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tv   Pope Francis Address to the U.N. General Assembly  CSPAN  September 25, 2015 10:00am-11:31am EDT

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>> and apparently to overcome all natural limits to the exercise of power. in as much as technological power in the hands of the national list or falsely universal list by ideologies is capable of perpetrating tremendous atrocities. i could only reiterate the appreciation in reaffirming the importance with which the catholic church attaches to this institution and the hope which
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she places in its activities. the history of this organization community of states represented by the united nations, which is presently celebrating its 70th anniversary is one of important common achievements. over a period of unusually fast-paced changes. without claiming to be exhausted, we can mention the codification and development of international law. the establishment of international norms regarding human rights, advances in humanitarian law, the resolution of numerous conflicts, operations of peace keeping and reconciliation. any number of other
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accomplishments in every area of international activity and endeavor. now, all of these achievements are light. which help to dispel the darkness of the disorder caused by unrestrained ambitions and collective forms of selfishness. certainly, many grave problems remain to be resolved. yet, it is clear that without all the interventions on the international level, my kind would not have been able to survive the unchecked use of its own possibilities.
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every one of these technical advances is a path toward attaining the ideal of human fraternity and a means for its greater realization. so for this reason, i pay homage to all those man and women whose loyalty and self-sacrifice have benefitted humanity as a whole over these past 70 years. in particular today, i would like to recall those who have given their lives for peace and reconciliation among peoples, to the many united nations officials at every level who have been killed in the course of humanitarian missions.
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over the past years, beyond all of these achievements have made it clear that reform and adaption to the times is always necessary. in pursuit of the ultimate goal of granting all countries without exception in and a genuine and equitable influence on decision making processes. the need for greater equity is especially true in the case of those bodies with effective executive capabilities, such as the security council, the
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financial agencies and the groups and mechanisms which were specifically created to deal with economic crises. this will help to limit every kind of abuse or usury, especially where developing countries are concerned. the international financial agencies should cause for the sustainability development of countries. and should ensure that they are not subjective to oppressive lending systems, which -- so the
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international financial agencies should -- the sustainable development of countries. and should ensure that they are not subjective to oppressive lending systems, which far from progress, subject people to mechanisms, which generate greater poverty, exclusion and dependence. the work of the united nations, according to the principles set forth in the preambles and the articles of its founding charter can be seen as the development and promotion of the rule of law based on the realization that justice is an essential condition for achieving the ideal of the universal fraternity.
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in its context, it is helpful to recall that the limitation of power is an idea implicit in the concept of law itself. to give to each his own, the classic definition of justice means that no human, individual, or group can consider itself absolu absolute, permitted to bypass the dignity and the rights of other individuals or the social groupings.
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>> the effective distribution of power, political, economic, central related, technological, et cetera, among a plurality of subjects and the creation of a system for regulating claims and interests are one concrete way of limiting power. yet today's world presents us with many false, at the same time, a broad sector which are vulnerable, victims of power that is badly exercised. the environment and the vast ranks of men and women who are excluded. these are closely interconnected and made increasingly fragile by
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the dominant political and economic relationships. that is why their rights must be forcefully affirmed by working to protect the environment and by putting an end to exclusion. >> it must be stated that a true right of the environment exists and for two reasons. first, because we human beings are part of the environment. we live in communion with it. since the environment itself is entailing ethical limits, which human activity must acknowledge
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and respect. for all his remarkable gifts which are signs of a uniqueness that transcends biology, is, at the same time, a part of these fears. he possesses a body shape, and physical elements and can only survive and develop if the ecological environment is favorable. any harm done to the environment therefore is harm to humanity. second because every creature, particularly a living creature, has an intrinsic value.
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existence, beauty and dependence with other creatures. we christians together with the other religions believe that the universe is the fruit of a loving decision by the creator who commits man respectfully to use creation for the good of his fellow man and for the glory of the creator. but he is not authorized to abuse it and much less is he authorized to destroy it. >> and all religions, the environment is a fundamental good.
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the misuse and destruction of the environment are also accompanied by a relentless process of exclusion. in effect, a selfless and boundless for prosperity leads both to the misuse of availability natural resources and to the exclusion of the weak. from the disadvantaged, because they are differently abled or because they lack adequate information and technical expertise. or are incapable of decisive political action.
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economic and social exclusion is a complete denial of human fraternity. and a very grave offense against human rights and the environment and the poorest of those suffer most such offenses for three serious reasons. they are cast off by society. forced to live of what is discarded. and suffer unjustly from the consequences of the abuse of the environment. these phenomenon that are part of today's widespread and quietly growing culture of waste.
