaningful way to understand where we are today. any one in the audience who's convinced that the aircraft carrier is either here to stay or is trending towards obama sles e sles sense may be right. like you say, we're stories, not fortune tellers.
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but history complicates the issue. 200 years ago, the center piece of the united states navy was a u.s. s. constitution. built to fight a war at sea. one hundred years later, the $ brooklyn navy yard in the u.s.s. new mexico.t3$rz yet, within three decades, essex and independent fast carriers have become the nucleus of the central pacific campaign. their new collar powered descendents provide the president a wide array of operational capableties. the navy has understood the cost. consequently, proven pretty agile to a changing threat spectrum. and that's the key. it's not the lifeless plat form that determines its utility.
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but the navy's ability to adapt it to changing circumstances. or to move in a new direction. the point is the more we think about what we do and what tools we need there's no time like the present to start thinking. thank you and have a good evening. [ applause ]ç2'f
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>> we have drugs right now that when given to hiv-infected people, i can show you the die
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kotmy, in the early '80s, if someone came into my clinic with aids the median survival would be 6-8 months. that means half of them would be dead in eight months. now, if tomorrow, when i go back to rounds on friday. and someone comes into the clinic who's on the combination of three drugs the cocktail of highly active retroviral antitherapy. i can actively predict and say we can do mathematical modelling to say if you take your medicine regularly, you could live an additional 50, 5-0 years. so to go from knowing 50% of the people are going to die to knowing that if you take your medicines, you could live essentially, a normal life span. just a little bit a few years less, that's a huge advance. >> the national stut of allergy and infectious diseases, sunday
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night at 8:00 eastern and pacific. on cspan's q&a. >> u.n. secretary general recently laid out the u.n.'s priorities in the new year. he also took questions from reporters and a news conference that followed his remarks. this is 40 minutes. >> acting president of the assembly, it's a great pleasure to see you today. i will give you my best wishes for happy new year. i wish you your family your country,g%ow continued peace and prosperity this year and beyond. i want to talk to you about the
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year of opportunity on hand. with vision and solidarity we can make this year a turning point with ensuring dig thatty for all. 2015 can and must be the time for the nation. let me start with a brief look back at the difficult year that just passed. the year 20 14e pushed our response capacityies to the limb it. more than 100ó needed assistance.wruí
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>> tested the wars in the face of disease. joining a visit to west africa last month, i saw the heroic work being done by ebola responders. i thanked all 2 governments, ngos and others that have provided support to people in need. let us recognize two important
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advances. first, the member state produced the foundations of an inspired development agenda including a proposal of sustainable development goals. a road to dignity by 2030. and i'm offering my support for this world and some for the road ahead. >> and the recent pronouncement by the european union aimed at reducing the risks of climate change. as you look ahead 2015 it's a chance for major advances across a three inter-connected
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development, peace and human rights. let me take down each in turn. the first sustainable development. first would be deduction of due framework for development. the a agenda we are working towards is universal. reaching the marginalized and investing in children and people.
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it is to be supported by a global partnership, descendents technology and caps allfe)xr sources of financing, public private, domestic and international.i tooé&xq( reinforce this agenda, six essential elements which can help r?")rure that the vision expressed by member states is communicated to the global public and is achieved at the country level. remains in parliament including section and reproductive health and with productive rights are central to all hopes. it remains unimperative.
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this year the 20th anniversary of the beijing platform for action. and we must continue to push for full implementation. we can also make important progress for the produce of situated councils landmark resolution 1325 on women, peace and security. i welcome the decision to kmem rate the 20th anniversary of the world program of action for youth continues his efforts to bring the voices of young people into our world.nda÷
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>> translator: kplensz sills, ladies and gentlemen programs for development are inseparable from climate change. we must notx u be forced into a false choice in the environment. everywhere in the world countries, sit sens cities individuals and ceos, are taking action and climate change because theyh>x recognize opportunities including public health and sustainable growth. i urge all governments to come forward. i would like to remind all member states and lima you have
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agree ed agreed to submit your nationally determined contributions during the first quarter of 2015. i also urge developed countries to clearly articulate pathways for the achievement of the goal of $100 billion per year and climate financing and too make good on their pledges to the green climate fund.8"ñpm i also look to all of you for scaled action on the ground that builds on the good work and parter in ships announced at last september's climate summit.
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the development road map in the year ahead has four crucial stops. first, that the world conference on disaster reduction which will be held in march in japan we will be able to set a course forward towards greater resilience. second in july, we will bes ' able to agree on public financing and crucial for growth and for the desired development agenda. third, in september, here in new york we can adopt a bold new and integrated agenda.
