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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  December 30, 2015 9:16pm-10:21pm EST

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>> good evening, and quell come. i'm the executive director of calvin yooliage presidential foundation. we thank you for joining us this evening. you'll hear more from the institute of politics.
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dedicated to america's 30th president who served as president from 1923 to 1929. the historic site operated by the state of vermont which we hope many of you will come and visit. our foundation with cooliage and his programs. a major national scholar that a student desires to attend. the application opens this very award to early spring of next year.
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so we hope all of you will consider applying. tonight, as part of that program, but, throughout the year, we've been hundreds of school students.
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later, we'll be joined to introdu introduce competes internationally and world school's format. the u.s. debate. students from the varsity debate team here. from team usa and from
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st.anslem, rebecca pelitor. there we go. from the varsity debate team.
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>> thank you. >> before i begin, i just like to thank the cooliage foundation for hostingings this wonderful event and brings us all together to discus such a relative issue. with that, we'll get started. because of well-centered statesman ship, we are proud to support the resolution. the presidency of calvin cooliage is a better model than the presidency of ronald reagan for gop hopefuls today.
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first, that cooliage's demeanor delivered better economicsment we believe that president cooliage's demeanor delivered better gover nans. and in doing what he said he would. he would often say that it takes a great man to be a good listener. calvin cooliage's personal traits, particularly his emphasis and his importance on politics helps to keep the government small. the president once remarked that i have never been hurt by what i have not said. cooliage lived by the philosophy that one should believe that it would polarize american politics to do otherwise. too often, today, american people become disillusioned with politics. the most recent research polls show that america is more polarized than it has ever been before. when both parties promised to do things which the other cannot
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possibly be expected to agree to they represent modern american politics. we have an executive and a legislative branch that are both unwilling and unable to work together towards progress. as someone who you shaushered ia of corroboration and trust, he has strong integrity. a man who is unwilling to personally attack an opponent and refuse to make a promise which he could not keep. president cooliage's authenticity so much that the one that we proposed today to keep cool with cooliage. the president's ability to earn with a high level of people is particularly powerful given the context in which he took office. he did so by demonstrating a trustworthiness and delivering
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on the few promises that he carefully made. to put this in a present context, it would be particularly refreshing to have a candidate as genuine as cooliage is at a historical low. we may be compromised on the debt ceiling which continue to stagnate american policy-making and the economy today. we must move forward, but we have to move forward as a unified country. it is time to restore america's faith in the federal government, something that can only be done by a candidate who is willing to honestly underpromise and over-deliver. on the other hand, as beloved as he is, president reagan was larger than life. an actor who plays a hero in every role. we also recognize that this is a rare that can often not be replicated. does nothing to improve people's
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optimism about the american government. instead, it breeds disappointment. is the ability to actually deliver on his promises. that ability made him a more trustworthy political figure in american politics and will be one that powers the gop into a new era of political prosperity. let's watch the economic prosperity. he and president harding took office. by the administration's first year, the stock market had fallen by 48.8% from its peak in 1919, further than it was actually fall in 1929. the president reversed this trend of economic disaster towards one of success. we see the champion of economy in two areas. first, in government and second, economic firsts. let's say it's limited government, something that we can definitely look to as a model to follow today. the president believes that good
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governments don't hurry to ledge slat, but give administration a chance to catch up with legislation. he uses this as an impetus for slashing the deficit. something that's important to creating a stable, consistent economic growth in the present age. the railways face increasing regulations who have seen how they've suffered from lack of rail access chose them to allow to make a profit and expand. actually, to show how often the president met with his budget director. and it's a lot. they cut back on the utensils that changed the fabric of paint brush handles. the reward was special citations. the point of all this, all drastically reduced regulation over industry, the size and cost of government and aleaves the
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burden on american businesses. it would have an enormous impact on heavy regulations. calvin cooliage is the only time lower than it was when he became president. we can all agree this is something that we should look forward to. coolidge continued to cut. this time, all the way down to 25% for income over a hundred thousand dollars. the final top rate was even lower than ronald reagan's top tax rate of 28%. and the government collected tax revenue budget surplus reducing the national debt from $23.2 billion to $16.9 billion in 1929. not only did president coolidge cut the sign of government, but he vastly improved economic performance. gross domestic products grew
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substantially under coolidge. during the years of second term in office from 1924 to 1929, gdp grew adjust inflation. that is significantly higher than we've seen in recent years. and the stock market grew by 200%. so, ultimately today, when considering both the man and the mod model, we recognize that his demeanor delivered better government and his presidency created economic stable. thank you. [ applause