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dramatic reality the situation of exclusion and inequality has led me in union with the entire christian people and many others to take stock also of my grave responsibility in this regard. and therefore to speak out together with all of those who are seeking urgently needed and effective solutions. the adoption for sustainable development at the world summit. which opens today, is an important sign of hope.
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eem fairly confident that the paris conference on climate change. >> now, solemn commitments are not enough. even though they are a necessary step towards solutions. the classic definition contains as one of the essential elements a constant and perpetual will.
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demands of all government's leaders, a will which is practical, constant with concrete steps and immediate measures for preserving and improving the natural environment and thus putting an end as quickly as possible to the phenomenon of social and economic exclusions. with the consequences, human trafficking, the marketing of human organs, tissues. sexual exploitation of boys and girls. slave labor, including prostitution, the drug and weapons trade, terrorism, and international organization crime.
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such is the magnitude of these situations. we must avoid every temptation to fall into a declarationist nominalism. which would just assuage our own consciences. we need to ensure that our institutions are truly effective in the struggle against all these scourges. the number and complexity of the problems require that we possess
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technical instruments of verification, but this involves two risks. we can rest content with the bureaucratic exercise of drawing up long lists of good proposals, goals, objectives and statistical indicators, or we could think a solution would provide an answer to all of these challenges. it must never be forgotten that political and economic activity is only effective when it is understood as an activity guided by a concept of justice and
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consciously conscious that above and beyond our plans and programs we are dealing with real man and women who live, struggle and suffer and are often forced to live in great poverty and deprived of all rights. to enable these real men and women to escape from extreme poverty, we must allow them to be dignified agents of their own destiny. and the full exercise of human acts of dignity cannot be imposed. they must be built up and
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allowed to enfold for each individual for every family in communion with others. and, in a right relationship with all those areas in which human social life develops. friends, communities, towns, cities, schools, businesses. unions, provinces and nations. now, this proposes the right to education, also for girls who are excluded. >> the right to education ensured first and foremost by respecting and reinforcing the primary right of the family to educate its children as well as
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the right of churches and social groups. to applaud and assist families in the education of the boys and girls. it's the basis for the implementation of the 2030 aagenda. and reclaiming the environment. at the same time, government leaders must do everything possible to ensure that all can have the minimum spiritual and material means needed to live in dignity. and create and support a family,
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which is the primary of any social development. in practical terms, this absolute minimum has three names lodging, labor and land. and one spiritual name. spiritual freedom. which includes religious freedom, the right to education, and all other civil rights. now for all this, the simplest and best measure and indicator of the implementation of the new agenda for development will be effective,practical, and immediate access on the part of
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all to essential, material and spiritual goods. housing, dignified and properly remunerated employment, adequate food, and drinking water. religious freedom and more generally, spiritual freedom and education. now, these pillars are integral human development have a common foundation. this is the right to life and more generally what we could call the right to existence of human nature self. >> the ecological crisis together with the large-scale
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destruction of biodiversity can threaten the very existence of the human species. the consequences guided only by the ambition for wealth and power must serve as a summons to a forthright reflection on man. man is not only a freedom which he creates for himself, man does not create himself, he's spirit and will, but also nature. creation is compromised where we ourselves have the final word.
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the misuse of creation begins when we no longer recognize any instance above ourselves. when we see nothing else but ourselves. conseque consequently, the defense of the environment and the fight against exclusion demand that we recognize a moral or written into human nature itself, one which includes the natural difference between man and woman for life in all of its stages and dimensions. without the recognition of certain limits and without the
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immediate implementation of those pillars of integral human development. the idea of saving succeeding generations from the scourge of war and of promoting social progress and better standards of life in larger freedom, risks becoming an unattainable illusion. or even worse, just idle chatter, which serves as a cover for all kinds of abuse and corruption. or, for carrying out an ideological colonization by the imposition of anomalous models and lifestyles, which are alien
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to people's identity. in the end are irresponsible. war is the negation of all human right. and it's a dramatic assault on the environment. we must work tirelessly to avoid war between nations and between peoples. to this end, there's a need to
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ensure the uncontested rule of law and tireless records to negotiation, mediation and arbitration as proposed by the charter of the united nations which constitutes truly a fundamental norm. experience of these 70 years since the founding of the united nations in general, and in particular, the experience of those -- these first 15 years of the third millennium reveal both the effectiveness of the full application of international norms and the ineffectiveness of the lack of enforcement. when the charter of the united nations is respected and applied with transparency and sincerity.
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and not as a means for masking intentions, peace will result will be attained. when, on the other hand, the norm is considered simply as an instrument to be used whenever it proves favorable and then to be avoided when it has not a true pandora's box is opened releasing uncontrollable forces which gravely harm defenseless populations. the cultural environment and even the biological environment.
