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tv   Florida Republican Convention and Straw Poll  CSPAN  November 27, 2015 9:05pm-9:29pm EST

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campaign of vice president george h.w. bush. he speaks here at the florida republican party convention where he's introduced by his son, jeb bush. vice president bush won the florida primary in 1988 on his way to the republican nomination, defeating michael dukakis to become the nation's 41st president. >> where's george? come on up. also introducing the next candidate is my brother george bush and my daughter noelle bush. our next speaker is a man of tremendous courage, conviction,
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and experience. i'd like to talk a little bit about courage first. he was the youngest navy pilot in world war ii. he got his wings when he was 19 years old, flew 58 combat missions, has three air medals, including the distinguished cross. his courage and complete disregard for his own safety both in pressing home attack in the face of intense and accurate anti-aircraft fire and continuing in his dive on the target after being hit and his plane on fire were all times keeping with the highest traditions of the united states naval service. also his courage -- his courage has been exemplified throughout his life and most recently another great american patriot oliver north said in describing -- [ cheers and applause ] -- in describing my dad's role in keeping democracy in el salvador, he said, and i quote,
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"his actions were one of the bravest things i've seen from anybody. not just a vice president, but anybody." oliver north said that. george bush has the experience necessary to be a great president. he was a successful businessman, he was a good congressman. he was ambassador to the united nations, chairman to the republican national committee and i might add a precinct committee man and county chairman and he's proud there are grassroots activists working hard on all levels, because he did it. ambassador to china, director of the cia, he's been a loyal and effective vice president to a very great president ronald reagan, and through those experiences -- he's developed convictions about the role of limiting the role of government and keeping america strong. finally on a personal note, i can tell you that despite the fact that he's been extremely busy man all of his life, george bush has been a great husband to
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my great mother barbara for 42 years. he's been a great father to george, myself, and our other three brothers and sister and a wonderful grandfather to ten grandchildren. we are very privileged and proud to be here helping him become the next president of the united states, and we doask you to do e same. ladies and gentlemen, the next president of the united states, george bush! ♪ ♪
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♪ >> thank you. hey, the meter's running. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. thank you for that warm welcome. thank you very, very much. it is great to be back in florida, the home of the greatest secretary of commerce
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in the country. i am very proud to stand here and have the support of governor bob martinez, lieutenant governor bobby brandly, five of the seven republican members of congress, so many leaders of the state legislature, so many people out there in the precincts working hard to build a republican party, and i would say let us nominate somebody in 1988 for the top of the ticket who can keep this florida growth going, and who can help elect a republican to the united states senate in 1988. i congratulate chairman austin and all the others who have worked so hard to make this
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convention quite the obvious success that it is. you know, florida is very special to me. because of the success that we had in 1982 and years later in leading the south florida task force in its attack on illegal drugs, that came about because of citizen participation, the request of the miami citizens against crime. and that effort presented the first time that we've been able to coordinate all the resources of the federal government, including our armed forces and the intelligence community to fight the drug smugglers who are piping their poison into every corner of america. and working together with the people, we've showed the people of south florida, the law enforcement authority, their own police, their own sheriffs, not criminals, we're in control of
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their communities. we built on that success. and we have got to do more and i will continue to boost the efforts of the federal, the state, the local law enforcement agencies to stop the flow of drugs across our borders. and you see, i am committed to this fight as a parent, a grandparent, and for me it gets right back to education. let's get the drug dealers out of our school and let's get reading, writing, arithmetic and respect back into our schools. the fight against drugs, the fight against international terror representing our country and 76 foreign countries abroad since becoming vice president, this has all been part of my
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work as vice president, and now i've begun a new challenge, running for president of the united states. and i mean to run hard, to fight hard, to stand on the issues, and to win. but let me add this, let me add this, i've been a loyal vice president. i've stood with this president, and i will continue to be loyal to this president, and it's if the price to the top of the ladder, if the price to the top of the ladder is to shove the president down a notch or jump away when the going gets tough, i am not willing to pay that price.
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[ cheers and applause ] in the months ahead we're going to be talking about many issues. less of spending the taxpayers money. we've got to get the deficit under control, but the answer is to keep the taxes down and give the president the line item veto and i'll take that all across this country. the top priority for me in the 1990s is education, illiterate, well educated america, and that's the answer to poverty. that's the answer to competitiveness around the world, and that's the answer to take a little kid out of the inner city and giving a good fast place to start from in our competitive society. you know, i saw something a couple of weeks ago that symbolizes the american desire to look ahead and that was space
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campme camp. the one i saw was in alabama, but soon there will be one in florida, and it's learning at its best, it's preparing our young people for the future. the united states must always have a bold, strong, competitive manned space program. and i want to lead in that way. another issue, freedom around the world. the '80s have been a decade of triumph, the americas, time when forces for hope and liberation have thundered through the hemisphere. when i took the oath of office as vice president of the united states, fewer than one-third of people in our hemisphere lived under democracy and now that number has grown to 90%, but notable exceptions still remain. cuba and nicaragua actively seek to subvert their neighbors by
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pursuing this policy of a revolution without borders. and floridians, you right here in this room, know better than anyone else how calamitous castro has been for cuba, for the hemisphere, and for the world. in just over a quarter of a century, he's taken one of the hemisphere's most strongest and productive economies and ruined it. he sold the soil and the sons of cuba to the soviet union for the weapons and subsidies that keep him in power for $5.4 billion last year. not just he's impoverished and imprisoned his people. he's also sent them to fight in foreign lands, mercenaries for the soviet bosses. the 37,500 cuban troops in angola are more than batista had in the whole army.
