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tv   Colonial Williamsburg Governors Palace  CSPAN  December 25, 2015 9:01pm-9:19pm EST

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it was a powerful display of force, of the kind of force that the governor had at his disposal if he chose to use it. the palace was and still remains an impressive structure. so for folks who are going to see the governor or just passing through town, it was a powerful symbol of loyal thoerty. >> that's coming up with a tour of that, but justin, thank you. appreciate it. and this runs about 20 minutes. after that, we'll continue on with taking your questions and kmebts about what is happening in virginia and the 1770s. we are live this morning on
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american history tv from colonial williams burg. here's a tour of the governor's palace. >> i'm one of the curators of textiles and historic here at colonial williams burg foundation. right now, we're at the governor's palace. it would have been a symbol of power and authority and represented power to the columnists of virginia. the building was on the home of seven royal governors, including alexander, the first royal governor who took office in 1710. the house was an important part
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of the design of the town of williams burg. it consisted not only of the building that we're standing in, but also to the advance buildings and even a sell lar. we know that one governor had over 5,000, almost 6,000 bottles of wine stored in his sell lar. the house today is a reconstructed building on the original archaeological site. it was finished and opened to the public in 1934. and since that time, it has under gone a number of furnishing and interpretations.
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at the end of that year, lady dunmore gave birt to a daughter who they named virginia. unfortunately, things went a little sour during the relationships with the governor. we use letters describing the palace accounts. also, a floor plan that had been drawn by thomas jefferson.
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>> welcome, welcome. that's what century hall is for. to impress everyone coming to see the governor.
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that way, in the empires of war, they can come in here, take these down and use them in virginia's defense. and they have several ties, actually our governor, lord dunmore took some weapons off the walls just last year when he went out west. he went out to the ohio territory.
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to his house with a few young, scrawny warriors who are living here interesting times. you would think he would feel safe here in this house, but, apparently not. a good bit in this parlor here. that is for secretary captain foy.
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she would have never left the pantry door wide open like that. all the valuable things in that pantry. especially all of these 540 weapons now he has something
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different. our representatives decide without the governor's approval. apparently, mr. patrick henry made quite the speech enrichment, something about a liberty and death now we have independent companies. because of that speech, virginia now has a group of armed men, every county in va a and england, well, that may have something to do with the governor.
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here we are. it's quite a few stairs up to this floor. i suppose that is the trouble. >> the lady augusta. they're the oldest of the children. they are 15 and 14e years of age. >> they also take their lesson there the house. that one over there is for their dw dwoverness.
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madameoiselle. there's a french gover necessary. we may not like the french, but we do like their style. very important that these young ladies will present to the royal courts, their father is a secret parliament. but now the governor is taking his entire family off to his valley. they're sailing up the york river at the moment. >> they're wishing they had this much room again.
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>> i know you'd like it. lord and the lady dunmore share the bed chamber right over here. you'll want to take a look: it's not like they will know the difference. oh, yes, they do share. it's not unheard of, you know. but they actually share this entire suite of rooms.
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yes. and we have lady dunmore's dressing room. and the latest fashion to have the curtains match the walls match the furniture. it is all silk. oh, you see the covers are on the chairs right now. the children -- oh, goodness. poor lady dunmore. she only arrived here last year. she joined her house with her children with her. she arrived here in february, a
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family of four. and then, months later, a new member of the family, their new baby daughter. they had named lady. yes, after the colony. she's just turned six months old. oh, imagine that trip last night with a six-month-old. actually, this room here used to be the governor's office. nice, big, private room for an office. but then the counties joined him and his desk is now in the dining room downstairs. so, we will see thatdining room on the way to the ballroom. exquisite, isn't it. the last governor, he paid out
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of his own pocket to upgrade these rooms in the latest style. he's a bachelor, you know. he even had these warming machines put into the rooms back here. very ornate. . except for lord dunmore. but he owns his own coal mines. but it is expected of our governor's here. they pulled these large celebrations, these balls, in honor of their majesties. king george, iii, and queen charlotte. our last ball was in january for the queen's birth night. i doubt she'll be having a ball
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in the king's honor any time soon. you know what i mean. it is just everyone so angry at the governor these days. it happened back in april. a group of -- well, everyone here certainly out raged in the governor has not given back that powder yet. they ran the house to the movie to the back door.
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much better than that dining room you saw before. you can only seat a dozen or so people in that dining room. of course, dinner is the largest meal of the day. we served about two, three? so your meal is in the afternoon and you hat a light supper in techbing. we served up in the ballroom here. we've left quite a bit behind here in this house. and i do not just mean furniture. the governor has a very large staff here on this property. over 20 paid servants. indentured sur vents and slaves
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on the property. now, those hired servants, they have gone off with the family. but the rest of those services, they're still here. and i do not know about you, but if i were one of the governor's slaves right now, and i did not know if he was ever coming back, i might just take the opportunity of the governor being out of town. well, if the governor does not come back to this house here, what are they going to do with the place? all of this fine furniture.


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