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the preamble and first article set forth the foundations of the international juritical framework. the development of friendly relations between nations. now, strongly opposed to such statements and in practice in denying them is the constant tendency to the proliferation of arms. especially weapons of mass destruction. such as nuclear weapons. and ethics and the law based on
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the thrash of mutual destruction and possibly the destruction of all mankind or self-contradictory. and representing a front to the entire framework of the united nations which would end up as a nations united by fear and distrust. >> there is urgent need to work for a world free of nuclear weapons in full application of the nonproliferation treaty in letter and spirit towards the goal of a complete prohibition of these weapons.
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>> the recent agreement reached on the question in a sensitive region of asia and the middle east is proof of the potential of political good will and of law, exercised with sincerity, patience, and constancy. i express my hope that this agreement will be lasting and efficacious and bring forth the desired fruit with the cooperation of all the parties involved. >> in the sense, hard evidence is not lacking of the negative effects of military and political interventions which are not coordinated between members of the international community.
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for this reason, while regretting to have to do so, i must bring you my repeated appeals regarding the painful situation of the entire middle east, north africa and other african countries who are christians to gather with other cultural or ethnic groups and even members of the majority religion who have no desire to be caught up in hatred and folly have been forced to witness the destruction of the places of worship, the cultural and religious heritage, the houses and property, and face the
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alternative, either of fleeing or paying with their own lives or by enslavement. these realities should serve as a grave summons to an examination of conscience on the part of those charged with the conduct of international affairs. in every instance of conflict, as in ukraine, syria, libya, south sudan and the great lakes region. real human beings take precedence over partisan interest. however legitimate the latter may be.
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in war and conflicts, there are individual persons or brothers and sisters, men and women, young and old, boys and girls who weep, suffer and die. human beings who are easily discarded when our only response is to draw up lists of problems, strategies, and disagreements. as i wrote in my letter to the secretary general of the united nations on the 9th of august 2014, the most basic understanding of human dignity compels the international community, particularly through the norms and mechanisms of
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international law to do all that it can to stop and to prevent further systematic violence against ethnic and religious minorities. and to protect innocent people. along the same lines, i would mention, another kind of conflict, which is not always so open, yet is violently killing millions of people. another kind of war experienced
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by my of our societies as a result of the narcotics trade. a war, which is taken for granted, poorly fought. drug trafficking is by its very nature accompanied by trafficking in persons, money laundering, the arms trade, child exploitation, and other forms of corruption. a corruption which is penetrated to the different levels of social, political, military, artistic and religious life. and in many cases, has given rise to a parallel structure that threatens the credibility of our institutions.
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i began this speech recalling the visit of my predecessors. and now, i would hope that my words will be taken above all as a continuation of the final word of the address of pope paul vi. spoken almost exactly 50 years ago. they remain rather timely. the hour has come and a pause, a moment of recollection, reflection, even of pride. it's absolutely needed so we may think back over our common
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origin, our history of common destiny. the appeal has never been as necessary as it is today. if these are used well, they can help solve a great number of serious problems besetting mankind. human genius will help meet the many great challenges of economic deterioration and exclusion. the real danger comes from man who has at his disposal ever more powerful instruments that are as well fitted to bring about ruin as they are to
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achieve lofty conquests. that is what pope vi said. the common home of all men must continue to rise on the foundations of the right of understanding of universal fraternity, and respect for the sacredness of every human life. of every man and every woman, the poor, the elderly, children, the infirm enfirmed, abandoned, those considered disposable because they're only considered as part of one other statistic. this common home of all men, women, must also be built on the
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understanding of a certain sacred ne sacredness of created nature. now, such understanding and respect call for a higher degree of wisdom, one which accepts transcendence. and at the same time, rejects the creation of an all-powerful elite. and recognizes that the full meaning of individual and collective life is found in the selfless service to others and in the sage and respectful use of creation for the common good. to repeat the words of pope paul vi, the edifice of modern civilization has to be built on spiritual principles, for they are the only ones capable, not only of supporting it, but also
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of shedding light on it. a classic of literature in my native land sings "brothers should standby each other" because this is the first law. keep a true bond between you always at every time. if you fight amongst yourselves, you'll be devoured by those >> the contemporary world so apparently connected is experiencing a growing and steady social fragmentation. which places at risk the
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foundations of social life. and consequently leads to battles between ourselves to defend our conflicting interests. the present time invites us to give priority to actions which generate new processes in socie society. a significant and positive historical events. we cannot permit ourselves to postpone certain agendas for the future. the future demands of us critical and global decisions in the face of worldwide conflicts which increase the number of the excluded and those in need. the praise worthy international
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framework of the united nations organization and of all its activities like any other human endeavor can be improved. yet, it remains necessary at the same time, it can be the pledge of a secure and happy future for future generations. and so, it will if the representatives of the states can set aside partisan and ideological interests and strive to serve the common good. i pray to almighty god, this will be the case and my support and prayers, and the support and prayers of all the faithful of the catholic church that this institution, all its member states and each of its officials
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will always render an effective service to mankind. a service respectable -- respectful of diversity, and capable of bringing about for the sake of a common good. the best in each people and every individual upon all of you, may god bless you all.
