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tv   George W. Bush Campaign Event  CSPAN  December 20, 2015 10:36am-11:01am EST

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i haven't made a decision on that -- >> let me take my coat off. [indiscernible] the -- what do they call that? i am holding a gold medal, it's that is all right. >> thank you, sir. your family very
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>> good luck, mr. bush. george w. bush: really? >> where they dedicated that portrait. george w. bush: lookout, i'm coming for you. logan? >> [indiscernible] >> i want a hamburger, well done. it has nothing to do with if it is cooked are or rare.
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come here, john. come on in. > this is> for your pancake. george w. bush: you have to get me some pancakes right now. >> you want some? george w. bush: i'm cooking some hamburgers. john, come here. is.n't know what the time
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>> tell him we all love him. george w. bush: nice to meet you. >> hey, governor, can i get your autograph? my dad, he is a democrat, i'm a republican. thank you, governor. george w. bush: thanks. your back again? what is the name of your school? devlin? that?ind of school is where is home? >> new york. george w. bush: you are long way from home. what about you? new haven, great.
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good to meet you. nice to meet you. 55th reunion. i'm out there with civilization -- i need to get up there sometime. >> you have to get up there to ski. unbelievable. george w. bush: nice to meet you. >> thanks.
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george w. bush: my running mate. [laughter] right. [laughter] george w. bush: thank you, sir. how are you? come over and say hello. i will say hello.
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i have to thin keep it, otherwie i will go not. -- go nuts. this is national attention. george w. bush: fabulous. carving.n >> she is standing under the hoop. she invented -- george w. bush: hi, nancy. thanks for having me. >> we are glad to have you. >> karen wilson. nice to meet you. george w. bush: thank you for your hospitality. i appreciate it. >> enjoy. >> can we have a lighter or a match? would you like to like that?
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george w. bush: come over here. bring it over here. thank you. >> i will never forget. >> [indiscernible] george w. bush: you did? and you recovered. i thought you were from maine. [laughter] george w. bush: it is fantastic. spectacular. >> that we like them all. george w. bush: fabulous. i'm sorry i won't be here for it. it?rrow night you likght >> we hope to break a world record.
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george w. bush: looking for 20,000? >> looking for 20,000. that is one of them. george w. bush: congratulations. >> thanks. you.e w. bush: thank [laughter] george w. bush: how do you put up with him? >> i know! [no audio] [laughter] george w. bush: hey! do i have a chance to say hello to you? >> yes. george w. bush: how are you doing? beautiful day. >> i hope you do something for health care. george w. bush: i will. >> what would you implement for program? george w. bush: that is a broad
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question. for elderly? >> i guess i'm good how to ask about my circumstances. i'm self-employed, i spent an awful lot of money on hmo care, and i'm concerned -- george w. bush: that would help if you were self-employed. >> look into that. [indiscernible] >> i like the idea. george w. bush: you will like it. it will save you money. >> i have a nephew that will be graduate college and a couple of weeks, a bright young man, but he was diagnosed with diabetes. i'm concerned that with the circumstance like he is in -- george w. bush: [indiscernible]
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what is your business? >> i'm a lawyer. george w. bush: everybody needs a good lawyer occasionally. >> yes, you do. george w. bush: nice to meet you. >> i appreciate your answer. >> from california. george w. bush: i've been spending a lot of time in your state. i need you. nice to meet you all. what greater u.n.? -- what grade are you in? >> sixth. george w. bush: how many of you will go to college? >> me! george w. bush: how many of you practice math more than you want ttch tv? >> do you know bill? george w. bush: you are kidding
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me. i know him very well. i know all of your cousin. they are all good buddies. a good man. the first house i ever purchased, he built. >> i will e-mail him tonight. [laughter] george w. bush: i'm not sure who look scarier, me or her. i appreciate it. you look great. >> 3 so do you. [laughter]
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george w. bush: am i going to ght this thing? >> need a match? > one more>. george w. bush: ok. you listen to your math teacher. >> we will. she's awesome. >> thank you. >> i'm here -- >> joanna.
