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tv   Discussion on Presidential Politics and the Iowa State Fair  CSPAN  August 16, 2015 3:05pm-3:52pm EDT

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they were used to hard work. even the children were used to hard work. if weildren in the mill, had still been an agricultural society, they would have been working in the farm. working in the mill was not that foreign an idea to them as it is to us when we think of children factories. everyone carries their own weight in a family. everyone works very hard to survive. that mentality, i think, we have lost a little bit over the years. i am sure they had lots of aches and pains. it was hard. but they were thankful to be able to have food on the table for their families. is influenced by geography is a huge element here . without that location we are in and the savannah river, none of this would be possible. and the decision made by forward
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thinking leaders more than 150 years ago -- decision madehe by forward thinking leaders more than 150 years ago is still reverberating today. if it had not been built, it's possible the town would have gone away. throughout the weekend, american history tv is featuring highlights from c-span's cities tour where we go on the road to learn more about american history. learn more about these cities at you're watching american history tv. all weekend, every weekend on c-span 3. >> this year's iowa state fair in des moines takes place august 15 through august 23 and will be visited by many of the republican and democratic candidates seeking their party's presidential nomination. in a few minutes, we look back to the 2008 presidential race
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by mittidates' visits romney, hillary clinton, mike huckabee, and others. learn about its stop on the road to the white house. >> the first iowa state fair was held in fairfield, iowa in 1854, some 160 years ago now. as the fairer progressed from fairfield, iowa, -- as the fair progressed from fairfield, iowa, it went to a number of places over the years, and in 1879, it came to des moines. at that point, the legislature set aside the money to purchase the site we are on today, 266 acres that was bought from the
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calvin thorton family. at that time, the first pavilion was built. it is high near hall. it is next to the building we are in today. started that, we building buildings and stalls and barns for swine and sheep and horses and cattle. but with that came the need for commercial exhibits and also the need for a campground. when you have all of that together, pretty soon, a little entertainment breaks out, and i think the lightbulb probably went off on the fairer for -- on s, probably over the top of their heads, and they thought this could be a fantastic celebration of everything. so, through the years, from the
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today, thel entertainment aspect was added to it, with a grandstand ring erected in early 1900, and lots of bands from jimmy dorsey and all of the rock bands and country bands that you know and love today have been on grandstand.te fair it's really the local hub of that. it really came to life in the 1940's and 1950's and on until today. one of the things that has separated the iowa state fair kin withrs is our politics and being the first state caucus in the nation. and because of that, one of the places to see and be seen is the iowa state fair.
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we make sure that everybody pays when they come to the iowa state fair, including politicians, including their entourage that comes with them. case manyave made a times that they want everybody limousineat the pulled up to the front gate, they got out, they bought a ticket, and they presented that ticket to the ticket taker and walked into the iowa state fair. and we actually have some of the dollars that were spent by the presidential candidates and presidents that came to the iowa state fair. admission is $11 to come to the iowa state fair now. back in the day, i see it was two dollars from a few years ago, and even one dollar prior to that. in the past 14 years i have been at the iowa state fair, we have seen nothing short of 30-plus candidates coming to the iowa state fair, to get their name
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out, to see, and be seen, on the iowa state fairgrounds. we have had gerald ford come to the iowa state fair. jimmy carter. bush, and also, president barack obama, have come as recently as 2012. , many times we will see those going to the port ducers's -- pork pro and theythe iced tea will be carrying on a conversation. many candidates do that, and of course the presidents with all of these security detail do not get quite as close to the people as some of the candidates do. but it is still a thrill for everybody for them to come and just a feather in our cap, in
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the state of iowa's cap that they would respect to the iowa ande fair enough to come share their time and talk to the folks in iowa. in 2007, we had 19 candidates for president come through the rounds duringirg the 11 days. sometimes we had more than one candidate here at a time. the one i probably remember the most is our current president, barack obama. he and his wife and his children were all here that day, and the one thing his kids wanted to do ride the midway. so, i was able to get them and take them into the midway, with a little help from our security, put them on a couple of the rides, and they just had a great time. and kind of as a family, i think they felt like this is a little relief to the campaign trail for the kids.