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on behalf of the general assembly, i wish to express as has already been done with the hands our deep appreciation to his holiness, pope francis for this very important statement, a statement for the reflection and inspiration for all of us.
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i request to be kind enough to remain at their seats. while we accompany his holiness out of the general assembly hall. the summit for the adoption of the post 2015 development agenda will begin shortly. in the interim period, immediately following the adjournment of this meeting, i invite representatives to remain seated and view the special performances and presentations on the occasion of the convening of the summit. the meeting is adjourned. [ applause ]
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>> pope francis wrapping up his speech to the general assembly of the united nations in new york. more live coverage here on c-span 3 at 11:30. and his comments at the 9/11 memorial. but here on c-span 3, we are going to continue our coverage of the resignation of house speaker john boehner, stepping down from his leadership position, resigning from his seat in congress. the news is this morning. right now, we're going to take you live to the briefing by house democratic leader nancy pelosi. it just started. >> excitement for the house. it does not undermine or diminish the afterglow of his holiness pope francis' visit to the congress yesterday. it was extraordinary. it was absolutely clarity. and beauty and moral urgency,
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his holiness gave us a message of hope, peace and dialogue. he challenged us to engage in dialogue. to move forward for the american people. he talked about his name sake, st. francis is the name sake of my city of san francisco. st. francis was one of the first and earliest and strongest environmentalists. and so i was interested to hear what his holiness had to say yesterday and at the white house the day before. on our home planet and the responsibility we have to pass it on to future generations and not to wait. it's connected to his holiness and the challenges he gave us as he addressed his remarks not only to us, but to workers, to
10:50 am
children, to seniors. how he referenced other leaders in our country who were so much a part of our culture. i would love for his holiness to knowculture. i would love for his holiness to know maybe he did or just divine intervention that when he referenced martin luther king in the selma march and later referenced thomas martin that john lewis had in his backpack thomas martin's book. so that is a connection of values is one that was really forced by what his holiness had to say yesterday. what is also happening today is the visit with the president of china. we are excited about his cap and trade initiative and the agreement between our two countries to address the crisis or as his holiness called it,
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air pollution. that's something people do relate to more directly. and that this is good. what the chinese are doing in this case is excellent. i visited china when president hu was president on the subject of climate and environment and energy. and chinese are to be commended for what they are doing in that regard. however, still have very serious concerns about human rights in china. this morning we had a state breakfast. we toasted. the toast we raised our glasses to, those languishing in prisons in china and to them and hoping that the values of our country are clear to the president of china when it comes to protecting the dignity and worth
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of every person in the spirit of st. francis. with all due respect to the speaker and his announcement, we still have to stop their actions in shutting down deposit. and the opportunity for a clean, continued resolution is an absolute necessity. we hope that it will be done in a timely and dialogue oriented respect for other opinions in pope francis's way. we look forward to seeing what comes next. we have been on the path that enabled the republican caucus to work its will, the house to work its will and the congress to work its will to keep government open. so that we can move forward for the american people. but, again, the disarray and the
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house republicans obsession with shutting down government at the expense of women's health needs to be reckoned with and recognized. any questions? yes, sir. >> how does the announcement affect the cr debate? does it make it easier or tougher for democrats? who do you negotiate with now with this lame duck speaker? >> he is a speaker until he gives up the gavel. you and we will find out together what comes next in the republican caucus. whether there is heir apparent or disagreement as to who will succeed the speaker. but the fact is that september 30th is right around the corner. and we have to have a short-term cr within a matter of days. we would have a cr that would take us to, i would like
10:54 am
november 20th. the speaker has always said december 11th. we all agree whatever the date is by november 20th we would have to be -- have our negotiations complete as to what the offsets are, what the tap line is and what the writers could be on such a bill. that we would go forward with it on the only bus bill that we are limiting sequesteration. it is dollar for dollar domestic and defense that we invest in the strict of our country in terms of our domestic agenda. and that, again, this all would be completed in a timely fashion for the next year. at the same time that we are finding the off sets the top line and the riders, the
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committees would be working their will. it is is just a question of what the dollar figure would be. >> as they are race to go fill his shoes, isn't that going to be a distraction as you hope to do all of those things? >> it is more than a distraction. but the fact is that is one element of this. the president of the united states we will sign the bill. so that leverage is significant in terms of what he will sign. you have the senate democrats and republicans that have to come to an agreement as to what the initial cr will be. and we hope to have that monday night or tuesday so we can act upon it. and in our house what approach they want to take. and we have heard -- you have seen in the press i'm sure some of the approaches they want to take with bringing two bills to the floor, which is fine. that's the way they want to do it. as long as one of them is a clean cr.