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fourth, in december, in paris we can ensure a meaningful, ambitious and universal climate change greechlt.n[@ruaef at each of these essential defining statements, we must keep our ambition high to end poverty, tackle inequality and turn the climate challenge into an opportunity. >> the outbreak of ebola in west africa has been a human tragedy. and the setback for development in the hardest hit countries and has high lighted a need for global individual lens and solidarity.u(ox
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i think the general assembly for the u.n. mission for ebola and emergency responses. the affected countries are beginning to see some problems thanks to their own modernization and global support.9;bgq we hope they will be decliered ebola-free this i have else specially declared workers from many african countries. and other parts of the world. but, kplen len sills, we are still short of people and resources. we must also prepare for any possible epidemic where ever we
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may be strengthening national health systems is a priority. in their regard i support the world health organization to begin work on the way. college sills, let me now turn to peace and security. advance program was a major achievement in 2014. i thank the member states for their support, including key technical capacities. we must continue to provide
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humanitarianç,rñ assistance to affected people in our side of the country. we also face a longest of hot spots. and the eastern democratic republic of the congo. violence in yemen is growing.j( i'm concerned about fighting in other parts of sudan.i the transitionn& ! strong support.
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in several countries constitutional amendments seem prolonged instead of strengthening democracy and thus risk provoking violent country. we must not resign ourselves to any further worsening of the con fliblgts between israelis and palestinians. i urge all the sides to ease the situation in gaza and the west bang. and move away from confrontation and to waerds a negotiated settlement. the presence of thousands of foreign terrorists fighters in syria and in iraq has add eded a volatile dimension to those crises.ñ
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we have seen carnage in yemen as well as dispickble attack against the french regime charlie hebdo. extremism cannot ben] limited to military aex. important as it is. there is also need to greater tension to organized crime. this year's crime -- this year's
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crime congress in return can help strengthen criminal justice systems for this war.: kplen sills my heart aches at the thought of the suffering of the girls and boys by the brutal extremist of groups. i would like to make a experience appearance to those involved. it is in your power to end these acts and to save lives. as a general and as a father and as a grandfather, i appear for theeqf"t unity and unconditional lease of all abductees so that they can return to their families and resume their lives.
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i amgs appear to fully observe human rights. we have seen time and again that this is recross-suiting ajebt for terrorists.axñ >> translator: ladies and gentlemen, neither peace nor security are possible in a world which is flooded with easily-available weapons. i con gratulate countries of the arm's treaty has enabled this landmark instrument to come into force so quickly. i urge other countries and
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especially the world's leading arm's traders to follow suit. the nuclear powers continue to squander vast sums to modernize their arsenals.pq97ñ instead of eliminating them.dé6#n the npt review conference will be an opportunity for us to rededicate ourselves. @8=
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? so many places, the governments are exhibiting a callous disregard for the geneva conventions. we saw the dlib rat and diabolical sol gent e vent. facilities have had a devil stating impact. this marks teny years since you have endorszed member states to protect. a full range of issues and concerns. yet, in too many crises the community does not act ont
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warning with responses.÷ my next all right is one more weekend to operationalize the responsibility to protect and 8xc; reclaim the people-centered course and make the endorsement of the principle possible in the first place. i laumpbled a human rights up front initiative which aims to ensure the united nations act earlier, more effectively and as one to prevent atroszties. as a secretary and wider u.n. system embraced this approach, i urge member states to support this initiative and take similar
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steps including by making better use of u.n. bod e bodies. i tried my deep concern in several countries. let us take inspiration from last month called by the general assembly for a global moratorium on executions and move decisively toward the death penalty.[:tht let me also make aú8 appearance i'm tro5 ej" by the rise of political parties that target vulnerable groups for the nation and abuse.xxprñ i'm horrified byrun the unscrupulous actions ofj
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smugglers for subject or silence with refugees to abuse and even abandoning them to die at sea. let us strengtsen our shared response to this growing challenge. i ensure that everyone enjoys the right to a nationality. for people of african decent. over the years, the war has failed to fully recognize the legacy of colonialism and the slave trade and discrimination. still faced by people of african decent.e,v an important part of this observance will be the unvailing
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and to the transalantic slave trade. i hope you've sparked efforts to end the form 06 slavery and expectedation that affect millions of people today™2f from development to rights, united nations must ever warn pitfall moreovers. a u.n. development system including the agencies and programs at regional commissionings is a fully supporting effort. to shape and implement a new agenda. i'll also be appointing level to grow the gap between
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humanitarian needs and sources. this effort will also help with preparations for next yore's humanitarian summit in istanbul. we continue to engage in efforts to modernize secretary yat including the launch next year of the new mobility. i thank member states< zp supporting the completion of the master plan and our efforts to move towards the u.n. buildings around the world. kplen lent4 ç sills, ladies and gentlemen, at the same time as a second general, i must express my deep concern that the general assembly was unable to agree on many important manageable issues in d#d8hber. i trusted that u.n. resort and give you your working methods when your discussions resume in march.tunñ
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we need your support to meet the enormous challenges before us. i would like to stress the importance of my proposal which was made three years ago in iéó @r(t&háhp &hc% 2012, so it was three years ago. for a new approach to parter in ships. u this is a curable enabler. for the progress that you, yourselves, have said you want.tvy parter in ships with a private sector and others have accelerated exponent shlly.q1#r many are making to walk with us.f÷ but dead kated partnership facility would allow us to see this great potential while providing the necessaryikç coherence, oversielgts andg.x accountability. my senioruczu advisors and i understand your concerns and have answered all of your
