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tv   King of Afghanistan Visit to America  CSPAN  September 27, 2015 4:00pm-4:34pm EDT

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tom sherwood on the political corruption in d.c., maryland, and virginia. >> having 44 attorneys general from around the country sign a letter saying they agreed with governor mcdonald, that what he ,id was politics, not bribery and that these gifts -- he should have reported the gifts. child's wedding. $50,000, $70,000 loan. the problem was bubba donald had been considered potentially a vice president of candidate. he was in over his head when he got into the governor's office. this is another case where you are a public figure and you let your messy private life combined together. announcer: tonight at 8:00 eastern and >> each week american history brings theamerica"
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archival films that help bring context to today's public affairs issues. film documents the september 1963 trip of afghanistan's king and queen. frommed zahir shah rain 1933 until 1973, when a coup abolish the monarchy. returning to afghanistan after many years in exile, zahir shah was given the symbolic constitutional title father of the nation. as seen on the right in this photo, when hamid karzai was sworn in as afghan president in december of 2004. the former king died in 2007 at the age of 92. library,m the kennedy a film following the royal couple from washington, d.c. too many stops in the u.s., including former president eisenhower's farm, disneyland, and new york city. ♪
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>> kabul, their majesty's king mohammed zahir and queen humaira prepared to leave for the united states of america. our mountain kingdom bids his majesty farewell. he will be our first king to visit the united states.
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west, towards the setting sun. the trip will take them halfway around the world. their destination is washington, the capital city of the united states. their majesties are accompanied by the united states chief of , land first in langley field in the state of virginia. the affection they receive all.bles them are to welcome young afghan students attending universities in the united states. next day their majesties travel to washington, the capital of the united states. a gentle rain falls on the city
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is our king joint united states president john f. kennedy for a ceremonial welcome on the lawn of the presidential residence. together, the two leaders review the honor guard. servicesents all five of the united states, the army, the navy, the air force, the marine corps, and the united states coast guard. they express their mutual respect. although distant from each other, our countries are as one in our people's desire to maintain independence, to live
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in freedom, and to look to the future with hope. because his wife is ill, president kennedy has asked his sister, wife of the director of the united states peace corps, to act as official hostess. embassy's majesty himself entertains. he meets the chief justice of the united states and many other leading members of the national government. their majesties meet many friends of the afghan people during their visit to washington and the united states.
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later, the united states secretary of state hold a formal dinner for their majesties. the white house in washington is both residents and office for the united states chief executive. the two leaders meet several times to talk about matters of common interest to our two countries. socialc development and progress are among the most important subjects they discuss. washington has many parks and memorials. this one commemorates abraham lincoln. years ago, lincoln became one of the greatest presidents
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of the united states, a man of infinite patience and determination. he led his country safely through its greatest crisis, a civil war. today, their majesties visit the lincoln memorial. any country, one must learn about its past leaders. abraham lincoln had great power of expression. his words as well as his spirit add solemnity to this beautiful memorial. the washington monument, and obelisk of stone 185 meters high, dominates the city skyline. get honors george washington, the first president of this country for whom the city itself is named. vernon, his old home, lies a few miles south of the capital. many thousands of people visit the place where he lived and died, and from which he went forth to become a hero of
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history. in the city of washington, the huge capital building spans on the hill. of elected representatives the people of the united states come here to write the laws of the country. of the most beautiful religious buildings in the united states, washington's islamic center, stands in one of the main thoroughfares of the city. the mosque, the library, museum and school spread an understanding of islam and provide a place of worship for muslims in america. five times daily, this holy and thears the voice, 15 muslim nations that sponsor
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the islamic center made it a magnificent place for worship. it of native american stone, a modern rendition of ancient architecture. and they built it in the capital as a symbol of progress on the imam.ple of our many things make up the image of a nation. zahir comes to arlington national cemetery, where thousands of american soldiers library. lies justook place across the potomac river from the capital city. we afghans know the meaning of bravery and loyalty, of service and devotion to one's country. we understand this respect for fallen heroes.
