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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  October 2, 2015 7:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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2.7 million people every year. they come to us by choice. so when i think about what's really at stake here, particularly for folks who think about ending access to planned parenthood i think about those folks. last year we provided 3.5 million birth control services in this country. 4.4 million std testing and treatments, 378,000 pap tests. almost half a million breast exams. more than a million pregnancy tests. i think it's interesting one of the things we do at planned parenthood is we work to the highest level, most current level of health care for women. and so it's interesting we are being criticized for the decline in pap smears, but, in fact, that's because we actually have adopted the recent -- the best medicine, which is that not every woman needs a pap smear every year. to me that's what we're about. making sure every woman regardless of her income, immigration status, whether she is insured can get access medical care. that's why we are proud to do it. >> that is called respect. thank you, ms. richards, for being here. >> thank you. >> i recognize the gentleman from tennessee, mr. duncan, for
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five minutes. >> ms. richards, this is my 27th year in congress. i'm sure i have seen many male witnesses treated much tougher than you have today. and surely you don't expect us to be easier on you because you're a woman? >> absolutely not. that's not how my mama raised me. >> right. all right, let me ask you this. you say in your testimony a lot of women wouldn't have access to certain types of health care were it not for planned parenthood. do you know that the department of health and human services say there are 9,727 health care service delivery sites, 4,082 rural health clinics, 1,200 federally funded qualified health centers that also operate 9,000 other sites, over 9,000. do you know about that? and you also know that there are over 2,000 pregnancy health
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centers over 80% which receive no federal funds at all. and that doesn't even count many hundreds of thousands of private doctors and nurses and health care delivery services, walk-in clinics and so forth. have you taken all of that into consideration? >> what i really -- certainly. what i can speak to is what i know about, the patients that choose, again, voluntarily to come to us. i think one of the interesting things is -- is nationally a third of the women who access family planning services through a safety net provider, a third of the women get that from planned parenthood even though we're only -- >> the point is there are many thousands of other alternative health care providers. let me ask you this. according to our reports, there
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are 2.3 million private charitable organizations. almost all of whom receive no federal funds. but do you know how many received 41% of their funding from the taxpayers? >> i don't know how many see as many patients as we do. we see 2.7 million patients a year. >> do you know of any other private charitable organizations that are receiving 41% from the government or $528 million from the taxpayers? >> the fair comparison is who is seeing 2.7 million patients. because as i said earlier, we don't get a big check from the federal government. we actually are reimbursed for services delivered, for birth control, for std testing and treatment, for well-women visits. >> well, i can tell you almost every one of those 2.3 million charitable organizations would given the opportunity tell us that the government or the taxpayers benefit from what they're doing also. and just to give you an example. the national boys and girls club in the last annual report said they received $26 million from
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the federal government compared to your $528 million. it seems a little bit lopsided to me. >> i think the cost of providing health care to 2.7 million people and i very much respect the boys and girls club. we work like hospitals being reimbursed directly for services that we provide. again, i think it's -- the comparison is a little apples and oranges. >> let me ask you this. do you think it's right in a free country to force people to contribute to your organization? because that's what you're doing, taking taxpayer money from people who are totally opposed to what you are doing. >> we provide health care under the medicaid program just like every other hospital or health care provider that sees medicaid patients. one thing that is important to understand in many areas there aren't new doctors or health care providers that will see medicaid patients. particularly when you're talking about obgyn services it's not
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always easy for women and particularly in the southern united states to find someone who will actually provide them a well-woman visit, birth control services. >> let me ask you this because my time is running out. i know you apologized for the discussion and the tone and maybe the laughter. i don't know whether you apologized for the laughter or not on the videos. i'm not clear on this. >> do you defend the sale of baby body parts? >> no. and i think that is a total mischaracterization. fetal tissue research was started -- which as i mentioned was started, the whole commission that legalized and created the structure under fetal tissue research was started under the reagan administration.
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what it does is facilitates fetal tissue donation. and that is actually -- as i said, fewer than 1% of our health centers do any -- facilitate fetal tissue donation for the patient but fetal tissue research has led -- >> my time has run out. i just want to say this. it seems to me that the apology you offered was like what some criminals do. they're not really sorry for what they have done. they are sorry they got caught. and it seems to me that your apology is more because you got caught on these videos. thank you, mr. chairman. >> i respectfully disagree. >> i thank the gentleman. >> thank you, mr. chairman. ms. richards, thank you for testifying and being here today. an organization that provides such extensive preventive health care to millions of women. and, in fact, i ask unanimous consent to submit for the record
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a letter from 92 organizations that work closely with planned parenthood talking about all of the great high quality health care planned parenthood provides to women and men across the country. >> without objection so ordered. >> thank you. i myself have received services from planned parenthood. i like many young men and women in this country when i was young and in my early 20s, i came from a very poor family. i wasn't able to afford college. i went based on student loans, pell grants and two jobs, one of which as a waitress. i couldn't get that waitressing job without getting a health exam. i couldn't afford to go to a doctor. the job was there. you can start friday if you come in with a valid health exam. go to your local planned parenthood. they will do it for you today. and you can start work in two days. it was a life saver. i remember what it was like to be a young person needing the health care and being able that i could go to my local planned parenthood and get all the care that i needed.
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thank you for providing those services for me when i was in need. i want to talk about what you do across the country and focus a little bit as an exemon my home state of illinois. i think it's a critical point that 96% of the services that planned parenthood, according to your most recent a annual report are for preventive and screening services. in illinois for 2015, tell me if these sound accurate to, nearly 60,000 patients were served over the course of approximately 110,000 visits in illinois. nearly 50,000 for contraceptive services. over 34,000 were for std testing and treatment. 7,000 visits were for cancer screenings. does that sound about right to you, ms. richards? >> that does. that does. thank you, congresswoman. >> thank you. i would like to address an issue
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that started very early on in this hearing which is this implication by allowing medicare and medicaid to reimburse planned parenthood we are shifting money away that could better used for military defense and for our servicemen and women. as a military woman who just retired after 23 years of service, i would like to ask you to talk a little bit about the services that planned parenthood has provided to military men and women and their families for the past several decades and also include the women of the peace corps. i think it is especially to note that the very women who are willing to lay down their lives for this great nation were denied services under the heid amendment for abortion services especially as a result of rape and incest and especially, you know, this is tragic in light of the many tens of thousands of women who are victims of military sexual trauma every single year. can you go over what you've done for military men and women and the peace corps volunteers over the past many decades? >> thank you. and i'm glad we were able to provide you health care when you
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needed it. my first real doctor visit was a planned parenthood when i had gone away from texas. so i'm grateful as well to the organization. we do serve everyone. that is really our mantra is care no matter what. we believe it is so important that no matter what walk of life someone comes from, whether they're insured, whether they're in the military, that they get services. in fact, i remember the last time this house of representatives went through a similar exercise. i remember hearing from a woman in north carolina who said -- you know, she wrote in. she said i don't know if they know that. us military wives go to planned parenthood when a doctor on base can't see us. so i do know that we serve military families all over this country. and we're proud to do so. >> can you talk a little bit about senator murray's bipartisan legislation to allow women veterans and families health services act which would allow access to ivf treatment many for infertility issues caused by our military service being withdrawn as a result of the attacks on planned
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parenthood? >> i'm not that familiar with all the details of her bill. i know senator murray has been a strong advocate for ensuring that women in the military get the same types of services, that women do here in the states. and i think -- we are highly supportive of that. it is incredibly important that we equalize women's access to health care both globally and in the u.s. >> thank you very much, miss richards. i yield back, mr. chairman. >> now recognize the gentleman from michigan. >> i thank the chairman and the witness for being here. i am wearing a pink tie in solidarity of women's health issues today. my wife, daughter-in-law, daughter, my two granddaughters. >> congratulations. >> -- are extremely important to me.
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just to go back to some of the statements on the video -- videos. and i'm not going to spend time there. but planned parenthood commissioned a report by fusion gps examining the authenticity of the videos. the conclusion of that report says the analysis did not reveal widespread evidence of "substantive video manipulation" and it "shows no evidence of audio manipulation." full versions of the videos are available on the center for medical progress website and the cmp youtube channel. showing that only parts that have been edited are, one, bathroom breaks and, two, breaks where no conversations took place. i just want that stated for the record, mr. chairman, as we have a lot of controversy about the videos.