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questions. i, again urge youdk)" to give the hand in march so that we are ready with the sustainableóoñ÷÷ urge you to temper.&@ñ finally the united nations serving the worlds of people is one that is always scanning the horizon for emerging challenges. cyber security is one such issue. cyber crime is a threat we ignore at our]whs peril, future catastrophe key
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crisis upon us to forge a response.[;f own internal safeguards. as we do so we must our commitment to foster open secure and trustworthy internet. as more of our lives move online, so too must our norms and principles. when i'm president by the end of this year, our organization will be enrichd with a new vision for development, new ideas for the main tentqgu enters of peace and security, human rights and stronger united nations to help bring it all to
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life. this is what we must do. this is our moral and,&ñ political responsibility. if÷áfj we must, we 0;xcan. if we can, we must. we commemorate the charter from san francisco to thea3hxx present day. we have a huge responsibility before us but also a year of opportunity. your support and guidance aren,ñ inexpensible. global responsibility is indwisible. excellencies let us work together to make this year çh 2015 a time for global action. i count on your leadership.nrvqv thank you very much. merci. [ applause ]
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>> again great pleasure again at the start of this new year for this first. as you may have already heard i)#piñ had a brief assembly of the year or so ahead. let me just reiterate three points. first, 2015 is a year of historic popularity and last one that can take steps to avoid the worst impact on climate change. with agenda, sustainable development goals and climate change agreement, we can set the
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world on course for a better future. this must be a time for global action. future generations judge us harshly if we fail tod obligation. second, with more people displaced and in need than at any time in decades.]q theqtmo÷ lessons for the future. whether it is a disease or a country or human rights abuses, the international community needs]f?; to act all year, focus on prevention and get at the root causes before events gety23#g out of control. that leads me to my third point. i want to make a special appeal
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for tolerance and÷ in far too many places we have seen acts of terrorism, %ff÷ extremism, unspeakable brutality and deeply worrying escalation of tensions betweenu-v communities and within societies. addressing this court in a manner th!- multiplies, the greatest test our human family faces in the 21st3ehç century. all of us were deeply moved from the many images of yesterday's despicable attack in paris. perhaps none wasl as horrifying of that french policeman
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ruthlessly executed on a sidewalk. we now know that 6wçpoliceman's name. ahmed maribet. he, himself, was a muslim. this is yet another reminder of what we are facing together. it should never be seen as a war of religion for religion or unreligion. it is an assault on our commonx humanity designed to terrify and snoo incite. giving in to hatredh í and division only guarantees precisely what terrorists seek. wegcn y must not fall into that trap. we need to find a way to live together ino)úpeace, in harmony
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in full respect of universal human rights and fundamental freedoms. freedoms. >> ladies and gentlemen, we face another grave test as ni gechlt ria readies.k]cñ bakra haram has continued its violence kidnapping even more women and children and destroying churches and mosques. mayhem has spread across the region and isj directabudr impact on other countries. i urge boka haram's leaders to end the discussion of so many lives and communities and immediately and unconditional lyly release the school girls anddzx boys and all others. we cannot let the human rightsñí
9:58 pm
abuses continue. as a father and grandfather i'll continue toi5+u actively explore what member state what more could be done. thank you for your attention.!ds÷ >> you?k talked about the event in paris. at the general;1 assembly against the formation of religion. do you think that such a legislation helps or hurts the atmosphere that,!>ao÷ youo3fjb know -- that that magazine was defaming religions? >> defamation of any religion or
9:59 pm
belief is not acceptable. taking any measures against the freedom of expression, that is another matter. therefore, i would welcome the the -- what kind of measures they should take to promote thew#ubsi more toll rains. that we have beenìi making -- unfortunately, we have not been able to promote 0b(!ñmuch-needed tolerance and mutual diealogue. but at the sames) d time.
10:00 pm
going to promote and protect freedom of expression. >> thanks a lot. >> you just mentioned impugnnityimpunity. in order to get access again in darfur where there were 200 rapes and -- and in your speech you said you were dissatisfied with the general assembly not acting on management issues. i wanted to know if that means lgbt or same-sex benefits for u.n. staff. what would you have the assembly do? >> as question, as you know. this report might not have been sufficient because of lack of full cooperation of the authorities on theçlzc ground. that has really hampered the authorities to go into the fields and get thorough
10:01 pm
investigation. it is important that we have to have a q thorough investigation and, as a matter of principal there should be no -- there ltdk =u1 be clear accountability, process and justice. and i am about this matter and we will in the course of time, then have a better understand --ju1 information on this matter. and on this(oh lgbt52mz i have made my position clear. this is an issue of dignity and there should be no discrimination whatsoever for any staff, any people on the base of religion or w.belief. this is a"i# fundamental principle of human rights and that is why on the basis of that, i have úe
10:02 pm
taken some administrative measures to allow the same and equal treatment for the staff for who are having that sexual orientations and this is i think,f2a >> some countries, they are0< calling to punish the mq%9%9"uz join the icc. do you think these calls wil help the palestinian and israeli cause? and q8s0u"ájjz that the security co scñ it's about time for him to stepl strong step regarding the palestinian estate? >> the palestinian -- state of palestinians was accorded to aspire the general assembly. and in accordance with their status they have taken their
10:03 pm
own decision to exit international agreement and conventions and treat ease. that is, if they're right and to understand that they have taken( actions.&=r4÷h1ñpñ and many treatments.( this process and peace process is a separate one. peace process is much more important one and it is simple,w3dtx that the parties concernedv@i create the favorable and most feared, whether it is political social whatever it may be
10:04 pm
conducive to the smooth progress?>34ñ of peace talks. that, i've been urging bothfis sides, palestinians and> israeli authoritiesny$>÷ to fully cooperate and sit down together and issues. root causes of the issues. otherwise if they continue this way, there is no guarantee that we will notá&l havedn any other tragic confrontation as we have been experiencing to general and six years.p- again, i'm urging two parties to address all the pending issue 8"0 for dialogue. and united nations and secretary general, i will spare no efforts. >> thank you very much. >> we have to go. >> thank you.