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solemnly he visits this place of the dead. he rests in honored glory, an american soldier known but to god. on behalf of all the people of afghanistan, his majesty places a wreath of flowers at the tomb of america's unknowns.
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hospital. children's comesjesty queen humaira to pay a call of her own. hundreds of children, wide-eyed with wonder, await her visit. children, a poet once wrote, come like eggers -- beggars, but each can find a room in a corner of a mother's heart. doctors from afghanistan's neighbor, iran, serve on this hospital staff and they are honored to act as her majesty's guides. during their second day in
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washington, their majesties receive the honors of the city. the capital holds a parade to pay its respects to our king and queen. his majesty rides slowly through the city streets with president kennedy. in scarlet tunic's, the united states marine corps band makes up part of the colorful procession. next, their majesties fly by helicopter to call on former united states president dwight eisenhower, who visited kabul in 1959.
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the retired general and statesman now lives on a farm in the state of pennsylvania. general eisenhower raises price cattle. -- prize cattle. his majesty's plane flies south to cape canaveral in the state of florida. from here the epic voyages of the astronauts began. here, other giant manned rockets will soar to the moon and beyond.
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hundreds of millions of people have watched these rockets take off. the united states makes rocket launching's open to the public. in the breaking room of the launch operations center, the dreams and plans for the space theirme alive, with all excitement, challenges, and importance to mankind. united states satellites circle the earth right now, as you hear these words. they sent back to earth communications and weather reports. the great machines of space demand special metals and fuels, and much knowledge and skill. our king asks many questions. to visit cape canaveral is to visit a new frontier.
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the state of florida provide something else for his majesty, for it has some of the finest fishing grounds and the united states. fishing, like hunting, is often best on quiet mornings. our sports loving king relaxes for a day, aided by anglers who know these waters well. just a few miles off the florida coast, the gulf stream of the atlantic ocean flows north. its current carries with it more than 500 species of fish and fisherman cap -- come from all over the world to enjoy the interlude of sea and sun and sport.
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fort bragg, an important army training center in the united states, salutes our king. this is the whole of the 82nd airborne division which dips its colors in tribute. this unit calls itself the becauseican division its officers and men come from every one of the 50 states of the united states of america. a special review calls attention to the sky. 700 shoulders -- soldiers jumped together. well done.
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a good demonstration. upward his majesty flies across the heartland of america, over its rivers, forests, prairies, and canyon strictly mountainous western states resemble the land of afghanistan. some of their cities lie almost as high as kabul. at laramie in the state of wyoming on the campus state university, his majesty hears again the voices of home. 18 young afghan students attend this university, preparing for future responsibilities in afghanistan. what a pleasure it is to receive their king.
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give me a home, a home on the range, run the words of the popular american song. we afghans more than most sure this love of the wide open spaces. -- share this love of the wide-open spaces. wyoming is one of the leading producers of sheep and wool in the united states. the university keeps several purebred flocks for teaching purposes and research. aware of his majesty's interest in farming and animals, professors of the animal husbandry school tell them about their goals and producing better and better livestock. cows of the hosting breed often give 60 liters of milk or more every day. improvement associations all over america have worked miracles in increasing milk production by illuminating poorer cubs.
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his majesty takes great interest in animal care. under the sponsorship of our government and that of the united states, a team of experts from the university of wyoming is now at work in our country, helping us develop our own agricultural associates. westernmost state of america is california, which borders the pacific ocean. her majesty visits california polytechnic college, where writers -- riders on arabian horses perform a colorful salute to afghanistan. their trainers and riders love these high-spirited animals.