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it was probably not so much fun. they got to come to be fair and ride some rides at the midway. not so much politics, but to me, that was a very memorable occasion. and the iowa state fair, i feel like, has been a good partner with our new users -- our newspaper here in town called "the des mnes register." they have a spot in ground they leased from the iowa state fair during the fair. will always they give candidates up for election a chance to give their speech and encourage all of the fairgoers who want to to gather around and listen. and i think that really has helped the iowa state fair, because candidates always want to get their message out, and this way, it is kind of a bipartisan area, and it helps us out, because we can offer that to candidates -- sometimes you
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want to stop everything at the iowa state fair and say, and hey, i'm here, look at me. we can say, yes, you can do that, but you are going to do it on the "des moines register" stump. in any campaign, you have people on both sides. you may have people who love the candidate. you may have people who do not love the candidate. we have had a few times where we have had hecklers. mr. romney: where do you think the money for corporations goes? [laughter] mr. romney: where does it go? >> in their pocket! mr. romney: in whose pockets? human beings, my friend. gary: at one point, they were going to throw meringue pies.
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the iowa state fair has a good -- with anp with event that you have, location, location, location is important. beinghe iowa state fair in des moines and des moines being the largest city in iowa, it has fostered a very good attendance record of the iowa state fair and allowed us to .row and being the focus of attention in the biggest city in iowa, it's just very good. we are on the east side. we have sprawling grounds. we have a lot of exhibits and something for everyone. the only thing we probably do not have is enough parking, and that's a wonderful problem to have. >> this year's iowa state fair in des moines takes place august
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13 through august we third and will be visited by many republican and democratic candidates seeking their party's 2016 presidential nomination. next, we look back to the 2008 presidential race and visits to the fair bite hillary rodham clinton, mitt romney, joe biden, mike huckabee, rudy giuliani, and fred thompson. an hour.ust over half mr. biden: it's good to be back at the iowa state fair. i just want you all to know, in delaware -- good to see you again, buddy. agriculture is the most important in my state. in fact, to prove it -- to prove it, i brought my secretary of agriculture. [applause] about 8 billion dollars. we are only about a billion dollars. we are little bit smaller. thing i want to do is trespass on your time here, but i want to make a few points.
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whether youi think are democrat, republican, independent, america has dug into a further deep hole. we find ourselves were isolated in the world. we have been in more trouble, but never as isolated. never with as few country supportive of us. the lastnot know, years i have many united states senator, i have never seen a time when the middle class is as uncertain about their future as they are now. i have seen the more angry. i have seen the more in trouble. but never as uncertain as they are. whether they will be able to leave their neighborhood better off than they found it. moines register is sponsoring the soapbox, one of the exhibits at the iowa state fair. the fair concludes on sunday. senator hillary clinton toward
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the fairgrounds. wind, iowa is the third biggest producer of wind in the country. election season is windy. we are here to make iowa more energy independent. [indiscernible] >> will you sign this? [indiscernible] >> thank you. >> [indiscernible]
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ms. clinton: how are you doing? [indiscernible] [applause] [indiscernible]
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>> you go, girl. you are home! [indiscernible] ms. clinton: hi. hi, everybody. >> thank you, hillary. >> [indiscernible] ms. clinton: you made my day.
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[indiscernible] >> let me shake your hand. >> right here, ladies. >> got it. >> thank you. appreciate it. >> [indiscernible] >> shortly after senator clinton left the fair, former new york mayor rudy giuliani visited the
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soapbox exhibit. mr. giuliani: you are tired of the politics. you are tired of getting nothing done. what would i do about that? accountability. i think you're absolutely right. i have heard that all over america. we need to take care of these earmarks were we have the secret -- this kind of secret spending. and the republicans are doing that. got thecrats republicans out of washington two months ago, right? and they were going to stop the spending. except the democrats are doing more than the republicans were doing. we think that is a point that needs to get talked about. we want to stop it. no more earmarks. we need a president who can veto those bills. and the ones that they cannot
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veto -- if they include something pretty important -- then you let the congress know, and then you follow up on whether the money was really spent and whether they really help people. we've got to cut that out. we have got to get things done. we have to have republicans and democrats worked together to get things done rather than fight with each other. i am the first -- i was the mayor of a city that was 5 to 1 democrat. i am the first that remained a republican. but i got things done. i revolutionized welfare. i reduced taxes. with themake partners to do it. that is what we are going to have to do. republicans and democrats, once
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this election is over, they are going to have to become partners . know -- t i don't know. i think i need a sharpie for this one. i think i have one if i reach down. >> i just bought myself a new shirt. mr. giuliani: yes, sir. there you go. >> [indiscernible] mr. giuliani: sure. [laughter] >> i don't get down there. mr. giuliani: of that a lot of friends -- >> [indiscernible] mr. giuliani: what is this? i saw a lot of people who have
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this? what is that? >> it is a fair item. it's a yardstick. >> they are an advertising company. mr. giuliani: oh, yeah. >> my favorite. doing baseball. >> thank you very much. that's very kind of you. >> [indiscernible] [indiscernible]
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mr. giuliani: you're going to high school? >> yes. she will be voting next year. mr. giuliani: [indiscernible] >> we need someone. you.wanted to talk to this arlen specter, dick durbin deal. [indiscernible] >> hey, thank you, -- mr. thompson: thank you very much. if i was you, i would be asking,