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yet the eyes show but ears even more so hear what was said. let me -- >> could i address that -- >> very quickly. i want to go on to more crucial issues. >> i think it's important that we at planned parenthood asked, i think even prior to this committee, that all the original source footage be released. that's actually -- that has still not happened. because, again, we want all of it out there. >> we want to know too. >> yeah. i think we can agree on that. >> what we have seen so far the ears have heard what were said. also, i would address -- the unnecessary attacks coming from some on the other side. especially on men taking an interest in the lives of people most important in our lives. if men in this society aren't allowed to stand and defend the women and children we love, what has our country fallen to? it is a shame when we have
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brought into a frenzy and concern about what happens to our babies, our most defenseless. i just held in my arms my brand-new granddaughter three weeks ago in the african country where she was born. and i thanked god for that life, that unique special life. and i told my son-in-law on the way home -- i said it's amazing, prince, as we drive home today, having never met this little girl before, i would give my life for her. i love her. she's unique and special. that's why we have this hearing today. we want to get to the truth. we want to make sure women's health care issues are dealt with and dealt with appropriately. in that same country, meeting with the president of the country the next day and the speak of parliament who is a female, they pleaded with me as a member of congress to stop hurting their women and families and children trying to change
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their culture with organizations like our state department, usaid and planned parenthood. let me ask some questions here. and i take this information from planned parenthood federation of america, your website. and i take it from medicare benefit policy manual. it says the qualified health care centers, 13,000 of them in this listing, and planned parenthood centers provide pelvic exams, std testing, manual breast exams, birth control. both entities provide that. is that correct? >> i don't know what all the entirety of all fqcs provide. >> but you provide all that i just mentioned? >> yes. >> but emergency first responder care, mammograms, immunizations, diabetes and glaucoma screenings, cholesterol screenings, peedattic eye, ear, dental screenings, well child services, radiological services, cardiovascular blood test, bone mass measurement, nurse on staff, all of those according to
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your website you don't provide? >> we provide in some places but it's not a core service so it depends on the state. >> it is not a promised service. >> it's according to state. >> according to the medicare policy manual the federal qualified health care services provide that. now if we're talking about care for women, i would suggest that the care is there in 13,000 without the controversy of the abortions of the fetal manipulation and potential use of body parts in the wrong way. and i think for the record if we're talking about women's health care, the issue of where we find it is found in 13,000 plus centers available to women. and medicaid isn't dealing with it. and, oh, by the way, your opening statement indicated great problems with medicaid and obamacare is supposed to take care of that. i hear my time has ended and, thank you, mr. chairman. >> i would be happy -- >> thank you.
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i recognize the gentle lady. >> thank you. there is a couple -- this is very troubling to sit here as a woman and to hear some questions that are obviously insensitive. one the continual question of why don't you provide the x-rays for a mammogram, where every woman here knows you have a primary doctor. that doctor exams you. if there is a lump, you are referred to a specialist. i wish those who would sit here and ask those questions would actually have the sensitivity to understand what a woman goes through with her health care. that would allow us to ask more pertinent questions. secondly, it is exhausting to keep hearing about federal dollars being spent on abortion when repeatedly the facts state, and it's not a controversy, read the facts.
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do your research before you ask these exhausting, sometimes i feel insulting questions. we cannot use federal dollars for abortion. this is not a lump sum budget item that we give to planned parenthood. it is reimbursement! how many times does that have to be repeated for this to become an embraced fact? if there were no citizens of the united states going to planned parenthood to receive these medical approved services that we approve as a congress, there will be no reimbursement going to planned parenthood. they would not receive any funds. i just -- for the life of me sitting here today, i know my colleagues are more intelligent than this.
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and it is exhausting to hear just a philosophy of attack to just use information that is totally incorrect. as if i keep saying it some kind of way it will become factual. my question, there would be these other health care services for million of women because you went away. there's a suggestion that all of these community health centers would just step in and fill up. a claim that community health centers readily can absorb the loss of planned parenthoods is a gross misrepresentation. i would ask you, can -- in your experience in health care the perception that if you went away it would be totally absorbed.
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can you please respond to that? >> yes, congresswoman. this is an important point and there's been a lot of discussion. first for the record we see 2.7 million patients a year, 78% of them are at 150% of poverty or below. so, these are group of women and men and young people who are often uninsured and certainly have fewer less access to care. i know there have been a lot of reports that have come out since congress has suggested eliminating access to planned parenthood for patients. i know the cbo own study, the congressional budget office, estimated 390,000 women would lose care next year if planned parenthood -- if women could no longer go to planned parenthood. i think to some of the questions that have been raised it's important for folks to understand as you talked about how women get breast care in this country, in some areas we are the only safety net care. the care that they need is
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family planning, it's access to their cancer screenings and well-women visits. in many areas there are long waits. 60% of our clinics will see folks the same day. in some areas they won't take any more medicaid patients and planned parenthood is the only entity so -- >> and it is true that the medicare and the targeted audience or group that use planned parenthood are often those who are most at risk, african-american, minority women, die at a higher level than any other population when it comes to -- to breast cancer, when it comes to actually dying from having pelvic or cervical cancer. so, we are actually giving opportunities. i want to interject or ask mr. chairman unanimous consent to enter a letter into the record from latino organizations that stated that they know for a fact
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in their communities, the community health centers could not absorb this. i just want to close, because i only have two seconds -- >> without objection so ordered. but the gentle woman's time has expired. >> thank you. >> will now recognize the gentleman from arizona. >> mr. chairman, i yield my time to the gentle woman from utah, miss love. >> thank you. i'm right here. >> thank you. >> first of all, i want to say thank you for coming and answering questions. i want to be very clear that there are no gotcha questions here. i just want to be able to get as much information as possible. i'm not here to try to change your mind or change the minds of my colleagues i'm just trying to get as much information out to the public as we possibly can because some of these funds are their taxpayer dollars and i think they deserve to have some
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answers. first of all, miss richards, in the annual report planned parenthood's annual report, says that you are providing over 489,000 breast cancer screenings. and you stated that none of your clinics actually have the mammogram machines. how many of the -- how many of your affiliates have those mammogram machines? >> well, our health centers are part of our affiliates. we have more than 650 health centers so affiliate is simply the corporate structure for those health centers. >> and how many of those have mammogram machines? >> an affiliate isn't a health center. i said -- i think i spoke earlier, we do not have mammogram machines at our health centers and we've never stated as we did. it was mentioned earlier for women who go for a breast exam, just as i go for my annual, you get a breast exam, and if you need a mammogram, you're referred to a radiological clinic and that's what we do at planned parenthood every day. >> you refer them to radiological clinics? >> we have partnerships with the komen foundation and we have a lot of different ways we refer mammograms.
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>> how much does planned parenthood make from cancer screenings? >> how much we make? >> yes. the revenues. >> for federal -- for federal -- so just talking federal funded, we don't make money off of cancer screenings. >> that's great. how many -- how much -- well, you don't get anything for mammograms either. how much is made from abortions? what's the revenue that comes from abortions? >> you're going to have to bear with me a minute so i can be responsive -- >> if you can respond as quickly as possible. >> okay. there are 59 affiliates. each of them are completely different. right? they all run their own operation and i can't tell you -- i think this question was raised earlier. i can't tell you specifically -- >> you can't tell me how much you actually make from abortions? you can't give that number. okay. >> the national office, just also so you know, we do not provide health services at the national office.
