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tv   American Artifacts  CSPAN  September 26, 2015 11:51am-11:59am EDT

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grandchildren. on sunday afternoon, at 4:00 on filmamerica, and archival documenting the visit of the queen and king of afghanistan to the united states, including a meeting with president kennedy and a parade through washington, d.c. get our complete schedule at , each week, american history artifacts visits museums and historic places. the national gallery of art was a gift to the american people from andrew mellon, who served from 1920y secretary 12 1932. coming up, we visit the museum to learn about early american portrait painting. >> hello. i'm diane stevens. we are standing in a room of
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portraits by john singleton . as he looked around the room, you can think back to the words of john adams, who said, when you see his portrait, you just want to discourse with them, as the questions, and receive answers. men show you of these substantial, realistic figures. you have a sense that they have in auccessful lives, and good place. his paintings of women are sometimes so ravishingly beautiful in their attention to fabric, texture, and the beauty this portrait. this was painted in 1763. look at the beauty of the
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fabric, the garlands of flowers, the lace leaves on her dress. you can see his training in fine details. there is an interesting story to this woman. veryas married to a very, wealthy man from the stripping -- shipping industry. they had a home in newport. he was very active in political affairs. in 1763, he would have accumulated so much wealth that they retired to their country estate in new hampshire, where there were 70 acres, of 11 of to greenhouses and flowers. they were happily living on this estate in new hampshire, but the war came along, and the british
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soldiers ravaged the state. his income from shipping totally stopped, and things got very hard. it was only discovered, in the 20th century, at that point, he corresponded with general clinton. sir clinton, who was the british commander of the area. he wrote to him, offering intelligence and exchange for protection from the soldiers, and for some cash. this was not discovered until the 20th century when his papers went to a library in ann arbor, and this correspondence was discovered. it does not look like he got much assistance, protection, or cash because the circumstances were considerably reduced after the war.
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he and his wife moved to providence where he had a shop and boarding house. ann knowion is did about his traders activities? we do not know. it does not take away from this portrait of this very confident, self-assured young woman with her beautiful garland of flowers and lace sleeves. these paintings are primary sources. there is no filter on them. they are just as they were painted. and try tocarefully understand them, i think they are a great source for understanding who the people were and what life was like at that time. >> you can view this and all other american history tv programs at our website.
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trumanident harry referred to his wife as the boss . she served as first lady on her own terms. she had little to say to the media, especially after some unforgettable public woman. -- public moments. she spent a good amount of her inte house years home missouri. best truman, the sunday night on c-span's original series, "first ladies: influence an image." from martha washington to michelle obama. sunday at 8:00 eastern on american history tv on c-span 3. >> today i am a reporter for
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four. is this marion barry? i called him up and sent, i have club 45. to they say that you sit there all the time and watch naked dancing girls. there was applause pause on the phone, and you said, it is nice, isn't it? i think 44 attorney generals from around the country signed a letter to say what he did with politics, and not bribery, and he should have reported that gifts. ifts.d not report the the problem is, bob mcdonnell,
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had been considered vice president shall candidate. you is what happens when are public figure and combine your messy private life. a."and 's featuring3 is c-span's original series "first ladies: influence an image." through conversations with experts, video chores of historic sites, and questions from c-span's audience, we tell the stories of america's 45 first ladies. now, eleanor roosevelt. eleanor roosevelt: i'm speaking to you tonight at a very serious moment in our history. the cabinet is convening and the leaders in congress are meeting with the president. the state department and army


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