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tv   Pilot District Project Washington D.C.  CSPAN  September 6, 2015 11:56pm-12:02am EDT

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videos. watch us in hd, like us on facebook and follow us on twitter. >> i don't think any other people in america can take this kind of stuff. it can drive anybody to be a revolutionary. >> what are you going to do with me? >> the question that always comes when you live in a community that is a threat and people are living like we have to live in the black community, how do you get a handle on all these problems? we're trying to create in thezens and awareness of
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need for dramatic and rapid change in this community. >> washington's third police district, there is contrast here from embassy row to devastated 14 street. 196, anng runs of average week in this district will bring 40 robberies -- 40 robberies, homicide, and arson. fromdicts will die overdose this year. by following 1968, the mayor's committee had chosen the site withhe new opportunity high hopes that more than a million dollars, the plan was this. you wrote suspicion and fear among police and the people. find ways of helping the police force be part of the community again.
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there were those in the third district to whom the experiment was dangerously flawed. >> the overall goal of the project is to try to get at what we recognize is now a pervasive distrust between the citizen and the police. fallslk about control, it short of total citizen control of the precinct. there was never any provision in the grant are in the plans for that sort of control, that absolute control. >> we in the black community see the police as enemies. i remind everyone here that i may very well be shot. i'm very much aware of that and every black person is, and therefore we want to control as individuals. motherybody and his knows the police are the number one problem in america.
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in what ie a say so want. i don't think a lot of us understand that. maybe we are happy that the mayor asked us to come here. i am not. is, i'm not concerned about what happens to marion barry. more than likely i can deal with the police. >> so we just have to try to figure out a way to make sure when you get as old as i am or even before that, that you don't have to live in those kind of conditions where you have to see the dope. how do you make sure he grows up to be a man that can stand tall and get the kind of advantages and opportunities that other people get.
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trying to get some kind of control for our communities so we can have a say about what is happening in our communities. i think we can do that. don't you think so? >> right on. >> american history tv is featuring c-span's original series first ladies, influence and image at 8:00 p.m. eastern on sunday night throughout the rest of the year. c-span produced the series and cooperation with the white house historical association. of historic sites and questions from the c-span audience. we tell the stories of america's 45 first ladies. now, grace coolidge. this is about 90 minutes. ♪


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