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we've provided information for all 59 affiliates, their annual, their audited financial statements -- >> i wasn't even asking about the affiliates. >> that's where health services are provided so that's relevant to your question. >> okay. but you don't have those numbers. all you're saying the health care affiliates have these numbers and you don't have them so you don't know. >> certainly not. >> for the year ending june 30th, 2014, according to planned parenthood reports 1 million -- 1 -- sorry, excuse me. $127.1 million in revenue over expenses. from 2005 to 2013, planned parenthood reported a 53% reduction in cancer screenings and prevention services and 42% reduction in breast exams and breast care while abortions have increased 24%. can you understand a little bit of the hesitancy and trying to figure out why those numbers have gone down where abortions have actually gone up? we're -- these -- >> we're talking about two different -- so we don't mix apples and oranges here. so, federal funding pays medicaid funding and title ten pays for very specific preventive care services as
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we've discussed. and federal funding does not pay for abortion except in very limited circumstances. >> what i'm trying to say -- why would it be offensive if we actually took funding and put it into clinics that actually provide where those numbers are actually increasing, providing health care exam, providing mammograms that actually have those? >> the medicaid reimbursements if they are going up, if the numbers are going up, that's because more services are being provided. as you know many women now because of the affordable care act and medicaid expansion there are more patients on medicaid that are coming to us for health care. so, that's -- all the reimbursements are directly related to health care delivery services. that's exactly -- we work -- planned parenthood is -- you were not here earlier. but planned parenthood is like any other hospital or health
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care provider that provides services to medicaid patients. >> you've also made it very clear that if planned parent hood wasn't around, this would be very difficult for low-income families. so what is the responsibility of hospitals and other clinics that, you know, that you actually -- that people can actually go to? i mean, you can't say that planned parenthood is, like, the only place that is available? >> no. obviously it's a place that 2.7 million patients choose to come to voluntarily every year. what's important in a lot of area of the country they won't take more medicaid patients. >> choose to go. >> i would agree. >> there's no reason we can't provide those options elsewhere. where people can have their choice as to where they go. >> exactly. congresswoman, i think in might be an area where you and i agree. >> my time is love. mr. chairman -- >> i would like to have the chance to answer the questions. >> you did, actually, you answered my questions. mr. chairman, if you could help get the information for the numbers i've asked for, that
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would be really helpful. >> i appreciate. the gentleman from arizona that yielded to you. i would ask for unanimous consent to take four pages from the annual report where we have the documentation in the reduction of the breast exams and breast care. and so without objection would like to enter that into the record. no objection, so ordered. now recognize the gentleman from california mr. lew, for five minutes. >> thank you, mr. chair. thank you, miss richards, for your testimony and the gracefulness with which you answered the questions today. i want to also thank you for running an organization that has helped millions of women and men across america and on behalf of the majority of women and men in this great nation, i want to say thank you. and having sat here for the last hour and a half, i feel like i'm in some sort of bizarre alternate universe. i think it's crazy we're having this hearing based on heavily edited videos and misleading
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videos that actually show the exact opposite of what was happening. and what was happening was that planned parenthood was following the law. i think it's also crazy that we're here when we have fetal tissue research that is not only entirely legal but has bipartisan support. i think it's insane that in my district now because of these misleading videos women have in some cases had to go through two sets of bomb-proof doors just to access health care. and i thank you for your courage. and i note the cowardliness of the maker of these videos who is too scared to come before us to testify. so, let's just come back to
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reality for a few minutes. abortion is legal in the united states of america. isn't that correct, miss richards? >> it is correct. >> and we don't live in a theocracy. the law of the land is not the old testament or the new testament or the koran or the torah. the law of the land is the constitution of the united states. isn't that correct, miss richards? >> that's correct. >> and abortion is a constitutional right, isn't that correct? >> correct. >> and planned parenthood allows women to access that constitutional right, isn't that correct? >> yes, we do. >> and none of that gets any federal funding, is that correct? >> that's correct, except in the very limited circumstances allowed by federal law. >> thank you. now, there are multiple medical clinics across america that also provide abortion services, correct? >> i'm sorry? could you repeat? >> there are multiple medical
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clinics -- >> and hospitals. >> -- and hospitals across america that provide abortion services, correct? >> correct. >> and they also provide services that have medicaid reimbursement, isn't that correct? >> i believe that's correct, yes. >> and no one is saying let's shut down medical clinics and hospitals because they also happen to provide abortion services, is that correct? >> i don't think that's been proposed. >> in fact, they're going right after planned parenthood even though you do the same thing as many of these medical clinics. because you actually, like any organization, have separate line items, that's not a new or novel concept, correct? >> correct. >> so, let's talk about fetal tissue research. it has made enormous lifesaving changes for millions of americans and people across the world, isn't that correct? >> that's right. >> in fact, fetal tissue research has resulted directly in the development of the polio vaccine, vaccines for hepatitis "a," rubella, chicken pox, shingles and rabies. anyone in america that has had a family member or themselves been affected by multiple sclerosis and other diseases you can thank fetal tissue research for
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advancements in that field. if anyone has been affected by macular degeneration by all sorts of cancer, by diabetes, by cardiovascular disease and immune system issues and glaucoma you can thank fetal tissue reich for making vages advancements in those areas. it's crazy that we're here because the other side wants to shut down government because planned parenthood was following the law because fetal tissue research is something that's helping lots of people and now we want to shut down government because we want to defund all of that. that doesn't make any sense to me. and let me sort of conclude now by asking you to respond to sort of the questions about why there's been a reduction in cancer screenings. isn't it true because guidelines have changed? >> that's correct. >> they said let's do less mammograms. and then in terms of medicaid reimbursements the guidelines changed there, too, about pap smears, let's do less of those,
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too, isn't that correct? >> that's correct. and we also follow the best science and best medicine at planned parenthood. >> and then let me read a quick letter from one of my constituents who saw that planned parenthood might get defunded. she said she grew up in a small desert town and made poor choices and at age 15 started having sex and he didn't want to end up pregnant like a lot of young girls? my town so she went to the one place she knew would help her planned parenthood. they made her feel comfortable. they gave her an exam and gave her birth control pills and told her she had an std and told her to take antibiotics and without that the std could have made me permanently defert de-fertile and she thanks planned parenthood for helping her and her family. >> i'm so pleased to hear that. thank you for sharing that. >> i would thank the gentleman, but i would also admonish all
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members on both sides, the proscription of motivation is not something we generally allow members to push on other members. i will tell you in response to what the gentleman said, the producer of these videos was not invited to this hearing. and part of the reason we didn't do that is we think -- i think i did the responsible thing, and you've heard mr. cummins in support of this, is i issued a subpoena to get all the videos. and the only reason that they have not been produced is that there's a temporary restraining order by a court in california. i would love to have the videos. but if we're going to ferret out what these accusation is, you have to see all the videos. and that's what we're trying to do. but there was never a suggestion that this gentleman, mr. delideon, was anything but cooperative. he simply was not invited here because without the videos we can't have a good discussion about that. >> thank you, mr. chairman. >> mr. chairman, let me just ask
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you this. with this order coming out of california, are we going to continue to try to get all of the videos, you know, i just -- i see how we have been aggressive with regard to getting witnesses and trying to get documents. and this is such a very important issue. and as i've said to you privately, i think that what i'm concerned about is the integrity of the process, no matter what, no matter where people end up on either end. if these videos are going to be even partially the foundation of what we're doing, i think we need to have all of them and we need to pursue them just like we would pursue other items that we -- and information that we need. and i just ask the chairman, are we going to continue to try to pursue that? i mean -- >> absolutely.
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that's what we did, without the support -- >> continue to do? >> and we'll continue to do it. that's what we did without the support of the minority in this case. we will continue to do that, if but for this temporary restraining order, i think we would have actually had them by the time that we got here, but we did not. we will continue to pursue them. we're working closely with house legal counsel who is now representing us to try to make that case to that court and to that client. where there is a legitimate conflict. >> the gentleman yield just for 30 seconds? let me make it clear. we will join you in a subpoena to get every single tape. period. no ands, no ifs or buts, period. and i don't know where that's coming from. as a ranking member of this committee, i'm letting you know that. >> i appreciate the clarification. i recognize the gentleman from tennessee for five minutes. >> thank you, mr. chairman. and i would like to yield to the gentleman from arizona. >> i thank the gentleman. mr. cummings, you made a comment
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earlier that i want to address. in the "new york times," they reported the epa unleashed a major lobbying campaign to rally comments and support for its regulation. you earlier went off on lockheed martin in regards to that application. i have to tell you the epa also disregarded the antilobbying act and broke the law. i would hope that you would co-sponsor my removal of ms. mccarthy as the epa administrator. now back to those processes in here. ms. richards, i'm up here. you're a ceo, right? >> yes, sir. >> you do understand market penetration, right? >> i'm a nonprofit ceo, so -- >> you look at the numbers. all ceos are looking at how they expand and profit. >> we don't profit. i don't actually look at how to profit. we do obviously look at how to expand into areas particularly where there's unmet need. >> okay.
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i like that. so your market penetration in arizona is different than your market penetration in new york state, would you say? >> i'm sure it is. >> there's three in arizona and there's quite a few more in new york. and there's a pretty good web of preventive services. i kind of want to go back. your annual report said 173.6 million in excess revenues for the fiscal of 2013-2014. that number has jumped 18.5 million from its report in 2009-2010. i would like you to tell me how you got the growth of those funds. why we're seeing such a growth in that profit. >> well, it's not profit. so let me just be really clear in terms of terminology. it's not profit. actually it's revenue that we use for services. so -- >> so would we agree it's excess of revenues over expenses? >> correct. >> i want you to explain that.