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there isn't a whole lot between now and september 30th at the end of fiscal year. there isn't a great deal of play. it's what comes after that as we build. i want to have a top of the line between the time we did a cr. they are not willing to do that because they want to find the off sets before they determine the top line. so that will take longer. >> what did you find out about the speaker's resignation? did you know beforehand? >> no. i called this morning and he was in a meeting. this was like 8:30 or something. 8:15, before i went to the stateless breakfast to toast the prisoners languishing in prisons in china and tibet. i am just recognizing the time. they said he's in a meeting. he will call you mid-morning. but i haven't heard from him he yet. so how did you find out?
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>> i was in the caucus having this conversation about one option being their corrections -- correction of errors bill. different tactics they might use. and all of a sudden you know how it is. the phones just lit up. that's how we found out. >> in the long term, do you think speaking -- does this increase the shut down in the process? >> the american people are even now more closely watching what happens here. because they have seen a speaker step down because those in his caucus are demanding a shutdown of government unless there's a defunding of planned parenthood. public awareness is the strongest, strongest opportunity we have for keeping government open.
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and so even some of their karl rove and the rest of that my understanding is they have spoken out against shutting down government. shutting down government is drastic. we in our caucus this morning they had read to us by our ranking member lowey all the things that have happened to shut down government, affected in terms of our veterans. who are affected in terms of children and nutrition. it is a stunning array. one of the things that people have said is if we only met government shutdown for one day but really did not mitigate for the damage, then the american people would really know how bad this is. but being responsible as we are and responsible as the president is is when the shut down came before. it lasted from the 1st of october to the 17th. it is harmful.
10:59 am
we lost at that time $25 billion in our economy. it curtailed the growth of our gdp. it put people out of work. at least 30% of the federal workforce are veterans. and we profess to worship shrine of our veterans. they will very casually shut down deposit. and having various impact on federal workers. this all comes down to the fact that the republicans in congress, if you take some of the issues we have talked about, our anti-governments purchase not government. anti-government is a -- the degree of government has been the debate in our country for a couple hundred years. how much government. how much federal, how much local and state.
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that's where you are on the spectrum. but anti-governance, shut it down and celebrate, that's unacceptable. and president washington, as he was leaving office, cautioned against political parties which were at war with their own government. and that's really what we are seeing evidence of now. political party at war with its own government. and that just can't be. and that's not a manifestation of the gop, the grand old party, which has done so much for our country over time. great presidents, leaders in congress. but yet some would say he has been hijacked and we're seeing evidence of that now. but you know what that's here. that's what we do for the
11:01 am
american people across the country. what we do is keep government open and remove all doubt in anyone's mind that the ideology of the extreme element of the republican party is not going to dominate how our country meets the needs of the american people. and they're not going to sacrifice the lives and health of women by shutting down government with the excuse that it is about planned parenthood, for them any excuse will do. we have a vote so i'm going to have to excuse myself. >> can i ask if you are going to be running for speaker? >> well, the leader of the opposition party is nominated. yeah. we go through that. we have to go through that again. but it is interesting to see. thank you all very much. democratic leader nanciy pelosi in a shorter than normal
11:02 am
news conference talking about the pending resignation of john boehner not only from his leadership position but his house seat as well. there are a series of votes going on. we will open up our phone lines to you to hear your reactions, comments and thoughts. 202-748-8920, 8921, and for republicans and all others 8922. send us a tweet at c-span. our plan is to take your calls and comments for the next half hour or so. we don't expect to hear from house speaker boehner. certainly if anything should arise, we will bring that to you. at 11:30, we will take you back to new york to the 9/11 memorial. we have brief video of the speaker, the meeting this
11:03 am
morning, house republican conference meeting. here he is leaving that meeting with his staff and other members. >> congratulations, mr. speaker. >> thank you. it's a wonderful day. >> why not, mr. speaker? why now, mr. speaker?
