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tv   This Is Your Police Department  CSPAN  June 14, 2015 4:00pm-4:26pm EDT

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income redistribution for the of government. >> wrote the weekend, american history tv is featuring lincoln nebraska. we traveled there to learn about its rich history. for more popular stops on her tour at the /citiestour. each week american history tv's railamerica bring to archival evidence that provides you historical context for public policy issues of the history. this documents the training of iraqi enemy police department. as with the annual day that raised funds for the insurance of police officer's. ♪
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>> i will protect. they weren't were mindful of the day when nights in armor defended their cities against invaders. today there are no walled cities but the word is still the truth for the guardians of your city. here they experience every phase. familiar with the workings of the law. men who are proud of their heritage trade the detroit police department, it has deep significance. for 365 days a year, rain or shine, these are the men who served the city of detroit
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working together as a team for the protection and lives and property of the people of detroit. this is the story behind these men, and the organization that produces them. perhaps the most important part of the story is the selection of the men who were chosen to become members of the department and the methods by which they are trained. take joe, for example. he came, as many of the recruits do from a small town in michigan. it was looking for a life that would give them the feeling of f being worthwhile to himself and the community in which he worked. they were tested for physical fitness and mental ability for an officer must be alert both physically and mentally. his body and mind much be a coordinated team. the police department investigated his background.
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his school record, his home environment, his personal habits. every effort is made to select the finest men. joe, along with other recruits was excepted and assigned to the cadet academy for six weeks or more for lectures on department rules and regulations, criminal law, rules of arrest, traffic rules, and court procedures. he is to learn all types of firearms and he many hours in target practice. marksmanship madey mean saving his own life and the lives of other people. he learned first aid in the diagnosis of simple injuries. knowledge that often means the difference between life and death for an injured person. in commando practice, contact officers learn how i were both men working as one can be an effective wedge between destructive mops and the peaceful citizen and his
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property. joe, with other cadets found our modern scientific crime detection work of every department. they are watching a spectrograph, one of the newest and most useful instruments of the leverage. any substance of unknown origin such as a strand of hair reviews of wire can be compared with any known substance and his identity established. the result is of tremendous importance than solving crimes and presenting court evidence. some of the police academy work response, like the day joe volunteer to be given effect for a lie detector test. he thought he could for the machine. -- fool the machine. but when the machine showed he was lying, he admitted the
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polygraph had outsmarted him. then came a great day wenzhou first went on -- wenzhou put on his first uniform. he was assigned to a precinct station for six months. here was no doubt in his mind that he would earn right to wear the uniform permanently. he was no officer joe -- now officer joe. his dream was a squad car of his own, but he did not mind being assigned special work. it let him behind the scenes to learn the real police work. as he took part in tests, joe began to feel that he was a part even a small one, on the campaign to cut down on the loss of life by drunk drivers.
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he began to see the importance of revenge and whenever possible -- prevention whenever possible. prevention of accidents and prevention of crime. joe found there are times when it is too late for prevention when a crime has already been committed. then it is the police department's job to put together the pieces of the puzzle that make up the crime and using all of the modern scientists police methods, trace and prove the guilt of the person or persons responsible. sometimes, he was sent out her duty at school crossings. experienced officers of the police bureau teach traffic laws and laws of courtesy to our youth to help them become useful
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citizens of tomorrow by taking part in a responsibility of today. little by little, joe learned the inside, patient contact police officer needs to carry on his work. he was learning fast. each day before it officer begins his duty, he is required to copy the information posted on the teletype lord. this review ensures prompt action on missing persons, stolen cars, and persons wanted for investigation by the police department. just spent some of his time on duty checking licenses, training his eyes to observe and his mind to remember descriptions of persons wanted. over and wasn't an important arrest, and joe wasn't a hero but for the first time he felt
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as though he really was a police officer. somehow his uniform seemed to fit better. the police department thought so too. at the end of six months probation, he received his certificate confirming him as a patrolman. not for the arrestee may, but because in his whole probation. mn he had proved himself willing to be alert, carrying out his orders and firm and courteous contact with the public. as a patrolman he began to understand the real significance of police work. the study workaday jobs such as checking houses were occupants are on vacation and have left an open invitation to us breakers. it was his job to prevent crime whenever possible. once in a while he found himself working for the younger generation. they have a yen to find out the world outside.