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>> it's from fundraising. that's what i spend a lot of my time doing. there are areas of the country where we want to expand. to your question about if you only have one health center in a state and you think that there is more need, so we are involved currently in raising money and spending it, we just opened a new health center -- >> you gave me a great answer. you fund-raise. >> we fund-raise specifically to expand services. >> i understand that. i understand that. so what are you looking to report in 2014? >> i'm sorry. what's that? >> so what's that number in 2014? >> we've provided thousands of pages of documents. i don't have that. >> it's actually going up to 127 million in regards to -- so there's an escalating aspect. so you're a pretty good ceo. you're looking at excess
7:40 pm
revenues over expenses. that's pretty good. i'm having trouble in all this in regards to the fundraising application, particularly when i look at these numbers, the 80% reduction in prenatal care services, the 57% reduction in cancer screenings preventive services, 45% reduction in breast exams, on and on and on. and by the way, i was a dentist, so i do understand medicaid reimbursement rates. they don't pay, right? >> correct. it depends on the state. >> you're lucky if you get reimbursed your costs. >> since you do understand medicaid, you know it varies in all 50 states. we do raise money over expenses in order to supplement the costs of medicaid services. >> i understand. let me ask you a question. with a mediator, what have you been able to facilitate for a lump cost for the price of contraceptives? is there a unit price that you've been able to lower it down to get a price fixed? >> i don't know. i don't do that.
7:41 pm
>> it's been reported it's about $3 you're paying for the average contraceptive. >> actually it's very much all over the map, as you know. it depends on -- >> on the average. >> i really actually disagree with you. i don't think that's correct. >> this is a profit center. because what ends up happening, you're reimbursed by the federal government at medicaid for $35, right? if you're truly looking at mediation and spreading the wealth of pharmaceuticals, when we get a break, you should pass it on? don't you agree? >> as you know -- >> no, don't you agree? because that facilitates more services, does it not, ms. richards? >> our entire focus is on serving as many patients as we can. so your example -- >> that's not exactly true. what you've done now and the reason i can show this is you've narrowed the focus. what we end up having is, there's very few primary care docs out there because they can't afford to stay in practice.
7:42 pm
you've narrowed the scope of practice. this is my time. this is my time so don't interrupt it. from that standpoint is you've narrowed that focus so you're profiting off death. because where you're making that profit center is actually off of abortions. that's appalling to me. that you very much. >> the gentlewoman from new jersey. >> thank you, mr. chairman. thank you, ms. richards, for enduring what i consider to be a very offensive approach on the part of my colleagues on the other side of the aisle as they've badgered you with questions, as they've used their rhetoric to use a question to seek information at the same time not giving you a chance to answer the questions. i'm actually a little confused why we're here. are we here because of videos and a question of planned parenthood doing something
7:43 pm
illegal related to the collection of fetal tissue? are we here simply because the ideological right wing of this republican majority in congress is bringing you here for a fourth hearing? or are we here because somebody believes that planned parenthood doesn't need federal reimbursement for the healthcare that it gives? for whatever reason, for whatever one of those reasons, those are specious reasons. and for my colleagues on the other side of the aisle to act like they don't understand and to suggest that they're ill-informed, if they are ill-informed, it's because they choose to be. i couldn't hardly get into this room today with all of the people on the outside, in the hallways, that were trying to get in here to be supportive of planned parenthood, because we know and recognize the impact that planned parenthood has had on healthy lives, not just women's lives, but including men's lives. we know in new jersey, in my state, where this governor,
7:44 pm
chris christie, spent so much of his leverage defunding planned parenthood, and then suggesting that the federally qualified healthcare centers would be able to pick up the slack, they came in and testified that they couldn't possibly accommodate all of the deficiencies that would occur without planned parenthood. we know about the work that you do. i want to acknowledge all the overflow room. i want to talk to you a little about mr. deleiden, whoever the mystery man is, who is trying to discredit planned parenthood. you all had a forensic report done on those videos and that revealed there were so many discrepancies, that there were so many inaccuracies, and that it would be impossible to characterize the extent to which cmp's undisclosed edits and cuts distort the meanings of the content. the manipulation of the video means they have no evidentiary value in a legal context and can't be relied upon. i want to put that report in the
7:45 pm
record and ask for unanimous consent to include that report. because where along the line we ought to be getting the other part of the story. mr. chairman? >> before i rule on that, i place a temporary objection in place. let me look at the report prior to entering it into the record. >> then i guess i should also register my temporary objection to the fact that we have one witness here and we haven't even trying to get mr. deleiden here or anyone else to question with regard to the accuracy of all the allegations that we are moving on right now. and also i wanted to say, before i give you an opportunity to answer any question that was left out there in the universe hovering over us, so that you
7:46 pm
can put things that you think that are on the record, that this is another very poor illustration of our deflecting our attention away from the work that the people have elected us to do. we need to have an export import bank that creates jobs. we need to have an infrastructure program that creates jobs. we need to be reauthorizing the appropriate aspects of the voting rights act. we've got so much good work to do. but instead what do we do? we harp on a woman's right to make choices that are hers to make. and that to me is very offensive. and with that, ms. richards, i would like to yield to you the balance of my time to answer any unanswered question that you might have. thank you. >> thank you so much, congresswoman. i would mention to the chair that i believe we've given the forensic report already to you a while back. we can follow up if there's any questions.
7:47 pm
i appreciate your comments. i think we have now had, either today, for the 14th vote on restricting women's access to healthcare in this country. i think going back to one of the questions on the other side, this is about women's choice to me. this isn't about planned parenthood. it's about allowing women in this country and particularly women of low income or live in areas that are underserved by other healthcare providers, it's allowing them to make other decisions about their pregnancies, their healthcare, where they get their services. many women come to us even if they have other options because frankly, we're the best at women's health. and i think they deserve the right to make their own decisions about why they access the doctors and clinicians of their choice. >> reclaiming the last 25 >> the gentlewoman's time has expired. >> i'm sorry. would you indulge me? >> if i do that, i would have to do both. >> with all due respect, mr.
7:48 pm
chairman, you have done it. >> ten seconds. >> it just seems to me this is not the appropriate time to be making decisions about defunding planned parenthood when we don't even know why we want to do it. >> thank you. so the gentlewoman had asked unanimous consent to enter into the record this gps fusion analysis. i would also like to add the report prepared by coalfire systems. i ask unanimous consent that both of these be entered into the record. without objection, so ordered. we'll now recognize the gentleman from texas for five minutes. >> thank you, mr. chairman. i want to talk a little bit about one of the reasons we need to take a closer look at the funding of planned parenthood, not just as a result of these videos, but as a result of some financial issues that are coming up, as president of planned
7:49 pm
parenthood, you're aware, of course, that planned parenthood of the gulf coast, last year paid a $4.3 million settlement for false claims made to medicaid and the texas women's healthcare program. is that not correct? >> that's correct. >> and you're also aware that the obama administration's department of justice contend that planned parenthood had submitted false claims against the women's health program? >> i'm not aware of that. i do know that we've been the target of the same group that has filed many, many, many lawsuits. and that's the one area i know that was settled in order to allow us to get back to healthcare. >> the united states contends the planned parenthood of the gulf coast submitted false claims to the united states in conjunction with claims submitted to the united states. mr. chairman, without objection, i would like to have this settlement agreement entered into the record. >> without objection, so ordered. >> so as a consequence, planned parenthood paid $4.3 million to settle those claims two years ago. are you aware that this spring, another office by the office of
7:50 pm
the inspector general concluded that planned parenthood had overbilled taxpayers another $128,000 in medicaid and the texas women's health program? >> i'm not aware of what you're referring to. i'm happy to look at it. >> thank you. are you aware that the planned parenthood affiliate in el paso just a few years before had failed to reimburse its subcontractors for roughly half a million dollars in claims? >> i'm not aware of that. that organization doesn't exist and hasn't for years. but i'm happy to look at your report. >> that's another issue i would like to bring up. one of the things that we're talking about today is taking some of the money that's going to planned parenthood and sending it to community health centers. do you know how many facilities in texas you have? >> i don't. but i can certainly -- actually, bear with me one minute. i'll just make sure i give you the right number. this may be -- i know we just opened one in plano.
