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tv   Rosenberg Library Museum Archives and Collections  CSPAN  March 8, 2015 2:19pm-2:32pm EDT

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rd freedom and justice knowing that all things are good and those who love the lord and are called to its purpose. we take another step knowing no weapon against us will be able to stop us. we take another step knowing that the lord is my life and my celebration. whom shall i fear? of whom shall i be afraid we take another step knowing that i -- that eyes of not seen any years of not heard and neither has it entered the heart of man and a great things that are in store for all of us if we just keep the faith. [applause]
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>> let the church say amen. to bishop davis, to pastor strong, to all of god's people gathered in this place, i bring you greetings today in the name of the one who is able to do exceedingly and abundantly more than we could ever imagine or ask. to god be the glory for the wonderful things he has done. i greet you on behalf of the fifth district of the christian methodists of visible church where our -- where i am residing
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bishop. i greet you on behalf of the 210 churches in alabama including our own church here in selma. it's a pleasure to greet you on behalf of my own college located in fairfield alabama, just outside of birmingham -- outside of birmingham -- a historically black college formed in 1898 by former slaves. a college whose students just 15 years ago launched the selective buying campaign to initiate the birmingham movement toward civil rights. in an article about her loved hometown selma, just a few weeks ago, u.s. congresswoman terry sewall's said -- "we must move beyond the bridge." her words about moving forward led me to reflect on the concept of bridge and my greetings to you
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today comes with those reflections. a bridge, connection between two points. a bridge enables a person to move from point a to point b crossing over whatever normally would be an obstacle or make the commute impossible. a body of water, a chasm or gorge, a highway or railroad. metaphorically, a bridge does the same thing. it connects our past and our future. a bridge is a way forward. to commemorate the historic walk across the edmund pettis bridge 50 years ago, we give honor to those who gave their lives. those who bled, those who were beaten, those whose names we know and those who remain
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unnamed. we remember those who not only marched, but those who cooked, those who clean, those who plan, those who mopped, those who nursed, those who sacrifice so much that we could be here and i am personally grateful for all they did. but today, there are many other bridges that need to be crossed. in our nation, in our region and even in our own communities, there are bridges that need to be crossed. british -- ridges from voter suppression to voter empowerment. bridges from health asperity to affordable, accessible health care for all. bridges where systems and structures think that some lives don't count, but we need to cross the bridge that says all lives matter.
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in doing so, there are some fundamental truths about crossing bridges, both literally and figuratively that i will share with you today. don't speed across your bridges. you might just miss something important. most of the time when you come to a bridge, there are signs that alert you to things you need to know. today is our time to study where we have been, to also study where we are going. our history is important and we should never forget it, nor should we ignore the reality of our past. speeding by will not make any of the problems go away. so our future lies ahead. a second fundamental truth about bridges is that you should always pass with caution. you should pass with caution
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because on a bridge of a sometimes it's just as important to be a follower as it is to be a leader. there is work for all of us to and if you choose to be a leader in this journey, please be ready to accept all the responsibility and sacrifice of leadership. a third truth -- don't park on the bridge. that's not what bridges are for. we cannot get comfortable where we are. there is still much work to be done. we must do what we must do on the bridge but we must keep pressing on. finally, don't burn your bridges. you never know when you might have to cross them again. given the state of affairs never country today, given the news and reports that we read ailey when it comes to issues of
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equality, justice and diversity, their are some bridges we may need to cross again and again. there our -- there are bridges and are country and in our community that we must cross over and over again to make sure our voices are heard, to make sure our votes count, and to make sure justice always rolls down like a river and like righteousness down a mighty stream. as we go down our bridges, let's from them bridges that lie before us and march on till victory is won. [applause] >> allow me a point of personal privilege to thank bishop james davis for the accumulation of episcopal leadership and the nomination a leadership that we
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have today. it is his spirit that says we do it better when we do it together and i want you to know it is not accidental that we are here. secondarily, i'm a new yorker and we play ball in the streets often times. all of these people watching saying car to let us know a car was coming in to get out the street. there was a sports car coming behind me and i want to hurry and get out of his way unless we get hit. but i am dennis proctor door, the bishop of the ame zion on church. had to put zion in there so you understand we are known as the freedom church. the church of harriet tubman. we have just recently partnered with the national park service in auburn, new york, to the if i the legacy she has left to us. also the church of sojourner truth and frederick douglass,
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joseph charles rice. but importantly the church of corunna scott king, down in marion, alabama. the lace where martin luther king the third's grandfather was the preacher steward and the chairman of the trustee board at the same time. he was a powerful somebody. i stand here today -- i talked to my cousin earlier and i was reminded that my aunt margaret my mother's sister served as a domestic for u.s. senator john sparkman. a senator from this state, in alabama. she was his domestic worker for 30 years. when his neighbor, general omar bradley would have a luncheon or a dinner, he would share his domestic with his neighbor. i said to myself, how ironic it is that now i am presiding over the state where the individual
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who accepted the hell up fairly paid to help now has a son of the help coming to stand in the midst. there's a lot i want to say today, but it reminded me of one who was named matilda. matilda worked in the master's house. after the dred scott decision, master came in and said matilda black people don't have any rights and white -- that white people are duty bound to honor. matilda said that's not right and she kept on cooking and kept on serving. she said i've got to appeal. he said you don't understand the supreme court said there are no rights black votes have two h white deal are duty bound.
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she said i've got to peel. he said you cannot appeal to supreme court. she full delivered things and went out on the backside of the house, got down on her knees and said lord, you know that's not right. what are they doing to us? her appeal made its way to heaven and when she got through appealing to heaven, the truth started marching from new york down from new york into gettysburg, out of gettysburg into richmond, from richmond down to selma. her appeal kept working. it not only worked in the 1800s, but in 1965. when some folk were in jeopardy of not taking it over the bridge her appeal touch the heart of lyndon johnson and he federalized troops so they could make their way to montgomery
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alabama. i'm here to tell you today that our vote is necessary, our marching is necessary, but these don't get off your knees. remember that when we talk to the one who can make a difference he will send the army to fight our battles. harder yet maybe the fight sometimes right will yield to might. wickedness may rain and satan's cause may be there but there is a god who rules with a hand of power and a heart of love. and if we are right, and we are right, he will fight for us. [applause] >> i know i'm out of order but if we are going to get to this bridge


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