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tv   Politics Public Policy Today  CSPAN  June 15, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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separate himself from this really large and unpredictable field and there are several senators running several people who have worked for years, decades in washington d.c. one of the first things he's really going to strike is saying we can't fix washington with someone from washington. that's not only intended to set him apart from washington which voters are not pleased with right now but also someone like marco rubio with whom he competes in florida during the primary calendar. >> he certainly will have a fundraising advantage. he's expected to announce some fundraising totals this week. what's the anticipated amount that the bush campaign we'll say is backing the candidate? >> well, there's a big number that's been floating around. everyone thought he would reach $100 million in fundraising. so that's a huge number. it's possible but we've heard that he won't make that.
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that's the latest out of that. it's disappointing, i think, for the bush campaign because they set expectations really high. $100 million would put them way ahead of the field. in the new league of campaigns, all you need is a super pac. it's very possible that this campaign may not have raised $100 million but the money is going to be there anyway. >> ahead of the announcement in miami, the campaign released a youtube video with jeb bush and people in florida who have been affected by his policies there affected positively according to the campaign. they've released the logo of the campaign which is just jeb with an exclamation point. what is the significance of that? >> it's an interesting logo. first of all, it made me think immediately of other candidates who have done similar logos. lamar alexander. as a reporter to this day
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whenever i had to write lamar alexander in a story i wanted to put an exclamation point at the end of the piece. i think a really significant part of jeb's logo is that he doesn't say the word bush in it. it just says jeb, exclamation point. i doubt that's not on purpose. i'm sure by saying just jeb he hopefully does not want to remind voters of his family legacy. he wants something new, fresh and exciting, not something from the past. >> in that campaign video that he released on youtube over the weekend, he's talking about -- we're hearing from people in florida that have been positively effected by his policies in florida, he served as a two-term governor and entering into this race it's been a long time since he's been on the campaign trial for
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himself anyway. what does he have to do politically? what's the first order of business? >> i think like any candidate his first mission is not to mess up. this is the time when you really can't have any gaffes. he had a solid trip to europe without any gaffes last week. the first thing is not do that. secondly, he does have to prove his viability and effectiveness in this campaign. everyone thought he would be the 800-pound gorilla in this primary and it has not turned out that way. i think there is an argument to make for electability on the republican side. his conservative credentials to a degree but you'll probably hear him talk about -- [ applause ]
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♪ ♪
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[ applause ] >> hello miami! it's wonderful to have you here at this great celebration at miami-dade college kendall campus. miami, are you ready? [ cheers ] >> who are you here to see? i'm sorry, i can't hear you. who are you here -- [ cheers ] >> very shortly -- i like that. very shortly we are going to
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hear from governor jeb bush who's going to make a very special announcement. that's right, this is a special celebration because he's also coming here to invite us all to join him in changing history. this day is about jeb bush but it's also about you. when we say change history it's a change history the way jeb bush did it when he was governor of florida by lowering taxes, boosting job creation, and making education a priority. [ cheers ] i ask you again are you ready?
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so are we. and there are a couple of people that we would like to make mention of who are here to join us in this terrific celebration. we're very pleased to recognize former u.s. senator mel martinez who's with us. former u.s. senator mack mattingly. former united states congressman congressman -- the former governor of puerto rico. former congressman and attorney general bill mccollum. the distinguished members of florida's cabinet are with us.
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florida attorney general pam bondi. florida commissioner of agriculture, adam putnum. and last but not least florida chief financial officer, jeff atwater. there are many members of florida's legislature who are here with us. thank you, thank you so much for joining us today. we also have leaders from the cities of north miami beach doral, miami-dade county, palm beach county, miami-dade county school board. and additionally, from the republican party of florida former republican party of
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florida chairman van poole is with us. the former republican party of florida chairman is with us. and former republican party of florida chair person, carol jean jordan. so who are you here to see? i can't hear you? one more time. before jeb comes out -- and he is in the building -- i want to take great pleasure in introducing you to three sisters who have something special prepared for this special celebration. these three sisters come from
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families very much like many of ours who came to this country in search of freedom. it's with a great pleasure that i introduce to you, ladies and gentlemen, the chidino sisters. [ applause ] >> good afternoon. we're so excited to be here. this is absolutely a thrill. we're just going to sing a couple of songs for you and then we have some very special guests with us. so if you'll indulge us, here we go. >> technical difficulties.