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who is this guy question mark i want to talk to you. i was in an airport recently. a lady came up to me and said, we just love your tv show. i can't tell you what big fans we are. hello to my say husband. i said, certainly. i went over there. she said, honey, honey. you will never believe it. dr. fill! [laughter] l! dr. phi [laughter] so i don't take anything for granted. my body is going to show me around. -- my buddy ist when to show me around the fairgrounds. i'm hoping that he knows his way around. do you think that he does? i grew up in a little country town in tennessee. my folks came off the farm at an early age, and my daddy set up a used car lot on the main drag
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their. he sold cars there for about 40 years, to the same people. did not have much formal education at all, but they valued it very highly. and they saw that i was able to get mine enough together, working and borrowing my through, i went through school and law school, and every once in a while, i for dissipated and things important to our nations history. i was an assistant united states attorney. prosecuted everything from moonshine or's two bank robbers two bank robbers. my granddaddy wanted to know why i was prosecuting those independent businessman. [laughter] but i square that with him. i started my law practice.
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a young woman came in. she said, you may have heard of me. i am chairman of the parole board. i always said if i needed a lawyer, i would come to you. i am working for the governor. about to fire me, and not because i am not doing my job, but because i am. sure enough, he did fire her. we sued the governor. we got a jury trial, we won our lawsuit. one thing led to another. come to find out the governor and others were involved in a lot of corruption, and one of the things that was happening was the selling of pardons right out of the capitol building right there in tennessee. he went to jail. folks came to town. they made a movie. do youme to me, said, want to players open the movie?
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i thought, they cancel me i am doing it wrong. [laughter] than onedid a more occasion. i went out there. i would make a movie once or hade a year, never having an acting lesson or been in a high school play. my friends say, you don't need to mention that acting lesson part. it's obvious from watching you. [laughter] then i read where al gore was going to be the next vice president. there was an open senate seat in tennessee. brought back a lot of memories for me. brought me back to my kitchen table, listening to my daddy and my mama talk about politics. brought me back to college. when i read "conscience of a conservative." brought home to me the fact that it was time to put up or shut up about some things i had been complaining about and the things i have learned at the seat of howard baker and all of
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senatether former greats. so, i left the law practice in the entertainment stuff and all of that and ran for the united states senate, and i was able to -- on two different occasions on that election and my reelection, i won by 20 points, both times in a state that bill clinton carried twice. i didn't do that just by getting all of the republican votes, and i did not do that by compromising my conservative and suppose. we -- my conservative principles. we serve their at a time when we bow is the budget, cut taxes, may congress live under the laws everybody else lives under. we reformed welfare. have been working on for decades in this country. and we started to rebuild our national defense. on myself.erm limits i fashioned myself as a citizen politician.
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and for other reasons. and i left the senate went to the private world -- and i have been able to do a tv show some of you might have seen and i was able to fill in for one of my heroes, paul harvey, on the radio on occasion. that is kind of like pinchhitting for babe ruth, by the way. [laughter] nation involved in my from future, i served on the china commission, because china has been a special concern of mine, long-range, for some time. condoleezza rice asked me to head up and international security advisory board for the state department, and a lot of distinguished americans on that. we dealt with all kinds of various issues. but the most important thing that happened in my life, that i learned my wife and i were going to be parents. i now have a little girl that is almost four years old and a
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little boy that is 10 months old. it was a surprise to me. not something i had planned, but i knew from the instant i heard the news that i was going to be blessed in a way i never had been before. and that's part of the reason i am here today. formed a committee to test the waters. the kind ofht about world and the kind of country that these kids and your kids and our grandkids are going to grow up and, -- are going to grow up in, and i have been talking to the american people about these concerns and listen to the american people. i think the american people are going to give us a shot here it i think they're going to open the door and their hearts and our minds to what we have to say in who we are. i have been in and out of public service and private life for a long time now, and i hope that people have a sense of the kind
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of fellow i am and the kinds of things i would like to do. a lot of people say, well, it's late, and all of that. i look at my history books, and i see where people announce september, october, november. i know the rules of the game have changed. there when they made those rules, so i am not abiding by them. we've got plenty of time. [applause] that's all process stuff. here's the important stuff. i'm concerned that if we direction wesame are going in this country, we are going to wind up weaker and less prosperous and more divided than when we found this country. we are going to reverse the historical process if we are not careful. them, keptrs, all of
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believing in leaving a better country than they found. we cannot be the first to leave the country worse off than the country we found when we were born into it. [applause] here -- therei am a lot of issues we can talk about. goodness knows we are not bereft of issues to talk about. but i think of three things underlie everything else. the first one has to do with national security. something that has been something i have worked with and on in the intelligence committee in the senate and since then for a long time. and i will simply say this at this point. i don't think that our nation as yet, as a nation has come to terms with the nature of the threat that is facing us in the global war against radical islam at fundamentalism.