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>> there was a rally held in france this weekend aswçf.x a show of unity in response to the attack. an estimated 3.7 million people took part,]@f including more than 40 world leaders. however, a senior u.s. official was not present at the event. white house press secretary josh earnest took questions about that at monday's briefingw1"x with reporters. reporters. >> on the topic du jour, why didn't vice president biden president obama or attorney general eric holder attend the rally? >> i think people across the country and even across the globe wask!> a remarkable display of unity by the french people in the face of these terrible terror attacks.e8p%ñ@!ca
10:06 pm
some have asked whether or not the united states should have sent someone with a higher profile than the ambassador to france. and i think it's fair to say that we should have sent someone with a hooi higher profile to be there. that said, there is no doubt that the american people and this administration stand four square behind ou"u allies in france as they face down this threat. and that was evident throughout last week when you saw thatdtr the top counterism adviser was in touch with her frenchq çm counterterrorism counterpart minutes after this attack emerged. you saw president obama phone
10:07 pm
president hollande to%3bpo extend his condolences and offer and pledge any assistance to bring to justice those responsible. that kind of coordination is the backbone between the strong relationship between united states and france continues. it continued throughout the weekend and continues zp) (v in fact, i can tell you that the french ambassador to the united states will be here at the white house ,m$ñ today to meet with lisa monaco who, as i mentioned earlier, is the president's top counterterrorism adviser. >> how muchñ]e÷ñ higher profile do you think should have -- does the president think should have been there? eric holder was in the city and on talk shows that morning. should he have been the person representing the u.s.? at what level would the president have been satisfied with a presence? >> jim had the circumstances been a little bit different i think the president himself would have liked to have the opportunity to be there.!=vy well2vxas the fact is that this is
10:08 pm
obviously a march that the planning for which only began friday night and 36 hours later, itóyt hadt kb begun. what's also clear is that the presidential level visit or even a vice presidential level visit are owneress and significant. in a situation like this they have a pretty significant impact on the other citizens trying to participate in a event like this. we talk about this a lot when it comes to the president attending a basketball game. but the fact of the matter is, you know there were not just thousands of people at the event, but millions. it wasn't just an arena that needed to be secured but a large outdoor area that poses significant security challenges. i'm confident that the professionals at the secret service could overcome those challenges but it would have been very difficult to do so without significantly having impacted the ability of common
10:09 pm
citizens to participate in this march. and, after all what i think was so impressive about this display is it demonstrated the unity of the french people. and that is something that we are always mindful of in situations like this. of interfering with those trying to attend an event particularly when the purpose of the event is to demonstrate avi#ñ unity of the purpose of coming$ >> can you see all the white house briefing with press secretary josh earnest online'r at >> they need to get back to
10:10 pm
regular order. then everybody can see who voted on what, who put what amendment up and then send it to the president and let him pass it or veto it. >> i hope it's%47 a more mature responsible congress that we will see emerging in the next)ok two years.w get on the task that they're constitutional trying to do, govern legislate. what the american people said in november of both parties is it's time to see that finally start to happen. i think -- i don't know. 114th congress, what can we
10:11 pm
expect of them? citizens united. all the politicians are bought and sold really.ja÷l05z >> we need you to understand you work we've seenb(ñ nothing but people in the street. frankly we're tired of the silly games being played. and we don't believe anything we're hearing any longer, to include create jobs.+p5 that is so overworn out. >> continue to let us know what you think about the programs you're watching. call us at 202-626-3400. e-mail us at comments comments or send us a tweet @c-span #comments.
10:12 pm
join the c-span conversation. like us on facebook. follow us on twitter. newlyp1óo2sóñ elected republican governor bruce rauner took the inaugural address. this is 30 minutes.[p1ñ [ applause ] ñ
10:13 pm
>> raise your right hand. place your hand on the:dy bible. raise your right hand. repeat after me. i, bruce vincent rauner. >> i, bruce vincent rauner -- >> do solemnly>"/ swear. w7v do solemnly swear. >> that i will support the constitution of the united states. >> that i will support the constitution of the united states. >> and the constitution of the state of illinois. >> and the constitution of the >> and that i will faithfully discharge. >> and that i will 3(jefaithfully >> the duties of the office of governor. >> the duties of the office of governor. >> to the best of my ability. >> to the best of my ability. >> so help me god. >> sor :0help me god. >> congratulations, governor. [ applause ] ♪nih>cb." [e.