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[ applause ] >> when president reagan was an actor, he was always the hero. he was a good guy. his personality imbided warnt and altruism. president reagan strongly exemplifies the characteristics the gop needs in its leaders today. i will begin by refuting the proposition's arguments and then present our first two arguments. the proposition made an argument about president coolidge's demeanor. however, reagan's demeanor was just as, if not more positive. the institute for public policy. demeanor wise, he found sober linings in things. he liked to be a mediator. he didn't like to have enemies around him. this evidence clearly shows that president reagan was a collaborator who saw the best in everyone. but, more than that, he was an active collaborator. president coolidge's policy is one of silence and president
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reagan mixes the best of both worlds. i have two reasons why president reagan is preferable. reagan created greater economic change. they have led to a combination of slow growth and inflation in the teams. the budget was in deficit. reagan had a choice. he can focus on debt or growth. he chose growth. have a century of liberal, economic policies were relieved by president reagan with the economic recovery. by 1990, the country had 86 months of growth after reagan. under his presidency, federal spending of the gdp fell. he did so while perfectly exemplifying republican, trickle down economics.
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second, president coolidge's policies may not be relevant today. however, he braught the stock market to 200% growth, while he eliminated an economic recession, he created a bubble that popped turning into the great expression. going from one expression to the other is not a viable policy. in 1984, president reagan said i believe in the idea of amnesty for those who put down roots and come here even though sometimes they've come here illegally. his words translated to action when president reagan signed the reform act of 1986. in combination with the 18 million jobs, america flourished. although team opposition demonstrates a larger trend.
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it's the gop candidate's wish to succeed they must be willing to adopt their ideology for the long term good of their party. if they do not, they will continue losing electorate. a recent report suggests that part of the problem is the republican party's red rik. i would vote for them, but i have family who wants to come here. if they were more moderate, things would change. if the gop wishes to stay relevant, it needs to be more moderate. data demonstrate that is voters are demanding immigration reform. in fact, the wall street journal even found that up to 70% of republicans want some kind of reform for the deportation process. millions live in the yiegts with almost 5,000 daily.
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instead, we need a gop hopeful to offer a tangible, revolutionary plan like reagan. our second argument is that president reagan embraced international relations. president reagan envisions in america opens to commerce and peace that our commerce rested on the foundation. the freer the flow, the stronger the ties of human progress and peace among nations. there is also a foreign and domestic benefit. president reagan revolutionized
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markets. his aggressive policies and defensive freedom helped defeat the undefeatble opponent, the soviet union would and for all. he lifted the embargo, but after playing the nice guy for three years, recognized the need to take a hard approach. president reagan did not mind being combative. he called the soviet union an evil empire. he pushed them to the economic limits. essentially, the vote of his aggressive tactics, president reagan convinced the soviet leader to reduce arms. reagan went to the battleground of the cold war and gave a speech saying mr. gorbechev,
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tear down this wall. >> we should nirnlly offer the care to everyone. however, if peace and cooperation is turned down, we must give them the stick. the president's philosophy may have them run wild. president reagan accomplished unbelievable things. he ended one of the worst phases in american history, gave new bound strength to the economy. we have never been so proud to oppose. thank you. [ applause ]
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>> calvin coolidge once said that the chief business of american people is business. but when it comes to the presidency of ronald reagan, we agree that president reagan was a great man. but we think that his uniqueness is exactly the reason why he is so harsh to emulate today. in this speech, i will be decon instructing the case presented by side opposition and then introduced by proposition third argument and then reenforcing our first two. so, first, let's decon instruct what the opposition said in their first speech. their first argument was that reagan was able to emulate a strong immigration policy by granting amnesty to many illegal immigrants. we agree that amnesty might have seemed like a good prospect for handling the problem of illegal immigration. however, the issue is that
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republicans today do not support amnesty. in fact, 65% of republicans and 45% of american voters themselves opposed amnesty plans proposed by president obama alone. this showed that reagan's policy of granting amnesty to illegal imdpramigrants will serve if add today, but rather divided emp further. this is the fundamental reason while reagan's policy might have been good in the 1980s. it simply does not hold true today. but, more importantly, what we have to consider is that president coolige consider the changing nature of the citizen act of 1924 was signed by calvin coolidge and granted dual citizenship at a time called india. what this greatly demonstrated was able to prioritize the needs
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of every single individual in america instead of trying to select and prioritize needs of key pockets throughout the country. therefore, clearly, the presidency of calvin coolidge should be emulated today. let's go on to the second argument. they talked about how foreign policy of ronald reagan was extremely beneficial. we agreed that the cowboy persona was useful in ensuring that the united states was greater abroad and certainly more effective in certain policy cases like the peaceful resolutions to the cold war. he ignored his own state department.
