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tv   American History TV  CSPAN  April 4, 2015 9:54am-10:01am EDT

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. in the side of the confederate surrender on april 9, 1865. >> each week american history's tv real america brings you archival films that help tell the story of the 20th century. >> one of the greatest dramas reaches its climax as julius rosenberg, convicted of revealing atomic secrets to the russians, enter the federal building in new york to hear their due.
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mrs. f a rosenberg, whose husband was convicted of transmitting secrets to russia. a the reading was -- mrs. rosenberg's rather confessed theft of the secrets create a he later became the government's chief witness in the prosecution area that prosecution. it is a stern judge they face. after administering a time lashing, in which he charged them with indirect theft he sentenced boasts -- sentenced both rosenbergs to death by electric chair. it is the first time in peace time that such a death penalty has been handed out. while appeals to the highest court are planned, it certainly appears that they are heading along a one-way street.
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the hotel astoria in paris is no official headquarters for general dwight d eisenhower commander of the atlantic treaty forces. a guard is always on duty outside the commander's office. the defense of the west is formally undertaken by the man already famous in europe by his leadership in world war ii. general eisenhower's first official act is a military or reality. an order announcing his assumption of command. his historic task of holding communism in check gains new momentum as he issues general order number one this formal announcement. >> another said if he can step -- another significant step was taken in ensuring our collective security. this headquarters, formally end of a surely, assumed operational control and command of all forces allocated by our several countries to the defense of europe.
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>> the big town opens its hardly visiting chief of executive from france. new yorkers lined broadway as the president rolled up in the traditional parade for visiting celebrities. two vinson's will meet at city hall. and in turn receives one of france's high awards, the legion of honor. his visit to this country should help a firm franco-american solidarity against communist imperialism. the families of four soldiers who gave their lives in korea received the medal of honor. the sergeant threw himself on the -- on a grenade to save his platoon.
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corporal -- alaska moving to regroup and new defense positions. private joseph, -- as part of their intro -- their indoctrination course, puerto rican soldiers -- the island citizens are making a further contribution to the cause of liberty and freedom. these men are preparing to take their places in the ranks of america's fighting men. the general has praised the regimen for their valor during the bitter curry and campaign. during world war ii they also served heroically. i've ammunition whips across the trainees just 40 inches over their heads. next is beachhead defense.
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this is puerto rico's newest military unit, ready to serve the united nations. good news. he's hard shelled critters are in from happy hunting grounds. the combined -- they comprise one of the most mouthwatering holes. upside down and completely helpless, they are taken unceremoniously to the cannery. still unaware of their fate they breed easily and the junior skipper almost turns turtle trying to keep his balance on a reptilian bridge. seems he recognizes a friend. he will soon be in the soup himself.
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