10:14 pm
♪1é(]3 [ applause ] [ applause ]7/rp
10:15 pm
>> let's see what time it is. it's after noon. good afternoon illinois. great day,mg illinois!(3c"l [ applause ]#dzhmx+bvjñ thank you so very much. thank you so very much. i0kañ wifeé )rdiana. she's my hr(t&háhp &hc% she's my best
10:16 pm
service to the state and the people of illinois.cts@ [ applause ] i would like to recognize and thank our here today. madame chief justice and distinguisú,p÷hv;d members of the court. president ÷ck:collerton. speaker 8ymadigan. leader redono leader durkin, attorney general madigan. secretary of state white.ébf5 comptroller designate treasurer-elect fred rick'sk 6 members of the general assembly, members of the congressional delegation, governor edgar, thank you. mayor houston mayor emanuel. major general crumry0£4-t!p and all of the members of our national
10:17 pm
guard. thank you for your service.3%g [ applause ] thank you evelyn. thank you. you're the best partner i could possibly have to transform ourl#j state government. [ applause ] and you'll be a terrific lieutenant governor. thank you. i would like to express my very deepest gratitude to ourípje veterans and our service mend3 and women here today a world. god bless you. thank you for your service to our country. as governor i will
10:18 pm
illinois. thank you.=÷ [ applause ] i#' look forward to being an ally and advocate for you. it's an honor to stand before you, before all the people of illinois today. i'mev]humbled. i'm honored. i'm privileged and i am excited. i love illinois. i want ours to be a great state. i want ours to be a great home for every family here.7ky. and i'm ready to go to work for you. you know as i've traveled our statefú) over the last few years, i've met with tens of thousands of people. i've met with teachers farmers factory ñúj0 m1ñ coal miners, college j people who are the heart and
10:19 pm
soul of illinois. in that process, i have met with%#cr thousands of small business owners. and in our been stunned. i've been shocked actually by how many of them are frustrated @*ur&d their businesses here, and are thinking about leaving. i visited one company called keets manufacturing in wheeling. back in 1958, vert and glenn keetsg=+p started a comp#[ruñ iná bz a storefront in chicago. their father never made it past high school. both of them made it through college and they were eager tos7cz start out on their own./"ñ they had one employee and a couple machines. they worked long hours, a second job and sacrificed much. but they made it and u48á company tooke today, keets manufacturering employs 110 illinois workers and
10:20 pm
has nearly 7500 éav9 &z machines running 12 hours a day, five days a week. it was not an uncommon path in our state and it wasn't just chicago. and it wasn't justn%h& manufacturing. it was ewpeoria. it was rockford. it was dekarat. it was agriculture. it was transportation. it was technology. illinois was a place where people like burt and glenn keets from allq÷yñ over the country and indeed, from all over the world3r2 wanted to come because illinois was aj>uhl land of opportunity. almost withouti# americaë illinois ish0 grandsons ofz3d. burt and glenn keets, i met with them. they tell me they couldn't have started their compa p in illinois today. when their grandfather started the company all its customers
10:21 pm
were illinois companies. they were all illinois companies. they went door to door to find".d them. but today none of their customers are illinois companies. they have all left. and the grandsons toldm]o me that they, themselves, are feeling the pressure of high taxes and high regulation. today illinois is not able tobtñ compete with our neighboring states. and in many cases, they are up and leaving. last year -- last year, we lost more people than any other state:p in america. and over the last ten yearsvwyáç people are leaving to find jobs or because they run companies and they're taking their jobs with them. our local businesses look in
10:22 pm
every direction and see states that are moreáp appealing. life-long4hl their future and think< illinois. you probably know a neighbor, a co-worker, maybe even a son or a daughter, who has said, i can do better somewhere else. it breaks your+ but you know, it's hard to argue& gk with them. we need a booming economy. that is progrowth, probusiness projob creation or we won't have the resources to solve any of our other problems. we must -- [ applausead.6ñ ] thank you.
10:23 pm
our state must become competitive again. in the weeks ahead i'll be asking the legislature to work with me to pass a comprehensive jobs and economic package that will get illinois working again. [ applause ] let's get our sons and daughters to return home. [ applause ] we'll do t onez
10:24 pm
it is not a partisan creation. it is a truly bipart
10:25 pm
[ applause ] some in government will, once again, be compelled to take the easy road and leave the real problems for another day and the next generation. but we cannotcñ because to do so to conduct business as we've been doing it úfn.áld be morally corrupt. [ applause ]0búú instead -- instead we have an opportunity to accomplish something historic. to fix years of busted budgets ffqg9%ujá government. to forge a path toward 6s prosperity. and as4p to make illinois the kind of
10:26 pm
state that others aspire to become. a national leader in job growth and education [ k#x [ applause ] to achieve that will require sacrifice, sa1÷&qo>j< by all of us. politicians and interest groups business and labor. those who pay for bc %95q and those who depend on government services and need us and who we need to support. each aañ personñjfiá those throughout the state will be called upon to share in the sacrifice so that one daysvw9t we can o!qg9 share in illinois's prosperity.x:p [ applause ]x-)ñ we must all shake up our oldh& ways of thinking.