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the american people are out raged. for example, iraq is the least popular war in u.s. history. in conflicts ranging from the situation in syria to the war between ukraine and russia. under calvin coolidge, we had a better foreign policy. you can see this in three levels of analysis. through enforcing and maintaining the monroe doctrine. and, finally, by establishing the kellogg pact. but, first, let's look at the collaborative nature and how he's able to collaborate with his own state department. better advance his own society. collaboration is a far better approach to solving and addressing international crises,
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than simply strong arming international leaders. this is something that gop hopefuls need to recognize today, especially at a time when the united states is entangled in so many issues abroad, but the second level analysis we have is to the monroe doctrine. president coolidge keeping america dominant in the western hemisphere. teddy roosevelt had gone to cuba in war, for example. but president coolidge went there in peace, traveling to the capital, havana, and all represented stood on the exact footing of equality. the same authority of the largest and the most powerful. his very words signified that he had adopted a policy, especially of international negotiation to ensure that every single international voice was equally heard and equally represented,
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which proves that the best chance to deescalate foreign conflict is to address issues abroad. but the third analysis we give you is to the establishment of the kellogg breand pact. president coolidge did, too. that's exactly why he signs the pact, which renounced war as a means of solving conflict. thought such a plan could have great power abroad. many other nations of the direct result ended up signing that pact. let's look at a modern example of where this foreign policy approach would be beneficial. going back between ukraine and russia, our military intervention in helping to deescalate the conflict is not a wise policy and is something that gop hopefuls should recognize, by adopting like calvin coolidge did.
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but we will have peaceful negotiation and discussion as a means for deescalating conflict instead of out right war. war to coolidge was a last resort. now, let's go onto reenforcing our first and second argument. now, unable to make any meaningful policy advancements because that person's voice would be drowned out. but i'd like to point something out. being silenced does not mean you don't make any decisions. it simply means you think before you speak, you think before you act and you think before you leap. this reinforces what president coolidge himself said. don't hurry to legislate. give administration a chance to catch up with legislation. that is the feel that a gop hopeful today needs.
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especially when a party is so divided. but the second argument that we braught up is the economy. grant it, both cut tax rates and there's a reason for that. it works in fwroeing the economy. reagan's spending wasn't as wide as coolidge. reagan tripled the gross federal date from $900 billion to $2.7 trillion. during his two terms in office. it took 31 years to accomplish, yet, reagan did it in eight. yes, we agree spending can grow the economy. and we agree that president reagan had to deal with president carter's economic mistakes. but it's simply too grandiose. a better solution is to do what
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calvin coolidge did. promote the establishment and further advance the free market to grow the american economy as a whole. fundamentally, over-delivered to create successful policy decision. we are proud to propose the motion. >> there are no great limits to growth. president only reagan. when president reagan took office after jimmy carter, we were left with a literal crisis. but hechsz the great optimist. the believer.