11:04 am
>> and that is house speaker john boehner a short while ago it takes humility to step down. his character is unmatched. he writes, this is the ma skwrart leader, as our country whas weathered difficult times at home and abroad, john has acted as a true statesmen. he will be missed because there
11:05 am
is simply no one else like him. now is time to focus on healing and unifying to face the challenges ahead and always do what is best for the american people. i think we have a live look -- we'll take your call here. we will go first to mike in strattonville, pennsylvania. go ahead, mike. >> caller: thanks for taking my call. seems to me that since nobody knows exactly what the pope said to boehner to make him step down, maybe he didn't say anything. maybe boehner just finally woke up and smelled the that he would never pull off another attempt to have him ousted from his position. >> hey, mike, hang on the line a quick second. i'm not going to hang up on you. but the majority leader mitch mcconnell is on the floor making comments about speaker boehner, we understand. let's listen in.
11:06 am
we apologize about that. that just got under way, the majority leader. the senate is live on c-span2. go ahead, mike, from pennsylvania with your comments. >> caller: yeah. i was just thinking boehner may have thought it would be much better for him to step down rather than to be ousted out of position and end his career in a disgrace like that. >> appreciate your comments. here's democratic leader harry reid. >> i have not always agreed and i was not always happy with what john told me. but he never, ever misled me. he never, ever told me something that wasn't true. and i accepted that. i understood john boehner very, very well. his word was always good.
11:07 am
we had a lot of dealings. so-called back channel meetings. everyone knows. but a lot of things that we do are not in the public eye. and certainly some things we worked on together perhaps wouldn't have worked out very well in the public eye. but there are things we had to do to get things down. i had a relationship with john boehn boehner. he has had two chiefs of staff. they have both been terrific to work with. my staff has reached out to them on so many occasions in very difficult times. and they had a good relationship. i have no doubt that everything that john boehner has done has been done with fact in mind that he was doing his best with his district in ohio and our country.
11:08 am
he had a very difficult job, mr. president. you served under john boehner. you know what a tough job he had. he had this faction, that faction, that faction. and a couple more. but ousting a man like john boehner, a good man like john boehner, he is a conservative republican. but his job is that john boehner has been pragmatic. he realizes sometimes there comes times when you have to make a deal. and i say to the presiding officer and everyone within the sound of my voice i never met president eisenhower. but ronald a began, i was here when he was president. and he had conservative credentials.
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but ronald reagan was somebody who understood the art of compromise. who else could have worked out something with the soviet union? i'm not sure there's anybody. ronald reagan was able to do that. mr. president, i am so concerned. i am seeing the republican party, not the party of dwight eisenhower, as i have studied him, or the man ronald reagan as i knew him. i think it's very, very sad that the republican leaders to win seats in 20 i guess now have taken over control of the party. to say that i will miss john boehner is a tremendous understatement. i look for him in ways that i could and he looked out for me in ways that he could.
11:10 am
i will always consider john boehner my friend. and i look forward to working with him until he leaves. i understand it's going to be in late october. but i will continue to work with him as i have in the past to do the right thing for the country as he will. and hopefully we will continue someplace in the middle to get things done. i have gotten things down that i wasn't happy with. and sometimes he wasn't happy with. but you do the best you can. i wish john baylor the very best in the future. whatever i can do to make his life more pleasant i will be happy to do that. whether it is setting up a golf game for him in las vegas or helping him in some government matter. i will do it whatever i can. john boehner, as far as i'm concerned, is a good man. sit a gross understatement to say i will miss him. i will.
11:11 am
>> democratic leader harry reid on the floor of the senate reacting to the news that john boehner is resigning his seat in office. back to your calls. fred on the democrat's line. thanks for waiting. >> caller: thank you for taking my call. i appreciate it. i personally think john boehner is a different guy. i think if they had more people like john boehner in the office, things would come together more readily. and i want to say things who talk negatively about the president and talking about impeaching the president. next time they want to say something to you about the president be impeached or pulled out of office, i would appreciate it if you would ask, well, what issue do you think he should be impeached for?
11:12 am
i can't think of anything that would be impeachable. and i would like to make one other point. >> yeah. >> caller: there are all kinds of poor people in this country. poor white people, poor black people, poor jews. it affects anyone. not just one nation ality. it affects more than just one nationality. they should talk more about try to press towards what they like about this country. i love the united states. i like john boehner. i like our president. hopefully we can all learn how to love each other. thank you very much. >> just a reminder, we will take you live to the comments of pope francis at the ground zero, 9/11 memorial in new york. we will hear from jack on the democrats line. new york city. you're on the air.