7:51 pm
i think we have 38 health centers. there may be 39 now. >> so we've got 732 community health centers. admittedly some of those focus on pediatrics or men's health care or other specialties. but wouldn't you admit there are substantially more facilities, federally qualified facilities that offer women's healthcare than there are planned parenthood facilities in texas? >> actually, i think, congressman, one of the big problems has been a drop in access by women to health care. particularly after planned parenthood was for political reasons, i believe, taken out of the women's health program. particularly in some areas like the rio grande border that are vastly underserved. >> there are three or four facilities down in the rio grande valley, if i'm a mistaken. i also promised to ask you a couple of questions that some constituents and folks on
7:52 pm
social media asked me to ask. lauren wanted me to ask you what efforts and what steps does planned parenthood take to guarantee their providers follow state laws requiring reporting of child sex abuse? >> we have very rigorous standards that we apply. the health and wellbeing of our patients is our number one concern, and we certainly comply with all state and federal laws. if there is ever an issue, we take quick action. >> peg and alison expressed a concern about the same thing the chairman did about activities of the 501 501(c)(4) organization that planned parenthood has helped
7:53 pm
fund, you've helped manage, and funds have been transferred into for lobbying in almost exclusively democrat political campaigns. one of my concerns is, with your purported goal of making access to women's healthcare more available, isn't the money that you are diverting to lobbying effort in politics money that could better be spent actually delivering healthcare to women? >> well, congressman, as you know, in the state of texas, the number of laws that the state legislature has passed to try to restrict access to women to almost every kind of health care has caused many organizations to have to lobby. >> you spoke earlier about how you have doctors providing women's healthcare, and those doctors are funded by taxpayer money under title x or other reimbursement. are some of those doctors also providing abortion? would you be able to afford to have those doctors and keep them entirely busy but for the federal funds coming in? >> that's a kind of long, complicated question. i want to be responsive. obviously federal funds, the most important thing, i think, out of all of that is, federal funds do not pay for abortions at all except in very limited
7:54 pm
circumstance of when the woman has been raped, has been the victim of incest, or when her life is endangered. >> i would contend they help facilitate it. that's one of the reasons i support defunding. i see i'm out of time. i appreciate it. thank you, mr. chairman. >> i thank the gentleman. before i recognize the gentleman from california, after he does his questioning, we're going to do a brief four to five-minute break, sort of a humanitarian break for a moment, then we will continue on until we get the rest of the chance for the panel. for those in the audience, i suggest remaining in your seats, if you want to continue to witness the hearing. for those members who have yet to ask questions, hang tight. we'll go to the gentleman from california for five minutes and then we'll take a very brief break and resume. >> i don't know quite how to take that break after my questioning. usually people take a break before i ask questions. anyway, i want to thank you, ms. richards, for being here, the
7:55 pm
way you've carried yourself through this hearing and through this recent history, and the wonderful work your organization does. i want to sort of two lines of questioning. the latter part, very specific on the bipartisan history of support for fetal tissue research. but the first part is just in my experience, in state government in california, local government, particularly in local government, and in california and the counties that provide healthcare for disadvantaged communities, low income communities, it was always my experience that the clients chose planned parenthood when they had the opportunity, because they wanted to, whether they were a private pay or not. and we developed relationships between the county health system and you because the clients clearly preferred you, at least in our community. so in the spirit of local control, it seems to me, within the federal guidance, you competed very well in the open marketplace, whether it was private pay or reimbursed clients. is that not true?
7:56 pm
>> well, i appreciate that. absolutely, providing high-quality, affordable health care is our entire mission. we are pleased that many women and men, about 10% of our patients are men, they choose planned parenthood over other healthcare providers. we believe we provide an excellent service that's affordable. and we do a lot of outreach in the community to provide education as well. >> that was my experience, was that in local government you are more efficient and effective than, with all due respect to my friends in the county system, than the county system. with my colleagues, this is one of those instances where it is a little bit odd listening here and without being judgmental it reminds me of the old expression, when the law is with you, it's with you. when it's not with you, you pound the table. 1988, maybe you could just respond after i go through a series of these observations, if
7:57 pm
this is correct or not, and if you have any other comments. so in 1988 there was a panel called the human fetal tissue transplantation panel established under president reagan. the chairman was a republican. the panel came together and studied the science behind fetal tissue research and issued this conclusion: it was acceptable public policy to support transplant research with fetal tissue. just to be clear, that was a republican chair of a panel established under president reagan. is that accurate? >> that's correct. i've learned more about the history. it was a committee that had both supporters of abortion rights, opponents of abortion rights. it was a very bipartisan effort to come to what seems like a very good conclusion that was passed overwhelmingly by the united states senate. >> right. and this panel issued its
7:58 pm
report. congress passed after the report and passed the nih revitalization act of 1993, setting forth rules of how fetal tissue research was done in this country, passed with republican and democratic support. is that correct? >> that's correct. >> so the bipartisan line for decades has been that fetal tissue research has had significant bipartisan support. one of the reasons this research has had such strong support, and mr. lu alluded to this, is because it helps millions of people. recently the new england journal of medicine published an article and its observations in this regard were, and i quote, virtually every person in this country has benefitted from research using fetal tissue. every child who has been spared the risks and misery of chick chickenp chickenpox, rubella, or polio
7:59 pm
can thank the scientists who used fetal tissue. >> that's correct. i think probably everyone in this room has benefitted in some way. >> just in conclusion, again, thank you for the work you do. mr. chairman, while i appreciate your initial comments, particularly as we evaluate, as always, the best and most efficient use of taxpayers' money, at least from my perspective and my opinion, both from a local level of 14 years of overseeing the relationship in the bay area with affiliates there, at least at that level, we did our due diligence, and this was the most effective and efficient way of investing in our clients needs. so with that, i'll yield back. >> just one quick question, ms. richards. what do you like most about your job? >> what do i like most about my job? >> yeah. >> getting to see the patients that we serve every day and the young people who are, frankly, going to have more opportunities than we ever did. it's great. >> thank you. >> the gentleman's time has expired. as i noted prior, we are going to recess for roughly five minutes. we intend to start back up again
8:00 pm
at 12:35. we stand in recess until then. tonight on c-span 3 a look at foreign affairs with a couple of recent u.n. general assembly speeches. then a look at events last month in australia's parliament that included the removal of prime minister tony. abbott. that's followed by a debate on foreign policy by canadian party
8:01 pm
leaders. syria's deputy prime minister was in new york today speaking to the u.n. general assembly. he discussed the possibility of new talks in geneva over syri s and russia's involvement. this is 20 minutes. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> translator: president of the 70th session of the general assembly, i would like to congratulate you on your election as president of the general assembly at its current session. and wish you success in leading the work of this session.
8:02 pm
i would also like to thank your predecessor for his presidency of the previous session. ladies and gentlemen, i greet you from this great international edifice that was originally established with all its agencies in order for peace and security to prevail in the world. i greet you as i come from a country where security has been disrupted and peace has departed. a country that lives a fierce war for more than four years. i greet you from a land baptized by the blood of its people who fight terrorism and defend their fellow citizens against terrorism. while waiting for this international organization to fulfill its promises and
8:03 pm
implement its resolutions related to combatting terrorism. the resolutions adopted by the security council under chapter 7 are still only ink on paper, mentioned only in press releases and media statements. while on the ground, the country's funding, sponsoring, and supporting terrorism are still fueling extremism in the region. those countries continue arming, training, and sending terrorists to syria while being indifferent and unconcerned for the implementation of those resolutions. ladies and gentlemen, i ask you, along with the resistant people of syria, until when will the
8:04 pm
powerful member states remain to intimidate other member states committed to international law while ignoring those states that disregard security council resolutions, what have you done, i ask, to stop these states from executing criminal acts against the syrian people? why all this silence? you are witnessing these countries as they spread this extremist ideology until it reached europe, where it hit as it is hitting the middle east while the sleeper cells are waking up, bombings and assassinations have returned once again in the west. what is the guilt, i ask, of the innocent people of your countries who started paying the
8:05 pm
price of supporting terrorism by some of your politicians? you know better than anyone else that terrorism is an ideology that recognizes no boundaries. you know that when this monster comes out it cannot be limited to certain countries. the terrorism of isis and other al qaeda-affiliated terrorist organizations is killing the innocent, capturing women and launching mortar shells on civilians. this terrorism is cutting drinking water and destroying history and civilization landmarks, including those inkrii inscribed on the world heritage list, which is the heritage of all mankind. the last crimes was the destruction of temples and the
8:06 pm
brutal killing of archaeologists. why do some of your governments support countries that are used to exporting their crises outside their borders? why do you support them while knowing they only produce destruction? and do not recognize an active half of the society, being women? how can your countries accept the ideas of sexual jihad, slaughtering, hand cutting, burning, and systematic destruction of monuments and
8:07 pm
structu structure. ladies and gentlemen, based on the above, i say syria will continue to fight terrorism in word and in deed. and the aryan syrian army is capable of cleansing the country of those terrorists. despite all the sacrifices and high prices paid and that we are still paying, along with the syrian people from all backgrounds, who've paid in life and all other forms in security, economy, and livelihood, i hope for once you stand for honesty and truth. the duty of the international community is to stop this flow of terrorists coming to syria from 100 countries in order to create a caliphate state, which as you all know will not be limited to syria or iraq.