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to date, when the republican party is at such a cross roads, we need the same message that there are no limits to america. in this speech, i'll do three things. first, i'm going to offer to the argument team government is going to give you. second, i'm going to rebuild on our own. and our third and final substantial argument. let's start off ronald reagan wasn't there with this kind of opposition when voters are leaving the party. we need someone who can inspire and motivate. others cannot emulate.
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when they fail, it has negative consequences. that's not the point. what we say on team opposition is that we should make -- or at least gop hopefuls should make, every attempt to make president reagan's philosophy, spirit and policy, even if they can't manage his larger-than-life actor's personality, what we advocate his core believes. but certainly, and finally against this argument low, we would say, just because gop hopefuls doesn't mean democrats and other parties will be as well. even if gop hopefuls have really credible ideas. so what we would say is on the gop hopeful, the next sermon they talk about is coolidge's economic policies.
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maybe too effective. the growth level in the stock market that team government sites as a benefit, actually should be seen as a risk in 2015 when our economy is as fragile as ever. a double topping will not be compensated. but second is a more effective and relevant job. he actually reduced spending as a share of gdp. because reagan instituted 86 straight months of gdp growth, the fact that spending is a bad job and increased proportion proportionally. it's president advocating for general spending cuts. in today's status quo, general spending cuts are not enough. we need specific policy. the final argument is about calvin coolidge's foreign policy.
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instead, his lack of mechanism. what we would say on team opposition is that leaders or dictators could potentially sign the pact and then not follow through on it. we don't need that as an effective foreign policy. president reagan instituted the belief of this doctrine by ending. finally, most importantly, team government needs to come up here in 2015 telling us with specific analysis. suddenly changing their tune and begin working with the united states. we have already offered them the
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possibility of collaboration for so many years. ladies and gentlemen, when the carrot doesn't work, we give them the stick. the next we have to attacks about our discussion on immigration. a couple of things here. first, we are not just talking about amnesty. there are other reforms, for instance, say to the deportation system that over 70% of republicans would potentially be in favor for. younger and minority voters are seeking more from the republican party on this crucial issue. they're waiting for a standard bearer to step forward and demonstrate strength and compassion which president reagan epitomizes. team opposition is looking out for the long term health of the gop even if immigration reform is not popular, the gop must adjust to changing demographics in the united states. let's now approach or, excuse me, let's now approach the final attack that they offered on our
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argument act foreign policy. they make the contention that president reagan was a cowboy with a lasso who never listened to his state department. but first of all, cowboy foreign policy is likely the reason why the cold war ended. reagan instituted realism based on'd'llism and understood when it was time to go hard line. second we bould say that the u.s. not yet a major superpower in president coolidge's time. we carry greater obligations than in the 1920s and closer to the obligations of the 1980s. now, let's go to team opposition's final substantive argument. president ronald reagan was a symbol of american unity. president obama who interestingly is a democrat himself said ronald reagan tapped into our feeling which was we want clarity, we want dina michl and return to the optimism that once belonged. reagan united the country. the '70s before reagan were a
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difficult time. economic malaise. the arab oil embargo and general discontent with the presidential office. reagan swept the nation with the campaign that not only captured democratic voters but spread a message of bipartisan team work. why do gop hopefuls today need to emulate this? it seems as if some candidates such as mr. trump are relying on rudeness to garner media attention. but more than that what we would say is that in research conducted in september other good morning hopefuls like jeb bush and marco rubio became most associated with strangely enough the phraseents said they wanted fighter. not many of the gop hopefuls today have shown president reagan's charismatic warmth. instead they're either too quiet
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or too bombastic. we need to leave the extremes. aside from the appearances poll shows that current gop hopefuls unlikable because of the unwillingness to compromise. according to politico, when confronted with deficits, reagan reached to the democrats for a deal to cut spending. now, when questioned about rising deficits in recent interviews, all the gop presidential candidates rejected reagan's approach. president reagan's take away is this. political brinks ma brinksmanshr worth it. today we need someone to clear the air for the gop and bring our nation back together. thus, we oppose.