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in terms of the time it is going to take -- [applause] terms of the money and the resources from our treasury it is going to take, in terms of rebuilding our military, which is stretched way too thin, replacing our equipment, and all the things it is going to take. i don't think we have come to terms with that yet as a nation. we have not had the discussion we need to have about the fact that iraq is a part of this problem. it's not the whole problem. we are dealing with folks who want to bring us to our knees and bring western civilization to its knees and we have to be stronger and tougher and more united than they are, the way americans have been all throughout our history. [applause] of hasond thing i think to do with our economy. it underlies everything else. to make a long story short, we are in the process of gradually
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bankrupting future generations in this country. at and i am not the first one to say this. i may be the first politician who want to talk about it, because everybody else says, what are you going to do? what are you going to do? people are afraid of it. it's an absolute fact. if you look at the government reports. the general accountability office put out one earlier this year. the treasury department has put out warning signals with regard to medicare and what is happening. everybody who wants to know knows what we will be facing with the retirement of the baby boomers right around the corner costs, we medical going to be facing a sea of red ink and government deficits and government debt is going to ruin this economy. ouronly jeopardize entitlement programs, but jeopardize the future of the next generation. the third thing when we look to i am aton -- now,
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federalist. i believe that the declaration of independence and the thetitution -- i believe in declaration of independence and the constitution and all of the amendments. they are as applicable today as they have ever been. [applause] but there are certain things that are the responsibility of the federal government. when i look to washington and i more congress that is bitterly divided, more acrimonious, more prone to fight on everything large and small, that has all of their energy directed inward at each other and the white house -- if nothing else proves it, the immigration bill and the fact that they were subscribed -- surprise that the reaction they got proves it more than anything else. [applause] that, when you look at government functions, you see for the first time, this clearly can not anynment
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longer do some basic things the government is supposed to do. we are seeing problems -- everybody knows about problems with katrina and recruitment issues with regard of iraqi and all that. my friends.ceberg, we've got some folks that are in over their head in key positions. we've got computers that will not talk to each other. we've got departments that can't pass an audit. coming homehis is to roost and affecting our national security. if you you might guess, know anything about my record, not more to this is big government solutions and higher taxes. it's just the opposite. we need to get back to first principles. the declaration i mentioned, the fact that our main law is coming from god and not any kind of government -- [applause] our constitution, which has got
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the separation of powers and checks and balances and the federalist system of government, for one reason, and that is to ensure the freedom of the american people. we need to remember that. rely upon that. and the underlying institutions. respect for private property. respect for the market economy, along with individual rights. the respect for the value of free and fair competition -- not only among our people, but with other nations in the world. those are the kinds of things we are talking about. i am unabashedly pro-life. i am pro-second amendment. -- and i don't apologize for the united states of america. this country has shed more blood for the freedom of other people than all of the other nations in the history of the world combined, and am tired of people feeling like they've got to apologize for america.