11:13 am
jack, good morning. >> caller: hi. good morning. i just want to say a few things. look at the facts as to what led up to this resignation on the speaker. in 2011, there were objections. in 2013, rise to senators rand paul and ted cruz. he was head of the ship when the government was partially shut down. in 2015, looming another shutdown over his head. so the overall consensus that i got is he couldn't control his own party or his caucus as he said i can't live with this anymore. i have to resign. so that's just my take on what led to his overall resignation. >> okay. joyce in louisiana. thibodeau, louisiana. democrat line. >> caller: thank you for taking
11:14 am
my call. the president is doing all he could. get the republicans out and the country will be a better country. thank you. >> taking your comments on c-span. i'm glad boehner is resigning. the pope's message spoke to him. would love to see pelosi and mcconnell follow. we conservatives are kicking his rino butt. >> glad boehner is resigning. he was the worst speaker. >> and back to louisiana. a reminder we are going back to new york city here shortly for the pope's comments at the 9/11 memorial. hi, kenny. go ahead. >> caller: hi. good morning. i would like to know specifically who attached that planned parenthood bill to the spending bill? >> say your question again. >> caller: i would like to know who specifically attached the
11:15 am
planned parenthood bill to the spending bill. >> well, that's a good question. it was a house and senate. it was attached by leadership in the senate. attempted yesterday. of course they couldn't move forward. the house is yet to act on it. we're reading it is not going to be specifically attached. kind of a complicated parliamentary maneuver. i don't know specifically who touched that. why? >> caller: well, this is why the american peel are so outraged with congress. because congress does not move forward because of these attachments to specific bills. >> the senate on monday will be voting on moving their version of a so-called clean resolution funding the government through december 11th. house action yet to come. we shared the comments live of the democratic leader harry reid. here's what mitch mcconnell had to say about speaker boehner moments ago.
11:16 am
>> grace under pressure. country and institution before self. these are the things that come to mind when i think of john boehner. he's an ally. he's a friend. and he took over as republican leader at a very difficult time for his party. and some said republicans could never recover. he never gave up. and some gave in to defeatism. he kept up the fight. and because he did, speaker boehner was able to transform a broken and dispirited republican minority into the largest republican majority since the 1920s. that's a legacy few can nudge. match. he flew across the country more
11:17 am
times than he can count to support members of his conference, to recruit new members to the cause. and as a leader of the new majority, he turned the tide in congress and brought conservative reform in many areas. he worked tirelessly to provide hope to those who dreamed of a better life. and to middleclass families who struggled under the weight of this administration. john knows what it's like to struggle and dream something better. he's lived it. but a young man from reading, ohio, wielding a bar towel reminds us of the continuing promise of this country. we a all know yesterday was an incredibly important event for the speaker. it was his aim to bring the same
11:18 am
spirit of grace that has always guided his life to others. you only had to look out on the capital lawn to see what he achieved. and he chose this moment to make his decision means his willing to leave us in a similar spirit. i know we will all have more to say then. but for now thank you, my friend. >> senate majority leader mitch mcconnell moments ago on the resignation of john boehner in october, resigning his seat in congress. back to your calls and comments, your reaction. smith, texas next up. it's leah. welcome. >> caller: hi. i'm calling in and i'm thrilled that boehner is resigning. i want to get up and do a a happy dance.
11:19 am
my concern is the process will move too quickly, though. the last time this happened they wanted to immediately go to a special election. while it gave us a glimpse into that promise, the time was too quick. we need the doors of the republican caucus blown open we need to be able to see inside how the process works. it is what has led us to this inside the party. and we're not going away. so i'm thrilled. and i say get those doors wide open so we can have access in to direct our elected republicans as to who should be the next speaker of the house. >> one of those names is paul rye. part of his statement on the resignation of john boehner. john's decades of service has helped move our country forward
11:20 am
and i deeply value his friendship. i am confident our conference will elect leaders that will challenge the challenges our country faces. next call from clermont, florida. >> caller: hi. i wanted to say the people on the far right, boehner is an unprincipled man. he doesn't line up morally on any level with the actual consumers in the country. >> okay. cuyahoga falls, ohio. republican line. it's dorothy. >> caller: yes. thank you for taking my call. my prayers are with speaker boehner. i think that is the tone of the pressure was really getting next to him. i think he did a tremendous job considering the pressure that he
11:21 am
was under. i think america is under god's watch for not having a consciousness when you think in terms of women using murder of the unborn child as a form of birth control. and willing to not have a consciousness about that. that troubles me. when i think of the christians that unite themselves with the party that will consider the murder of the unborn child as a form of birth control rather than using some type of protection. i think they have thrown away their moral consciousness. and i think god has a watch light on america. and my prayers are with him. i think he was a soldier that went downswing. and i think america is still on
11:22 am
trial for what they are doing to the unborn child. i hear the women saying this is my god. i can do what i want to do. i want to know what about the baby's body? he has a soul. and he's an american citizen. yes, he is. if there was a car accident and that lady was pregnant and wanted that child, then the person that caused the accident would be on trial for murder as well. so what about our conscious? that's what's on trial. thank you for taking my call. >> we will take you live to pope francis at the 9/11 memorial. he spoke this morning at the united nations addressing the general assembly one day after his speech before a joint meeting of congress. the one and only time a president has a -- pope has spoken to a joint meeting of congress. a live look here to new york. a number of dignitaries and former mayors, et cetera.