8:08 pm
the caliphate leaders have frequently stated that their goal stretches from mecca to all of europe in order to restore the glory of the caliphate according to their own interpretation. if you do not stop those member states that support terrorism, along with the terrorists they are sending, the fire that has broken out in syria, iraq, and libya will continue to spread beyond. mr. president, syria has not stopped advocating to political dialogue and practicing what we preach based on our vision, which proved to be correct, that the fight against terrorism is a priority to move on in other tracks. syria cannot implement any
8:09 pm
democratic political measure related to elections or a constitution or the like while terrorism is striking at home and threatening innocent civilians in the country. how can we ask the syrian people to head to the ballot box while they are not safe in the streets and inside their homes while they are under the missiles and mortar shells launched by terrorist groups supported by well-known countries? nevertheless, we were and still are believers in the political choice, the political dialogue, according to the parameters known to all, namely preservation of nationalsoev sovereignty, the unity of syr syria's territory and people, maintaining the state
8:10 pm
institutions, improving their performance. the only way to a political solution is through syrian-led national dialogue without any foreign interference. based on this, syria agreed to participate in geneva two, moscow one and two. i would like to announce here that syria agrees to participate in the four brainstorming committees of experts proposed by the special envoy. the special envoy has repeatedly confirmed the committee's role is mainly to exchange ideas and they will conduct unbinding prelimina preliminary examinations can be be prepared for the launching of
8:11 pm
geneva three. in the light of this, some imagined that syria's approval of the political track, regardless of its initiative and names, has a connection to what they portray as the weakness of syria's army and people on the ground. i want to say that syria is strong and continues to fight terrorism and the syrian army and the syrian people are united in the face of terrorism. let no one think, whoever they may be, after all these sacrifices and steadfastness for more than four years they could obtain through politics what they could not win in the field. or that they will achieve at the negotiating table what they've failed to achieve on the ground.
8:12 pm
a decision of the syrian people lies in the syrian people's hand alone and no one can deny this right. i repeat. the syrian people's decision lies in the syrian people's hand alone and no one can strip the syrian people of this right. the syrian arab army astonished the world with its power, faith, and persistence. mr. president, the important invitation of hvladimir putin received the attention of the syrian government and its support. terrorism cannot be fought only from the air and all the previous operations to combat it have only led to its spread and outbreak.
8:13 pm
air strikes are useless unless they are conducted in cooperation with the syrian arab army, the only force in syria that is combatting terrorism. the announcement of the beginning of the russian air strikes in syria, which came upon a request from the syrian government and in coordination with the government, is in effective participation and in support of the syrian efforts in combatting terrorism. the so-called arab spring was a spring only for israel and its undercover and known allies. israel continues to attack syria while the world is watching. israel is arming the terrorists and treating them in its hospitals and helping them with its intelligence services and supporting them to stand between
8:14 pm
it and the arab syrian army across the border. while those terrorists weaken, it intervenes directly through air strikes or artillery shelling just as turkey did or is still doing in aleppo and as saudi arabia and qatar who are doing and who are racing to shed syrian blood through their different instruments. the continued support for terrorists and the escalation of their attacks on citizens in most regions and cities in syria led to an increase in citizens' need for the basic commodities and services in many areas. the inhuman sanctions imposed by the european union and the
8:15 pm
united states exacerbated the living conditions of syrian civilians. at the same time, my government is cooperating with the united nations and its humanitarian agencies within the framework of response plans agreed upon with the syrian government to meet the basic needs of the citizens, especially those forced by the terrorist acts, to flee their homes and many of whom have resorted to some neighboring countries. some of those countries accommodated them in camps for training on weapons or what resembles places of detention and isolation. i stress that the syrian state
8:16 pm
guarantees the safe return and decent life for the citizens who are willing to return. at the same time, syria continues to exert all efforts to deliver aid from international organizations to all syrian citizens without discrimination wherever they are. mr. president, the syrian arab republic confirms its adherence to the full restoration of syrian heights until the line of june 4th, 1967. it emphasizes its rejection of all actions taken by israel, the occupying power to change its natural, geographical and demographic characteristics. in particular resolutions 497 of 1981 and 465 of 1980. syria also confirms that the
8:17 pm
palestinian issue is the central issue of the syrian people, which supports the unalien able rights of the people. mr. president, at the end of 2013, syria accepted the initiative of the president of the russian federation, mr. vladimir putin, and joined the convention of the prohibition of chemical weapons based on the need to establish in the middle east a free zone of nuclear weapons and all weapons of mass destruction. it also wanted to prove to the whole world its commitment to stand against any use of chemical weapons. syria fulfilled its obligations
8:18 pm
resulting from its succession to the convention and completed its commitments despite the prevailing difficult situation. where it not for the syrian cooperation with the u.n. opcw joint mission, it would not have been possible to complete the tasks of the mission. mr. president, the syrian arab republic would like to congratulate the islamic republic of iran on its steadfastness and victory in achieving the historic agreement that fulfills the aspirations of the brotherly people of iran and recognizes the right of iran to use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes and lifts the sanctions imposed against iran as well as lifts the freeze on its assets and leads to opening up the
8:19 pm
international arena on this brotherly country. this agreement proves that the diligent and serious diplomatic approach is able to overcome all obstacles and result in peaceful and fair solutions for difficult issues. syria stresses that establishing a zone free from all weapons of mass destruction in the middle east is unachievable without the succession of israel, the only nuclear power in the region to all treaties banning such weapons and to put its nuclear facilities under the supervision of the international atomic energy agency. at the same time, we emphasize the right of all countries to acquire and developx!ol nuclear technology for peaceful purposes. mr. president, syria emphasizes
8:20 pm
that imposing unethical unilateral coercive economic measures by the united states and the european union contradicts the rules of international law and the principles of free trade. on this basis, we congratulate cuba on reaching an agreement with the united states that lifts the blockade imposed on it. we also renew our call to lift and stop all unilateral coercive measures imposed on syria and the peoples of other countries such as the democratic people's republic of venezuela and belarus. mr. president, finally i would like to say to all those who claim their keenness for the security and safety of the syrian people the following. if you want to achieve economic
8:21 pm
and political reforms, you have to honestly implement security council resolutions related to countering terrorism. only thing can we begin the count doup to the end of war in syria. until we get to the final quarter hour and open the doors to implement what is agreed upon in the political dialogue. thank you, mr. president. [ applause ] >> translator: i thank him for his statement. earlier this week, the ukrainian president also spoke to the u.n. general assembly where he talks about russia's aggression in cry mmia. he also spoke about peacekeeping efforts. this is almost 30 minutes.