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>> here we sgoo. g. o. >> okay, you might hear a little bit of a noise here. ♪ [ applause ] >> maybe we can put a mic on it. here. >> then you can't sing. ♪ ♪
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[ singing in spanish ] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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[ singing in spanish ] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> can we get another mic up here real quick? maybe we can put that mic stand here.
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we got to get 'er done. just play really loud. >> this next song is a very famous song from a very famous cuban composer. we've been singing this song since we were very little children taught to us by our beloved dad and mom and we would like to sing a little piece of it for you today. [ singing in spanish ] ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> thank you, thank you. [ applause ] this next song was made famous by another very famous group of siblings, even though they were not from miami. they ended up making miami their home. i don't know if you've ever heard of them, the bee gees. we're going to do our little version for you.
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♪ it's over and done but the heartache lives on inside ♪ ♪ but who was the one you're clinging to instead of me tonight ♪ ♪ where are you now now that i need you ♪ ♪ tears on my pillow wherever you go ♪ ♪ cry me a river that leads to your ocean ♪ ♪ you'll never see me fall apart ♪ ♪ in the words of a broken heart it's just emotion taking me over ♪ ♪ tied up in sorrow, lost in my soul ♪ ♪ and if you don't come back, come home to me, darling ♪ ♪ don't you know there's nobody else in this world to hold me tight ♪ ♪ nobody left in this world to
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kiss good night ♪ ♪ good night, good night, good night ♪ ♪ good night ♪ ♪ you're there in my heart and a part of all the things you are ♪ ♪ oh, but you got a part of someone else ♪ ♪ you got to find your shining star ♪ ♪ and where are you now, now that i need you ♪ ♪ tears on my pillow, wherever you go ♪ ♪ and cry me a river, that leads to your ocean ♪ ♪ you'll never see me fall apart, in the words of a broken heart it's just emotion taking
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me over ♪ ♪ tied up in sorrow lost in my soul ♪ ♪ and if you don't come back, come home to my darling ♪ ♪ don't you know there's nobody left in this world to hold me tight ♪ ♪ nobody left in this world to kiss good night ♪ ♪ good night, good night good night ♪ ♪ good night ♪ [ applause ] >> all right, ladies and gentlemen, it is our privilege our honor and our pleasure to introduce our parents, willie chirino and lissette.
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[ applause ] >> all right. >> good afternoon. ♪ o'say can you see by the
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dawn's early light ♪ ♪ what so proudly we hailed ♪ ♪ at the twilight's last gleaming ♪ ♪ whose broad stripes and bright stars, through the perilous fight ♪ ♪ o'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming ♪ ♪ and the rocket's red glare ♪ ♪ the bombs bursting in air ♪ ♪ gave proof through the night ♪ ♪ that our flag was still there ♪ ♪ o' say does that star-spangled
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banner yet wave ♪ ♪ o'er the land of the free ♪ ♪ and the home of the brave ♪ [ applause ] >> good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. we're very happy to be here. my name is willie cirino. >> my name is lis set. these are our daughters angie, jessica, nicole. >> and we are cuban-americans.
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we were born in cuba and came to the united states in the 1960s. >> 14,000 kids. we left without our parents to come here looking for freedom. >> as a matter of fact, martinez was one of those 14,000 children. we're here celebrating freedom celebrating the fact that we live in a country that every four years the people have a chance to choose who is the person who's going to lead this country, this nation, for the next four years. but that doesn't happen everywhere everywhere. in our native cuba that opportunity hasn't arrived in the last 55 years. so let's celebrate freedom tonight. let's enjoy the fact that we live in this country. let's not take that for granted. >> god bless the united states of america. >> god bless america. >> thank you. [ applause ]
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>> please welcome to the stage dr. r.b. holmes. >> let us pray. eternal god, we are thankful for this country. we're thankful for this place, this event. we ask that you bless this country and bless jeb bush and his family. let your peace be with us.
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we give you glory and honor. in your name jesus, we pray. amen. [ applause ] let me tell you about the jeb bush that i know. and the jeb bush that i admire and respect very much. he is a dear friend. i've known him for over 20-plus years. he is fair. he is forthright, and thoughtful. jeb is a person who truly cares about all people. jeb is a person who does not judge people or label people or marginalize people.