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>> over the summer i was given the chance to visit the coolidge presidential foundation in plymouth, vermont. there, i came to recognize that while president coolidge may be little known he has lasting lessons to apply to today's politics and today's politicians. it is for this reason it's integral for us to apply them to today's politics and today's politicians at this great juncture, not just in the history of the republican party, but in the history of the country itself. and so, let's begin by applying these lessons to today's round. now, we can look at three. firstly, that a candidate ought to understand that his demeanor defines him. secondly, that economic policy is the priority. and thirdly, that a good foreign
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policy is a friendly foreign policy. let's begin by engaging with side's opposition on their highest ground. the idea of president reagan's demeanor and we agree a lot with what matthew had to say. he is the great communicator. he is the man able to unite the american people together. but just as he was told in the last speech, there are not very many men and women like reagan. he's ra rarity, had to replicate and oftentimes many of what reagan has to say is lost in translation. great things like mr. gorbachev, tear down that wall turn into, mr. trump saying, let's build a wall. as it turns out, that's rather important. but the same messages is what's trying to be said. the only difference is while reagan because he was such a man of great character is able to unite the people.
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donald trump, terrifies them. he divides them. and so, that is the difference between a united country and a divided one. it's not the difference in model. it's the difference in men. and that's what the key distinction is in today's round. calvin coolidge on the other hand provides a much greater model, one that's much more universally applicable. what he tells us to underpromise and overdeliver. we all ought to act within our means so that we can pursue success at a level at which we never before dream. he tells us that today's politicians ought not to tell us to achieve the impossible but instead they ought to work to clob rate and come together with the other side so that they can produce a more effective policy at every step. fundamentally we believe that that is what changes the state of american politics. further more, what we tell you is that's what wins elections. when today's candidates like hillary clinton are being
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criticized business they don't appear genuine enough and she has to keep on saying, but i'm a grandmother, we start to run into some problems. similarly, when donald trump and bernie sanders are exceptionally well viewed because they're v w viewed as genuine, we wont to say it's important to the american people. and i ask you now what is more genuine, more friendly, more real than being trustworthy and delivering on your promises? that is what president coolidge embodied. that is the model we want to put on xwop candidates today and indeed the entire american political system because that's how we get out of the quagmire of polarization ta's trapped us you should a debt ceiling, in a world we cannot compromise on issues from immigration reform all the way to tax policy. crushing the american people under this burden of politics. the second area of analysis and lesson to be learned from
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coolidge, however, is the economy must be our priority. we have two main lines of offense. ronald reagan tells us that president reagan produced great change from very hard conditions. and we say that's absolutely true. president reagan came at a time of great stag inflation. let's not undersell president coolidge. our stock market was down by 50%. rather significant. even more deadly than what happened in the 1929 great depression because it was even greater of a fall and able to turn that around. he was able to make it into a 200% growth. that is the kind of economic balance, economic growth that brought electricity to american homes, cars to american garages, food on to the american table. ronald reagan talked about making america great again. calvin coolidge is what made america great in the first place. and ultimately, it is that fundamental balance of economic prosperity which calvin coolidge was able to pursue to such an
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excellent degree which is why we american economic policy should look. the second line of offense we hear on economic growth is on trade and here side opposition stands up and tell you that he was able to pursue global and trade and connect to the world. this is true but like criticized president calvin coolidge because he didn't have a cell phone. the technology just wasn't there. we think this is interesting and irrelevant and not going to be see any sort of success on the matter because calvin coolidge did believe that the chief business of the american people is business and he worked to empower them in a global setting. now, that looked fundamentally differently in the 1920s than the 1980s. we acknowledge that and believe that core principle of president coolidge applies whether he can't use a cell phone or lives in the 21st century. the second thing is about immigration and they say that
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president reagan able to pursue immigration reforms to a great deal. we say that's completely true and doesn't contextualize very well under the system. we have one tell you that the republican party and indeed the world as a whole isn't all that comfortable with the idea of some sort of immigration reforms, like amnesty. what think talked about a lot in their case, by the way. and even trying to apply the reagan model today it wasn't always work that well. look towards presidential candidate marco rubio. as he tried to pursue a united front for immigration reform and instead only divided the country further. only furthered the debate on immigration reform and stagnated the views on it. this is the problem. when you try to fulfill the model of president reagan but you are not the man reagan himself and not the great xhaun kay or the and you have the e verse effect of what we were going for. and then the other area of offense on this idea of