8:22 pm
>> distinguished mr. president, dear colleagues, ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of ukraine, i sincerely congratulate distinguished -- on the election as the president of the 70th session of the united nations general assembly. i wish you, mr. president, every success in your activity in this crucial historic moment. our future will largely depend on the outcomes of this session and our collective decision whether we will choose to follow the paths of peace, security, human rights, or we'll plunge into the turmoil of wars and
8:23 pm
suffering. dear mr. president, the moment of the organization anniversary, i'm proud to speak on behalf of one of the u.n.-founded members, the state which back in 1945 took active participate in a san francisco conference contributed to the establishment of the organization and laid down the foundation of its activity. the state, which added a lot in san francisco to shape the heart of u.n. charters in purposes and principles. regrettab regrettably, i am also speaking on behalf of u.n. member states, which is now suffering from the brutal violation of the fundamental norms and principle of united nations charter. the statement on ukraine's joining the united nations as
8:24 pm
one of the founding members, which was delivered at the san francisco conference, emphasized, i quote, ukraine has repeatedly been the subject of bloody invasion by the aggressor who have sought to capture its territory. end of quote. it has been a long time since that landmark event, but today i have to recall that my country has become the object of the external aggression. this time aggressor is the russian federation, neighboring country, former strategic partner, that legally pledged to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity, independence, and viability of the borders of ukraine. this country used to be a guarantor of ukraine's security
8:25 pm
whereby security guarantees were provided to my country in exchange for the voluntary reconciliation of the world third nuclear arsenal. moreover, this state is a permanent member of the united nations security council, which is entrusted with a u.n. charter. in february 2014, russia conducted open and unprovoked aggression against my country having occupied crimea. bluntly and brutally violating the international law, shocking the whole world community. i am deeply grateful to the delegation of the majority of our organization member states that last year supported the resolution of the united nations
8:26 pm
general assembly entitled territorial integrity of the ukraine, which condemned the russian annexation of crimea. moreover, moscow started a new military reckless game. this time in ukraine. despite the fact that until now russia refused to officially admit its direct military invasion, today there is no doubt this is an aggressive war against my country, against ukraine. to mislead the world community, russian leadership orders to take military servicemen and identification mark of its military equipment, to abandon
8:27 pm
its soldiers captured on the battlefield to eliminate traces of its crime on ukrainian soil. i would like to stress it is neither a civil war, not an internal conflict. ukrainian territories occupied by russia constitute approximately 44,000 square kilometers. millions of ukrainians have found themselves under the occupation. the goal of this war is to force ukrainian people to give up its sovereign choice and build free democratic prosperous european states. all this takes place against the backdrop of the rhetoric about brotherly people, common history, related language, and
8:28 pm
predestined common future. in fact, we are dealing here with a desire to return to the imperial times with a sphere of influence, a desperate attempt to attain self-affirmation at others' expense. for over the 20 months, russia's aggression against my country has been continued through the financing of terrorists and mercenaries and supply of arms and military equipment to illegal armed groups. over the last few days, we have had a conciliatory statement from the russian site in which in particular it called for the establishment of the anti-terrorist coalition. cool story, but really hard to believe. [ applause ]
8:29 pm
how can you urge an anti-terrorist coalition if you inspire terrorism right in front of your own door? how can you talk about the peace of legitimacy if your policy is war via guns? [ applause ] how can you speak for freedom of a nation if you punish your neighbor for this choice? how can you demand respect for all if you don't have respect for anyone? the gospel of john teach us in the beginning was the word, but what kind of gospel do you bring to the world if all your words are double tongued like that? back to the situation. i have to state that here we are
8:30 pm
forced to fight proper fully armed troops of the russian federation, heavy weaponry, and military equipment. they are concentrated on the occupied territory in such quantities that armies of the majority of u.n. member states can only dream about. these are in particular the examples of military equipment, of russian production, which are unlikely according to the well known assumption of the russian president might be purchased in their ordinary army store. during this period, more than 8,000 ukrainians of whom about 6,000 civilians died at the hand of the russian-backed terrorists and occupiers in ukraine. more than 1.5 million residents
8:31 pm
were forced to flee their home and became internally displaced persons moving to other safer region of ukraine. i would like to take this opportunity to express my attitude to the international community for a considerable effort in providing necessary assistance to the people in need. at the same time, i call upon the united nations and the other international actors to continue to pay special attention to these very important issues. i would like to draw your attention that is not the first time with the permanent member of the united nations security council is undermining peace and security at both regional and international level. for over 24 years that have passed since questionable
8:32 pm
procedure, the permanent security council membership of the former soviet union to the russian federation, it is not only the war that russia has unleashed. in fact, in order to preserve influence in neighboring countries, russia has deliberately created around itself a belt of instability. all of these are protracted conflicts that are supported by or directly relation to russia, but the kremling goes further. what and who is next? dear mr. president, in every democracy country, if someone stole your property, the
8:33 pm
independent court would restore the justice in order to protect right and punish the offender. however, we must recognize that in the 21st century our organization lacked an effective instrument to bring the aggression -- aggressor country to justice. 70 years ago, the creator of the united nations charter had envisioned the u.n. security council to be run of their tools in response to the breaches of peace and act of aggression. however, they couldn't even imagine that this tool would be needed against the aggressor state that is a permanent member of united nations security council. the united nations security
8:34 pm
council was consider question related to ukraine. at the outset, russia blocked a draft resolution condemning the fake referendum on the crimea in march 2014. me, personally, i was exactly at the time that they was the voting on this fake referendum, there was no member of parliament. it was just russian soldiers surrounding the republic of crimea. the second time russia puts its veto on the draft of the resolution to investigate and bring to justice all responsible for a plane ÷ crash. by posting its veto on this draft resolution, russia clearly
8:35 pm
demonstrated the whole world in defiance in establishing the truth. not just the truth about the perpetrators of this terrorist attack and arms used to shoot down that plane. what is most important, it is the truth about those who organized this crime and from which country the mentioned arms had been transported. i think everyone in this hall clearly understand clear motives of russia's veto on the tribunal. the establishment of the international peacekeeping operation, which would lead to the establishment of the situation in ukraine and stop the bloodshed, had also been blocked because of the potential threat of russia's veto. its usage as a license to kill is absolutely unacceptable.
8:36 pm
[ applause ] collective voice of our organization should be absolutely clear. ukraine stands for the limitation of the veto right. veto power should not become an act of grace and pardon for the crime, which could be used any time and pulled off from the sleeve in order to avoid fair punishment. in this context, i welcome the initiative of my french colleague and friend president hollande supported by the president of mexico on the political declaration to restrain from veto right among p5 members in case of mass atrocities. primary attention should be given to the modernization of
8:37 pm
the security council, including enlargement of its membership and approving its work. it should reflect the realities of the 21st century by representing the larger quantity of african, asian, and latin american states. additional nonpermanent seat in the council should be given to the european group. ukraine also consider improvement of the peacekeeping building and architecture as an important element of united nations reform. i am proud of ukraine's international reputation as an active and devoted contributor to the united nations peacekeeping operation. despite the external challenges, we remain a reliable partner of organization in this noble
8:38 pm
matter. [ applause ] the contribution of ukraine to the maintenance of the international peace and security provide us with the moral grounds to give the same assistance in time of vital importance of this issue for my country. the special peacekeeping mission under the united nations auspice could become very important under the peacekeeping agreement. we demand the same approach from other signatories that have resorted to the language of blackmail. otherwise there is no alternative to sanction and even their strengthening. as well as there is no alternative to the peaceful resolution of the crisis. full success to the all occupied
8:39 pm
territory of the russian military forces, military equipment, as well as the mercenaries from the territory of ukraine, restoration full control by ukraine over the state border with russia must be secured. freedom, peace, respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity, ukraine doesn't demand more. however, it will not settle for less. [ applause ] dear mr. president, unfortunately not my own free ukrainian zone as one of the areas to fight against terrorist threat, we strongly condemn terrorism in all its form and manifestation. the active of isil, al qaeda, boca haram, al shabaab, and
8:40 pm
there are others is a global challenge. the only possible way to address it is to unite in common and noncompromised fight against this. international terrorism has proved to be more flexible than the political will of the nation and toward it has taken a new hybrid form. state and non-state actor have become interlinked. the struggle for what's right is substituted for the ruthless terror. we are convinced that the need for the universal international instrument able to counteract this crime is not only urgent but long overdue. for this reason the conclusion of the preparatory work on the draft of the united nations convention on the prevention and combatting of the terrorism should become one of the top priorities for these 70th session. a special role for the fight
8:41 pm
against international terrorism should be given to the most r reputable institution. the -- [ applause ] and i strongly believe that one of the most important aspects fighting against terrorism is keeping and sharing the memory of the victims. and in this context i propose that the 70th session of the general assembly consider the establishment of the international day of the commemoration of the memory of the victims of the terrorist act. mr. president, it was my feeling
8:42 pm
that humiliation, disregard of the people, and the violation of their fundamental rights that's prompted ukrainians to leave their homes for protest in 1913, in 2013, which was the beginning of our revolution of dignity. ukraine has paid and continues to pay an extremely high price for its freedom and the right to live in a free country, the price of the human lives. this is why the interest of every single individual and the protection of the people's right laid on a foundation of my large-scale reform program launched a year ago. for the first time in 24 years of its independence, ukraine adopted the national human rights strategy. it talks into account the best international practice from the human rights perspective including the european union strategic framework on human rights and democracy.
