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tv   American History TV  CSPAN  November 22, 2015 4:20pm-4:31pm EST

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-- for a period of two years and 10 months. historyeekend american tv is featuring syracuse new york. abolitionist -- as part of the underground railroad. house throughhe her friend, through a then a illegal transaction. part time warner cable partners worked with cd -- worked with c-span's travel staff when we travel to stick used to explore the rich history. learn more about syracuse all weekend here on american history tv.
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>> quite an exciting thing going on. to me it starts not only with lacrosse. whole history itself. part of our history, part of our entertainment. it was all of a sudden played on the other side. it was painted to us for our enjoyment. and for medicine to help our people. we call this the women shuffle dance. the women are very important, so we honor the women in this dance. ♪
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>> of all the things that happened with the lost of land and the forced removal of our people and the wars, we have .een diminished as a people our culture and our language and our ways have been attacked, not only physically but through policies. for us to be hosting all the countries today is quite an accomplishment, to say the least . my position is one of the 50 traditional leaderships. as you know the women choose leaders. out names for all the children.
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whatever your mother is, that is your nation and your clan. they have a big responsibility. in that way we give the duty to the women to choose the leaders, because they are the ones that no what kind of qualities they have. we really leave it up to them to choose a leader of their plan. we were warring against each other. this man was chosen to bring that message to us. this is not how he intended our people to be.
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so he brought this message of peace to our people. word and spreading the estimations developed when they brought all the nations together , which was the mohawks geographically coming from the , one of thewest first agreements was that would -- was that they would not fight each other. this union would develop this message of peace and they would not fight each other. so the symbolic meaning of planting that tree of peace, you will have this tree of peace and it will be up the great pine. the tree will be the eagle.
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.he eagle will be watching over if there any dangers, the eagle will scream and warn us. , theren to the roots will be these white roots that anybody can follow and protect our nation from the confederacy. that was established. , now we mustgether bury our weapons and we are going to uproot this tree and put our weapons against each other and so them into this whole. the underground current will pick up those weapons and from then on we will not war against each other. there was one of the initial acceptance of the nations coming together, that we would not
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fight each other. when they set up the government the of it, the structure other brothers would be the mohawk. ,language k at the the language is an offshoot of mohawks. ever kind of an offshoot of those nations where they called them the younger brothers, where they would have an equal voice. here would be the mohawk and the seneca.
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when -- join the confederacy they were put along with the younger brothers. a structure with a lot of influence in how the u.s. government was formed. have theok at that you --, called the fire keepers. they would suggest the agenda and over here would be the mohawks. they would debate back and forth. when they went through all the and they agreed, they went back and forth and back and forth. over to thesend it fire keepers. when we decided
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.o file our land rights action that is a whole other issue in itself. we made these treaties and are -- states didn't seem to recognize that. we are still here, we still have a language, we have a culture, our ways. we're still a nation. >> american history tv is featuring syracuse new york.
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our staff travel there to learn about its rich history. learn about syracuse and other you are watching american history tv all weekend every weekend on c-span3. c-span has her coverage of the road to the white house 2016, where you will find the candidates, the speeches, the debates, and most importantly, your questions. this year we are taken wrote to the white house coverage into classrooms across the country with our student camera contest, giving students the opportunity to discuss what important issues they want to hear the most from the candidates. c-span's student camera contest and wrote to the white house 2016 on tv come on the radio, and online on
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>> all persons having business before the honorable supreme aret of the united states asked to give their attention. >> coming up on landmark cases, we will discuss brown versus the board of education, for to be brown.third-grader linda even though the all-white school was only a few blocks away. her father sued the school board, along with four other similar cases, making it all the way to the supreme court. we will explore racial tensions of the times, the personal stories of the individuals involved, and the immediate and long-term impact of the decision. that is coming up on the next landmark cases, live monday night on c-span, c-span3, and c-span radio. background, order your copy of the landmark cases companion book. or is available


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