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george w. bush: [indiscernible] isn't that wonderful? >> [indiscernible] george w. bush: thank you. >> i've been in politics for a long time. george w. bush: you tell him thanks. george w. bush: i'm not signing your sure until your mother says yes. hey! george w. bush: thank you, very much. >> can you sign this? annn i
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invitation. george w. bush: how are you doing, but he? -- buddy? >> good. >> thank you. r mother, one extraordinary first lady. good luck. george w. bush: fabulous. visit lately?to where does she live? >> [indiscernible] bush!ernor my mom said you can sign my shirt. george w. bush: where is your
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mom? yay! well, your mom has a lot of children. you have a lot of children. i blame it on you. he is a good man. thanks. you!ank george w. bush: that's great. they will be the envy of everybody in austin, texas, wearing a sweatshirt from keene, new hampshire. >> nancy created this. george w. bush: thanks, nancy. >> thank you. george w. bush: you have a great
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program. >> we didn't qualify because we were ahead of the game. renovated our movie theater, we revitalized our downtown. george w. bush: it is a great community. thanks for having me. showing up with my entourage, it is hard to speaneak in. anyway. nice to meet you. >> keep warm. george w. bush: thanks. >> [indiscernible] george w. bush: what's her last name? roger? he is a good guy. i know him well.
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he is a good man. niece?ied your he is a good fellow. a great athlete. ok. >> have a safe trip. come back often. george w. bush: i will be back. >> thank you. >> see you next time. >> thank you. i'm honored.
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george w. bush: see you later. thanks. thanks for putting up with us today. you do a good job when you have a great candidate. george w. bush: i'm going to win. with the 2016 presidential contest in full swing, american history look back at past
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elections to bring you archival coverage of candidates on the campaign trail. join us for "road to the white house rewind," every sunday morning at 10:00 eastern and continuing through next year's election on american history tv on c-span 3. >> this weekend, the c-span city explores worcester, massachusetts. located approximately 40 miles west of boston, worcester played a key role in the industrial revolution and the women suffrage movement. it was also major contributor to the industrial revolution and known for its and evaders commerce and industry. we will learn about the life of henry george, who published " progress and poverty" in 1879. then, we both visit one of the largest pre repositories in
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the country of books and pamphlets related to the history of the united states. next, we will visit with jeanette greenwood. >> there were anti-slavery organizations in worcester. town in the country had one. as soon as the war broke out, there were quite a few societies organized as well by white was s and black. it is a city that is very forward-looking, very progressive in a lot of ways. .> we will visit mechanics hall the building is listed in the national registry of historic places. it originally served as a learning center for its members, but also served as a platform for social and cultural activities, including women's rights rallies. >> the first women's rights convention happened before the whole open, but afterwards, most people came here to speak. centralr was a
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location, and mechanics hall is where everything happens. >> finally, we will tour the clark university special collections with the father of modern rocketry. we will talk about his country should to science through his papers, diaries, and artifacts. >> robert goddard attributes his first interest in space travel, and his first interest in a career in science, to a day in 1899. he went outside with a solid and saw and the -- a hatchet, and he was meant to trim the dead branches off a cherry tree. he climbed the tree, i think he made himself a little ladder to get up the tree, and while he was up in the tree, he looked down on the field around him, and thought, how wonderful
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it would be to build a device that could leave the earth, and maybe even travel to mars. tourtch c-span's cities today at 2:00 eastern. tour, workingies with our cable affiliates, and visiting cities across the country. >> each week, american history america" brings you archival films that bring context to today's public affairs issues. in april.ibbean blue. gentle surf. lite leisurely -- sun leisurely beaches. warmth, laughter, and fun, but in april 1965, a scene of violence, unrest, and upheaval, endangering the security of the
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hemisphere. it is a threat that is immediately recognized. >> the american nation cannot, not permitnd will the establishment of another communist government in the western hemisphere. [sirens] on april 28, word comes to the carrier boxer that help is needed in santo domingo. in moments, breeds are stationed .n the caribbean and airborne [hunshots] >> one of the first jobs is to clear a corridor for necessary movement and communications and to provide a buffer zone. an area between rebel forces and
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dominican troops. combat is never easy. but in vietnam, it is especially hard. one big reason, the terrain. top paddies with mud boot deep or so worse -- or worse. streams crisscrossing the valleys. hills steep and unfriendly as those in korea. ♪ desert like areas, or temperatures hit 130 in the shade, and there isn't any shade. and tropic jungle. hot, steaming, hostile as any in the pacific during world war ii. nearme answer to the impossibility of the vietnamese terrain is the helicopter.


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