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tv   American History TV  CSPAN  November 21, 2015 5:47pm-6:01pm EST

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campaign of george herbert walker bush. the 20 minute color film is a john f. kennedy's trip to texas in november of 1983. the minute i wear live of the radio program. historyty of virginia professor. and university of richmond resident emeritus the film birth of the nation and the ends. american history tv all weekend every week and. >> all weekend american history tv is featuring syracuse new york, home of the year a canal. posted by our time warner cable partners. recent leave visited many sites
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circuiting the city's history. learn more. >>. solomon is probably the most iconic american woman that i know. she was someone when you look at her life is incredible area going from slavery to freedom and then continuing on the best for nearly 92 years. most people know her affectionately as the moses of people. that's related to all of her duties of the underground railroad. she's a euro. that's the thing that the constant.
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fearlessness. 1859, he decided offered would be the place of permanent residence. she was able to purchase the land where she built her for a mouse. be knew that this would accepting is for her to live. also place for she could prosper area it provided the resources for her. these 32 acres are an assemblage. at the top member president, she opened but only to her family to friends into nelson davis who was a veteran of the civil war took care of. she ultimately married him because he became a veteran was sickly.
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we are taking this in her historical the ages. their home for the ages is in auburn was segregated. we have been fortunate to have descendents donate furniture that was actually our. the bedroom furniture as well as the family bible. those are important artifacts. request for freedom when you look at where her life began the totality ofife, her
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the life of services by remarkable. far beyond the slavery to read and move as it expanded to the women's average at the. lookingds to her not for a handout but a way in which she be provided means. the fact that she created on the care knowing that health and dignity as they obtain tell. important and fundamental. the hearing to the home of his early two acre property. i visit the site with my students. museum,ok to the picture malala could not be.
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i asked the manager he said he nowhere was. it andecided to go find we actually went out and had lunch that day. we realize the significance of we were at the home for the ages. homenent building of the was john brown paul in his lost. landscape.k the was the location of john brown paul. and ite hall was open treesally an open field and forests have grown up. all when we went up
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the day we're actually having to cut through bush. finally found the romans. brambles rose thorns. once we got here we realize what. however the time is completely covered in brush. before we kenexa dunay evasion we had compensation. i did not even begin the project for years after that. we did begun the first thing we did was there at. we laid out a grid and did several tests around the area with started excavating to the houses.
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what you see the site are stone foundation embarks on top of it. can see the fieldstone use the foundation. a lot of the use areas of the house of self were in the basement. once the excavation began we to the lot relating character that was here. things which told of the care to buy the resident. a rascal box. heart toe shape of a me and represented the care and love the tubman put into the home. cannot say was owned by her in anyone's.
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based on all of the evidence we began ween he ventures were asked serving the public the excavation. excavatingwe started we found ash deposits up to 20 centimeters d. it was spread out across the area. some luxembourg artifacts. what happened here was her house at her. we found the original house was a would rain. not the brick. woodhouse then is one of his rebuilt. february
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over the next few years with related in front of the house in this area right in front. we found all the pharmaceutical items like toothbrushes and medicine cabinet. they were thrown back in to the whole. property andd the right on the head's glory found thousands of artifact. by the front door, this is actually a rebuilding of the porch that was here area there was a bigger porch. we found caches of artifact. hundreds of ceramics. we found a but they lots of ursuline nuns.
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all those things have been thrown back into the building. continue to live here until 1911 she took ill. she died in 1913. >> we are challenged with making history relevant. sake, notr histories a high-value anymore. luckily connect the different people all how it can access the on the united states. values whileore they are shortly significant only relevance there's something to carry those values. the working for over two decades
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be able to honor harry tubman by ensuring that her life and her likeness prevail for future generations. best rate for that to happen is an ownership with the national are -- national park service. so we are very excited and happy and positive about our legislation passing that has allowed and able to that happen. more particularly we are very cited about the fact that we are partnering not only the federal government but with the state of new york is only other partners so that we can have a more dynamic. . we have put together an amazing team of people who have contextualize a center where we
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can work alito not only the tubman's tory using the best technology the story of the freedom movement and the story of the abolitionist movement in new york. we think that the harry tubman national historical art will be a huge factor in the regional economy. valuesubman's or service, respect for the ages, adequate health care, social -- they are just as relevant today and very much a part of the public discourse today as they were during her lifetime. the fact that we're still challenging ourselves as a nation to be better in all of -- that her legacy
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endures in her core values are extremely relevant. and that she was a woman way ahead for time. >> throughout the weekend american history tv is featuring syracuse, new york. our cities tour staff recently traveled there to learn about its rich history. learn more about syracuse and other stops on our tour at you're watching american history tv, all weekend, every weekend on c-span3. next, harry jones of the african-american civil war anorial and museum takes in-depth look at the actions and strategies employed by african-americans in their struggle for freedom, from slavery billions in the


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