10:27 pm
i promiseav you our administration, this administration will make our decisions based upon the next generation, not on the next election. [ applause ]. i pledge to work on a bipartisan basis to drive resultst>tp and get things done. we must be united in our willingness to sacrifice and do what is right even if it is íu6%h difficult. we must accept the challenge and the sacrifice, knowing that it will lead us to something greater. we must forget the days of feeling good about just making it through another year. by' with stitches that are bound to
10:28 pm
break.xerú$wxkiqn that's why today, my first action as governor,> action today, i will be giving a directive. every state, by executive order, every state agency will be asked to freeze nonessential spending. [ applause ] i will !sémz every agency to review and report on every contract that's been signed since november 1st. [ applause ] and i will follow through on my promise of reducing my own salary to $1 and=g declining all
10:29 pm
benefits. we're setting a new tone today. [ applause ] our state'sz)py÷ crisis is not only financial. we have a ethical crisis as well. [ applause ] we have a state government that too few have faith in. and that lack of faith ise': )8$áuáur#ied.j=tñjrkto justified. terjeyundermines people's willingness to sacrifice. today of÷illinoisans see ins deals and 62é1 cronyism rewarded and taxpayers being left with the♪f]8 @r tab. they see government union bosses
10:30 pm
negotiating sweetheart deals across the table from governors. they've spent tens of millions of dollars tod that's a corrupt bargain. people of illinois are left to wonder, who is left looking out for -huñthem? taxpayer money belongs to them not the government. [ applause ]od we have a moral obligation to minimize what we take íc5ñ and to ensure that what we do take is spent efficiently and effectively. every dollarjj!a we spend ú-y+(t&háhp &hc% unnecessarily inside government is a dollar we can't put into
10:31 pm
classrooms. and our socialgo service providers, or leave in the pockets of entrepreneurs and homeowners and hardworking&5 families of illinois. [ applause ] to the people of illinois and the people outside ofe'#your state who have beenm, t reluctant to invest in illinois because of the insider deals and hbcronyism i say this. i'm nobody that nobody sent.9 %+p [ applause ] and i've come to work for you. i've come to work for you and every family in our great state. i will send a clear signal to everyone in our state and to those watching fromnpn outside our borders that business as usual is over. it stops now.]fz'w
10:32 pm
[ applause ]ar(ñy&!i executive order that will improve ethics and accountability in the executive branch of state governmen [ applause ]wp? these actions and others to immediate follow will focus on regaining our state's reputation. we must proveúnú÷ every day that we have learned our lessons and we've changed our ways. [ applause ]c,j+ in everything we do, in everything we do we must ask ourselves, what does this mean for the next generation? for in order to thrive, we must prepare the next generation for
10:33 pm
success.écwcñ k-12 technical training to community colleges and higher ed we need to invest adequately in&d everyu#sc neighborhood.p [ applause ] next to being a mother or a father teaching is the most important job in the world.qx and we must support3)s our many good teachers. that means putting more directly into the classrooms, reforming the educationf%;
10:34 pm
rolling back costly mandates and giving more students access to grade schools. a high quality education is essential for higher lifetime earnings, a competitive, world-class( strong, economic growth. it's the key to24b bringing back the american12f dream for every family inp illinois. for making the american9% dreamy>z a truly better life for the next generation. [ applause ]]2çí>$úd if we work together, illinois can be great again. we have everything we needeú(ít to thrive, fertile farms,8'ñ infrastructure and, most importantly, wonderful
10:35 pm
hardworking people. [ applause ][5j/pdr$raç÷ we need the policies and leadership to make us the@h! we can possibly la:be. this is an exciting time. in just three short years our great state will be celebrating its 200th birthday.h yes, 2018 will be the bicentennial of illinois. what a perfect time, what a perfect time these next few years will be to return our beloved state to its=>d@÷ rightful place as a leader among the states of america.fñ [ applause ]/$+u a state that is ready to seize the future. a manufacturing companies, like the keets' want to be but whl=m
10:36 pm
the next big things happen. a state where entrepreneurs want to be. a state where technology companies want to start. where the next generation of manufacturing 5mv!q)s. where family farms that have made us the bread basket for the world can pass from one generation to the next.)v [ applause ](hmiñpbñ where young couples want to start theirq8ñ families and their young children are inspired in their r schools. illinois is a statejwc that truly embodies everything that is great about america. since the days of lincoln we've stood as a beacon of freedom and justice. now let us embrace all that is wonderful about illinois. the reasons we love it here. our culture of hard work and responsibility grounded, solid values. civic!? #mmitment and generosity. harness our values so that our
10:37 pm
next century is one of prosperity. we can do that if we work together. just as a family does when it faces tough times.2nf' illinois is our>shome. right now, our home is hurting. but home and family are worth sacrificing for, worth fightiñ&2 for. together, let's do the hard work to rebuild our home. i'm ready to go to+ i'm ready ton;"!v fightm"bv)2.6h you.(fz/ñ god bless you. god bless our great state of illinois and god bless america. thank you7so very r2v[÷much. thank you. [ applause ] thank you. thank you very much. thank you. thank you. god bless. [ applause ]
10:38 pm
now the inaugural address sworn in for his second term. he spoke from the capitol building in tallahassee. this is just under half an hour. [ applause ]c >> and now theu tpñ á 45th governor of florida,mñ rick scott. >> place your left hand on the bible. raise your right hand. repeat after me. >>#4axi, rick scott.