8:43 pm
russian aggression exposed the problem of securing the human rights in crimea. leading international human rights organization would directly apply to ukrainian and crimea. i'm referring specifically to the practice used by the occupation authority in crimea to enlist forcefully into russian citizenship as well as to the persecution arrests and killing of peninsula and complete elimination of the independent media. by the legal means, we will continue to defend the rights of crimea. the indigenous people of
8:44 pm
ukraine. and i believe that the problem of blatant violation of human rights in crimea deserves a particular consideration within u.n. general assembly. i hope the decision to address this issue will be taken during the current session. i also feel obliged to mention the names of ukrainians, political prisoners of the kremling illegally detained and sentenced. a respected filmmaker was sentenced for 23 years in prison only for being a ukrainian patriot. i call about the united nations and its member states to launch a worldwide campaign of pressure on russian authorities to release all ukrainian citizens, which they hold hostage. we'll be able to achieve our
8:45 pm
goal only if our action would be global. most of all, ukraine needs solidarity and assistance, which is really a powerful instrument against aggression and injustice. ukraine will win sure because truth is on our side, but we will do it much faster if we feel support and solidarity of the whole international community. the war of russia against ukraine has demonstrated the international community is facing another challenge, which requires consolidation of our efforts. t fake news, blatant lies spread to justify their aggression, propaganda of intolerance and violation are phenomena which
8:46 pm
undermine the principle of freedom of expression and poison human souls and human minds. that's why the task of strengthening the role of information in the maintenance of the peace and security is more important than ever. and i call upon the general assembly to strongly condemn this shameful phenomena and to discuss the ways to counter them. mr. president, despite the above mentioned external challenges, ukraine is fully committed to the implementation of the sustainable development goals. we are ready to share a joint responsibility for the specific vital problem and priorities of the most vulnerable group of countries, such as small ireland states. ukraine as a member is looking forward to reaching consensus on the universal agreement in the area of climate change as soon
8:47 pm
as possible. we hope that this result will be achieved by united nations member states in december this year in paris. we have to understand that the price of this issue would be safety of future generations and sustainable development of the mankind. the achievement of the sustainable development goals will not be successful without overcoming and preventing consequences of the environmental and technological disaster. as a result of the russian aggression, ukraine faces another challenge, the protection of the environment. irresponsible and criminal floating of mines by terrorists lead to the poisoning of drinking water, soil, flora, and fauna in the region. the atmosphere is polluted due to explosion and shelling of sensitive industrial infrastructure. in fact, we can speak about the
8:48 pm
risk of environmental disaster and i am convinced that the issue of the environment protection under the condition of the conflict needs special attention of the united nations environment assembly. speaking about the technological disaster, i cannot but recall one of the most horrific of them. next year will mark the 30th anniversary since chernobyl nuclear power station. i would like to request you, mr. president, to hold a special meeting of the general assembly dedicated to the anniversary of the chernobyl disaster. it is said, i quote, ukraine with its vast human strength and material resources, will be able to make a significant
8:49 pm
contribution to maintaining peace and global security. end of quote. just like it was 70 years ago, i reiterate ukraine unwavering commitment to further undertake maximum effort to save succeeding generations from the scorch of war in short in the united nations charter. [ applause ] achievement of this noble goal will be the cornerstone of ukraine non-permanent membership in the united nations security council for the period of 2016/2017 if elected. in this capacity, ukraine will remain the reliable and consistent partner guided by the global agenda and resolutely following the spirit and letter of the charter. i am firmly convinced that the organization will pass with the
8:50 pm
dignity with the complex test the goal of peace and prosperity. let god be with us. their attention. [ applause ] [ speaking foreign language ] on the next "washington journal," bloomberg news reporter victoria stilwell discusses the september jobs report, the state of the economy, and possible action by the federal reserve.
8:51 pm
then, "detroit news" washington bureau chief david shepardson on public trust in automakers after reports of deception by volkswagen and fiat. and john logson, founder of george washington university's space policy institute, talks about nasa's announcement this week of the discovery of water on mars. and we'll take your calls and you can join the conversation at facebook and twitter. "washington journal," live at 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. the c-span cities tour, working with our cable affiliates and visiting cities across the country. this weekend we're joined by comcast to learn more about the history and literary life of santa rosa, california. considered part of napa wine country, we'll look at the evolution of the wine industry in sonoma county. >> sonoma county's agricultural history, i guess you could say, began with wine, because the first vines planted here were by
8:52 pm
general vallejo and at the mission and before general vallejo at the mission at sonoma probably in the late 1820s or early 1830s, which is a very long time ago. they were mission grapes, and nobody in their right mind would make wine out of them now. but you know, with that wine country label that started in the '70s, by the '80s and into the 1990s, we were beginning to be better and better known. >> when my folks first purchased the ranch in the late '50s, they didn't know it at the time, but it was -- they saw quite a change in the ag industry happening just in our little valley here. it hasn't always been the "wine country." we have a wonderful, storied agriculture history here in the valley and in sonoma county, also. >> we also visit the jack london
8:53 pm
state historic park, once home to london, author of "the call of the wild" and "white fang." >> we're on jack london's beauty ranch, also known as the ranch of good intentions. this is where jack london lived until his death in 1916. jack london probably would have been writing longhand when people came upon him in his office. he was very productive here. in fact, two-thirds of his writing was published after he moved here. books like "white fang" was published in 1906, a year after he bought his ranch property. "the valley of the moon" was published while he was living here. "little lady of the big house" was published while he was living here. jack london claimed that he worked two hours a day writing, because he would write 1,000 words a day before breakfast. but i think a lot of his time was spent because he was trying to build the beauty ranch, the ranch of good intentions, so that it could be a model. and that took a lot of his time. >> see all of our programs from santa rosa saturday at noon eastern on c-span2's "book tv,"
8:54 pm
and sunday afternoon at 2:00 on "american history tv" on c-span3. next, a look at events this past month in australia's parliament that included the removal of prime minister tony abbott in place of communications minister malcolm turnbull. this is courtesy of australia's public affairs channel. it's 25 minutes. ♪ >> hello, and welcome to parliament house in cambria. i'm tom connell. you're watching "question town wrap." tragic figure of the lifeless body brought home. the refugee syrian crisis to many australians and also here in parliament house. labor pushing and eventually getting for an extra refugeean take, the government in fact going further than labor suggested with taking on 12,000 extra syrian refugees.
8:55 pm
>> are there any questions the leader or the opposition? >> thanks, mr. speaker. my question's to the prime minister. there is an unprecedented humanitarian crisis unfolding in syria and surrounding countries. all australians have been shocked by those horrifying images that have emerged, including the tragic photo of the police officer carrying the body of the poor, deceased, little 3-year-old boy. will the prime minister join with labor in a bipartisan fashion and commit to offering 10,000 extra humanitarian places in australia to refugees displaced by the syrian crisis? >> the prime minister. >> well, i do appreciate this question from the leader of the opposition, and he's asked it in a good spirit and with a good heart, mr. speaker, and there is a good spirit and a good heart in this parliament and in our country. we always want to do the right thing by people in trouble, and we are not going to let people
8:56 pm
in trouble down now. we never have and we never will. it is the australian way, to look after people when they are in trouble. i agree with the leader of the opposition, that there is an unprecedented crisis. it is, as he said earlier this afternoon, probably the most serious humanitarian crisis that we've seen, the greatest mass movement of people that we've seen since the end of the second world war and the petition of india. so, it is a very serious crisis. i also agree with the leader of the opposition that all of us were moved to tears by that poignant image of the drowned child on a beach in turkey. and i do agree that this parliament should, as far as is possible, act in a unified, collegial fashion when it comes to responding to crises
8:57 pm
overseas. this parliament, for all of the difficulties and disagreements we've had, has so far been able to speak pretty much with one voice on national security issues. and when it comes to a humanitarian crisis like this, i'd like us to continue to speak as far as we can with one voice and to respond as far as we can as one united nations. so, i do appreciate the suggestions that the leader of the opposition has made. as the leader of the opposition knows, the minister for immigration and border protection, mr. dutton, is in europe now. his discussions with the u.n. high commissioner for refugees with the international organization for migration with our friends and partners and allies in europe are now under way. they are now under way. i think it is important that we hear his report, and that is what i hope to do overnight
8:58 pm
before we start to finalize a response. and i say that any response that we do finalize in the next 24 or 48 hours may, in fact, need to be further revised as this particular crisis unfolds. but it is my intention to listen to the minister to see what advice he has received from the people on the spot, to weigh the advice that he has received from the experts who are already grappling with this crisis and have been grappling with this crisis for some time now. and i can assure the leader of the opposition that he will be briefed and the parliament will be kept updated. >> the member for sydney. >> thank you, mr. speaker. my question is to the acting prime minister. they went off an additional intake of 12,000 people displaced by the syrian crisis. can the acting prime minister advise how long it's intended that this resettlement should take?
8:59 pm
is it the intention that the government will resettle those people before june 2016? >> the deputy prime minister. >> mr. speaker, i thank the honorable member for the question -- >> member for sydney, minister for foreign affairs. >> the government's decision to take 12,000 refugees from this crisis area is a humanitarian gesture that we've been able to take. it's one that we believe reflects the will of the australian people to again do what we can to provide safe haven for those who have little or no hope of ever returning to their country and living with any kind of reasonable lifestyle. now, we have said that we want to bring those people to australia as soon as possible. we will be dispatching a team of australian officials to assist
9:00 pm
the unhcr to identify people who are suit abable for transfer to australia. we'll be doing that quickly, and we would like to see these people come to australia just as quickly as we can. now, i have to acknowledge that there will be time -- it will take time to undertake this processing. we need to insure that, firstly, these are people that the unhcr have recognized are, indeed, genuine refugees. we have to do the security checks that are associated with these kinds of arrangements and then make the suitable arrangements to bring them to australia. now, we will commence this process just as quickly as we can. 12,000 is a large intake. so, clearly, it's going to take some time, but our objective is to do it as quickly as possible. >> domestic violence is another issue in which both major parties agree more needs


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