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immigration which side opposition is so proud of is the fact that in the current context, republicans aren't seen as the party of immigration. deexcite the fact that reagan was the great reformer, that still didn't translate to huge support amongst people of minorities or who are strong democratic voters like side opposition tells you it will. but then the third layer of analysis on foreign policy and how we deserve a friendly one. yes. president reagan was an amazing foreign policy person but that doesn't change when you look towards the model. because the model gets misapplied and misunderstood all the time and it's what leads us to wars in places like iraq unpopular with the american people. it's what leads us to great interventionism when we ought to be seeking collaboration with our friends and neighbors. when we don't collaborate in the state department and with the outside world it is difficult to
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justify the foreign policy. calvin coolidge did just that. because we understand that demeanor defines us as candidates, that economy ought to be the priority, and that a good foreign policy is a friendly foreign policy, we are proud to support both the man and the model of president calvin coolidge. thank you. >> the most terrifying words in the english language are i'm from the government. and i'm here to help. these sentiments from president reagan in 1986 highlight the disillusionment with politics that too many voters experience even today in 2015. in this speech, i'll be examined how today's gop hopefuls can
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best improve their campaigns through three questions. first, which model best attracts voters to the gop party? second, which model best bolsters america's economy and provides benefits for the common person? and third, which model best reasserts america's global presence? but on to the first question, which model best attracts voters to the gop party? there are a series of populations, the republican party should be concerned about in the context of the 2016 presidential election. specifically, three demographics. youth, minorities and women. by the 2020 election, millennials are expected to make up 40% of the electorate. historically, glossing over the youth vote has lost candidates such as john mccain and mitt romney the presidency. additionally, the republican presidential nominee hasn't won the female vote since 1988.
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a deep rooted problem for the gop. president reagan recognized the necessity of speaking the female voice and nominated the first female supreme court justice sandra day o'connor. today the extremist views ali alienates female voters. president reagan demeanor drew many democrats to the republican party. in the midst of the crisis, the arab oil embargo and general discontent with the government, reagan was the unifying force that tied us altogether. today more polarized than ever. we need a great communicator to unite us all but not only did president reagan unite the american public, he united his own party as well as congress. president reagan led bipartisan support that passed important pieces of legislation such as the 1986 tax reform act.
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silent cows demeanor may have been effective in the early 1900 us but this doesn't mean that hillary clinton or bernie sanders is quiet and pensive, as well. we need a strong, unifying voice to speak for the republicans. next, team proposition wants to equate president reagan to mr. donald trump. first, president reagan had much better hair than mr. donald trump. and secondly, unlike mr. trump's standoffish attention seeking attitude, it was president reagan's warm personality that made even democrats gravitate towards him. i'm not asking that all of our politicians become hollywood actors and actresses. but the american people are more willing to vote for a man or a woman who proves to be human just like them. this might explain why so far the election's republican front-runners are nonpoliticians. the american public is not
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satisfied with politics as usual. the second question -- which model best bolsters america's economy and provides benefits for the average person? the fiscal policy of speculation, tipping the healthy investments of the mid-1920s into gambling and for all the growth of his team president coolidge's policies exacerbated the uneven distribution of income and buying pow. president reagan's policies of trickle down economics reinvigorated the economy. he still had to deal with the stagflation from the nixon, ford and carter administrations. yes, nominal federal spending increased but federal spending as a share of the economy fell making goods a lot cheaper for the average american. and while president coolidge did make budget cuts, they occurred before the existence of big costly programs such as social security and medicare that are
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problem that is we have to deal with in the status quo today. on the topic of immigration reform, there are two crucial reasons why republicans must be more receptive to adaptation to succeed in 2016. first, the gop's resistance to change alienates young voters and minority voters as explained under the first question. the republicans need somebody like president reagan to take a stand for the long-term good of the party. and second, the 70% of republicans as matthew spoke of earlier agree that theneeds a reform to the immigration system through deportation, for example. the gop cannot staunchly stick to old-school ideology and hopes of keeping up with the 21st century today. we must be more open to adaptation and change. and moving on to the third and final question, which model best reasserts america's global presence? this is done through two ways.