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it is pretty big and confusing when mother isn't there. he got to know his area pretty thoroughly. he forgot about 20 to be a hero. there were plenty of other compensations. there were dozens of times that he had things that were not pleasant. like someone ticketing for not parking in the right zone. but it was all a part of his job. that was a long time in coming but he was finally assigned to a two way radio car car 88. it meant a great deal to him. a successful step in his career. he met the man who was to be his partner, and experience patrolman from whom he could learn a great deal. it was part of a system that was devised for patrolling the city of detroit every hour of the day and night. here's how the system works.
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the city of detroit is divided into police precinct. each patient is divided discount card territories. the number depending on the size of the activity -- size and activity in that precinct. the radio dispatcher and the dispatch clerk are always veterans of many years experience in police work. they must decide in a few seconds the correct course of action on a call. they must know what cars are available on assignment. joe rarely solve those men, but their voices became a part of his life. >> 88, 13341 mark twain, family trouble. ♪
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>> family trouble, about 20% of the calls that come into the station or family trouble, and this was his first call. he had visions of being the hero , of defending some frail woman who is husband was mistreating her. ♪ but in this case, joe was told by a ruffled lady of the house to mind his own business. if she and her husband wanted to throw things at each other, that was their own business. as the weeks went by, joe began to feel at ease in the daily routine of a scout car patrol. he learned to know the people in this area. it was like keeping his fingers on the pulse of a gigantic heartbeat. his little part of the city, but
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it was his job to protect it. joe and his got our partner were a close team for each other's protection. one never knew when an assignment, no matter how sounded would turn into something vicious, and dangerous. >> 84 and 88, 2146 west florence at the payroll office, hold up in progress. ♪ [siren] ♪
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>> in emergencies like this, all those months of training and experience begin to pay off. joe reported by radio that the holdup men have been taken into custody, but not before joe's partner had been injured by gunfire. >> website security patrol, and eight sergeants, officer shot, wagon on the way. ♪ >> that started joe thinking, his own partner wounded in the line of duty. sooner or later, it always
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happens to some friend in the department. joe understood now why policemen were considered bad insurance risk. he was thinking of his partner's family, and of his own family. joe and all the patrolman, it meant a great deal to know that the police department would see that they and their families were taking care of, in the event that anything happened. it thought about that when he was asked to take place in the police field day that is put on to raise funds for the insurance. they don't either time and services to make it a day all of detroit will remember. the more than 20 years now young and all citizens have considered field day to be
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the highlight. sports, fun, review and spectacular demonstration. ♪ >> on field day, the department invites all of detroit to share in honoring its heroes. ordinary police officers who during their working day routine met the challenge of their job
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above and beyond the call of duty. [applause] ♪ >> this is your police
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department and review. these are the guardians of your city. that who work together 365 days a year to serve the people of detroit. work together as an integrated team for the protection of life and property. ♪ >> they wear the distinctive uniform of the stationary traffic accident bureau. not only the men of the uniformed division, but it up italian of man in plainclothes marches and review. proud representatives of the detectives bureau. a field day you will see some of
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detroit policeman, officers of the law from the women's division. loyal like a brother officers who believe in the label, i will protect. and everyone gets a kick out of watching the expert driving of a platoon from the motorcycle traffic euro. --bureau. ♪
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>> and here comes the clowns. they are present or retired members of the police department who spend many hours preparing the shows they give for thousands of hospitalized and orphaned children every year. since police officers must be in excellent physical condition, competition is key in the races and other field events. they have won a majority of these national and international gilded age meets that field day
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-- field day meets. ♪ the tug-of-war has been featured contest between the toronto police and detroit police department was the first field day back in 1927.
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in recent years, championship form like this has given us the winning team. speaking of championship teams field day features an exhibition by the detroit police we world marksman team. ♪
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>> a new and striking events this drill. following commands with military position in perfect cadence. ♪ >> but nothing can capture the eye and quicken the heart like the exhibition drill of the mounted team.
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there striking evidence of excellent sportsmanship. since it was established almost eight years ago, the mounted division of your police department has one more than 100 trophies in state, national, and international competition. these are the men who protect your recreational areas and public parks, who control important traffic centers and who lead the way in restoring order in emergencies. ♪
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>> on the members of the jakarta police department working together as a coordinated team to give you the fun, the excitement, the thrill of field day, and to help take care of their own. to ensure that the protection they spend their lives giving to the city of detroit will be as generally -- generously extended to their own family. yes, this is your field day.
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every branch, every bureau, every division worked together this day just as they work together every day of the year. these are the guardians of your city, the men and women who are always on duty. this is the team that protect your property and you. this is your police department. ♪ >> in 1940 5, 70 years ago, i like forces liberated nazi compensation camps -- allied forces liberated nazi concentration camps. these interviews are part of the oral history collection at the united tates holocaust memorial museum in washington dc. je


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