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they are aggressive. believe me, they are very aggressive. they respect only one thing, strength. and to meet this threat in angola and afghanistan and central america, sometimes we've got to take risks to preserve freedom, to preserve democracy. something i learned at the central intelligence agency, i was director there. i saw firsthand the reality of soviet intention, how often they are cloaked in disinformation and propaganda and in the vernacular lies, and i saw how important the cia is to our national security, and i don't care what the liberals say. as president, i will strengthen the cia and not weaken it. [ cheers and applause ] i am very proud. i am very proud that we've stood
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up for freedom during the last seven years. i'm proud that we took the action and kicked castro out of grenada, frankly, and how else -- [ cheers and applause ] how well i remember, the slogan, yankee, don't go home. and i'm proud we're helping the rebels in angola and afghanistan, and i'm proud that we are supporting the conquerers in nicaragua. [ cheers and applause ] we've seen what cuba has become and we got to learn the lessons of history. we must never allow nicaragua to become a saekd cuba and what we seek for nicaragua is what we
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seek for all nations, freedom and democracy, and i think it's helpful that cardinal has been selected to media the talks. let them negotiate in nicaragua and let them do the negotiating, not the speaker of the house of representatives. [ cheers and applause ] frankly, i hope these talks do lead to something. we want a negotiated settlement. you've got to resist a sham, illusion of progress that takes
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the pressure off them, cripples them, strengthens the communist grip on power. you know the ortega plan, he has a major shortcoming, but let me just say this to you about the future. as president, i will never leave the contras twisting in the wind. [ cheers and applause ] we've picked peace, but not at the expense of freedom, not peace that stops the shooting in central america. we seek a government committed to freedom and democracy, a government that respects human rights and sovereignty of its neighbors. a peace that does not accomplish that is just another word for surrender, and as president i will be committed to that effort. i'll support democratic forces and nowhere more strongly than our own front yard with our own
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neighbors, central america. you know, an experience that i shared with some of you, and i'll repeat today, really sharpened my conviction about being president of the united states. you see, i think the people in 1988 are going to want a president that's had a broad experience. i believe that. you know, yogi bera said -- i asked him what happened in the ball game, well, we made the wrong mistake. got to think about it. everybody's going to make mistakes, but if you had experience in dealing with the world as it is, if you know the world leaders, you're much apt to make the wrong mistake. i was in poland with barbara the other day and there we met with the proud founder and leader of solidarity that was crushed in
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1981. the fine, outstanding patriotic leader of that union. and in that meeting he came up there, met with us, what in the world is happening? [ laughter ] came up to meet with us in wars warsaw and there i saw the leader, the man who had founded the free trade labor and the polish government pulled the polish flag over the right fender of the car.
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fallen, martyred by the secret police in poland and laid on the grave the solidarity banner to the cheers of the polish people couldn't be contained by the government, long live bush, long live reagan, long live bush, but more long live the united states of america. and i said to myself, if ever i needed a reason to run for president, it was the courage of valensa, the symbol of the flag of the united states flying in warsaw, it was what we stand for, the freedoms that some of us take for granted every single day of our lives.
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let me say this, i'm a doer, not a dreamer. i'm a man who 40 years ago filed everything i had into a red studebaker and headed to west texas to make a living. i know what it's like to build a business, the joy of adding to the productive base of this country. a man who fought in combat, shot down in combat two months after my 20th birthday.tqz4 took charge of the cia at its darkest hour and lifted up its spirit and strengthened it and learned to see the world as it is, the reality, not as i wish it were, but as it is. finally, a man that's worked side by side for seven years with our great president, and i know what crosses his desk. i've seen the unexpected crisis
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that arrive in an urgent cable. i've seen the problems that simmer on for decades and finally in an instant need an instant resolution. the presidency isn't like anything else, it's not like being a member of the senate or the house or even being a governor. a presidency can shape an era, and it can change our lives, so i know that what it all comes down to this election, what it all comes down to after all the shouting and the cheers is the man at the desk. who should it be? the american people want someone with broad experience tested by fire, tested by years of challenge, unwilling to cut and run when the going gets tough. i love my country too much. i love my children and my grandchildren too much to run for the job if i didn't think,
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if i didn't know, that i'm the best man for it. and today -- [ cheers and applause ] and today i need your support. i need your support, and i know it. and i ask you to vote for me because this convention is going to send a message across the united states of america, and he who wins it will be the next president of the united states. thank you all very much. [ cheers and applause ]
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♪ ♪ road to the white house rewind continues with vice president george h.w. bush on the campaign trail in 1987. next, he marches in a londenderry, new hampshire, parade with his wife barbara. vice president bush won the new hampshire republican primary in february 1988 on his way to
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securing his party's presidential nomination. he defeated massachusetts governor michael dukakis in the 1988 general election to become the nation's 41st president. >> i didn't realize what you were doing. how are you? looking good.


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