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he respects people for who they are and what they can become. as one of the most successful governors in this great state of florida -- [ applause ] i had the honor of working with governor bush. i was able to see his strengths, his skills, and his gifts. i was highly impressed with his good heart, sincerity and humility. it's because of these attributes that i'm proud to call jeb a beloved brother and friend. [ applause ] jeb bush is a man of character. jeb bush is a man of deep conviction, courage, and
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compassion. jeb bush is a leader. jeb bush is a good listener. jeb bush is a visionary. he's proud of his family. he's proud of his country. jeb bush believes in the power of personal responsibility. jeb bush believes in strong families. jeb bush believes in the power of faith. let me make it very clear. governor jeb bush would be a great president of the united states of america!
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[ cheers and applause ] my friends -- my friends -- [ cheers and applause ] my friends, experience does matter. vision is necessary. proven leadership is important. may god bless this country, and may god bless jeb bush and his family! [ cheers and applause ]
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my mama my brother and uncle all dropped out of school. by the time i was in the third grade i failed twice. >> my first job was picking up garbage, cardboard so i can have some money to help feed my family, my mother and my father. >> lucie has autism. she doesn't speak she doesn't walk, but not being able to speak is not the same as not having anything to say. people with disabilities want freedom just like anybody else. >> one out of four women are going to be victimized by somebody who claims to love them. domestic violence is an epidemic. this isn't a small problem. >> the barriers right now on
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people rising up is the great challenge of our time. so many people could do so much better if we fixed a few things. my core beliefs start with the premise that the most vulnerable in our society should be in the front of the line, not the back. and as governor i had a chance to act on that core belief. >> governor jeb bush instituted the first voucher program in the united states to give low income kids an opportunity to go to a private school. out of my immediate family, i'm the first person to graduate from high school. and then i went on to graduate from college. >> i'm currently on account manager, and the main reason i'm in the situation and the position that i am right now is because jeb bush allowed companies to grow to create high paying jobs. i'm the representation of the american dream. >> this is what leadership is about.
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it's not just about yapping about things. there's a lot of people talking and they're pretty good at it, but we need to start fixing these things. i said i was going to fix these things and the result was florida is a lot better off. >> i think governor bush changed a lot of lives in florida. i'm very grateful that he was our governor. i don't think that we would be where we are today with regards to domestic violence had he not been the governor. >> he wanted women to not live the way that i found myself. it's changed so many lives. he really cares about us. he really cares about people with developmental disabilities and with all disabilities. there are people today that are getting services because of what jeb did. he doesn't do it for himself. he does it because he's a true servant. he is the best voice that we can have. >> i'm proud of the fact that many families now have the chance to live lives of purpose and meaning. you can improve the life of people, whether it's in the programs for the developmentally disabled or changing our economy
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or fixing our higher education system. all of these things can be fixed, i'm absolutely convinced of it. we need new leadership that takes conservative principles and applies them so people can rise up. america's best days are in front of us, and we are going to lead the world. [ cheers and applause ] >> announcer: . >> are you excited? are you ready for jeb? wonderful! i am a proud naturalized citizen born in colombia.
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in 1998 when i met my good friend jeb bush, i thought that he was going to be like every other politician. you know the type that promises but never delivers. but jeb was different. he delivered. he actually delivered. i'm a proud mom with three children. they're here with my husband, my 95-year-old mother, and my brother. [ applause ] so my youngest daughter who's sitting there today, we call her lucie. she has been my greatest teacher, and she has been the greatest teacher of other people, too. she has significant developmental disabilities. lucie can't walk. she can't talk. and she needs a lot of support.
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but thanks to a lot of people some who are here with us today lucie is able to live with us. so thank you. lucie has taught us that not being able to speak is not the same as not having anything to say or like we say in spanish -- even though she can't speak, she has a lot to say. when i met jeb for the first time, i challenged him to understand our lives our struggles, our needs, and our fears. it was incredible because he didn't flinch. he said, i want to learn. and he actually did. it was amazing. we took time and we visited group homes. we visited families. we visited schools.
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and when jeb met lucie, it was special. even though lucie couldn't speak, jeb understood her. loud and clear. it was amazing. so when he got elected, guess what happened? he became the voice. he became the voice for lucie and for others like lucie, for the lucies. [ applause ] so he created scholarships for students with disabilities. he transformed the state services for our kids. he increased funding for services so that our kids could live with us and he convinced them every single year. jeb was relentless. so, i don't think that there has ever been a governor in florida or anywhere else for that matter
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that has ever done what jeb did for us in florida. [ applause ] and let me tell you one more thing which is very important. jeb didn't care about politics. when i met him i told him i was not a republican. and he told me it's not about politics. it's about people. it's about families. he told me it was about people. it was about families like ours people like lucie. and i don't mind saying that there aren't a lot of politician politicians like jeb bush. he doesn't care your political affiliation. he doesn't care the color of your skin. he doesn't care where you were born. he doesn't care whether you speak like everyone else or if
3:39 pm
you don't speak at all. [ speaking spanish sbrk [ [ speaking spanish ] because he cares about everyone, and he will serve everyone because jeb is a great servant. that's what he is, a servant. but he turned me into a believer. he turned me into a republican. [ cheers and applause ] because jeb bush is a man of his words. he has a great heart. he understands our needs.