11:23 am
former mayor bloomberg on the right. the man behind pope francis is monsignor mark miles. grand rapids, michigan. your thoughts, linda, on john boehner? i am very glad to see he resigned. it's about time. we need a true conservative who will stand up to obama. we need republicans who will defund planned parenthood. it is not fair that the tax payers are having to fund this group that is killing babies. how many einsteins and other potential great people have we destroyed in this process of planned parenthood? i'm very upset. and i think that it bothers me
11:24 am
every time something comes out boehner has caved. it is all about the sequester. you know, what it is about time a ma. >> do you think the issue -- do you think the process of trying to defund planned parenthood gets any easier now that john boehner steps down as speaker? >> caller: well, i feel that he always caves. i don't know that he is a true conservative. and it bothers me, even when by the republican party that the key people are demonized, by the democrats and the republicans. all the people are saying is, we're the hard-working people of america that do everything that we're supposed to do, work hard, pay our taxes, pay our own way. we're not on welfare. we're trying to keep this country great. and those are the people being
11:25 am
demonized. even by the republicans, which is amazing to me. and i just feel boehner has not -- i feel he has caved. he says, we're going to do this. we're going to do this. we're going to do that. and it's not true. they to not say what they say we're going to do. >> speaker made the statement two hours ago or so to the republican conference in a closed door meeting on capitol hill. i'm not sure when we informed his fellow leaders. here is steve scalese. it is expected to take affect. steve scalise saying there is no speaker in history who has done more to defend innocent human life, to combat a lawless executive branch, and to advance a conservative. >> a couple more minutes of your calls. we are expected to take you live back to new york to hear are pope francis.
11:26 am
timothy is in carbon dale, illinois. >> caller: thank you for taking my call. john boehner is a good man. the people of his party do not support him, support obama they have to do the right thing. so i hope anybody replacing him will do the right thing. you have to follow what the party tell you. they should do the right thing for the american people. thank you. >> some of the video from yesterday. the speaker welcoming the pope to capitol hill. it was at the speaker's invitation that the pope decided to speak before congress.
11:27 am
reynoldsburg, ohio. richard. >> caller: hello. yeah. i think it's great that boehner is resigning. i think it should have happened years ago. i think there should be 15 or 20 others that resign because they ain't doing nothing. they put them in there. they don't do nothing. they sit on their rear-ends and kiss everybody else's. thank you. >> carrollton, new york. what's your take on the speaker's resignation? carol? make sure you mute your television or radio. and go ahead with your comment. >> caller: okay. we are very unhappy with the government. we are unhappy with several of them. the only one i think should become a speaker is can (inaudible) because he is an honest man. why is it always the party, the
11:28 am
party, the party? >> you would like to see louie gomery. >> caller: he cares about america. >> it is often the case he will take advantage of the general speeches, special order speeches they call them after the house wraps up its regular business. we will take you live to the ground zero memorial in just a minute. a couple tweets of reporters covering capitol hill in the news that speaker boehner is stepping down. jennifer bendery. the good news is, we're gonna get new leadership in the house of representatives. and he is speaking to the sum minimum. frank thorpe rep mark meadow was asked if he is running for speaker. he said no. patricia murphy said speaker boehner bought a new golf condo
11:29 am
on marco island last year. equals adios, nerds. and reid wilson. boehner got five standing ovations in gop conference meeting this morning. lots of freshmen credited him with their wins. west palm beach, florida. independent line. sorry about that. this should be steven. >> caller: yes. >> go ahead. >> caller: what this is all about. many people have their opinions about why they are glad to see him leave. but what it comes down to is a failure of the legislative branch to reign in the executive and the judiciary. it doesn't matter. you can choose whether it is planned parenthood, whether it's obama care, it's the budget. this comes down to the role of government and the fact that the american people spoke very, very
11:30 am
loudly. you probably know the ticks better than i. but what number of states out of 50 have a democratic governor -- i'm sorry, a republican governor, republican house, and republican senate? i believe it is the highest in nearly a century. when the president of the united states got up during the state of the union trace and basically doubled down on his agenda of the previous whatever it was, four or six years, he essentially slapped the american people across the face. the role of the legislature is to be the voice of the people, especially the role of the house of representatives. and i'll give one last thing as a special case in point. when the president of the united states went over and did that, negotiated that agreement with iran, that's all well and good. i don't know how anybody can look at that and say that is not a treaty. any treaty by the constitution man ratified by two-thirds of the senate. thct


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