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[applause] so, if things play out the way i've got in mind, we will be seeing a lot more of each other. and i don't know -- [applause] i don't know whether that makes you happy or not, but it sure makes me happy. and i'm looking forward to it. if you keep your powder dry, i think we can do something good for america. thank you very much. >> no big pension plan. no big medical plan. they serve for the honor of their fellow man. that is what we need in washington. we need to have people from the private sector who are used to
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solving problems who want to urgently address in a bipartisan way he problems this nation has, so we can have a more secure and prosperous country. we all of that to our children. that is why i am here today. i appreciate the cool reason i breeze i-- the cool just got. and i appreciate all of you listening today. thank you very much. [applause] iowa statet the fairgrounds. we are hosting a soapbox, and old-fashioned soapbox. he candidates are invited to produce up a. they have 20 minutes of open forum to discuss whatever they wish to. those that have responded, we have had a great turnout for. >> [indiscernible] what did you think? we areas some ideas, but really here to see mike huckabee. we are sitting there waiting to
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see him. that is the reason we are waiting. >> you have been following mr. huckabee's campaign? >> my wife has. and was in a focus group, it was quite interesting to me pretty --e that had what do i say -- notions about who they were supporting? a lot of them changed. at the university, we had a closed circuit tv. we were not there. they were at a different location. but then we voted as to whether it was positive or negative, and governor huckabee actually came out much, much stronger after people saw him in the debate. i was certainly intrigued. i have not totally made up my mind, but i was certainly
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intrigued with him. and i wanted to see some more. this is aee: i think wonderful country that ought to be preserved. and it will be preserved without the participation of those of us to every day had to worry about how we were going to pay the bills, get our kids to go to college. i came to the conclusion that everybody wants to eat from a clean plate. but somebody has to do the dishes. and many of you are thinking, perhaps i do not know if i am going to vote. that's part of doing the dishes. you need to vote. some of you may get so frustrated and fed up, you do more than just vote. you will work for a campaign or a candidate. and that's good. and then some of you, one day, are going to get so totally fed up and disgusted, you are really going to take the leap. you're going to totally lose your mind, and you will run for office. thehat did you think of speech? >> i thought it was wonderful. it was refreshing to have somebody down to earth.
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i like the way he is and comes across. i just think it's really great. are you going to be at the straw poll tomorrow? >> i would like to. >> [indiscernible] >> i think he did. formery, we welcome massachusetts governor mitt romney, running for the republican nomination for the president. [applause] mr. romney: thank you. thank you. what a wonderful day this is. i know sometimes -- [indiscernible] to get warm.y this proves you have to be careful what you wish for. america has to deal with these challenges. we need to develop a group, a vision for where we want to go.
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and do it on a bipartisan basis. >> how often do you come out? do it every year. i have lived in iowa for seven years and i have not missed a fair yet. >> what is the big draw for the fair? the food. and i knew that mitt romney would be here today. >> how did you find that out? >> we had been doing a little campaigning for him. we saw him over in boomtown. >> you have only lived in iowa for six years? >> seven years. >> have you been a caucus voter before? >> no. >> why not? you this year? >> i doubt it. >> why not? >> i have a job. and we of been following governor romney across these eight -- across the state when
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he has been here. >> what did you like? >> i like the fact that he does not dodge questions. he speaks the truth. how are you?, nice to see you. >> [indiscernible] i am.mney: well, but not for government managed health care. not socialized health care. that's not what we have in our state. we got everybody on track to get insurance. not with a government plan, not with medicaid, medicare expansion. instead, people are getting private insurance from blue different of the companies that participate in our state. that is the way to do it, not have government take it over. that is my view. the good news is, you do not have to raise taxes. the way we did it in our state, we did not do a tax increase. instead we took the money that people buywe helped
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insurance with it, so the state gets everyone insured. it's a fair way to get the job done. >> [indiscernible] mr. romney: thank you. thank you very, very much. >> you have 20 minutes to address -- the secretary of health and human services tommy thomason -- tommy thompson. thank you, thank you, ladies and gentlemen. >> are you guys going to stick around the fair and see other candidates? >> there are not going to be any other candidates, i think, until monday? >> yes. we are going to go home between now and then. >> [laughter] .ut we will be back
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whoever we can get, democrat or republican, we will listen to them all. that way we can make an informed decision. >> one of the ladies who asked a question today was from oklahoma. no matter where you are from, come onto the iowa state fair, listen to the candidates. have some fun, may be corn dog, too. corn dog, too. >> we are trying to inform people how important it is to be involved in the election of your president and leaders. >> [indiscernible] important theetty way it is set up with us the first state to kick off a caucus. -- hat is so good about the >> you get an idea of the people gravitating towards the candidate?
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and i love coming here. the people at the booth are very informed. who are you waiting for now? >> we are here for the signing for newt gingrich's new book. >> [indiscernible] in"rediscovering god america." >> what you think of him? >> he's a very good educator. he is very good at putting down both sides of the issue. >> [indiscernible] >> i think he would be an excellent candidate, but i think our country probably needs him as a leader even if he does not run as president. [indiscernible]
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>> where are we today? >> we are at the iowa state fair . we are in the iowa democratic communications building. >> what are you hoping to get out to the people? know how active iowa democrats are in iowa. this year is and him believable year. they will stop by the booth and they will shake hands and, you know, all of our elected officials are represented. it's a great time to showcase iowa. >> [indiscernible] all of themt, but will stop by next week. up to theading republican straw poll. and next week leading up to our big abc iowa democratic arty debate. -- party debate.


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