10:39 pm
>> i, rick scott. >> solemnly swear ii9 and defend the constitution and government of the united states and the state of florida. that i am duly qualified. >> that i am duly( >> to hold office. >> under the constitution of the state. >> under the constitution of the state. >>iyizthat i will well and .çb2y faithfully. >> well willabzcç faithfully. >> perform the duty. >> of governor. >> of governor. >> which i'm now ad2 to enter. >> which i'm now8gñ about to÷á@q enter. >> so help me god. >> so help me god. >> congratulations, governor. [ applause ] [ vu+9n;hwíñgunfire ]
10:40 pm
[ applause ][oj[ rsha÷-f07z ñn [ canon&sx?ç fire ]gsdmy
10:41 pm
[ applause ]"5m5&tuj=?oeni&5÷ >> thank you. please have we have been very fortunate --
10:42 pm
this is the second time in a row we've had just perfect weather on inauguration day. first and foremost, thank you to the people of florida. without your confidence and support, we never would bey84sy here today. i certainly wouldn't havepa' made it or survived all the adventures i pride in> who would have thought 42 years ago when we got married that we would ever ber]3z standing here today? i have been blessed with a wonderful wife. i love you. you're absolutelyzj)ñkp?ñ the best.$e0
10:43 pm
we have two wonderful daughters, allison and jordan. they're clearly the sweetest blessings we could ever imagine0k]zf for. :hfy love you very much. you -- we're very proud of you. we're especially proud of what great mothers yougijyñ have become.n=#jw [ applause ] i also want to thank my son-in-laws for being here today and for giving ann and me three wonderful grandsons, august quentin and there's probably no job better than -- i love being governor but there's no job better than being grandpa to these three wonderful -- i want to thank governor rick perry for being here.
10:44 pm
[ applause ].=$ and governor chx [ applause ] let's againn governor8/1or$r [ applause ]b i have been blesrsyt to work with three other÷kpx cabinet memberso°sñ attorne'wf y general pat]q atwater and commissioner['qgj adam putnam. [ applause ] >> i have a great legislature i get < senate president andy gardner. [ applause ] speaker of the house steve
10:45 pm
crisifoli [ applause ] we've got a great florida senate and florida house. [ applause ] especially right now let's recognize our yñ honorable law enforcement.qu, [ applause ] our military members. [ 3wapplause ] and our supreme court justices.w [ applause ]t÷( g=ç so looking out there are so many of you that i have gotten to know over the last four years and i want to thank so many ofo>tnmaeñi counsel, your support and your confidence. thank you so very much. [ applause ] let's start out by saying
10:46 pm
something i said on election night. the campaign is over. of course, all of you know that already. but my point is this. now we need to turn to governing. we need to turn to doing exactly the right6q families of florida. that's all the families. republicans, democrats, independents and the nearly 20 million people that live in our great state.súr [ applause ] sure, there's going to be differences of opinâ there will be robustsml÷ debates in florida. that's not a weakness in our system. that's our strength. many things we canañ0come together onñ/ñ and we should nothu let partisan politics, for>yvv that5vzz matter, get in our way. today, we:g ç embarkjbl/ on incredible journey over the next four years for the benefit for each and every floridian. four years ago i had the opportunity to stand here,pmz set an6]=[ ambitiousfvq goal of 700,000
10:47 pm
jobs of over seven years tachlt i'm proud÷fú toonf=w announce that florida businesses have, in fact creat=p more than'n 700,000 jobs in less than four years. [ applause ]( 1i4wc ñx:xñ [ applause ]m'&k[ >> when we set this goal in 2010 the fiscal economy was losing jobs, housing prices were dropping. manya more than seven4k years to get out of the downward spiral of job loss and increased debt. but wev:ç proved them wrong.-rfvñ and when i say we, it was all the hardworking people of florida, in less than four years, the businesses and the
10:48 pm
hardworking people oféoe floridav clearly generated way more than 700,000 jobs.khw [ applause ] now this simply will be a number to a lot of people. every job, every onebdjr of those 700,000 jobsu family.t"d it doesn't just help one person. it transforms a family. a lot people ask me why did i run for governor? my friends in business thought i should be off in retirement, fishing somewhere. they don't get it. i row for governor to change lives. to make it better2xuu other people. i can tell you from>"48hájjt my parents struggle to make ends meet that ifyp;6 you want to a life, the most important thing you can do is get somebody a
10:49 pm
job.y?$ [ applause ] if we can make floridaw(vc the worldwide leader for family that is struggled like mine did to get a job, then i've=-/$ulfilled my job as your governor. a job is the most important thing we can did to change somebody's life. it helps to put food on the table, pay theghlarent. buy a car. it gives the family better hope for the future. continual job creation is something that we canp (j all agree on. jobs and opportunity are clearly good for each and every one of us. off heard me constantly talk"úyms aboutópzrñ jobs since 2010 when i got into the ' i can promise you, i'm not going to stop. [ i'll be working to make sure florida is thed can get a job and ha6r a great
10:50 pm
opportunity until the last day i jobs have been my focus the last four years. jobs will be my mission the next four
10:51 pm
they are leaving states like new york which lost $71 billion from 1992 to 2011fe in illinois which lost $31 billion to adjusted growth income in that same time frame. the people who left new york and illinois had one thing in common, their number one [ applause ]ñxñ [ applause ] florida has inherited over $26 billion income from new york and illinois during that time. in total florida has inherited over $100 billion in adjusted growth income. to put that in perspective that's more than 1/8thfhb>z of our entire gdp and#ited 1.7