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common sight in the united states is a typical supermarket where american people do much of their weekly shopping for food. customers served him cells from the shelves and wheeled her selections in cards to a cashier's checkout counter. such labor and time saving in food distribution help reduce
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the cost of a housewife's food basket. the efficiency of agriculture, transportation, of marketing, and refrigeration all contribute to the variety of high-quality of the food sold. fresh fruits and vegetables may be had all year long. weighed, priced, and prepackaged. lamb, and mutton are merchandised the supermarket way. highways 10 lanes wide plus the metropolis. here on the shore of the ocean
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lies marine land of the pacific. you might call this a circus whose only performers are creatures that swim. and what a spectacle. this seal takes a glass of water on a stick and swims across the pool. porpoises are small whales. this one takes a line and toes a and a brave little dog -- tows a boat and a brave little
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dog. more porpoises. sailors have always known them to be the friendliest creatures in the ocean. today we also know that far and away, they have more intelligence than anything that lives under the waves. from underwater windows you can watch divers feed the fish. marine land of the pacific has 3000 specimens on display. asy range from fish as small your little finger up to wales that way for thousand pounds. a vivid look at life beneath the seven seas. south of los angeles lies another park that resembles no other on earth, disneyland. it has rides and exhibits and shows. it has trains and planes and bands and balloons. it has almost anything you can imagine.
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one imagines this is all for children. but it isn't. for every child that comes to disneyland, there are for adults. wisest, most celebrated men and women have been charmed by its attractions and enchantments. a miniature train can make you forget the real world if you let it work its magic. all aboard, the conductor's cry at disneyland. the ride will take you to a never neverland, a world of fantasy and dreams.
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this must be real, but then again, it isn't. it's all make-believe. a river launch at disneyland takes you through the wildest jungle. it's really is that makes you think you have come to another world, that you have left the united states.
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but you haven't begun to see all of disneyland. imagine now one of the great rivers of the united states and a paddlewheel steamboat, a common method of river travel 100 years ago in this country. in ancient american indian village comes alive again. but how can one really explain this place except to say that it brings smiles and dreams and that it stirs the imagination?
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mickey mouse is a well-known movie character. at disneyland, he leads the band. their majesties have been honored guests at this unique place of dreams and fantasy, disneyland in the state of california. eastward, they will now fly,
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leaving los angeles behind them. highlight of the royal trip to the united states is there majesties visit to new york, the largest city in the united states. between its buildings, hundreds of feet high, our beloved king rides up a famous hero fare of rod way. -- thoroughfare of broadway. this world-famous street has been called the canyon, for its towering buildings down upon many distinguished men who have here received a parade of honor.
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one of the world's newest great cities honors our king in our ancient kingdom. -- and our ancient kingdom. the empire state building rises cityt 400 meters above the streets. the spectacular views from its observatory helped give it its nickname as the eighth wonder of the world. from here, radio and television transmitters reach 13 million people in the city and surrounding suburbs. york,n look down on new the commercial and cultural center of the united states.
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nearby, the united nations headquarters stands by new york's east river. secretary-general and the u.n. chief protocol take there majesties into the great chamber of the united nations general assembly. statesman of more than 100 countries have stated their vi ews. afghanistan has proved over the years to be one of the strongest supporters of the united nations. within this council chamber, ambassadors work to preserve the peace of the world. there majesty's 12 day visit to
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the united states of america draws to its end. fly 12,000 miles, halfway around the earth, to return to their mountain kingdom. home awaits. the arrival of the royal plane in kabul stirs loyal hearts to beating faster. familiar banners, friends, loved ones, mountains, who can count the myriad cords that tie us to our homeland?
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it is the end of a long and successful journey. his majesty, king mohammed zahir, first in to the united states of america, is now safely home. thanks be to allah. ♪ >> president harry truman referred to his wife as the boss, and she served as first lady on her own terms. she had little to say to the media, especially after some unforgettable public moments.
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she spent a good part of her white house years home in misery. beth truman, tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern on cspan's original series, "first ladies, influence and image," examining the public and private lives of the women who fill the position of first lady and their influence on the presidency. for martha washington to michelle obama, tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern on american history tv on c-span3. this year c-span's touring cities across the country, exploring american history. up next, a look at our recent visit to cincinnati, ohio. you're watching american history tv all weekend, every weekend on c-span3.


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