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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  October 16, 2015 10:58pm-11:01pm EDT

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for thems. this family is a german immigrant family, but by the end of the 1850s they're going to be speaking english. in terms of their food, sitting down to dinner with them, yeah, they're going to have saurkraut now and then, but they'll mix in peas. corn is definitely going to be a staple of their diets. native americans are teaching europeans how to cultivate it and grow it, so they're going to combine that staple grain with foods they would have traditionally eaten in europe. you have a native plant to north america and bread, which is very common in europe, coming together to create corn bread. even in food and culinary practices. in terms of architecture, the room we're standing in resembles
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very much an english parlor. we have dishes on display to show fancy china. an english influence on architecture to create a room for guests and to display your fanciest goods, but we're right next to a very german bedroom. having the mom and dad of this household sleeping on the first floor is a very german tradition. that master bedroom is right next to this english parlor. then we have porches on the front and back of this house, which are a west african influence on american architecture as well. the house itself is just a whole big story of how these cultures are coming together and blending to create this new american culture that we still add to today. it's not finished by any means, but this is kind of where we're at by the 1850s. >> thanks for visiting the frontier culture museum today.
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we're open 362 days a year. we'd love to see you out here, so please come and visit us in stanton, virginia. >> this is the second of a two-part series on the frontier culture museum. part one explored daily life in europe for migrants before they came to colonial you can watch this and other cer programs anytime by visiting oun website at american history tv airs all weekend every weekend on c-span 3 and in primetime on weeknights when congress is in recess. we cover all periods of american history and a wide diversity of topi topics. you can watch alurl of our programs, find our tv schedule, and connect with us on twitter t and facebook. this is american history tv only on


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