10:52 pm
milli/ñ ÷ during that time. we're first where people have decided this is where they can live their american dream. when people move here they sp%a2b'rqr) money here. they bring theirtór businesses here andy(s support jobs andm : opportunities for other floridians. this national battle hasp3áyz intensely affected florida that we have recently become the third largest state. [ applause ] in florida we are moving that government can do better without getting bigger. now we are two choices. weá migration would have happened regardless of our tax policies or regardless of what government policyies we put in place or we can acknowledge that florida's very serious advantage over other states not in this last decade but in the decade to
10:53 pm
come. now if there's one thing that i hope you willr0fk remember from my message today, it's this. florida must remain committed to smaller government and: lower taxes if our goal is to be the world wide destination for jobs. [ applause ]gsykygó[:÷/lz4vbúok there's a great temptation in governmenth2ív to think that we can spend other people'se%0y money better tzyg they can. if thatn&were true people would not have left illinois andilm new york over the pastlbb! 20 years to go to states like florida. we are going to bfsdf on this legacy ofqy6 cuttingyå taxes more than 40 times. [ applause ] we will put another $1 billion invwcxa taxes. we will continue to phasekq the business tax and permanently eliminate÷3kw the tax on
10:54 pm
[ applause ] as businesses are able to compete globally we're going to get more and more jobs and more and more opportunities for our families. why are we going to do this? for one reason and one reason only, to#gz@wqzz provide an opportunity for every single person in florida, especially families like mine growing up that struggled to make ends meet. i have a message today of people of new york, illinois california, pennsylvania, and others, move to florida! [ applause ]ñú÷w we want you to keep more of your money because wewfj understand it's your money. it's not ours. we want your businesses to grow and succeed. we want to compete globally and we want to win. over the next four years, i'll be traveling to your states
10:55 pm
i will recruit you personally to move your businesses to florida. [ applause ] [ in florida, we're the business of opportunity, notmfb the business of bigger government. [ applause ]mb"71buñ.>1 ñ in addition to cutting taxes,úc.h we have an abishs ambitious agenda to keep florida working and become the job leading state for 2020. now we know the workers of today. and that is why this year we'll have the highest7#x÷ funding for k through 12 education in the history of the state of 8 [ applause ] as we do that we'll be ever mindful of the fact that money alone does not guarantee success in education.
10:56 pm
florida has led the nation in educationiç reforms, providing equal opportunity in education for all and we're going continue to do that. we will competez7x globally forl- jobs by& training programs in science, technologytv engineering and math keeping our costs low do%bh it also includes lowering the cost of higher education opportunities as well. this last year, we already worked with the"dl÷ legislature to stop tuition increases for under graduate programs. [ applause ] and to make higher education even more afforda, to have more $10,000 degree9e programs in our state colleges. and we're goingg7w? to hold the lfe$ on graduate college tuition. [ applause ]
10:57 pm
today,féeb texas is our number one competitor fort9] jobs. now, to become the global leader in job creation, [ñjpmf we have to continue to invest in our ports, $1 billion while i'm in office and also invest $25 billion in our growth. [ applause ] investments in our infrastructure must be partnered with environmental)yñ:ñ improvements to ensure that we keep florida 2nf beautiful. [ applause ]vz over the next ten years wete, will work to invest over $1 billion to restore springs and help develop water supplies.v[$ r(t&háhp
10:58 pm
&hc% [ applause ] i realize that all candidates for public office talk about how important the environment is to the health of our people and our state. but talk is cheap. we have to make thec á j necessary to turn talk into reality. we have made great environmental strides and we will continue to do so. now, i become this speech with a confession that our goal of oc 700,000 jobs over seven8i5: years was ambitious. in closing i will admit to you and becoming the global leader in job creation is equally ambitious. [ applause ] but if we accomplish our priorities, invest in education, cut taxes lower the cost of higher education and improve work force development, we will
10:59 pm
continue to be the number one destination for people looking to escape big government allm>#k across the country and all across the d [ applause ] the number one threatd8wt to our success is complacency. don't let anyone tell you that government policiesç!h >j matter or that jobs c themselves themselves. florida gets stronger each year because we are fighting against aiem bloated federal government and their increased i increased taxes. florida every year because we areo dreaming more for our families and not for more red tape. florida, we cannot give up this fight andmek give up our dream of
11:00 pm
becoming the number one place[txg in the world for getting a g$horjob.axhkq [ applause ] we have more work to do but we can do it together. let's commit today that we will keep cutting taxes to increase more 7x÷ growth and opportunity let's commit today: higher education affordable. let's commit today to invest in our infrastructure andn let's commit today to work together to keep florida working. [ applause ]( thank you. god bless america and god bless the great statel/hhjt florida. [ applause ]x


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