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as demonstrated by president reagan. first, a globalized economy and second a tough foreign policy approach. but first, on free open markets and globalization, as president reagan once said, our trade policy rests firmly on the foundation of free and open markets. in response to this earlier, team coolidge said at the time there was really no such thing as globalization. however, that proves our point exactly. given that we live in a globalized society today, how are gop candidates supposed to model the globalized trade policies on a nonexistent or outdated policy that coolidge himself never espoused? president reagan engaged in the global economy and created numerous international treaties and organizations. demonstrating his ability to cooperate with other nations. for example, he led efforts to create the world trade organizationization as well as facilitated agreements for the
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free trade agreement. isolationism has only stagnated growth in the u.s. economy. next, hard line foreign policy. the cold war was a terrifying time not only in america but the rest of the world. president reagan tried it the coolidge way with a negotiations and pacifism but after three years, president reagan recognized the importance of backing up his words with money and military strength. his directness was what inspired americans and eastern europeans whereas president coolidge's laid back approach likely not placate foreign leaders like vladimir putin or xi xinping today. today's gop candidates must understand the importance of cooperation of one's cabinet. at the same time, a strong leader needs to be willing to negotiate and be tough when these negotiations aren't
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working. not all presidents should be war hawks but president reagan leaves a legacy that there's more to being a president than constant isolation and appeasement. without a doubt, president coolidge and president reagan were the best presidents for their time. in the ages of the internet and globalization, however, we see that president reagan's model remains more in touch, more relevant for today's gop candidates. campaigning is not just about electing a president. it is about offering a vision for transforming america. it is because today the american people need a great communicator, more than ever, that we are proud to oppose today's motion.
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>> the republican party is at a critical cross roads. pundits are predicting its demise unless a new standard bearer is found to unite the party and the nation. republicans must have a leader with dina michl, power and passion. we have had two such bearers in this debate. but the nexus question is this. which model is most relevant? president ronald reagan. this debate boils down to three big issues. first, i'm going to talk about presidential demeanor. second, i'm going to analyze the debate on economic policy. and finally, we'll conclude with a discussion on foreign policy. but first, presidential demeanor. in this new world of social media, entertainment and instant communication, we need a leader
10:12 pm
who can use these outlets to the party's advantage and president coolidge's time of print media, less words may have been viewed as asset but today they very well may be drowned out by louder voices. because republicans choose to be quiet doesn't mean bernie or hilary or donald will, too. polls only indicate to gop hopefuls that voters want a fighter and refuse to engage with hopefuls like marco rubio or jeb bush because they feel as if they're not occupying these spaces enough. to that extent, casting a ballot in favor of team opposition seems relatively obvious but second on the issue of immigration, we didn't say that we want to capture people so staunchly democratic there's no chance of them ever going republican. but there is a massive population of voters out there that want to vote republican but feels as if they cannot do so
10:13 pm
because of this nexus issue. to that extent, the gop loses a little footing in the short term by mending on immigration but gains the ability to thrive in the future. we need to shatter the myth that the gop is not the party for woman, minorities or younger voters. we need to reform the negative images that have surrounded the gop in 2015. the third part on the debate of presidential demeanor is team gft's claim that individuals like trump misinterpret president reagan's legacy. trump is not actually modeling reagan's presidency. reagan never, ever acted as childishly as mr. trump is. we should model the passion of president reagan and bring the gop hoflfuls back from the extremes and back to warmth, kindness and compassion. that is what president reagan's presidency was. the next issue is on the economic policy. this economic debate is not
10:14 pm
complicated. on team opposition, we advocate ideals of globalization. whereas team proposition advocates ideas of isolation. president coolidge did not lead during a time of globalization so looking to his presidency may not give us the tools we need. the times have changed. only president reagan's presidency based in a similar reality. not only but president reagan spearheaded the free trade agreement of canada and the united states and the free trade organization. may not president coolidge's fault he lived in the 1920s and doesn't mean we ignore president reagan's achievements. finally, on foreign policy, today's crises are most similar to the ones president reagan faced. we have enormous powers rising in china, russia and forces in the middle east. president reagan was effective but dealt with other kinds of global power dynamics. president reagan's policy on the
10:15 pm
other hand ended the cold war. he offered the carrot and when that didn't work move to the stick. president coolidge's philosophy to attempt collaboration or isolate. the kellogg pact exemplifies this. but when the usa may be losing the authority abroad and allowing leaders like putin to set the rules of the game we need to get back on the board and embrace reaganism. there needs to be a point in time in which the american people say, enough is enough and take a stand. president calvin coolidge was the right man for the right time. president ronald reagan was, as well. today, the challenge facing the republican party is choosing the right standard bearer for this generation, for this critical time in our nation's history. we believe that the model to follow is the one established by the great communicator, president ronald reagan.