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he will be our voice. [ speaking spanish ] he will deliver. [ applause ] so in 2016 with jeb bush in the white house -- [ cheers and applause ] we are going to have a leader that will serve all americans! thank you. [ cheers and applause ] gracias, gracias.
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>> please welcome florida's first female lieutenant governor toni jennings. >> good afternoon. are you as excited as i am to be here today? [ cheers and applause ] he said my name but i'll tell you again just in case. i'm toni jennings, and it's wonderful to see so many friends here. it looks like family. the bush family the big bush family.
3:42 pm
like you i've known jeb a long time. some of you know i was senate president when he was governor and we worked together. and then i was his lieutenant governor. what an honor. what a privilege. what an adventure. some of you may not know that i've actually known jeb for over 30 years. i met him as a young, bright, rock-rib, head-banging conservative when governor martinez appointed him the secretary of commerce and i just happened to chair the committee that did his confirmation. well, i'll share with you that that head has a little more gray hair in it than when i first met him. but i'll tell you, that heart is exactly the same jeb that i met. [ applause ]
3:43 pm
he's the guy that can't wait to take on a b hag. now, that's not an opponent. those of you that have worked with jeb knows what a b hag is. it's a big, hairy audacious, goal. and you know what? after all these years, he is still as idealistic as the guy i met 30 years ago. he always believes we can do better. he believes in accomplishing really big things. he doesn't lower his sights just because things might be tough. he knows that if you want to change things for the better you do it piece by piece, day by day, every day at it, and you
3:44 pm
are relentless. i've seen it up close, real close sometimes. i saw when he took on the cause of reforming education and how he changed florida's schools for the better. [ applause ] i saw how he took on the tallahassee bureaucracy and chipped away at the size of state government. and -- yeah, that's a good one. [ applause ] and i saw it as he took on issue after issue, whether it was cutting taxes which we did a lot of or establishing a voluntary pre-kindergarten program for every single one of florida's
3:45 pm
4-year-olds, or fixing a broken workers' compensation system so florida businesses could expand and grow. or this one i know you'll remember handling four hurricanes in 40 days in 2004. no one who was in florida in 2004 will ever forget that. and i saw that his commitment was constant. he worked hard at it and he worked hard at it every single day. you know something else he was? he was relentless. you're going to hear this again. whenever jeb takes on a challenge, that's exactly how he is. and he never backs away from an issue. even if it looks like it's tough or looks like it might be
3:46 pm
impossible, i saw it so vividly. you saw a little bit in this video. it was so vivid to me when he took on the issue of domestic violence in this state. i'll tell you when you think about it this is a crime that knows no boundaries. not race, not education not income. it is when someone who is supposed to love you does something to you often in your own home and does it repeatedly. well, jeb said we've got to do better. he took on this issue, and he didn't just make a speech and hope that things got better. he did something about it. he passed the family protection act, and because of that -- [ cheers and applause ]
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because of that we strengthened the penalties on those who would be convicted of domestic violence. we expanded and improved women's shelters throughout florida. he increased the privacy protection so abusive ex partners could not use our own public records law to find their victims. during the time he was in office, the crime rate for domestic violence fell 27% in the state of florida. [ applause ] that's a number that represents lives saved. that's a number that represents lives turned around. that's a number that represents lives given peace. all because jeb bush refused to believe that there was an issue too big to handle. that's how he is. that's how he'll be. he refuses to settle for less than what he knows we all can do
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together. and that's the kind of leader we need in washington. [ cheers and applause ] that's the kind of leader we desperately need in this country. that's the kind of leader our nation is ready for. [ cheers and applause ] a conservative who is experienced, a conservative who inspires others a conservative with a solid record of accomplishments and achievements achievements, not just political rhetoric, and a conservative who still wants to take on those big, hairy, audacious goals. so you know what? it will take all of us working every day. it will take all of us being
3:49 pm
relentless to make sure that this is accomplished because that's jeb's style. that's what jeb delivers. with your help jeb bush will be the next president of our united states. [ cheers and applause ] >> announcer: please welcome texas commissioner, george p. bush. [ cheers and applause ]
