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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  October 15, 2015 11:48pm-12:00am EDT

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revolutionary found it to their advantage to be on the side of the people at the beginning. but once victory was secured they did not hesitate to turn their guns on the people. from our own bitter experience people on the chinese mainland have come to realize. this is a living example which should be studied carefully by all latin america countries
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because of a lesson that can be derived from it. >> 100 years ago a great cuban liberator jose marte wrote, among the dreams of man there is one that is most beautiful. to overcome the darkness. perhaps one day cuba will overcome the darkness and truly know freedom and peace. american history tv airs all weekend every weekend on c-span3. in prime time on week nights when congress is in recess. we cover all periods of american history and a wide diversity of topics. at our website
11:51 pm you can watch all of our programs. find our tv schedule, see youtube clips of upcoming shows and connect with us on twitter and facebook. this is american history tv only on c-span3. former naacp chairman julian bond died in august. on sunday october 25th american history tv features an oral history with mr. bond where he remembers growing up in the segregated south. his involvement with the student non-vial lernlt coordinating committee, and later political career. this is one of several oral histories with african-american community leaders we feature in the coming weeks. they were conducted by the university of virginia's explorations in black leadership project. that's sunday october 25th at 10:00 a.m. eastern mere on american history tv on c-span3. every weekend the c-span
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networks feature programs on politic, nonfiction books and american history. at saturday at 8:30 p.m. eastern editorial cartoonists describe their experiences covering the george w. bush administration. and sunday afternoon at 4:45 an event honoring the life and political career of former british prime minister margaret thatcher on what would have been her 90th birthday. live this saturday morning at 11:00 on c-span2's book tv the 20th annual texas book festival from austin featuring interviews with nonfiction authors including h.w. brands and his latest book on president reagan, harriet washington and her book on how we can watch mental ilt l illness and dennis ross on the relationship between the u.s. and israel from the truman through barack obama relations. and sunday it continues beginning at noon with author michaelwise on the terror group isis. then a discussion on artificial intelligence with authors john markoff and hall. and later authors betty boyd
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caroly on lady bird johnson. on c-span3 saturday afternoon just before 5:00, historian on the relationship between president richard nixon and the shah of iran and its affect on u.s. foreign policy. and at 6:40 george mason university on the confederate flag and history in relation to the legacy of slavery. get our complete weekend schedule on many news reports and public officials refer to their current refugee cries sighs in the european union as the worst since the end of world war ii. next on american history tv's "reel america" a look back to 1946 with seeds of destiny, a 20-minute war department film depicting the situation faced by millions of orphaned and homeless children. the grafg b skreeps of traumatized, hungry, and poorly clothed children recorded by the
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u.s. signal corps helped raise millions of dollars for relief efforts. this academy award winning film includes scenes that may be disturbing to some viewers.
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♪ >> children, the human raw material of each shalterred nation's tomorhkzsñ pillars of the brave new world. pillars of the brave new world, ages from 3 to 6 and not even
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able to stand, rickets. age 9, mother tortured, father burned alive. age 10, lost her senses when shells swept her dutch village. age 8, mother, father, sister, and brother killed all around him in deliberate shell fire because they refused to leave the shelter of a ravine. himself wounded. age 8, she didn't know her strange new toy was a grenade. ages 10 to 14. age 3, stunted and warped by nutritional deficiencies. pillars of the brave new world separated from parents whose names they don't even remember.
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roaming like wolf packs, stealing, begging. education neglected, all normal influence gone. living in filth. and millions more like them from which will emerge new leaders, new leaders who also will bear the burden of keeping the peace together. for hereto as well as in more fortunate nations are makers of tomorr tomorrow. manuel, mad doom cudam curies o new hitlers, mussolinis.
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for the axis contrived a legacy, legacy to drive down nature and future into one common ruin, jeopardizing the next generation for the next round. for germany in particular had had long practice at ripping the entire fabric of a nation's life so that a state of enduring weakness could be assured, liberation or not. liberated leadership. the czech village that once filled this entire valley and then was wiped so completely off the face of the earth that not even rubble remained. for all the women were sent to concentration camps of which these are the among the surviving few. where all the men and boys of the village were shot and buried in one common grave.
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and all the little children sold for 50 marks apiece to various german families and perhaps lost forever. the effects of which will linger long after men like these captured ss men who helped destroyed him have been tried and condemned. and their big shot counterparts who created in a greater degree a design for destruction that made it an ominous miniature of design to wield all, a design detailed by hitler himself in the last days of the third reicht as he stated in essence -- >> we shall leave an inheritance of ruins, stone haeps, ruts, epidemics, hunger and death, and thereby


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