10:16 pm
>> we fundamentally agree. ronald reagan was a great man. but that does not necessarily mean that reagan's model is the best one for gop hopefuls today. to sum up this debate, we'll look at three critical question that is we need to ask ourselves whether president reagan or president coolidge is the best model for gop hopefuls today. the first question is who best characterizes the presidency? the second, who best promotes economic growth? and finally, who best protects our foreign policy? so our first question. who best characterizes the presidency? now, side opposition tries to tell you president reagan, ge, the great communicator and unite
10:17 pm
the republican party as well as the american people. but what we would argue is that president coolidge while reagan able to unite the party and the people was able to do it better. his policies of collaboration ensured that everyone had a voice and actually rare political unity was reached. that is something the gop hopefuls need to push for as we already explained that the republican party is so divided today over issues such as tax reform and debt reduction. but more importantly what we need to understand is that president coolidge's silent demeanor allowed him to listen, not just to the demands of the people of america, but also, to his own advisers. this is extremely important for gop hopefuls to emulate because it shows to the rest of the american community and the international community as a whole that if a gop hopeful were to start twaen actually endorse a persona like president coolidge they'll be able to listen to people abroad, listen to everyone's opinion in international negotiations and
10:18 pm
push for meaning public policy reform to benefit the lives of not just americans but people around the world, as well. but the second question we need to ask ourselves is who best promotes economic growth? yes, we acknowledge president reagan promoted economic growth, able to establish economic globalization, but what we're trying to tell you is that coolidge also killed two birds with one stone. by increasing economic growth and decreasing our debt at the same time. that's something that president reagan was not able to do during his presidency business as he pointed out he tripled debt in america from $900 billion to $2.7 trillion at the end of his 8-year term. this is extremely important to acknowledge because when you follow policies like president calvin coolidge, then what we have is increased economic growth, decreased debt at a critical point where we are about to surpass our debt ceiling yet again.
10:19 pm
that is something we should push for and something president coolidge can promote. but more importantly, the final question is who best protects our foreign policy. we okay knowledge that president reagan was able to successfully broker a peace negotiation for the cold war. yes, he said mr. gorbachev, tear down this wall. we're telling you that president coolidge acknowledged first better to engage in collaborative discussions instead of trying to push for military intervention and immediate action. that is something that ronald reagan hasn't done. we already told you how ronald reagan sidelined his own cabinet members to pursue the foreign policy goals. this not only further divides the american people and government as they try to tell you that he unifies but president calvin coolidge a better way for better stronger negotiations. but more importantly, we give you the examples of the kellogg pact and the monroe doctrine.
10:20 pm
both of which have been successful in maintaining the united states' foreign policy abroad prioritizing peaceful negotiations over military engagement. we already told you how military engagement under calvin coolidge was a last resort and should always be a last resort because if you can resolve an international conflict with peace, that should always be prioritized over war. but fundamentally calvin coolidge was the man and model for driving the republican party in his time, it is also because he'll be able to drive the republican party in the future in today's society we are proud to propose. >> great debate. >> good job. >> great debate.


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