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>> how are you doing, miami? >> today it's my turn to stand with him. >> and i'm doing so not just because i'm here to support the kind of president that he will be but because of the kind of man that he is. others -- others can speak to my father's record of governor or perhaps about his plans for the presidency, but i can speak to the character, to the judgment,
3:51 pm
to the temperament of the man i'm blessed to call dad. my dad has given so many gifts to me, my brother jebby and my stir noel. [ applause ] >> first, my dad taught us the importance of faith in god. my dad started going to mass with my mom since they day they met in wanna wattu and he decided to become a member of the catholic church. faith and god has organized his life. it gives him purpose. and i know that faith has sustained him at all of his life's moments. the happy days and yes, the difficult ones. my dad taught us the importance of values. my dad knows who he is. he knows what he believes. and if there is one thing that he puts up there with his family and his faith, it's this -- we
3:52 pm
all have an obligation to serve others before we serve ourselves. [ applause ] >> that's why he ran for public office, that is why he worked so hard when he was governor keeping the 16 hour days. that is why even after he left office he stayed on the cause of education reform. seeing him do so much for many others inspired me and so many countless others to think about how life can be more purposeful. it is why my first job out of college was a school teacher in homestead, florida and why i stay involved in the charter home school movement in the great state of texas and joined the military as an officer. finally, my dad taught us about
3:53 pm
the importance of family. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> i'm so grateful to my dad for the example he has set for me my siblings. he's always been there for others. his family, his kids, his grandkids. growing up i could always count on my dad to give me advice. sometimes whether i wanted it or not. but what i appreciate the most about my dad is no matter where i go, no matter what i do, he loves me. with no conditions and no questions asked.
3:54 pm
my dad has always been there standing with me. and now i'm proud to stand with him. [ applause ] >> ladies and gentlemen i'm proud to say that jeb bush is the greatest man i've ever known and he's going to make an excellent president of the united states of america. thank y'all. [ applause ] ladies and gentlemen get on your feet for state senator don
3:55 pm
gates. >> eight years ago, a young man with a silver tongue and a compelling story offered us hope and promised us change. probably the best of in tensions. but the results obama care botched botched, iran, putin isis triumphant and america's president unsure, unreliable, unprepared. after eight years, we've learned this much the presidency of the united states does not come with training wheels. the presidency of the united states should not be the first management job you apply for.
3:56 pm
[ applause ] >> so if the question is bold reform with the confidence to carry it out and the guts to actually get results the answer is jeb bush. [ cheering and applause ] >> something else we've learned and we've learned this painfully, we've imairlined our -- impaired our country by turning to the wrong so many boles. we cannot turn to those in this country who have no principles. we can't find our way in the world if our president's idea of a moral campus is a wet finger in the wind.
3:57 pm
so if the question is principle leadership with the courage to never sellout and never give in the answer is jeb bush. [ cheering and applause ] >> in columnba and their family, and in the cultures that they unite and in the causes that they champion and care for, jeb bush is the new florida. he is the new america. he is the new republican party. in this purple state that mirrors the diversity of our country, remember this -- before
3:58 pm
jeb bush republicans never won control. with jeb bush, republicans have never lost control. jeb bush is the florida republican who can win. [ cheering and applause ] >> now, miami remembers the panhandle, all of florida remembers, when crushing natural disasters brought our state to its knees. he was there. he took command. because he was ready to lead. he comforted us. he told us tomorrow will be better. and because of him, it was. florida recovered. we rebuilt, we rebounded.
3:59 pm
he can fix it for america because he's done it for florida. more jobs -- more jobs, less debt. the highest bond rating, the lowest unemployment rate the lowest crime rate. the biggest tax cuts, and the greatest prosperity in our history, that is the jeb bush story. and that can be america's story. the education system he inherited was one of the worst. the education he created became one of the best.
4:00 pm
that's because he demanded high standards, he rewarded effective teaching and he achieved better schools. he faced down the unions and lifted up the children. he established the most powerful school choice reforms in american history not because it was easy, but because it was right and that's the jeb bush story. and that can be america's story. >> we who know him the best, we who love him the best, we now have a story to tell america about this inspiring leader who made us proud to be republicans. this bold


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